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RWD uPerform Client 4.10.

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Product: Version: Date: RWD uPerform® Client 4.10.0 November 23, 2009

This computer program, including all copyrights, is proprietary to RWD Technologies LLC and any use, reproduction, modification or distribution of this program or any parts thereof in any medium, including electronic storage or transmission, by unauthorized users or for purposes not related to its original distribution is subject to the intellectual property rights of RWD Technologies LLC in and to the underlying technologies and software and requires RWD Technologies LLC’s prior written consent. © 2009 All rights reserved.


Please refer to the RWD uPerform 4.10.0 Technical Specifications.


Installation and Configuration Notes
VERSION 4.10.0
1. 2. The RWD uPerform client installation requires “administrator rights.” The RWD uPerform client installation contains two components. The first component is the RWD uPerform client, which is the authoring and editing portion of the RWD uPerform application. The second component is the Migration Wizard, which supports migrating RWD Info Pak v5.51 or later content into RWD uPerform. For the Migration Wizard to function properly, the RWD uPerform client and the Info Pak 5.51 or newer Administrator suite must be installed. 3. The default installation directory is C:\Program Files\RWD uPerform. 4. RWD uPerform requires the Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5, Microsoft C++ 2005 v8.0.56336, and Microsoft Visual J# v2.0 redistributables. The installation package will install these components provided you run setup.exe. To install the software using setup.exe:  Download and run setup.exe.  Follow the instructions in the installation dialog. OR  Run setup.exe on the RWD uPerform installation DVD.  Follow the instructions in the installation dialog. 5. You may choose to install the Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5, Microsoft C++ 2005 v8.0.56336, and Microsoft Visual J# v2.0 redistributables prior to installing RWD uPerform. With this scenario you may choose to run the RWD uPerform_Client.msi file directly instead of using setup.exe. To do this you must extract the .msi file from setup.exe. Refer to the installation documentation. You may still run the delivered setup.exe even if the prerequisites were pre-installed. If you choose to allow the installation package to install the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, then an Internet connection is required.

November 2009

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0 Web Intelligence is supported.or Windows-based application to assist in creating translated versions of uPerform content. uPerform courses allow you to view inserted images in their original size. (UPC-8487. 2. as well as Microsoft Word documents.0 Release Notes ************************************************************** New Features VERSION 4. UPC-5858) Template Editor 1. uPerform is Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) desktop compliant.RWD uPerform Client 4. The template editor allows an author to remove the “Please enter the user name” field from Simulation and Course index pages. The Web Dynpro ABAP applications of SAP Business Suite 7 are supported. (UPC-3901) ************************************************************** November 2009 2 of 10 . (UPC-8350) 2. 3.0 General 1. The uPerform editor allows you to combine concepts. 4.0. The template editor allows an author to modify the default value for the default screen display in newly created documents. This new ‘guided’ re-record functionality replaces the previous automatic re-record functionality. SAP MDM applications using the SAP GUI 7. (UPC-2216) 4. Published courses can be viewed simultaneously on the local computer as well as the uPerform server. UPC-6941) Course Editor/Publishing 1. Context-sensitive help can then be requested by an end user using the Internet Explorer add-in compatible with IE 7 and IE 8. (UPC-5817) 6. (UPC-3141) uPerform automatically captures and stores context information when recording PeopleSoft 8.10. (UPC-8486) 5. procedures. The Assessment Summary Page includes detailed results from simulations embedded in a course when an error is made on the simulation portion of the assessment. (UPC-7114) Context-sensitive help for PeopleSoft 9. (UPC-3061) 2.0 is supported. (UPC-8345) 3. uPerform now allows an author to re-record any web. Student guides can include uPerform documents and courses. (UPC-3050) 3. (UPC-6944) Recorder 1. and exercises related to a series of tasks or a process into a student guide. which was available only for the SAP GUI application.10. uPerform automatically captures and stores context information when recording any web page in Internet Explorer. The uPerform editor allows you to switch a course stencil used by any content page in a uPerform Course.8 and 9. (UPC-4945. helping to reduce the amount of unused space on a course page. (UPC-7022) 2. (UPC-8593) 5. (UPC-7276) Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 is supported.10 “Signature Design” theme are supported. (UPC-8648) 7. The uPerform editor allows you to modify the size of content placeholders on a page. preserving as much of the stencil content as possible. The Business Objects XI 3.

