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Rotimi Sowunmi

Life Is Not A Prison: Elevation
Rotimi Sowunmi
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To balance the chakras or rather yourself, the elements will have to be taken into consideration. Yod-Heh-Vav-Heh or Y-H-W-H, representing the four elements Fire-Earth-Air-Water, equating to ether, also known as life force, is taken into consideration each time an individual calls on the name or title YHWH. Sometimes YHWH is seen as YHVH or IHVH being that W is interchangeable with V in the Hebrew alphabet, making Vav also Waw. I is interchangeable with Y in the Hebrew alphabet. Hebrew script is read from right to left giving HehVav-Heh-Yod for YHWH in script form. See Diagram 31a and Diagram 31b.

Diagram 31a – showing script form of of YHWH written from right to left giving Heh-Vav-Heh-Yod.

Diagram 31b – showing how YHWH represents the elements and the seen and unseen.

When the script is turned vertically the image of man (and woman) is seen. Balance means a stronger connection to YHWH, the Most High, and through YHWH, there is better connection to the Universal Creator. A YHWH or Yahwehan is leader of Eloheems (like an Archangel). Eloheem is plural and means gods in Hebrew. Yashua the Anointed one, was anointed to be YHWH, a Most High, more specifically a High Priest for all individuals. See Diagram 32.

Diagram 32 – showing the image of man (and woman) when the script form of YHWH is turned vertically.

In my Basic Instructions, in the Book of Psalms (Songs) from Psalm 119 onwards, it is subtitled to represent the Hebrew letters of the Alphabet. There are psalms that refer specifically for the YodHeh-Waw-Heh which would mean that they are written to stimulate the elements and the nature of an individual to balance or create an Aum-ble state. See Diagram 33. The psalms are:

Diagram 32 – showing the psalms that can stimulate man (and woman).

The insinuation is that if an individual says or sings these songs (also known as psalms) they will resonate in a balanced state, aligned better to YHWH. Tarot cards can be used in this War to find out about an individual past, present and future as well as help an individual make decisions by giving directions. Tarot cards influence freewill. For a Soldier to connect to the High Self which is a High state of consciousness requires increase in energy. For Soldiers of Light this is also known as being Christ like.

As previously stated Jesus which resonates with energy, in tone is Yashua. The value for Yashua is 75 which resonate with doctor and genius.
Y A S H U A = D O C T O R = G E N I U S 25 1 19 8 21 1 = 4 15 3 20 15 18 = 7 5 14 9 21 19 75 = 75 = 75

Do not forget that Yashua means Saviour and saving is what doctors constantly attempt to do as well as heal. Yashua, the Master Teacher was a genius, learning many things rapidly at a very young age. Any geniuses in this War can improve the strategies and training of this War between Heaven and Hell. A Master Teacher indeed has something to teach. They are anointed for such purposes. . The purpose of spiritual development and spiritual methods is to master Self and earn the degree of this lifetime. All degrees must be earned and acquired and this may take many lifetimes; and moreso if some lessons have to be repeated. The ultimate aim is to transform into a High Being or an eloheem just like the man Adafa also known as Enoch who didn’t experience death. Yet one can be a G.O.D on earth, living in constant state of elevation as they fight this War between Heaven and Hell.

The term G.O.D is a Grecian term, meaning (G)omer, (O)z, (D)abar, which means Wisdom, Strength, Beauty, insinuating that these are the characteristics that one would acquire if they reach G.O.D state. G.O.D represents the sun, more specifically the four positions of it, emphasizing that we are one under G.O.D and that there is nothing new under the sun.
Atum-RE = (G)omer = Wisdom Atun-RE = (O)z = Strength Amun-RE = (D)abar = Beauty Anun-RE = Hidden- Nothingness

In order to become a G.O.D and stay in an elevated state, Soldiers must be RE-Born or Sun-Born hence must master (D)esires (I)gnorance (E)motions first to be Born again like the Phoenix (a Sun bird) that rises from the ashes, symbolising renewal. Soldiers have to master (I)ntentions as well but ultimately this is addressed when (I)gnorance is mastered. Mastery for all Soldiers requires the balance of the chakras. At the time of this recording, it seems that for Soldiers to master desires, the lower three chakras (the base chakra, sacral chakra and navel chakra) must be balanced. For emotions to be mastered, the Solar Plexus and Heart chakra must

be balanced and for Ignorance to be mastered the throat chakra, nasal chakra, brow chakra and crown chakra must be balanced. This gives the value 324 as a reminder. The opposite of ignorance is science which is knowledge in Latin and Knowledge or a degree is why Soldiers keep incarnating unto this physical realm. This War between Heaven and Hell can be fought as G.O.D. Stars are suns, so the six pointed star and five pointed star expresses the sun. The sun is a star. So: += = Sun (RA, RE)

The sun gives direct current but as it enters through the crown chakra down through to the base chakra it becomes alternating current and splits into two to reveal the two polarities that creates the energy

points; the masculine and feminine. The alternating current creates a spiral, a wave, from crown to base and base back up. The alternating current is also known as Kundalini energy. See Diagram 33.

Diagram 33 – showing how the sun is G.O.D and how being a G.O.D which is a state achieved when balanced and recognized as been a Israelite and Jewish can benefit in this War.

This would explain why the ancients gave RE-spect to RE (the Sun) or rather who is beyond it. See Picture 5.

Picture 5 – showing Ankhatun, a Pharaoh, giving RE-spect to RE (the sun) or who or what is beyond it.

Now, IS-RA-EL + Light = Israelite. Any Soldier can get into the state of Israelite and also become Jewish which is seen and expressed as a balanced state, the Ankh, YOU. Light is information containing truth, knowledge, wisdom, intellect, which sustains consciousness. For light to enter the body easily insulators must be excluded. The hair grows in plentiful if allowed therefore able to absorb light which is information.

Soldiers who bask in the sun will be healthier, clear minded and conscious. Individuals wearing insulators in their hair which is a conductor, more specifically antennas, block or make it difficult for the transmission of information to occur...