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3rd Annual Conference

Fighting Back, Imagining and Building Socially Just Worlds

California State University, Fullerton Titan Student Union Conference Center Saturday, January 11, 2014 10am - 4pm
8:30am 10:00am Registration Welcome & Introduction Keynote Speaker, Dr. Antonia Darder Session I: Concurrent Presentations Lunch & Poster Session Session II: Concurrent Presentations Session III: Concurrent Presentations Keynote Speaker, Dr. Thandeka Chapman Keynote Speaker, Dr. Kevin Kumashiro Closing
Dr. Kevin Kumashiro

Reclaiming Multicultural Education:

California Chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education

10:00am 10:10am 10:10am 10:35am 10:40am 11:50pm 11:50pm 12:35pm 12:40pm 1:50pm 1:55pm 3:10pm 3:35pm 3:05pm 3:35pm 4:00pm

Dr. Antonia Darder

Dr. Thandeka Chapman

4:00pm 4:10pm

Session I: Concurrent Presentations (10:45am - 11:50am) Paper Sessions 1.A. Second Language Learners: Discourse & Policy Changes Rhetorical Landscapes of Flores Scholarship, Melinda Thomas, Arizona State University Governing ELLs population: ALECs (The American Legislative Exchange Council) in Flores v. Arizona, David Carlson, Dinny Aletheiani, Arizona State University 1.B. Social Justice Teaching Fostering a Sense of Social Justice in Middle School, Kristin Vogel, San Bruno Park School District The Power of Using Socially Just Latino Literature, Marisol Ruiz, Humboldt State University Piloting a Multicultural Writing Curriculum: Student Barriers to Critical Thought, Saugher Nojan, California State University, Sacramento

Panels 1.C. The Battle for Transformative Pedagogies: Decolonial Perspectives on the Embattled State of California's Higher Education, Gerardo Arellano, Miguel Zavala, Frank Perez, California State University, Fullerton; Carlos Tejeda, California State University, Los Angeles 1.D. Bilingual Teacher Candidates: Raising Critical Consciousness, Lisa Winstead, California State University, Fullerton Workshops 1.E. 1.F. Deconstructing Social Work Education: Addressing Power and Privilege in the Classroom, Wendy Ashley, Jos Paez, California State University, Northridge Fostering Educators Dispositions toward Diversity, Sharon Chappell, Kim Norman, California State University, Fullerton

1.G. Making our Visions a Reality: Social Studies, Literacy, Social Justice and the Common Core, Ruchi Agarwal-Rangnath, San Francisco State University 1.H. Building Social Justice with Critical Media Literacy, Jeff Share, UCLA Teacher Education Program Poster Session (11:50am - 12:35pm) My Place In This World: Community Arts Give Voice to Youth, Jennifer Colby, Partners for the Advancement of Teaching, CSU Monterey Bay Institutionalized Anti-Racism: Closing the Opportunity Gap at Branham High School, Angela Cunningham, Branham High School Session II: Concurrent Presentations (12:40pm - 1:50pm) Paper Sessions 2.A. Student Identities & Institutions Decolonization: Understanding the Effects of Spanish Colonization and American Imperialism on Modern-Day Filipino American Students Academic, Cultural, and Ethnic Identity, Cynthia Rapaido Negotiating Identity and Navigating Multicultural Classroom Space: Postcolonial Reflections and Critical Race Pedagogical Transformations, Michael Perez, Marissa Bauelos, California State University, Fullerton Beyond Surviving to Thriving: Chicana/o Studies and Two-Year Hispanic Serving Institutions in Neoliberal Times, Steven Moreno-Terrill, Mesa College 2.B. Community Organizing Rethinking Teacher Education Through Community: Re-Organizing in Urban Multiethnic Neighborhoods, Benji Chang, Teachers College, Columbia University Examining Latino Parents Activism: Challenging Exclusion, Building Collaboration, Pablo Jasis, California State University, Fullerton

Panels 2.C. Organizing with F.R.E.E. (Finding Resources and Empowerment through Education), Marisol Ruiz, Cesar Abarca, Lynn Scott, Humboldt State University; Jennifer Alejo, Samuel Romero, Juan Batres, Tatiana Santibaez, Wilmer Ayala, Juan Diaz-Infante, Cristian Cepeda, Roberto Infante, Cesar Lopez, Guillermo Gomez, Stephane Pantaleon, Taylor Cannon, Marysol Huizar Workshops 2.D. The Role of Asian American Pacific Islander Educators in a Multiracial Society, Thomas Philip, Troy Kealii Lau, Juliet Lee, University of California, Los Angeles 2.E. From Research to Advocacy to Social Justice: Unconstitutional Deportation of U.S. Mexicans in the 1930s, Christine Valenciana, Guadalupe Espinoza, Francisco V. Balderrama, Julien Minard, Francisco E. Balderrama, California State University, Fullerton, California Federation of Teachers Tools Supporting the Creation of Inclusive School Communities, Shelly Tochluk, Mount St. Marys College


2.G. Teacher Interests and Dynamic Linking: Culture, Community, Ecology and the Arts, Linda Bynoe, Jennifer Colby, California State University, Monterrey Bay Session III: Concurrent Presentations (1:55pm - 3:05pm) Paper Sessions 3.A. Teacher Identities and Practices Aspiring to Color-Consciousness: A Session for Teacher Educators, Kerri Ullucci, Roger Williams University Inside/Outside/In-between: Understanding how Ashkenazi Female Teachers Construct Their Multiple Identities in Public Schools, Mindi Benditson, Chapman University From Freedom, to Shackles, to Justice: My Journey from a Colonized African American Child to a Decolonized African American Multicultural Educator, Marian Lyles, Seattle Central Community College Panels 3.B. Escuelita Aztln: Building Youth Consciousness and Empowerment, Mary Ann Belmontez, Andrea Amaya, and Daniel Isidro, Unin del Barrio

3.C. School-Based Family Counseling: A Multiculturally Sensitive Approach to Promoting School Success, Michael Carter, Emily Hernandez, Marcel Soriano, California State University, Los Angeles; Brian Gerrard, University of San Francisco Workshops 3.D. Access and Agency for Adolescent Girls of Color, Tracy Cook-Person 3.E. 3.F. Dispelling the Myth Latino Parents Do Not Value Education, Mike Madrid, Kimiya Sohrab Maghzi, Chapman University A Social Justice Approach to University Service Leaning: The Partners at Learning (PAL) Program, Caren Holtzman, Luz Chung, University of California, San Diego

3.G. S Se Puede! Yes we can!: Cultural Proficiency for Equity and Justice, Richard Martinez, Susan Warren, Azusa Pacific University

CONFERENCE INFORMATION Registration: University Affiliates: $50.00 Teachers and Community Activists: $25.00 Students: $15.00 Registration fees include access to conference, conference program, lunch, and gift.

Campus Map & Driving Directions: Free Parking; best place to park is the State College Parking Structure More information: 562.333.5814

Register Online: Online registration closes January 6th; registration re-opens conference day (8:30am - 10:00am)

CSUF Departments: Chicana & Chicano Studies African American Studies Asian American Studies Los Amigos of Orange County Student California Teachers Association (SCTA) Researchers and Critical Educators (RACE) Cultural and Public History Association (CPHA)