Rotimi Sowunmi

Life Is Not A Prison: Elevation
Rotimi Sowunmi
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Another time, I fasted and prayed for roughly ten days with no food just water and I had a dream. In this dream the pastor’s wife, in the gathering I was attending to at the time, was saying something to me in this new form of ‘speaking in tongue’ which I woke up remembering. It was something like Shambabobobo. When I addressed her about the dream, repeating what and how she said it in the dream, she said that she didn’t know what it meant. She couldn’t understand it. It is important to understand that I didn’t ask her what the dream meant only for her to translate the language (if it is a language) she used and frequently uses. After she said that she couldn’t translate it, I couldn’t help but feel that I dreamt her saying and meaning nothing, it raised an eyebrow. It has been the first and last time that I have ever dreamt of an individual speaking in this form of speaking in tongues. It is almost as if the dream wanted to point out to me its relevance or if there was one. Language is represented by the element water which represents a transistor. With this acknowledgement, it would be reasonable to state that intention has something to do with this new form of ‘speaking in tongues’. But upon assessment, the notion of intention becomes void because those who speak it don’t know what they

are saying. If intention, which doesn’t have to be said, is part of the process of this new form of speaking in tongues, it would at least give the user a meaning of what they are saying hence an understanding of what they are saying, enabling them to give translation. Water is part of the transition process along with the mind which is represented by fire. Mind also represents knowledge which is science, hence expressing something to gain through understanding. This form of ‘speaking in tongues’ gives no understanding therefore no knowledge or wisdom, making such Soldiers that speak this unexplained language unwise. The mental blocks that religion creates will cause many to overlook logic and reason, stating that this form of ‘speaking in tongues’ shows that one is ‘in spirit’ when to be in spirit is the Latin word inspire. Yashua’s disciples were inspired to speak in different languages, which represent different tongues which were presented like fire, with fire representing mind, in order for other language(s) to be understood, hence spoken. With the confusion in tongues created at the Tower of Babel, it was now able to be removed through a stronger connection to the realms. Despite this, the probability is high that some individuals, due to the mental block, would

have the tendency to state that I am going against the Holy Spirit, quoting that anybody who goes against the spirit will not be forgiven (Matthew chapter 12, verse 32). This statement, to them, would be accepted in terms of punishment instead of a notion of freewill. Meaning that if one indeed goes against the Spirit and not make it Holy by connecting to the Universal Creator, forgiveness cannot be given, therefore they cannot be forgiven. The mental blocks only seem to allow most individual to see the Creator or a Creator as a Being or essence of punishment which influences these individual’s life to be govern by fear. The devil or a devil or any other Low Beings delight for they thrive in an atmosphere of fear. The language of fire, which is that of the spirit, is something that can be understood by ALL. Meaning that when an individual speaks in tongues, even if others don’t understand them, they are meant to understand and be able to translate what they are saying. Through translation, everybody can understand but this is not the case. Instead of assessing the relevance of it, other individuals join in. Water which represents language also represents the mouth area and as stated before, it is the

transistor of the body along with fire, representing the mind. English is not an ancient language, it is relatively new. Speaking in tongue requires knowledge meaning something known, something understood. Wisdom requires using something known, something understood so that when messages, prayers, or praise and worship are initiated, they are understood by ALL. So: Fire (Knowledge) & Water (Wisdom) Earth (Truth) Air (Intellect)

The language of fire, which represents the expression of knowledge which is also known as Science, is emphasized by what is known as the Hebrew language. But the letters or rather symbols that is known as the Hebrew language, existed long before it was determined as the Hebrew language. Each letter of this language expresses fire, starting with the Yod which looks like a flame. The flame (or Yod) shows itself in the 24 letters (or symbols) of what is known as the Hebrew alphabet. See Diagram 40a.

Diagram 40a – showing the language of fire in what is now known as the Hebrew language.

Language of Fire = Speaking in Tongue = Understandable language that can be translated. Language is linked to the soul and through letters and symbols are expressed to formulate meaning. In this case, the letters or symbols of what is known as the Hebrew alphabet emphasizes on the connection of the language of fire. The language of fire, like all languages, is of the soul and the soul is represented by the six pointed star which is a sun. So the language of fire is a language of the sun or inner sun known as the soul. It is recorded that this language can open up 231 gates to other realms. Therefore, to be in spirit is to

express the different combination of letters, making a sentence. See Diagram 40b.

Diagram 40b – showing how the six pointed star which represents the soul is linked to what is known as the Hebrew’s alphabet letters (or symbols).The language of fire is an understandable language.

The language known as Hebrew can be traced back to the Medu Neter which is said to be the very first language in existence. Arabic, Twi, Yoruba, Swahili, and other African languages can also be traced back to the Medu Neter which emphasizes on the

power of words behind the languages. The Medu Neter means the sacred language of the Gods or the sacred language of the Eloheem (meaning gods in what is known as the Hebrew language). It would seem that the language of fire is also linked to the Earth’s grid. The Earth’s grid can be used for spiritual applications being that every Soldier is connected to everything on this battlefield. See Diagram 41.

Diagram 41 – showing the Earth’s grid. It seems that if you overlap the Earth’s grid with the language of fire Diagram, a relation will be seen.

Friend In any war, friends are known as comrades and enemies are known as foes. Foes can become comrades and comrades can become foes at any given moment. Betrayal can happen anytime. Nevertheless, true bonds are possible between friends and it can be so strong that it becomes a menace to Low Beings...

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