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4 Question by nursling 1550 · Sep 18 '12 at 07:46 PM ·
burping stomach

gas/bloating in stomach but can't burp

It took me a long time to discover that all veg or fruit which. anyone else experience this or know what's going on? this annoying body quirk has happened for years but gets worse when i am anxious and hasn't changed since going Paleo/low carb/no sugar. '13 Get Free Paleo Recipes Instantly 27 Replies · Add your reply 2 Answer by sz 165 · Sep 19 '12 at 01:45 PM If you eat cooked veg. i will have croaking/gurgling of air coming up my esophagus for hours. yam. i usually have to gag myself a while later to let gas escape from my stomach. this is a likely outcome. among many others: apples (in pies etc). guess what? No reaction at all. You will very quickly see what causes the reaction.ok so this is a gross question i have never been able to voluntarily burp and i very rarely do on accident (and it is always tiny). but i almost always have gas bloating. have a sweet taste. i have recently begun supplementing with HCL. after i eat or drink. When I dropped them from my diet altogether for a while. if i don't gag myself. when cooked. onion. I'd suggest you stop all cooked veg for a while and let your system relax and recuperate. corn. and more. then slowly reintroduced as raw only. I wd also have loads of trouble . cause me to bloat gassily. carrot. These are called FODMAPS and include. then start having a tiny bit of only one cooked veg at a time with your meal [this means no grains either]. 2 Comments Add comment  Total Views: 39k  Most Recent Activity: Answer by   4 People are following this question: Last Activity: Oct 29. i am always careful not to swallow air.

On this site is a great set of lists that you can copypaste. Seriously. Now I finely chop it.with cooked cabbage.htm http://www. Here are a few articles on the effects of peppermint oil on smooth muscles: http://www. all the phenomena return. Biocarbonated soda works for http://www. It's the result of sugars accruing in the system that can't be handled by the or perhaps some other raw salad veg mixed together with it. "gas ex". your bloating can get so bad your stomach and back both will hurt and you may be on your knees in agony with sweat rolling from your . Guess what? NO reactions at all.ncbi. Peppermint oil is not recommended for people with acid reflux for the same Hope this helps! 0 Comments Add comment 1 Answer by xarle 21 · Dec 11 '12 at 01:24 PM Similar problems with getting gas up from stomach/duodenum. salt it a little and wait til the excess liquid seeps 0 Comments Add comment 1 Answer by Jess 17 · Oct 17 '12 at 07:45 PM Try things that have peppermint oil in them.nih... Sip a little first. Peppermint oil causes the smooth muscles of the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract to relax allowing the trapped gas to escape. 1/2 teaspoon in small glass of warm water. and then make notes for yourself on how you react. No gas. no burps . But if I take just 2 teaspoons of any of a long list of FODMAP foods I discovered bother me.http://www.nlm. 2 Comments Add comment 1 Answer by glargo 17 · Feb 24 at 02:59 AM Two words.gone forever just by watching what you eat.Extra strength gas ex. boom. then just eat it raw with olive oil and chopped cilantro and ground pepper.

a big one for me. took me a while to realize salad . And really talking. but I always thought it was because I was bulimic in my 20s and possibly damaged the valve between my esophagus and stomach. or I sip some warm water or eat dark chocolate to help me burp (more on that below) smoothies . wearing ill-fitting dentures eating too fast. talking while eating. stomach gas is essentially all swallowed air.walk around . period (though a hard one to avoid) being stressed . too airy for me carbonated drinks . I think).rub your own back and stomach . some things I've found that help: . the liquid must be cool enough that you can place your top lip on it to form a seal) drinking from water bottles (the ones with small mouths) chewing gum. I could be wrong.I have had to take as many as six but generally relief comes within 30 minutes. but yes it's definitely gotten worse as I've aged.warm water with baking soda in it .hard to eat without swallowing air. Here are ways that we swallow air (and you may know these already):           sipping from straws slurping hot liquids (the slurp draws air in along with the liquid. moaning in pain. To avoid slurping.was that TMI? In terms of getting a good burp out. I'm told apple peel has the same effect (the pectin.You may even start to belch but it will pop those bubbles in your belly! 1 Comment Add comment 0 Answer by CDone 26891 · Sep 18 '12 at 10:20 PM do you still have your gallbladder? Also dairy? Do you consume diary? 0 Comments Add comment 0 Answer by Renee 2 12268 · Sep 19 '12 at 01:49 AM I have this issue too. While intestinal gas is in part a byproduct of the bacterial process on your food.forehead. I still eat it but i walk around afterwards to try to get a burp out. smoking. My main "treatment" is to avoid getting gas in my stomach in the first place.sip some warm water .I've read that chocolate relaxes the esophageal valve which makes it easier to burp. sucking on candies. I do find I burp after some chocolate.they whip air into a liquid. .no mystery there giving oral sex (for me at least) .

Remove the ginger and drink it hot. In the past two years I've had quite a few stomach and esophagus problems which seem to have caused very similar symptoms of air trapped in my small contribution: .. I'm 24 and currently pregnant. I get the sensations of it feeling. full. Not very pleasant as I'm a lady! I have found that nothing works to make me burp. To prepare the drink. use hot water. 0 Comments Add comment 0 Answer by Michael 28 283 · Oct 17 '12 at 09:06 PM I'm using betaine too and it helps. Another remedy I use is to drink a cup of hot water with fresh ginger soon after each meal. It helps digesting and so the burping. cover the cup with a cloth for 3-5 minutes (no more than that otherwise it gets difficult to drink). bloating.. First off thanks everyone for this post and comments I will be trying the recommendations. 1 Comment Add comment 0 Answer by Suziestrawberry 1 · Jan 27 at 07:03 PM I too physically can't burp! The only way I can burp ever is to gag as if I'm about to be sick. the natural burping starts. The rest is up to the diet. It doesn't make miracles but definitely helps. add some grated fresh ginger (1-2 teaspoons). After that. Now here is the benefit of my experience . pushing up into my throat and making me feel generally sick and kind of anxious. I hope you find a solution.I would love to hear others' burp tips because a stuck burp is just beyond uncomfortable. All the remedies you've mentioned just make me more bloated and have a huuuuge gagburp instead. it makes heartburn a killer! :) 0 Comments Add comment 0 Answer by Dave 35 1 · Feb 16 at 08:34 AM Hi All.

I hope that helps! Dave 0 Comments Add comment 0 Answer by anginaberryz 73 · Feb 16 at 08:46 AM Hi. some waste material can stick to the wall of intestine and difficult to thrown out. For some reason this sometimes gets the air out. chronic pin etc. This doesn't always work if the air is really stuck but does sometimes help and may be good to use in combination with the other tips. From then the stomach problem start like bloating.I have taught myself to burp on demand so I can get some of the stomach air out and releave the bloating. Stomach problem starts with undigested food. 0 Comments Add comment     1 2 3 › Your answer          . One good way to cure from such problem is drink plenty of water and eat more fiber fruits which soften the stool. I do this by gently tensing/squeezing my stomach muscles (just below the stomach) in a downward way. It's tricky to explain how to do the downward thing but if you basically thing "down" it should happen. gassy feeling.

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