Having learnt of the new S aven Rat S!awn in Warha""er Real"#$ %&#tria' Ti" H&( le)er* an+ ,eff H&r+' )oth +evotee# to N&rgle an+ the Horne+ Rat' ta e a loo at (onverting their ownIt's not unusual for those Warhammer players with a fondness for Grandfather Nurgle to also be fans of the Skaven, especially Clan estilens! "et's face it# rats and Nurgle $ust go together% &wo Games Workshop staffers, &im 'uckelbery and (eff 'urd, fall in this diseased camp! &hese fans of rodent)based decay were $a**ed when they found out about the new +at Spawn in Warhammer +ealms# "ustria! &hus, &im and (eff set about converting up and painting a few of these fearsome beasties that embody the worst of both the Nurgle and Skaven worlds! TI. HUC/%E0ER1 TI.2S FIRST RAT SPAWN ,ne thing &im knew from the start# he didn't want his +at Spawn to be confused with +at ,gres or regular Chaos Spawn! &hat meant some heavy conversion work to make his models stand out! 'e started with the Spawn of Chaos body and feet for the basic form! &hese bit* had plenty of sockets for other things like tentacles, Tim's first Rat Spawn arms, and heads! &im added the Classic -ermin "ord and +at ,gre heads along with a few Grey Seer, +at ,gre, and Clanrat skulls! 'e also used a Classic Greater .aemon of Nurgle arm and several Classic /east of Nurgle tentacles! "astly, he raided the 0ordheim and In1uisitor ranges for a few e2tra claws and arms! Ne2t, &im applied Green Stuff to blend in the bit* so they looked like they belonged to the same critter! TI.2S SECOND RAT SPAWN &he main difference between &im's first and second +at Spawn was the pose! 'e wanted one to be a hulking, 3rankenstein) like monster, and the other to be a frothing, insane rage)beast! In terms of distinguishing bit*, the 3rankenstein +at Spawn received a Grey Seer head on its shoulders, while the rage)beast got the +at ,gre head! &im painted both with the

Tim's second Rat Spawn

&im added some pus made of white 5 -67 glue. &im applied 8ellow Ink to give the slime that yucky Clan estilens look! TI. Sunburst 8ellow.ark 6ngels Green! "astly. HUC/%E0ER1$ FIRST RAT SPAWN Front Rear Front Rear TI.same colour scheme# 4lf 3lesh basecoat with a series of washes of Chestnut Ink and 3lesh Wash! &he only e2ceptions were some of the claws and the eyes.esert 8ellow. where &im painted them to look like warpstone shards! &o finish his +at Spawn. he added dripping slime made from fishing line with globs of plastic cement slathered on it! . HUC/%E0ER1$ SECOND RAT SPAWN . .nce dry. and some beige flock! 6fter applying this mi2 and waiting for it to dry. &im added 9warpstone blood9 to the pus with a mi2 of white glue and .

(eff added five -ermin "ord tails in various locations! 'e replaced the human forehead Jeff's Rat Spawn with a Skaven Clanrat head and the e2tended mouth with a -ermin "ord head! "astly..EFF HURD2S RAT SPAWN .gre feet! Ne2t.EFF HURD (eff also began with a Spawn of Chaos model for the basis of his +at Spawn! 'e used a tentacle arm to replace the bladed tentacles of the original Spawn! &hen. he swapped in +at . (eff simply mi2ed the schemes from his Skaven and Nurgle armies to come up with what you see to the left! . he filled in the gaps with Green Stuff and added patches of fur and stretched skin! 6s for painting.

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