Audio files attached to a stencil do not play in the preview mode.10. The fonts used for published course outputs have been updated for greater character support and readability. many control types are not captured properly. (UPC-1500) 3. When recording against SAP MDM 7. (UPC-8080) 6.0 Release Notes Bug Fixes VERSION 4. (UPC-6080) 4. text-based web link within a course page may cause unexpected results. If a sub-step is set to have a callout it will be ignored. (UPC-5356) Examples: 1. (UPC-8367) 6. (UPC-5875) 2. If a non-breaking space precedes a link this will cause the link to be broken in the PDF output. (UPC-1079) 2.1 client applications. (UPC-8213) Recorder 1. In particular. The spell checker interface is not fully translated in all languages and. the Info Pak Properties page on the uPerform Server project will display the document type as '??'. This issue usually occurs in bulleted lists.10. but is not in the Web Architect links priority. During transformation. the controls do not accommodate the entire control text. (UPC-1174) 2. The list can be restored by refreshing the view.RWD uPerform Client 4. (UPC-2107) 3. the control type captured for a step may be incorrect. the transformed document will always be transformed to the Info Pak language. If a page with annotations is cut or copied and pasted. the control location and image is generally correct. Some combo boxes are listed as text box controls. (UPC-8339) 4. (UPC-6753) 5. for some languages. Some buttons are listed as "link label" controls. uPerform templates do not support adding files that have double-byte characters in the filename. or '>' the document editor will not render. bullets in Chinese courses will display correctly.(UPC-6015) Document Editor/Publishing 1.0 Course Editor/Publishing 1. '<'. 2. (UPC7440) November 2009 3 of 10 . Occasionally. menu or dialog lists are erased due to other interface actions. Callouts are only supported for steps. However. uPerform and SAP GUI may become unresponsive. the annotations are not pasted along with the page contents. This application is not officially supported by RWD uPerform. When launching the SAP GUI through SAP Easy Document management. (UPC-8369) General 1. Page numbering format for a course is not correct for all languages. This is due to a limitation in Flash. While recording controls in the High Interactivity Mode (ActiveX control) part of Siebel 8. The HREF attribute of anchor tags cannot exceed 128 characters. if a template is selected that does not support the Info Pak document language. If the template name is modified to include any of the characters '&'. If a Child doc type is in the project settings file. (UPC-2188) 5. 3. Entering a long.

(UPC-7586) Template Editor 1. Applying a style with a gradient background to a block does not display in the content portion of the block editor. Changing an action's border size in the editor has no effect on the published output. (UPC2916) 5. justification does not have an effect. and use the default drag-and-drop action properties. only the font under the Font selection is applied. When inserting a link during stencil editing. (UPC-1964) 5. The text can cover other answers if the answer text is too long. (UPC-2449) 6. the annotations are not present in the resulting step. A drag-and-drop image scaling problem may result in incorrect drag-and-drop performance in the published output. For course styles. record with lower screen resolutions to minimize scaling. This is done via the Step Properties form > Screen > Select button. (UPC-1524) 2. (UPC-2189) 2. When using Citrix and importing from PowerPoint. (UPC-1329) 3. The extra space does not display in the published output. and the viewer's screen resolution.10. Italicizing bullet text in a course results in both the bullet and the text being italicized in the published output.10. If an author cuts or copies and pastes a step with annotations. (UPC-1443) 4. When performing a bulk style change. To minimize problems. it will wrap outside of the button. In some cases the control location and/or action note may not be visible because they are positioned outside the bounds of the selected screen region for a step. When recording in Application Mode. (2045) Course Publishing 1. Deleting the space will cause the popup link text and the following word to run together in the published output. If you add a long answer to a drag-and-drop term and it wraps more than once. Select a larger screen region for the step to ensure the control location is visible.RWD uPerform Client 4. (UPC-2931) 3. the editor will display an extra space between the end of the popup link text and the next word. This problem depends on many factors including screen resolution during recording. the selection check boxes are not drawn properly. but they are functional. (UPC-2741) ************************************************************** Known Issues/General Notes VERSION 4. The editing shortcuts "Ctrl + Y" and "Ctrl + Z" do not work consistently in the stencils. (UPC-364) 4.0 Release Notes Simulation Editor/Publishing 1. (UPC-1275) 2. They must be manually adjusted to fit onto the screen. Then select a larger screen region in the left panel and click the OK button. A multiple choice page in an assessment will not successfully send its answer to a page below the assessment.0 Course Editor 1. (UPC-2563) November 2009 4 of 10 . some action notes may go off the screen. drag-and-drop properties.

