SCHOOL OF BUSINESS, BBA Program Course Title: Introduction to Financial Management


You have been assigned to manage the personal wealth of a high net-worth individual, Zahir Hossain Chowdhury. Your task is to manage a portfolio, which is composed of two components: an investment component and a savings component. Mr. Chowdhury is a billionaire. He received a sizeable inheritance from his father, and then, through his own business acumen, he turned this sizeable amount into a massive 1.6 billion Taka fortune, which he invests in various projects around the country and the world. You have been entrusted to handle 1 (one) percent of your client’s wealth. Mr. Chowdhury wants to start off small and see the returns for himself before he invests more. Mr. Chowdhury has also invested similar sums of money with other private wealth managers. He would like to see your portfolio beat the returns from the other managers. If the fund allocated to you generates satisfactory return, Mr. Chowdhury would give you the opportunity to manage a larger share of his wealth.

Investment component
You have invested 50% of the funds available to you in the NYSE. For the sake of simplicity, assume a stable exchange rate of USD 1 = BDT 80 at all times. Start trading immediately. You have until November 29 to make this money grow. While Mr. Chowdhury desires a high rate of return, his tolerance for risk is considered low. Additionally, he is considering other asset managers (your classmates) and will be ranking each according to the success of their portfolio management.

Savings component
You have decided to deposit the remaining 50% of the funds available in the bank/NBFI assigned to you. Which deposit instruments you pick is up to you. You can pick just one instrument, or you can choose from a combination of several instruments. Assume the funds are available for six years. For this component of your assignment, you are required to collect the latest details of savings instruments for the assigned banks/non-bank financial institutions. A visit to any branch of the banks/NBFIs is mandatory. Proof of visit is required. Bring back a visiting card of the person you spoke to in the organization and attach it in the appendix of your report. Your presentation slides should include at least one picture of you OUTSIDE one of the branches of each of the banks/NBFIs assigned to your group. Visit the branch and ask for brochures/printouts that detail all the savings instruments the firm offers. You must attach the brochures/printouts in the appendix of your report. Using your knowledge of time value of money, calculate the final balance you would have after five years for each of the savings instruments available in the bank/NBFI. Then, choose the instrument or mix of instruments you prefer, and calculate how much the fund would actually grow to under this scenario.

please include an activity report of your investments. ID and section). You should include a cover page with pertinent details (including your names. The report should be laminated and spiral-bound. also include the initial positions for your portfolio and your allocations to each position. There should be a 1-inch margin on all sides. Each group will consist of no less than five and no more than six members. Grading: This is a group assignment. Show all the calculations for the savings components in the appendix. the savings component will carry five marks and your typed submission will contribute the remaining ten marks. The grading will be out of 20 (twenty) marks. In the appendix. It should be typed in font size 12. Which positions exceeded your expectations? What conditions caused this? Which positions underperformed for you? What factors created the performance gap? You should mention why you chose to invest in certain companies and avoided some others (if any). and you should use double-spacing for your report. December 3.500 words in length. The report should include details about the performance of both the savings component and the investment component of the mention your investment philosophy and investment strategy. The visiting card of the person you spoke to during your visit of the bank/NBFI should be included in the appendix as well. The investment component will carry five marks.Assignment submission: You are required to write a report about your portfolio. Use the Times New Roman font. For the savings component. December by Sunday. You are required to submit the report at the beginning of class on Tuesday. . mention the reasons for your choice of savings instruments. Send the PowerPoint files by email to finance254@yahoo.000 and 1. Finally. make sure you attach in the appendix all the brochures/printouts about the savings instruments offered by your assigned organization. also mention the key things you learned from your experience. You are also required to email me the PowerPoint file for your presentation before class on Tuesday. You must submit the group information form to me in class or by email (finance254@yahoo. This condition will NOT be relaxed under any circumstance. For the investment component. In your report. December 3. Late submissions will NOT be accepted. Your report (not including the appendix) should be between 1. October 6. Failure to form a team will result in zero marks being awarded for the project. Assignment submission: You are required to submit the report at the beginning of class on Tuesday.

IPDC Group name Group 1 Group 2 Pubali Bank Limited... ICB Islamic Bank Ltd. Prime Bank Ltd. Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. National Credit & Commerce Bank Ltd Group 3 Agrani Bank. National Bank Limited. Mercantile Bank Limited.List of assigned banks/NBFIs Name of bank/NBFI Bangladesh Krishi Bank. LankaBangla Finance Ltd. One Bank Limited. Eastern Bank Limited. Premier Bank Limited Group 5 BASIC Bank Limited. Standard Chartered Bank. United Commercial Bank Limited. Southeast Bank Limited. Al-Arafah Islami Bank. Dhaka Bank Limited. BRAC Bank Limited. The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd. EXIM Bank Limited. Bank Al-Falah Limited. Bank Asia Limited. Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited. Group 8 . AB Bank Group 7 First Security Islami Bank Limited. (DBH). Group 6 Rupali Bank Limited. Trust Bank Limited Group 4 Sonali Bank Limited. Standard Bank Limited. Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited. IDLC Finance Limited The City Bank Limited Janata Bank Limited. Uttara Bank Ltd. Social Islami Bank Ltd. Jamuna Bank Ltd. Delta Brac Housing Finance Corporation Ltd...

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