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when the battery voltage is much higher default value,the charge current is decrease following by the charge voltage increase. 5) State LED display: AC power and battery charging indicator. 1. fully automatic charge according to the characteristic. Performance characteristics 1) Using two stages charging method (first constant-current and then constant voltage). 3) With short circuit protection function. then BAC06 Auto Charging Module ISSUE V1. high efficiency. Charging principle According to the characteristic of lead-acid battery. especially for lead-acid battery recharging characteristics and design. 2) Apply to 12V or 24V battery. when the battery voltage is under default value. charging for constant-current. 6) Using switch power source structure. 2. wide range of input voltage. can prevent from the lead acid cell overcharge. 2 stages charging method.BAC06 Battery Automatic Charger BAC06 switch-type battery charger adopts the latest switch power components. suitable for lead-acid battery float charging (long-term added floating filling). to the maximum extent increase battery life. light weight.2 2010-8-23 Page 3 to 5 . 4) Output voltage and current can be adjusted. the maximum charging current is 3A when battery voltage is 24V. The maximum charging current is 6A when battery voltage is 12V. small volume. until it preset float voltage.

the charging current gradually reduce. Current Ad just Output connected with battery. 2. adjusting the current potentiometer (AMP).5)V (3~7)A (95~280)VAC 50/60Hz 115W 24V 3A (26~29)V (1.5)A The power output when input is 220V 120W (maximum output current) No-load power consumption Efficiency Working temperature Storage temperature Weight Case dimension Less than 3W More than 80% (-40~60)° C (-40~85)° C 0.0 V). When in float mode. disconnected from the output voltage.65kg More than 85% 143×92×52(L×W×H)mm 4. and charging with constant voltage.BAC06 Battery Automatic Charger entering in float mode.2 2010-8-23 Page 4 to 5 . surely that the battery voltage is under than 24.0V (12. Parameter standard The battery voltage Maximum charging current Battery voltage adjustment range Charging current adjustment range AC input voltage AC input frequency 12V 6A (13~14. Voltage Adjust In the field adjustable voltage. According to the current potentiometer can estimate the output current size scale. adjusting voltage potentiometer (VOLT). ADJUST 1.5~3. measure the output voltage of the charger. BAC06 Auto Charging Module ISSUE V1. setting the proper charging current. 3.

lit during normal working. “-”pole. BAC06-12V for 12V Battery. Order information Type: BAC06-24V for 24V Battery. BAC06 Auto Charging Module ISSUE V1. 6. Case and Dimension 7.2 2010-8-23 Page 5 to 5 . POWER: Power indicator. VOLT: Battery voltage adjusts potentiometer. Operating instructions connect battery“+”. output current is 3A. use BVR 1mm² with multi strand copper wire. AMP: Charging current adjust potentiometer. lit when charging current is more than 0. 6. 5. Terminals BAT+ and BAT. 3.5mm² with multi strand copper wire. output current is 6A. use BVR1.BAC06 Battery Automatic Charger 5. 4. CHARGING: Battery charging indicator. 2. Terminals L and N to connect AC220V.3A.