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Skaven present a formidab e !orde" bot! to fi#!t and to paint$ Dave Cross s!o%s &s some simp e te'!ni(&es to #ive )o&r Skaven t!at pesti ent ook$

A fully painted Warhammer army is one of the most impressive sights on a gaming table battle lines full of regiments and banners evoking visions of glorious conflicts and martial might. Due to the nature of rank-and-file units, you can create an impressive-looking army in a short period of time. Unlike individual characters, regiments don't re uire lavish details. !nstead, a simple, unified colour scheme "ill create a consistent look for your force "ithout the comple#ity of e#tensive detailing.
Clan Pestilens Monk

$ome forces rely on large units more than others. As a horde, $kaven armies often contain massive regiments of %lanrats and $laves, making $kaven a daunting prospect to paint. &o"ever, "ith a fe" simple techni ues, you can churn out legions of troops that "ill not only scare your opponent "ith their si'e but also look like a unified fighting force. (nter %lan )estilens...

When painting units, it's a good idea to undercoat the entire regiment "ith %haos *lack $pray )aint. +his primer gives you a dark basecoat on "hich to build up your colours and provides natural shading in the recesses. Use a large brush to paint the robes of each model in the unit and make sure that you leave the undercoat sho"ing in the folds of cloth. ,ou "ill need to paint a couple of coats to achieve a solid, flat colour on the models. +o achieve the off-"hite colour on the robes, mi# e ual parts of *leached *one and $kull White.

,ou can accomplish a pestilent appearance "ith ink "ashes. +o start, mi# *ro"n !nk "ith %haos *lack paint, "hite -).A/ glue, and "ater. *efore painting any models, test the consistency of the mi# to make sure it's not too thick. 0e#t, take one $kaven model and apply the ink "ash onto the robe. 1emove any e#cess ink "ith your thumb. With the miniature still "et, take a small brush and dab spots of 2reen !nk onto the cloak. +his techni ue adds a further element of filth to the model.

3nce the ink "ash dries, finish off the robes by drybrushing an even mi# of $kull White and *leached *one over the top. +his coat "ill restore the original colour and give the unit a "orn and ragged appearance.

STAGE With the robes painted, you can pick out the other parts of the model. Use the follo"ing colour palette to paint your unit. 3eapons4 +in *it' 5 es! and Tai s4 *ron'ed 4lesh mi#ed "ith *leached *one 5&r4 .ermin *ro"n 6anner and S'ro s4 %amo 2reen Teet! and P&st& es4 *leached *one Staff4 $corched *ro"n


4irst, ink "ash the model "ith a mi# of *ro"n !nk, %haos *lack paint, "hite -).A/ glue, and "ater. While the ink is still "et, run your thumb over the flat areas. ,ou "ill remove any e#cess ink from the flat surface. *y dragging your thumb over the model, you "ill also create a rough te#ture that makes the model look dirtier.

When painting an entire unit, it's easy to use inks to bring out any detail. 5i# %hestnut !nk, $corched *ro"n, "hite -).A/ glue, and "ater together, and apply it to the "eapons, flesh, staffs, belts, and parchment. 1emove any e#cess ink from the noses and fingers "ith your thumb. +o shade the banner and scrolls, apply a mi# of Dark Angels 2reen, 2reen !nk, *lack !nk, "hite glue, and "ater to the models. 3nce again, use your thumb to remove any e#cess as this process "ill give the unit a rough te#ture. 4inally, paint neat 1ed !nk onto the pustules to make them stand out.

+o finish the unit, you 6ust need to add the follo"ing touches. Drybrush the "eapons and chains "ith %hainmail. 3nce dry, highlight the edges of the s"ords "ith another coat of %hainmail. Apply a layer of *ra'en *rass over the bells and armour. )aint the snouts, hands, and feet "ith a "atered-do"n mi# of *ron'ed 4lesh and *leached *one. +his mi# "ill help to make the areas of flesh stand out. Apply a "atered-do"n %amo 2reen highlight to the banner and scrolls. )ick out the raised areas of the staff "ith a mi# of +erracotta and $corched *ro"n. 2ive the teeth and nails a highlight of *leached *one. )aint the tongues $cab 1ed.

)aint the base $corched *ro"n. Drybrush 2raveyard (arth over this layer. +o finish, glue static grass to the base. *ases are as important a part of a unit as the models themselves. Applying a uniform colour scheme to the base unifies thea regiment and helps to create a smart finish. )aint the movement tray in the same style to help tidy the appearance of the unit. *y using a consistent approach to basing throughout, your army "ill have a uniform look rather than being a random collection of models.

*anners play an important part in Warhammer, and a simple, "ell-painted flag can really finish off a regiment. 4or this unit, ! used a pencil to dra" out the banner design. +hen, ! dre" over this line "ith a fine-tipped pen. ! applied thinneddo"n %haos *lack to fill in the lines.

The finished unit in all its glory.