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“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” —Proverbs 29:18

A nurse. A leader. After a month of discussing, explaining and learning the different definitions, theories and application of nursing leadership and management, now we’re on the path were we can say that we can be a good leader in the future.

Learning leadership and management is not that easy. You must understand each step and know how to apply those in real situations. NU ! "#A really helped us nurturing the knowledge we needed in some of our acti$ities as student nurses. %$ery part of this was really important which we students should not be missed. Not only in leading but this also taught us how to be a good example to others and how to act on problems still showing the good $alues of a good leader.

As about learning en$ironment, the students are $ery lucky that they ha$e the ade&uate space which is comfortable to stay with and continue the discussion. 'he facility was good and that noise will not be heard inside the class. !tudents are cooperati$e in e$ery discussion which you can hear different sides from them. 'he climate and culture are both good.

friendly. . . + really appreciate e$ery lesson we tackled in this sub*ect. + learned that + should set my own limitations and should not depend on others. !he is really knowledgeable. we end up successful that we were able to present what we had learned in the sub*ect through the seminar conducted last !eptember 01. 'his is also a proof that we fourth year students can be a good leader in the future for we were able to conduct a good and successful e$ent. %$aluation were done properly by the students and with the super$ision of our ad$iser. and has the characteristics of being a good leader. As an indi$idual. ! is. As being part of the -!N .'he fourth year students are lucky to ha$e one of the good professors in the (ollege of Nursing. 'he way she discusses on the class was en*oyed by the participants.rgani)ing. . / 0. 0#23. a future leader. (ontrolling. !he sets time for e$ery acti$ity. 4lanning. +t really helped me to de$elop what is lacking inside me. !he also put the theories into real life by gi$ing good examples. + can say that after the whole semester of learning leadership and management. And lastly what + really lo$ed from her attitude is that she ne$er comes late on class or any acti$ity which a good leader really acts. !he is also utili)ing her resources in order to make the discussion brighter and better. As a student. + learned how to be patient and still be kind to someone.