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A Testimony of a deliverance by God

The writer of this treatise detests learning, classrooms, schools and Books while very young. His utmost passion was playing around wasting precious times; time which ought to have been invested in growing his neurons with information and knowledge was forever lost. However under the influence of his mother ,he was forced to learn and observing his uncle who reads voraciously even when he was in the Toilet he picks up the love of books and a seed of aspiration was planted for insatiable knowledge and the pursuit of scholarly wisdom and skills. However despite all effort, his lazy and comatose brain distills information out as fast as it is being poured in just like water in a basket. To memorize is always an uphill task. In Sunday school, fellow students quickly memorize whole chapters of the scripture while He struggle with only one verse. Like a savant his only preoccupation his endless drawing of humans and Spiderman, until his mother severely curtails him. It will not take a prophet to predict that this person will definitely end up a failure in life. In fact one of his professor in Medical Schools announce publicly during a morning clinical review that the writer ought to have been withdrawn from medical schools a long time ago. Another Consultant, a cardiothoracic surgeon during a ward round also lament that he could not Imagine how this fellow pass his exams and become a Doctor. What is the secret? How against great odds the writer made it is the reason for this treatise? Every humans is born with one particular limitation or the other, In my own case I have some basic distortion of reality and how the real world works, this is basically because of my background, a paucity of wise Godly elders around me. To begin with, I had a lazy attitude to works and studies, I have this believe that I can put in a small input and effort and expect a bountiful result. Then that I need not study hard but hope and pray that I will just ask God to help me and lo and behold I will be in the next class. Then my attitude has always been a fire brigade approach to life, instead of approaching preparation every day with a long time Investment foresight, I procrastinate and begin preparation when it is almost time and then cap my irresponsibility with a hot prayer to God to see me through. In spite of this , the Heavenly Father has been merciful to me but when I persist in my ways, like true heavenly parent who want the best for his children he discipline me and awaken me from my slumber and self-delusion into how to deal with the responsibility and .reality of life.

I learn to work hard and to put in great effort and achieve some success then the next pit fall and dangers arise. I begin to think I can be self-sufficient and could rely and lean on my own understanding. The great Teacher has another lesson for me to learn, without me you can do nothing. Failures and disappointments arise and the journeys of forty days translate to forty years. I have failed an exam, a clinical exam which cost me a year, I am about to repeat this same exam with no guarantee of success. This is a class which uses to hold medical students back for donkey years in my medical schools, I was greatly afraid and in despair, I cried to God. I could still remember in the middle of the night meditating on a portion of scriptures in the book of Isaiah, when I just doze for not more than 5 minutes and I found myself in the company of 2 personality examining a suprapubic anterior mass. What is this? In all my preparation, I had never thought of the need to revise the examination of a mass, My Focus was on Infertility which is the commonest case we see and which was the last case that failed me in the last exams. I quickly picked up the textbook of surgery and immediately revise the necessary steps in the correct examination of a swelling. I was the last person examined that day at the clinic and with great surprise the patient I saw and clerked came specifically from Lagos just for a fibroid removal located specifically at that suprapubic region. I was saved from another failure by the Almighty God, All Glory and thanks belong to the Heavenly Father. Amen.

Dr Theophilus Ayodele Mensus Intitute Ibadan.