Painting Miners Quickly In anticipation of the underground Dwarf campaign coming in a few months to the pages of Black Gobbo

, we have decided to help all interested players prepare for this set of scenarios well in advance. While all the details of this online mini-campaign have not een ironed out, the plot revolves around a hearty group of Dwarfs !ourneying into the "ndgrin #nrok, the shattered underground system of highways that once linked the Dwarfen holds. #n e$pedition to a fallen hold is no simple matter and should not e undertaken with !ust any rag-tag and of Dwarfs. %o, you need e$perience when venturing into these dark, foe-infested tunnels. &nly Iron reakers and Miners have the underground fighting e$pertise to make up the core of your "nderway force, and as such, we present step- y-step painting instructions and tactics for oth these Dwarf troop types. WE USED THE FOLLOWING CITADEL PAINTS: 'uy them all(

Dark Codex Fortre Sk!ll Scorc"ed Be t#al S%akeb#te B!r%# "ed Black C"a#%&a#l A%'el Grey Grey W"#te Bro$% Bro$% Leat"er Gold I%k Gree%

( &nce you)ve removed all the flash and glued the model to the ase, use white glue to add fine or medium stones. &nce the model is undercoated lack, get usy with either 'oltgun Metal or *hainmail +my choice here,. #pply paint directly to the helmet, pick head, tankard, and gem hammer on the Miner)s elt. Dry rush the metal shirt the same color. Don)t worry a out getting paint on other parts of the model- it is .uicker to e sloppy and clean up afterwards. Working with four to five models at a time will give the paint time to dry and get the group growing .uickly. ) &nce the paint has dried, use *haos 'lack to cover all of the areas that you accidentally painted with *hainmail. &nce this is done, it)s time to reak out the /corched 'rown. 0he ase, oots, pick handle, elt, and all the various ags and pouches should all get a thorough coat. 0he pantaloons and gloves are the parts of the model that follow the army color scheme, so they get a few coats of Dark #ngel 1reen +for my army)s scheme,. * Dry rush all the /corched 'rown parts with 'estial 'rown. &nce this is done, you will pro a ly need to clean up the pants with Dark #ngels 1reen and the mail shirt with strategically applied *hainmail. Paint the

a A@ is re. a ?@ is needed= on 0urn A. and suspender uckle get a treatment of 'urnished 1old.they cost a it more +.uired= and on turns after that. 0his a ility would e worth far more than . points each and their command costs . Paint the ottom two-thirds of the flame with a few coats of 5iery &range and then the ottom third with a few coats of 'lood 8ed.9< more. you can dry rush with different mi$es of 5ortress 1rey7/kull White or you can !ust !ump to a /kull White dry rush like I did. . Instead of allowing the Dwarf player to decide when they deploy.uite pale. #pply watered-down *hestnut Ink +or 5lesh Wash. carry Picks +1reat Weapons. underground tunnels. points per model if not for the unpredicta le nature of when the Miners arrive. the rules state that the Miners have an ever-increasing chance of coming on the ta le starting on 0urn . 0hey can use these tunnels to turn up une$pectedly on any ta le edge. and they possess the U%der'ro!%d Ad-a%ce special rule. onto the rown parts that you want a lighter shade. lightly dry rush the gloves and pants with a lighter version of /not 1reen +add !ust a touch of /kull White. and are identical to Dwarf Warriors in all ut two ways. you gain in the element of surprise.. # roll of a : will always fail to ring the Miners. #dd slightly watereddown coats of 'ron4ed 5lesh to the face until it)s . "sing *hainmail and Dark #ngels 1reen.. &nce this dries.face with a watered-down 'estial 'rown so that the skin tone will apply in fewer coats. 0heir one disadvantage is that their e. very lightly dry rush /nake ite 2eather +3omit 'rown or any other light rown will do. *ore unit that any Dwarf player can take in his army +they are an unrestricted *ore unit in an "ndgrin #nkor 5orce. . 0he elt uckle. # cheaper or more hearty version would e useful in certain roles. Paint the candle /kull White and give the flame many coats of /un urst 6ellow. again clean the areas you did not intend to dry rush.uipment is set in stone= you can)t add a shield or drop their weapon or armor down a notch.. pick ornament. 0he U%der'ro!%d Ad-a%ce rule represents the Miners) knowledge of. 5inally.. Miner 0actics Miners are a restricted +9-:.uick detail step that can e added later when your entire unit is done. a roll of . 0hey wear heavy armor. ut this is a . Dry rush the gloves and pants with /not 1reen. &n 0urn . #lmost done( 'asecoat the eard and hair with 5ortress 1rey. I used watered-down 'lack Ink to ring out the layers and olts on the Miner)s helmet. ut what you lose in versatility. to the face efore dry rushing with 'ron4ed 5lesh and then 'leached 'one.@ will ring the Miners into play. + /till concentrating on the rown parts of the Miner. and a ility to use.. 0he Dwarf player rolls a D> at the eginning of his turn to decide whether the Miners show up or not.

