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I#$%&'a()%# T*+,#%l%-y E.u+a()%# D*/a&('*#( OOP-Java/ITOI113-ITOI111L/ITSO113-ITSO111L Syllabus I.

COURSE IDENTIFICATION Course Title Object Oriented Programming (Java) – Lec and Lab Course Credit 4 units Course Prerequisite ITEC ! "ITE# ! Course Corequisite
Course $escri%tion T&is course covers s%eci'ics o' (riting %rograms in Java) as (ell as some basics o' object*oriented design and %rogramming) (&ic& include Java Tec&nolog+) ,undamentals o' Java) In&eritance) -bstraction) Enca%sulation) E.ce%tions) Collections) T&reads) #(ing -PI and some additional language 'eatures o' Java/ It also covers t&e introduction to J01E %lat'orm s%eci'icall+) its design and a%%lication/

2eneral Objective #%eci'ic Objectives T&is course is designed to teac& %ractical and a%%licable Java %rogramming s3ills t&at (ill enable t&e students to (rite) com%ile and e.ecute Java a%%lications/ -'ter com%leting t&e course) students (ill be able to4 5/ 6nderstand t&e &istor+ be&ind Java tec&nolog+ 0/ Learn t&e basic s+nta. and language rules o' Java / Create and mani%ulate instances o' objects 4/ Establis& in&eritance relations&i%s bet(een classes and inter'aces 7/ 6nderstand t&e signi'icance o' %ro%erl+ abstracting and enca%sulating a class 8/ Introduce error and e.ce%tion &andling code 9/ 6se t&e di''erent data structures and collections availalable in t&e Java standard librar+ :/ 6nderstand t&e conce%t be&ind single and multi*t&readed a%%lications ;/ Learn &o( to read 'rom in%ut streams and (rite to out%ut streams 5!/ Create custom 26I using t&e Java #(ing -PI 55/ 6nderstand t&e additional Java language 'eatures introduced as %art o' release 5/7 50/ Learn t&e conce%t o' J01E %lat'orm/ Lambert) </ (0!!9)/ Fundamentals of Java. T&omson Learning"Publis&ing #3rien) $/ (0!!;)/ Object-Oriented Design Using Java, 1c 2ra(*=ill/ $ale) >ell ?/ (0!!:)/ Programming and Problem Solving with Java. Jone @ ?arlett Publis&ing ,arrell) Jo+ce (0!!9)/ Object-Oriented Programming using !!. Course Tec&nolog+) Cengage Learning C&uc3) #%ur (0!!:)/ " #$$% for Dummies. Aile+ Publis&ing $o+le) ? (0!!:)/ " for Programming. T&omson Learning"Publis&ing Java Online Be'erences4 C &tt%4""(((/java/sun/com C &tt%4""(((/java/com C &tt%4""(((/java/net C &tt%4""(((/java(orld/com C &tt%4""javalobb+/org C &tt%4""'ree(arejava/com C &tt%4""onjava/com C &tt%4""javaranc&/com C &tt%4""(((/java/about/com C &tt%4""java/sun/com"docs"boo3s"tutorial C &tt%4""oo%(eb/com"Java"$ocuments"IntroToProgramming6singJava"Dolume,rames/&tml C &tt%4""java/sun/com"%roducts"jd3"'aq/&tml 1odules Orientation 1odule 5 4 Introduction to Java ?rie' =istor+) Java Editions) ,eatures o' Java) #tructure o' Java Program) Java <e+(ords) Primitive and Be'erence $ata T+%e) Dariable #co%e and $eclaration Lab 54 Ariting resume using #+stem/out/%rintln() 1odule 04 O%erators 6nar+) -rit&metic) ?it(ise) #&i't) Belational) Logical) Conditional) -ssignment) Cast o%erator t+%es) In%ut and Out%ut %rocess Lab 0a4Com%utation o' grades Lab 0b4 $enomination 1odule 4 ,lo( Controls i'*else()) s(itc&()) (&ile()) do*(&ile()) 'or()) brea3) continue) statement label Lab a4 #im%le %a+sli% Lab b4 $etermining all %rime numbers 1odule 44 -rra+s -rra+ declaration) 1emor+ allocation) -rra+ initialiEation) -ccessing and storing values in -rra+s) multidimensional arra+ Lab 4 4 >umber and c&aracter sorting 1odule 74 Classes and Objects $i''erence bet(een %rocedural and object*oriented %rogramming) bene'its o' OOP) $e'ining classes) object relations&i%s) 61L (class diagram) Lab 7 4 61L $esign using 1icroso't Disio =ours 7/4;



