The overall feel we wanted for the Skaven terrain was of a small community on the edge of an estuary. This waterside village had either been overrun by the Skaven, or for some reason had been long abandoned and fallen into decay. All the buildings we created feature parts from the Warhammer building sprue.

revealing its wooden foundation posts. With the front of it raised up. . Some of the planks on the ground floor windows have been left lying on the ground amongst the rubble to suggest that the house had been broken into at some point. Something that was added to these buildings to make them look infested by Skaven was the straw bedding material that has been thrown out from within. It also allowed us to make a different type of building. This house was made to look like it was in a bad state of repair before the village was overrun. it also gives the sense that the water has receded.The boathouse was a way of reinforcing the fact that the terrain board itself was once an estuary.

.To make the straw bedding. Mi these bristle with !"A #woodworking glue$. apply in liberal clumps around your model and leave to dry. get hold of a yard brush and cut the bristles off.

. To this end we added a lot more detail to it. The general feeling was that this would be a really old building.Mills are normally the focal point of a rural community and we identified the mill as the main building on the board. including a tumbledown wheel and a collapsing chimney. probably one of the first to be built in the area.

%ittle details. help to add to the idea that this building was in a poor state even before it was abandoned. like the wooden props holding up the chimney. .