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Camberwell College of Arts

Design Area
BA [Hons] Illustration
Stage 1
Project 3 : Draw > Process
Unit 2 - Subject: Defnition [40 credits]
1.11.11 > 10.11.11
This is the second of three interconnected projects that
are planned as an in-depth investigation into all ele-
ments of drawing: observational, analytical, site based,
memory based, developmental and conceptual, using
the themes of drawing as > source, process and
environment. You have researched and sourced im-
ages and information in the frst brief. This brief is all
about trying out different PROCESSES, both mental
and technical. It is also about PROCESSING those
source materials into a communicative piece of
Taking the body of work that you have sourced from
visits to museums/locations, you are to incorporate and
adapt appropriate elements of your drawings to
produce a printmade image to illustrate ONE of the
aphorisms on the other sheet handed out. These
aphorisms deal with philosophies and observations of
mankind and our world. You have been observing and
analysing those things in a compact form through your
drawing visits. You are to choose one aphorism that
best suits the images you have drawn already. You can
add new elements to this new image with other things
not drawn in these two weeks, but your drawings from
the visits should be very useful for at least one of these
aphorisms, and some of your source drawings should
be evident in your fnal piece.
Your fnal piece must be created in a PRINTMAKING
process that you have been learning in your workshops.
It must be minimum A3 in size. You are to exhibit this on
the studio wall alongside examples of the sketches that
formed it (and your sketchbooks) at 11am on 10.11.11.
There will be workshops to help you adapt the draw-
ings, and to be communicative and expressive in the
way you draw.

PeopIe and work to Iook at:
Paul Noble / Saul Steinberg / Francisco de Goya / George
Cruikshank / William Hogarth / George Grosz / Otto Dix /
Olivier Kugler / Max Beckmann / Bob Gill / Alan Fletcher /
Gustave Doré /Seymour Chwast/ Pushpin Studios / Gerald
Scarfe /Ian Pollock / Ralph Steadman / Dave McKean /Punch
/ Le Rire / Alan Aldridge /Tadanori Yokoo/ Genevieve Gaukler /
Norman Rockwell / Abram Games / Toulouse Lautrec / Aubrey
Beardsley / Pablo Picasso / Charlie Harper / Sue Coe / Henrik
Drescher / Brett Ryder/ Paul Rand / Bruno Munari / Grapus
/ Atelier Populaire /Jan Lenica / Jerzy Czerniawski / Roman
Cieslewicz / Tom Eckersley/ Peter Blake / David Hughes/ Charles Avery /
Project ScheduIe:
Tues 1.11.11
3:30 Brief Project 3
4:00 3rd Year Mini Show
5:00 Story of Film 5 / El Topo
Wed 2.11.11
11:00 VP Talk Sam Payne -
Thur 3.11.11
10:30 Workshops
3:30 S1_lecture / Birth of
Alternative Culture
Fri 4.11.11
10:00 Open Access in resource
Mon 7.11.11
9:30 Printmaking workshops**
Tue 8.11.11
10:30 Written Assignment Brief
and workshops
1:30 WA workshops
Wed 9.11.11
10:00 KEY IDEAS 1
Thur 10.11.11
11:00 Project 3 Review
2:30 Project 4 Brief
3:30 S1_lecture / Protest
Fri 11.11.11
10:00 Open Access in resource
**Check googIe caIendar to see when you are to
attend your printmaking workshops
Learning outcomes and marking criteria:
·An ability to develop and employ a working method
appropriate for solving a range of Illustration problems.
(Research, Analysis, Experimentation, Technical compe-
tence, Communication and Presentation)
·An effective approach to working independently and
collaboratively in Illustration. (Collaborative and, or Inde-
pendent Professional working, Personal and professional
·The use of relevant research methods that support your
emerging independent and collaborative Illustration prac-
tice. (Research, Analysis, Experimentation, Collaborative
and, or Independent Professional working, Communica-
tion and Presentation)
·An ability to analyse and comprehend the cultural
context of your practice, research, ideas and skills.
(Research, Analysis, Subject Knowledge, Communication
and Presentation)
·The ability to represent your practice, research, ideas
and skills - visually, verbally and in written form. (Subject
Knowledge, Personal and professional development,
Communication and Presentation)
*in studio exhibition/get together