Aee3 5*0




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8 5/:




amination (4!H) . /' 0eachers 1valuation #/' Seatwor2.*.am Total Number of Hours 5/: 50 5/: 5 0 86. (o%tional) Email4 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Consultation =ours4 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Boom4 IIIIIII $a+ and Time4 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII #L4 IIIIIIIIIIIIIII Term4 IIIII VIII.inal E.75 V. VERSION Dersion II 0 .amination (4!H) .KK .ssignments..inal E. (o%tional) 1obile number4 J8 .inal 2rade  Class #tanding (8!H) &$' (ong )ui* +. /' 0eachers 1valuation #/' Seatwor2..ce%tions – a%%l+ to Java ?an3 1odule ..verage of ..ce%tions) recommended assertion Lab : 4 =andling E.)ui** VI.t 'ile – a%%l+ to Java ?an3 1odule 554 #(ing -PI and Listeners Lab 55"Project P&ase II4 Java ?an3 26I 5/: 9/ 0 8 /88 .4 Collections #et) List) 1a%) Gueue 1odule 5!4 In%ut and Out%ut #treams #tream classes) In%ut and Out%ut streams) Beader and Ariter classes) #erialiEation and $eserialiEation) .... 2RADIN2 S3STE1 L*+(u&*4 567 1idterm 2rade  Class #tanding (8!H) &$' (ong )ui* +.inal E.amination (57H)  . -$' Short )ui**es Lab4 367 1idterm 2rade  Class #tanding (8!H) &$' 5achine Problems /' 0eachers 1valuation -$' Project #/' Practical 16am  1idterm E.amination (57H)  .ts and images) s%eci'+ing colors and 'onts .ce%tion &andling 3e+(ords and tec&niques) tr+*catc&*'inall+) t&ro( and t&ro(s) %rede'ined and user*de'ined e. loc/ IIIIIIIIII =ome4 J8 0 .ce%tion class &ierarc&+) e. 5/: 5! 5! 5/: 5/: 55 /88 50 1odule 504 T&read #ingle and multi t&reading Lab 50 4 #im%le c&at 1odule 5 4 Introduction to J01E %lat'orm Lab 5 4 $is%la+ing te. .8*: :*. 1idterm E.verage of . 3ecitations + lass Partici4ation.)ui**es. . COURSE RE0UIRE1ENTS Lectures) Presentations and Class $iscussions #&ort and Long GuiEEes -ssignments and #eat(or3s Project 1idterm and . 3ecitations + lass Partici4ation.inal E.amination (07H) Passing 1ar34 9!H VII.ile I"O Lab 5! 4 #aving data to a te.inal 2rade  Class #tanding (8!H) &$' 5achine Problems /' 0eachers 1valuation -$' Project #/' Practical 16am  1idterm E.*.amination (07H) 1eeting Place and time4 O''ice4 J8 0 9 8*!!57 to 1odule 84 $eclaring Classes Class declaration) setters and getters) attribute declaration) constructor de'inition) standard and custom met&od declaration) met&od calling) string mani%ulation) -ccess s%eci'iers) 1odi'iers) Instance and #tatic variables) Lab 8a4 string mani%ulation (met&od calling) Lab 8b4 Java Foo (classes) 1odule 94 Pol+mor%&ism and In&eritance im%lementing in&eritance) t+%es o' in&eritance) t&is and su%er) abstract classes) inter'aces overloading vs overriding) im%lementing %ol+mor%&ism) su%erclasses and sub classes Lab 9 4 Teac&er – #tudent Project P&ase I4 Java ?an3 1odule :4 E.ce%tion and -ssertion E.. -$' Short )ui**es  1idterm E. INSTRUCTOR AND SC8EDULE INFOR1ATION >ame4 IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII  1idterm E.

ulgencio) Pro'/ Boman $e -ngel) Pro'/ E+mard Pem%iMa .1odi'ied on4 1a+) 0!55 ?+4 Pro'/ Jo' ?ombasi) Pro'/ J&o .