NURGLITCH, ARCH PLAGUE LORD OF CLAN PESTILENS - Painted By Rob Ha !in" Rob fell under the noxious spell of Nurglitch upon first seeing this Skaven's bloated, foul form. Being a long-time Skaven fan, Rob was eager to tr his hand at painting the !lague "ord.

HOW DID HE DO THAT# Rob broke up the model into four components that he painted separatel # Nurglitch on his $iant Rat, the banner pole, the loose rats, and his !lague %onk attendant. Rob primed each component with &haos Black Spra !rimer. Click on the images below to see larger versions. Note that Rob sealed his model with matt varnish before he painted an of the metal areas. 'his step gave the paints and inks a nice matte finish without dulling the metal bit(.

Rob basecoated Nurglitch's fur, skin, and wood with Scorched Brown followed b a dr brush of Bestial Brown. Rob finished the fur areas with a )ermin Brown dr brush. *e gave the skin a 'anned +lesh basecoat before he gave the entire model a Brown ,nk wash -watered down at .#./ to darken ever thing. Rob went back to the fur and dr brushed Bestial Brown followed b )ermin Brown, a light dr brush of Bubonic

Rob basecoated it with 0ark 8ngels $reen. $rave ard 1arth.nk. and highlighted with a . +or the wooden structures. for the 4arpstone. water to +lesh 4ash to &atachan $reen/.nk. +or the bags. and a wash to dull the skin -2#3#. 'hen.nk.#. Rob took a +ine 0etail brush and dabbed a .Brown -with a hint of )ermin Brown in the brush/. Rob basecoated them with Bubonic Brown. and overbrushed with Bleached Bone. +or the noses. Scorched Brown to Snakebite "eather.#. *e drew the Skaven s mbol on the banner with Bubonic Brown followed b a highlight of Bleached Bone then Skull 4hite. Rob basecoated with Bubonic Brown. 0warf +lesh.nk mixed with a little Black . washed them with Brown . and skulls. *e dr brushed %ithril Silver over the edges. and painted the bottoms of the bells -around the striker/ with &haos Black. Rob dr brushed with Snakebite "eather. and then washed them with Brown . and then Bleached Bone on the edges of the poles. "astl . . he basecoated them black and then highlighted with a mix of &haos Black and Shadow $re . he washed these areas with Brown . Rob followed this coat with a highlight of straight Snakebite "eather and then a mix of Snakebite "eather and Bubonic Brown. Rob basecoated them with Boltgun %etal. Rob basecoated the banner with a 7#3 mix of &atachan $reen and &haos Black. Next. overbrushed with Bleached Bone again.#. claws. 1lf +lesh. Rob basecoated them with 'in Bit(. mix of Scorpion $reen to Snot $reen into each hole on the bra(iers to suggest the glow of warppoison within. +or the gunmetal areas -including the blade/. 'hen. 'o finish the skin. he highlighted them with Shining $old. +or a final detail. and finished with a little Rotting +lesh added to the brush. +or the teeth. he basecoated them with . he highlighted the mid tone with &atachan $reen. Rob highlighted with a . mix of Bleached Bone and Skull 4hite. Rob blended up highlights from a mix of &atachan $reen and &amo $reen up to straight &amo $reen. overbrushed them with Bleached Bone. a dab of Rotting +lesh. Bubonic Brown. then overbrushed with Bra(en Brass and 0warf Bron(e. 'o finish the cloth. +or the e es. +or the ropes. Next. Rob 5ust gave them a dot of Bad %oon 6ellow. mix of &amo $reen and Rotting +lesh.nk. Rob did a successive highlight of 'anned +lesh. +or the gold areas. *e followed this step with a wash of Brown . +ortress $re .#. highlighted with Bleached Bone mixed with Bubonic Brown. *e 9highlighted up9 from Snot $reen to Scorpion $reen and then hit the edges with Skull 4hite.

Rob painted the smaller rats 5ust like Nurglitch and his $iant Rat -click the Nurglitch area on the image map to find out those details/. 'hough ou can't see it in this picture. +or the pustules.#. Rob decided to glue one of the smaller rats on top of the !lague %onk 8ttendant's censer pole.see above. Rob painted the robes exactl like the banner ./ and highlighted them with Rotting +lesh. Rob washed them with &amo $reen -also watered down at . .

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