One, Two and up the Third

It Ain’t as Easy as 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C Except for the Ultimate Learned Reported today1, Carlos Cortez was arrested for domestic violence. First of all, one needs not to commit any crime, with that said on with the show writing. In reviewing all of the factors, one part is the Carlos Cortez is a Texas State District Judge. Third part is Carlos Cortez is an esquire lawyer registered with the Texas BAR. Putting all the parts together we have Judge Carlos Cortez, Esquire where it is not the judgeship or the esquire membership that committed the crime, it is the individual that can commit a crime. Maybe not a crime, but it sure a shame, that there are a number of esquires that have graduated for Law School and as individuals have made a mockery of lessons learned. Many lay people should and do have a revised name for a law school, “Lie School.” Where academic law professors teach law it appears not uncustomary for an individual graduate after obtaining a right to practice succumbs to the financial greed mechanism. Valid fact is any school that offers a higher learning has tangible cost needs, such as paying academic teachers, keeping the lights and heat own and keeping shop shofar criminals off campus. When financial incentives interfere with educational learning, all hell is

apt to break loose. Likewise, when financial incentives allow for manipulation of law after graduation by twisting meaning of words, all hell is apt to break loose. One thing this writer will tell the readers, most likely the reader’s definition and the writer’s definition of hell is not one in the same. Attention is directed to part two of the three part title, the name. the name is not equal to the title of judge nor is it equal to the title of esquire, for neither title of judge or esquire committed the crime, only the name person committed a crime. However, it is likely plausible the name will capitalize upon the titles to aid in avoiding prosecution. Similarly when Judge [Part One], I Got It Wrong [Name, Part two], Esquire [Title, Part 3] it is not either of the titles that violated the United States Constitution but probably a State’s Constitution as well. Would the world be better off without lawyers, if the course of avoiding truth is maintained, then only God knows the livelihood the future brings but this writer doubts it would be peace and tranquility. Next time one blames a judge {Title} fail not to remember there is only a man standing in the robe (regardless of the color) that should be held accountable for failing to follow or understand law. My apology to those teachers that attempt to teach correct principles, as an old farmer’s adage: one rotten apple can affect the entire basket.

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