if steam drum under vacuum then what will happen?

In case of drum vent still closed after 2 kg per cm2 2 days ago Like CommentFollow Flag More 9 comments

Follow Bill Bill Rose • I can't imagine any scenario where you would be able to pull a vacuum on the steam generator, or are you just asking hypothetically. 1 day ago• Like1

Follow Kalpesh Kalpesh Baria • If the steam drum vent is not open when the Boiler is in cooling, a vacuum condition can result. A vacuum on a boiler can cause problems with leaks on rolled tube seats of generating tubes, which are designed for a mechanical fit to withstand positive pressures. You must be take care to open drum vent at 2 kg/cm2 pressure. 1 day ago• Like1

Follow Bill Bill Rose • Do you only have one vent? there are more than 2 dozen valves that vent and drain the steam generator I dont believe it could happen. 1 day ago• Like1

Follow Bill Bill Rose • let's not forget MSA drains, RSA drains, Extraction drains, absense of Steam Seals, Not possible... 1 day ago• Like

Follow Luis Luis Rodriguez • That sounds like the boilers operators normally call "implosion", which causes the opposite effect of explosion. With implosion the object collapses upon itself (generally being crushed

ijcaonline. Source: http://www. Implosion is a process in which objects are destroyed by collapsing (or being squeezed in) on themselves. implosion concentrates matter and energy. 14 hours ago• Like Follow andrew andrew hall • more can be found google (boiler implosion) . Boilers with both induced and forced draft fans may become unbalanced especially if the forced draft unit becomes tripped and the induced fan unit remains in full operation.org/journal/number12/pxc387429. or inward and outward forces. that are so large that the structure collapses inward into itself. 16 hours ago• Like Follow Bill Bill Rose • Andrew. In case of ID Fan is capable of producing more suction head than the boiler structure is capable of withstanding. True implosion usually involves a difference between internal (lower) and external (higher) pressure. establish such conditions.by an outside force).pdf 1 day ago• Like Follow Timothy Timothy Photopoulos • What happens? Someone will lose their job! 18 hours ago• Like• Reply privately• Flag as inappropriate 1 Follow andrew andrew hall • It has happened before ! All the vents and drains on the boiler have to be closed and not passing when the boiler is de pressurised to atmospheric pressure. Control malfunction and / or operator error. Negative pressure excursion of sufficient magnitude to cause structural damage. then that individual probably shouldn't have been on the board. The induced draft fan will produce an excessive draft in the furnace and create the real likelihood of furnace implosion. The opposite of explosion.

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