On page 48 of the Warhammer Realms: Lustria book, there's an inset about Skink Chief Poqeni hi an! ho" he gaine! a ertain "arbanner# $he banner "as ma!e from the hi!e of Plague Pontife% &uet h 'fan ( title for a lo")po"ere! *re( Seer+ after he "as slain b( the pesk( Skink# $hus, , figure! it'! be fun to make the !oome! rat, if onl( for the fa t that this t(pe of Pestilens hara ter an be mounte! upon a Caul!ron of a $housan! Po%es - "hi h is kin! of like a S reaming .ell# Sin e there is no offi ial mo!el for this "eapon, it'll be a !ouble hallenge as ,'ll ha/e to reate both the Caul!ron an! &uet h himself#

Coming up "ith the bit0 to assemble this mo!el "asn't too mu h of a stret h# ,n fa t, e/er(thing 1ust sort of fell into pla e after a fe" minutes of thought# $hrot the 2n lean pro/i!e! a !e ent bo!( for a Pestilens hara ter, an! there are plent( of ool arms on the Plague 3onk sprue "ith "hi h to omplete the mo!el# 4or the Caul!ron of a $housan! Po%es, m( min! 1umpe! straight to the 5ark 6lf Caul!ron of .loo!# 4inall(, sin e the unit "orks in a manner similar to the S reaming .ell, most of the bit0 from that unit 1ust ma!e sense for this on/ersion#

:4<:> Th"ot The Un lean Bo%2& 8849:.$he a tual onstru tion of &uet h took /er( little time as there "ere no serious mo!elling hur!les# 7ust follo" the steps belo" an! (ou'll see "hat .elo" are all the bit0 use! to make the mo!el an! some photos that !etail the steps ne essar( shoul! (ou "ish to make this mo!el for (our o"n for e# .:>::?:? Plague 3on.lightning Cannon *heel# /x01 & 8849:.f (ou nee! further help. mean# $est fit e/er(thing before (ou ommit.ell platform# *i/e ea h of the ne"l( $he finishe! "heel nub shortene! nubs a qui k filin' shoul! 1ust barel( e%ten! out !o"n# from the platform# .:>:>8:< ' "ea)ing Bell Platfo") & 8849:.Pla#ti '+"ue & @/ailable ' "ea)ing Bell *a"+#tone & from the . Start b( lipping !o"n the long "heel nubs on the S reaming . an! e/er(thing shoul! turn out fine# .:>:=8:.<.:4<:= 8849:.8th 3a(# 8849:. arefull( assemble the /arious bits. hit the referen e page for large images of the assemble! mo!el to help (ou as (ou "ork on this pro1e t# The Plague Pontifex Quet h Con!e"#ion $it Caul%"on of Bloo% Caul%"on & *a"+.:>::?:9 Cha"iot Ba#e & 88?98888:?: ' "ea)ing Bell U++e" .<.e -& 8849:. make (our 1oins soli!.:>:=4:= Caul%"on of Bloo% 'te( & 8849:.

lip off the peg from Bo". glue the "arpstone from this orner of the upper the bottom of the "arpstone hol!er in pla e on the !e k# hol!er# !e king like so# .Aou'll nee! three sets of "heels from the Warp) lightning Cannon# $he trimme! nubs meet up *lue the "heels so that the "ith the "heels ni el(# *lue mo!el sits le/el an! stable 'em on no"# on a flat surfa e# 2se putt( to make these three holes look like "oo! grain# 6%ten! the e%isting fur on *rab the upper !e k bit an! the platform "ith putt( an! a orient it in the !ire tion s ulpting tool# sho"n abo/e# Clip off the top three bolts Be%t.

*lue the upper !e k bit "ith @ssemble the aul!ron an! Ca/ing a flat bottom area the "arpstone hol!er in this then file the roun!e! bottom "ill ensure that the aul!ron lo ation# flat# sits le/el# *lue the aul!ron in pla e so @ si!e /ie" of the pro1e t so far# $o finish up. a!! fine that the han!les are on ea h san! in /arious spots "ith superglue# $his san! "ill si!e# simulate infe tious mol! an! filth( ru! after painting# Bo" for &uet h# Clip off his Clip the Plague Censer from @tta h the finishe! enser to base tab an! file an( the left)han!e! bit an! glue the DupperD right arm remnants flat# it to a right han!# lo ation on $hrot# .

!eep re!s. paint the Caul!ron to look e%tra rust( an! gi/e its ran i! ontents a thi k gloss /arnish to simulate flui!# Ran!oml( !ab rotting an! !e a(ing bits "ith an assortment of (ello"s. greens.*lue the DbellsD right arm Putt( o/er $hrot's Dlo"erD from the Plague 3onk sprue right arm an! a!! some in pla e# tatters to his robe# @!! or e%ten! the robes in or!er to o/er the arm 1oins# @ll !oneE $he images belo" sho" the finishe! Pontife% &uet h on/ersion kit# Cli k on ea h of the pi tures to see a larger image: Painting the mo!el is eas( "hen (ou sti k to a palette of bro"ns an! greens# &uet h himself is mostl( a tattere! robe of multiple !eep green highlights an! a bit of skin# $he ma1orit( of the aul!ron base is ma!e up of rotting "oo!. an! oranges for a /i/i! !ispla( of pestilen e# &uet h shoul! no" be all set to be slaughtere! in a fight against a ertain Re!) . so a fe" !r(brushes of green o/er Dfinishe!D "oo! follo"e! b( thin green "ashes "ill "ork out ni el(# $hen.

ar/e! upon its plaque an! hel! aloft b( the prophet himself or b( his atten!ant# Aet. an! the Re! Crests an! their hiefs arrie! these i ons# Some totems "ere serpent)forms ma!e of gleaming gol! an! stu!!e! "ith green an! re! gems. an! so re/olting "as its stink that the entire arm( "as !ri/en into a mur!erous rage b( its /er( presen e upon the fiel! of "ar# Quet h . "ho "as !efeate! b( the Skink Chief Poqeni hi at the .Creste! Skink### $hroughout the tumultuous @ge of Strife. "hile others bore ins riptions of the "or!s of $ehenhauin# One totem "as a hi!e ut from the ba k of the Plague Pontife% &uet h. man( lesser totems of the Serpent *o! a ompanie! his armies.attle of the *ol!en Stair# Poqeni hi mounte! the plague)ri!!en hi!e upon a pole an! bore it into battle as the arm(Fs "arbanner. $ehenhauinFs armies al"a(s mar he! to "ar beneath the prote tion of the Prophe ( of Sotek.

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