(UPC-5950) General 1. 4. If a course has Asian characters and has been bolded or italicized the text will not display correctly. When editing on a line immediately above a table. Example: If {8. Using capture image while recording does not activate the target window. If the formatting of a step link is changed it will not work in the Document Editor. (UPC-2874) 3. but the actual font size used will change to reflect the closest font size provided. (UPC-5511) Document Editor 1.doc format in Microsoft Word 2003 SP3 the course pages may not render correctly. (UPC-7023) 6. When opening courses published to the . saving and opening. This generally shrinks tables to between 30% and 50% of their original width. (UPC-3377) Document Publishing 1. 12. The amount of variation depends on the size and complexity of the table in the uPerform document. If a table is inserted into a step block or a note block it may not render correctly when published to PDF and print. 24. (UPC-1052) 2.). The table widths will be determined by the text contained in the table and not by the values defined in the HTML. Some phrases throughout the application are English (US) only. etc. (UPC-1446) 3. the editor form offers several sizes. 14 will be The user is able to enter a font size other than those listed. but 16 is entered. There is a known issue when using WPF applications on Windows Server 2003 terminal server-based connections when connecting through a Citrix ICA client that causes the user's screen to flicker. Numbers display incorrectly when you have a numbered list where you increase a level.0 Release Notes 2. 14. then decrease the next. (UPC-5802) 4. When switching from simulation to document editor while the MS-IME is set to Japanese.10. 10.RWD uPerform Client 18. (UPC-7587. then refresh the editor (such as going to File --> Properties and hitting OK. uPerform is a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) application. When changing the font size of text. There is a hotfix available from Microsoft to resolve this issue (http://support. bullets. and 36pt} are provided. The Edit menu item "Undo typing" restores the table. (UPC-5886) 5. (UPC-2646) 3. UPC-8195) 3. the mode changes to English and must be reset to Japanese before entering Japanese characters. (UPC-1397) 2. If the image alignment is set on an image inserted into a document it will not align correctly in non-HTML outputs. (UPC-7481) November 2009 5 of 10 . If an author makes edits to a table tag when editing the HTML source of a block the edits may not be reflected. (UPC-970) 2. (UPC-5672) 5. an indent. Images may be stretched horizontally or vertically and the right-boundary line of the page may be hidden behind the page text. Not all Microsoft Word styles will be converted to uPerform styles when pasting text from Word. Switching editors may result in the IME text width mode changing from half-width to fullwidth. uPerform forces certain styles to display on tables (overriding any user-added definitions). Tables in the published output do not have consistent column widths in all formats. or numbered list action will delete the top table row. This does not affect published output.

