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HDD Technology, a solution to pipeline vandalism!

In a space of three months, three vandalism operations have been reported at the Arepo area of Ogun State. These activities have not only led to fire explosions and death of scores of people, it has also caused the country so much economic loss. The Arepo system 2B pipeline li!e many other in the country is laid only ".# ft belo$ the earth surface % very much at the reach of vandals. To curtail the activities of these vandals, the &'( of the ))*+, 'r. Andre$ ,a!ubu made it !no$n that the corporation is on plan to deploy a ne$ technology for laying oil pipes, one $hich $ould ta!e the pipes further do$n into the earth and far beyond the reach of the -casual. vandal. This technology is called the /ori0ontal (irectional (rilling 1/((2. 3hat does /(( entail4 /o$ deep does it ta!e pipes to4 In case of rust and conse5uent need for replacement, ho$ fast can it be achieved4 /ori0ontal (irectional drilling 1or slant drilling2 comes handy both in drilling and transmission of the product. It is the practice for drilling non6vertical $ells. 'a7orly, it is applied in8 Oilfield (irectional (rilling, 9tility Installation (irectional (rilling 1(irectional boring2, and SIS 1Surface in Seam2, $hich hori0ontally intersects a vertical $ell target to extract coal bed methane. /ori0ontal directional drilling 1/((2, commonly called, directional boring is a steerable trenchless method of installing underground pipes, conduits and cables in a shallo$ arc along a prescribed bore path by using a surface6launched drilling rig, $ith minimal impact on the surrounding area. (irectional boring is used $hen trenching or excavating is not practical. Trenchless technology is a type of subsurface construction $or! that re5uires fe$ trenches or no continuous trenches. A trench is a long, narro$, deep depression in the ground. The difference bet$een trenchless and other subsurface construction techni5ues depends upon the si0e of the passage under construction. This technology is a rapidly gro$ing sector of the construction and civil engineering industry. Trenchless technology is employed in the repair, rehabilitation, or replacement of existing buried pipes and structures $ithout excavation, or at least $ith minimal excavation. The largest /(( pro7ect to date in Africa is the Shell *etroleum (evelopment +o.:s 1S*(+:s2 ;astern &as &athering System *hase II 1;&&S622 *ipeline pro7ect in )igeria, $hich began in late October 2<<= and finished in >anuary 2<"<. It $as an extensive #?6!m pro7ect involving a @A<6m 12,B=C6ft2 crossing in the +ity of ,enagoa to install a B<6in. steel gas line $ith "6in $all thic!ness. /(( is suitable for a variety of soil conditions and 7obs including road, landscape and river crossings. Installation length can be up to 2<<< m and bore diameter up

. *ipes can be made of materials such as * "2<< mm. polyethylene. polypropylene. ductile iron. and steel 1if the pipes are to be pulled through the drilled hEEE2.