56 rules of breaking up - jhenixs

1. Don’t say it through a letter. 2. Reprise after 6 to 10 months. 3. Don’t returns the really expensive gift, only return the cheaper one. 4. Don’t break-up when he gave you expensive gifts. 5. Don’t do it in-front of either person’s parent. 6. Don’t break-up in the dark. 7. Don’t break-up when you still owe your girlfriend’s money. 8. Don’t wear red when you’re breaking-up someone. 9. Don’t do it via “Dear Dr. Love” or Joe D’ Mango’s Love notes. 10. No hitting below the belt. 11. Don’t cry in-front of each other. 12. Don’t beak-up when there’s a death in the family. 13. Don’t break-up before exam. 14. Don’t break-up during special occasions or holidays. 15. Don’t break-up in public. 16. Don’t break-up in bed. 17. Don’t drink before breaking up. 18. Never let your new love coached you on how to break-up with your ex-to-be. 19. Don’t bring the new one when breaking up. 20. Don’t use witchcraft. 21. No return No exchange. 22. Don’t break-up on your anniversary. 23. Don’t break in the car or while driving. 24. Don’t use background music when you’re breaking up. 25. Don’t call at 3AM from a friend’s apartment. 26. No breaking up after I DO. 27. Don’t break-up until she gaves birth. 28. Don’t use or wear his favorite perfumes. 29. Don’t break-up on an empty stomach. 30. Don’t kiss & tell after the break-up. 31. Don’t break-up in the kitchen, there are knives there. 32. Don’t break-up during her period, she’ll go insane. 33. No threatening, No begging. 34. Don’t do it ala-disappearing act. 35. Don’t use sex to soften the blow. 36. Don’t tell other people of your plan to break-up with her, let her be the first to know. 37. ‘Wag paligoy-ligoy. 38. Do it only if you’re 100% sure. 39. Don’t do it on Friday the 13th, Malas! 40. For married people, not in front of the kids. 41. Don’t cut your hair after break-up. 42. Use smudge-proof mascara when you’re breaking up someone. 43. No sour-grapping. 44. No patronizing. 45. No bad mouthing. 46. Don’t let other people do the breaking up for you. 47. Don’t break up after a big fight; wait till both of you calm down. 48. Look into their eyes when you break their heart. 49. Don’t expect that you’re still be friends. 50. Don’t ask if she’s okay after break-up, just leave. 51. No assigning of flame.

52. Don’t start-off with cool-off, split kung split. 53. Break somebody’s heart the way an orthopedist could break your bone, quickly & cleanly because medically it heals faster in that way. 54. Don’t delay. 55. Don’t embrace each other after break-up. 56. No crying

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