Target size and location should be the same during guided re-recording as when recording the guide document. Pressing “Continue” on the error message that displays will allow you to continue with the guided re-record. The default security policy of Mozilla Firefox does not allow the opening of network and local file paths. (UPC-9342) 10.0 Release Notes 6.RWD uPerform Client 4.mozillazine. (UPC-8985) If an author has installed the context-sensitive help add-in for Internet Explorer he may not be able to request help on windows that do not have the command toolbar or main menu displayed. if you click on a window on the secondary monitor while re-recording. Aspose. title. During guided re-recording. Occasionally. (UPC-8714) 3. (UPC-9035) 9. As a November 2009 6 of 10 . This is due to the security restrictions imposed in an FDCC environment. if the combined length of the identifiers (the URL. As a workaround you can hide the help overlay before the type step is highlighted on the guide pane. During guided re-record. (UPC-8679) 2. (UPC-8800) 4. During guided re-recording. clicking on the action note bubble after performing a click action on an edit box will generate a type action and increment the highlighted step. Click the "Hide Notes" button on the re-recording toolbar to hide the Note overlay and make the control visible. (UPC-9258) 9.01 specification. (UPC-8338) 8. During a guided re-record of an Oracle application having the recorder or guided rerecorder toolbars shown may result in the toolbars being captured in screen shots. a third-party tool used by uPerform for publishing to Word. Non-standard HTML will be ignored and may produce results different than what displays when viewing uPerform HTML outputs in a web browser. (UPC-8803) 5. if the browser "Zoom" value is different than it was when the guide was recorded then the hotspot overlays may not be positioned on the correct control. requires that all HTML be compliant to the HTML 4. When using the Internet Explorer context-sensitive help add-in. (UPC-9230) 10. search will fail to produce the expected results. (UPC-9182) 8. and Print.10. Although uPerform does not support recording on secondary monitors. if a step displays multiple actions and you select “View Step Details…” an unhandled exception will occur. (UPC-5944) 7. The overlay note rendered during re-recording to inform the author which control to act on may overlap the pertinent control when the control is on a sub-menu. (UPC-9223) Guided Re-record 1. If the guided re-recording note and/or hotspot overlays are visible but the guide pane is hidden when a re-record session is stopped. the guide pane highlighted step will incorrectly increment even though no step was captured by the Recorder. the hotspot overlay that identifies the control the author should act on may not correctly outline the control if the interface language of the target application causes the control to be rendered in a different location than during the original recording. When re-recording HTML applications in Internet Explorer. clicking on the toolbar during guided re-recording will generate an action and increment the highlighted step. PDF. To bypass this restriction. and frame titles) used to distinguish between different web pages exceeds 2083 characters (the Internet Explorer URL character limit). the overlays will not be visible in the next rerecord session until you display the guide pane again. a user must modify the configuration of Firefox as described in the following article: (http://kb. (UPC-8814) 6. In an FDCC environment courses and simulations are unable to be opened from the launch page when published locally.