#%er # unit of heavily e. "se a unit of Miners with at least five fewer models than the other Dwarf unit used in this meat-grinder. and Prospector= they will !ust cost you points that you can use elsewhere. 'eware of dangerous artillery like the Eell laster 3olley 1un F many an overconfident unit of Miners has met its end at the hand of this deadly device.uarters is the most asic use for a small unit of Miners. 0o ensure this. %ow. 1aining an e$tra :99 points or denying your opponent that much +not to mention denying them the a ility to kill :. ring your Miners on. %ot only will you negate their rank onus and get a rear attack onus. it might e safe for your unit of Miners to appear on your enemy)s ta le edge and sack an artillery piece or two..nd round of com at. a ta le . %o. Ba#t 4%4 S$#tc": If you are playing close to one of the ta le sides or deployed very close to your own ta le edge. you need to stack the whole of your Dwarf army on one side of the ta le +see 0he Gnduring Mountain on p. 6our Miners might not come on when you want them too. you never will. Move the Dwarfs on the other side of the enemy unit forward into your charge range.9 points. !ust go with the minimum of :9 Miners at a cost of :. If you can)t win *om at 8esolution now. Musician.uipped Dwarfs is always useful. 0his tactic allows you to gain 3ictory Points y dispatching enemy troops and most likely disputing a ta le . ut the a ility to appear anywhere on the attlefield gives them uses eyond the standard unit of Dwarf Warriors. there is less than a 9.. the enemy is committed to charging forward in his ne$t turn. your charged unit of Dwarfs might flee efore your Miners get to strike. a few things can go wrong with this plan. thus negating any advantage you might have gained. H> of War"a&&er Ar&#e : D$ar3 . In order to pull this one off.uarter. 5orget the /tandard 'earer. &nce the enemy unit advancing down the sideline gets close enough to charge +H-IC. D# /!te0Take t"e Table 1!arter: 0aking or disputing ta le . your Miner unit must have lower "nit /trength than the other Dwarf unit after this .9 points of your troops. 'eing 2ele%tle . you can March Move and wheel so that you are facing the ack of the enemy unit. WhyB 6ou want your enemy to flee ack toward his ta le edge. 0he only purpose of this small unit is to pop-up late in the game and stake their claim on an o !ective or ta le . you can use the Miners to fill holes in your line. . or your enemy might have a fast unit +5lyers. #gain. 1ot a fast opponent or one with a deadly ranged attackB # cunning Dwarf player can Cconveniently forgetC to make the U%der'ro!%d Ad-a%ce roll for a few turns. 2e er-e 3ro& t"e Fla%k: 0he successful use of this tactic will allow your Miners to hit an engaged enemy unit in the flank or rear.uarter is worth :99 points. %othing is fool-proof..U #%' . not through your artillery. your Miners should win the day +or this particular skirmish at least. Gntering the fray too soon will give your opponent time to turn around and crush your Miners from multiple sides. If you survive +make sure you do.D< chance of them failing to show up +though such a ploy orders on 1o lin-like trickery. &f course. that can distract the Miners. "sing the standard 3ictory Points rules.uarter. ut you will get four to si$ /trength D attacks to oot. with their rear charge. is worth the cost of the Miners. timing is important. Sack t"e Art#llery: &nce your opponent has moved the ma!ority of his army forward. If you Cremem erC and start rolling on 0urn ?.

Ee might leave part of his army ack to protect vulnera le war machines and missile troops. ut it was too late to salvage the game y then. is a lot to waste regardless of how many points you are playing. that is( &nce you)ve pulled off either of the last two tactics a few times.Intentionally leaving a gap and then filling it with your unit of . ut it was frustrating to have forgotten to deploy them. 0he game was going so poorly that I completely forgot the Miners sitting there. only to e cut off y your underground friends. I filled the gap and my 0hunderers on the hill ehind lasted the 1o lins good. 6our enemy might commit a valua le cavalry unit in hopes of getting ehind your lines. you can use the rune)s single reroll for something else. your opponent will egin to worry when he sees Miners sitting to the side of the ta le. Put your entire unit of . I For'ot: 0his happened to me two games ago against 8o Eawkin)s 3ampire *ounts. I can handle a stripped-down unit of :9 failing to arrive. 0he statistics tell me that they will arrive +less than :7:. ut . Ee might keep his army :.9 Miners to the side of the oard every game. In hindsight.. . #lso.9 Miners can catch your opponent off guard. If the Miners come on when you want them.9 with command. I used this very tactic against Jeremy 3etock)s 1o lin horde.999 chance of them not showing up in a >-turn game. mi$ up your tactics so that he protects against all your Miner tactics.H9 points +unit of . I remem ered on 0urn >. I allowed the side of my Gnduring Mountain to appear vulnera le and two units of Wolf 8iders it. ut it is tougher to ring them on e$actly when you want them to. 5or people in the same oat as me. they would not have changed the result of the game. Pitfalls No S"o$: While I have had a small unit of Miners in my army since the current version of Warhammer came out. S#t a%d Ste$: Make your enemy sit and stew. I must admit that I have not een using them to their full potential for this very reason.C from the side of the attlefield at all times. you might want to invest in the 2!%e o3 L!ck. even if you are using only :9 of them or are not using them at all.

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