In order to capture IE generic pages. the screen title for that action will be the title of the recorder toolbar. Some pre-5. Close all instances of IE and re-launch the browser. 7. the recorder toolbar does not stay on top of the Oracle Business Suite application. (UPC-4995) November 2009 7 of 10 . (UPC-2766) 2. When publishing transformed documents to simulation. This will allow the note to be auto-sized appropriately.0 Release Notes work-around please minimize the recorder or guided re-recorder toolbars when recording an Oracle application. Disable the "Enable Protected Mode" option: Tools->Internet Options->Security tab. 3. When recording the SAP HTML GUI. notes may display too small. (UPC-2921) 3. Grid functionality is different in Oracle 12i than SAP. 2. First column items that cannot be edited are not used as row headers. when transformed to a uPerform document. minimize the toolbar or move it to another location. (UPC-6047) 7. To resolve this issue. Partial images of checkboxes are captured on some screens in the SAP 4. italics. Some Simulations do not have the same website context as Web Architect. (UPC-6765) 5. Field column value does not display in the procedure section of Document view for pre5. UPC-7890) Recorder 1. (UPC-6211). (UPC-7895) 8. may have a click action that is not associated with a subsequent text entry action collapsed into a field description table. bulleted text present in the Info Pak document may not convert correctly into uPerform because of special styling Microsoft Word uses for HTML bullets. (UPC-6767) 2. This occurs because the Info Pak simulation does not contain the click action associated with the text entry action.80 simulations.80 simulations when transformed. Reapplying the format in uPerform will resolve the issue. If the recorder toolbar overlaps a button that is clicked during recording. load the step in the Simulation Editor before publishing. The user may have to create a website context manually after migration. Not all Microsoft Word styles will be converted to uPerform styles when transforming an Info Pak Parent document. (UPC-7554. the user must disable the Internet and/or Intranet Protected Mode option using the following steps: (UPC-4602) 1. (UPC-4323) 6.(UPC-2922) 5.10.RWD uPerform Client 4. (UPC-2796) 4. Some font formatting (bold. if an edit field has a default value and you record deleting the value. 6. re-start your computer. While mapping sections for transformation. If still unable to capture IE actions. the mapping sections screen text will display in the language of the uPerform client interface instead of the Migration Wizard interface. When recording Microsoft Word 2003 the recorder may stop capturing if you click on text with a particular font. To avoid this result. When recording on a German operating system. (UPC-6765) 4. the recorder will incorrectly capture the step as if you typed the value. (UPC-5718) 3. When transforming Info Pak documents to uPerform documents. etc) may be lost in the PDF and Word output of a transformed document.7 HTML GUI. underline. (UPC-9330) Migration Wizard 1.

regardless of which side the author clicked. If the recorder toolbar overlaps an edit control that is being recorded. This is a button with two parts. The Recorder Tuning Options do not work if they are set before you begin recording. For systems using a standard Sun JRE you should be able to begin recording on the HTML pages where a role is selected and continue recording as the Oracle Forms application launches.please contact RWD Product Support. The date labels on calendar forms in SAP HTML GUI are incorrectly captured as edit box controls. (UPC-5854) 23. the wrong text may be captured as the control label. (UPC-8955) November 2009 8 of 10 . (UPC-5657) 12. The screen resolution is 1280x800 or greater. the author must click twice in order for the control to toggle and the recorder will not correctly identify the control type on the first click.0 Release Notes 8.RWD uPerform Client 4. (UPC-8111. UPC-7487) 17. A workaround may be available for this scenario . a default action is executed by the GUI. The dialog box "Scripting support is disabled on the server" displays unexpectedly if the recorder toolbar is clicked immediately after typing in a text box control during recording. If the network connection between an author's computer and the target application server is slow. some list item controls may not be captured properly. (UPC-7929) 14. UPC-5327.1 Web Intelligence java applet. SAP GUI for Windows contains a "split-button" type of control. UPC-7163. UPC-8924) 24. (UPC-7110) 20. you must launch the Oracle Forms (Java) application before you start to record. most controls on the Properties tab. (UPC-8321) 22. When recording in Microsoft Windows Vista some system tray menu items may not be captured. An extraneous type step is captured if you press a CTRL+ key combination in an edit box control while recording. a menu of options is displayed. UPC-8312. If the user clicks on the right part. if the recorder toolbar is clicked immediately after typing text in a text box. Recorder may not capture actions on HTML applications under the following conditions: 1. Recording support for Oracle E-Business Suite uses accessibility information exposed by the application. (UPC-8330) 21. if a checkbox or radio button is embedded in a table cell or grid. In some cases the accessible "name". and therefore the label captured by the Recorder. the recorder may not capture the correct control label or edit field control value when the author navigates via the keyboard. (UPC-5697) 11. 2. (UPC-8277) 18. The browser window is maximized. Recorder does not capture actions on HTML applications when the Internet Explorer “Discuss” toolbar is displayed. the value typed into the edit control will not be captured correctly. For Oracle E-Business Suite application versions using Oracle JInitiator as the Java runtime environment. (UPC-7535) 13. UPC-7081. (UPC-8923. and textbox controls on the Reports panel are not recorded correctly. UPC-8185. UPC-7089. (UPC-5764) 10. that are present after a query is run.10. The behavior of the control is generally such that if the user clicks on the left part. For the SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI 3. The Recorder captures the entire image of the button. the entered text will not be captured. (UPC8148) 16. (UPC-4667) 15. often separated by a vertical line where the left part is text or an icon and the right part is often a downward pointing triangular icon. of certain controls may not exactly match the text visible on the user interface. In Citrix. (UPC-7216. Reduce the screen resolution or restore the browser to windowed mode to avoid this situation. When recording in SAP. If the Recorder toolbar covers part or all of a control label. When recording Siebel 8. UPC-8205) 19. (UPC-5753) 9.

and Properties. (UPC-971) 3. he may run into an issue where he will need to click twice in an edit field in order to give it focus. To accommodate character input using the Input Method Editor. UPC-9323) Simulation Editor 1. when you are editing a report. The following keystroke limitations exist in the simulation assessment mode:  Alt + Tab  Alt + Esc  Alt + Del + Ctrl  Alt + Shift + Ctrl combinations  Print Screen  F10  Alt + F4  Mouse action – limitations: Right-click actions require a substitute since Flash has a default right-click menu. (UPC-9257) Spell Checker 1. Templates. UPC-7159. (UPC-7301. the Action image does not update to the new background of the step onto which it was pasted. Map.1 Web Intelligence java applet. If an end user is using Microsoft Vista. In some cases a misspelled word will be shown at the top of the text area and in other cases at the bottom. If a course has Asian characters and has been bolded or italicized the text will not display correctly.0 Release Notes 25. (UPC-1276) Simulation Publishing 1. some controls may not be captured correctly with certain toolbars enabled. When it is hidden. the panel collapses to a vertical toolbar with buttons representing each of these options. The Edit Step form may not display all action text if the action image is too large. In the SAP Business Objects Enterprise XI 3. UPC-7158. (UPC-9319. (UPC-2195) November 2009 9 of 10 . you can choose to "auto-hide" the panel that contains options related to Data. Using the combination of Firefox 3. an author must select the "Require enter press" option within the template under the "Publications->Simulation -> Simulation General Settings" section. If you experience this issue please disable all toolbars by selecting Tools > Toolbars and un-checking all options. When the screenshot is changed for a step. UPC-7154) 4. (UPC2639) 2. the actions are not updated for the new underlying image. Any other combination of browser.x and Flash Player 8. along with the default "Right click" option under the general simulation publication settings. Flash Player. will disallow a user from interacting directly with a published simulation. (UPC-8368.RWD uPerform Client 4. When recording using Internet Explorer. This workaround applies to Japanese and Chinese and may not work for Korean. and the ‘Require enter press’ option in the template. Firefox. (UPC-9071) 26. and "Right click" option should work without issue. UPC-4695) 2. Misspelled words are not displayed consistently by the spell checker interface. (UPC-5511) 5. UPC-7296. Recorder is unable to distinguish the individual buttons in this scenario and the entire toolbar is captured as the control. When copying and pasting an Action. 3. UPC7160.10.

Spell-check files are not provided for Chinese. Deleting the style used for the Table of Contents in a student guide in the Template will cause student guide publishing to fail. (UPC-4537) 3. Italian. we do not restrict the protocol in the interface. (UPC-9305) Template Editor 1. (UPC-1429) 2. The table which shows where a phrase is used may not show a complete list of all places where the phrase is used. uPerform does not support the mailto: protocol as the destination assessment URI due to insufficient support from e-mail programs for Unicode text. However.aspx).msdn.RWD uPerform Client 4. If this issue occurs please contact product support. Korean. (UPC-5390) Student Guide 1. text may not be or Thai. Catalan.10. If running the spell checker on text inside a table and the 'Match whole word' option is checked. (UPC-5281) November 2009 10 of 10 . More info is available at (http://blogs. Japanese. Romanian.0 Release Notes 2.