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Cheesy Egg-Pine Spread

Use this spread on a melba toast appetizer or as a delicious sandwich filling your kids will love.

Cooking Skills Needed:
• • • • • • •

How to Chop and Mince Bowl Paring nife !ooden "poon Chopping Board Measuring Cups Measuring "poons

Cooking Tools Needed:

# pc ( cup ) cup # tbsp * tsp * tsp $ggs %hard&boiled and coarsely chopped' Cheese %grated' Mayonnaise Pimiento %chopped' +odized ,ine "alt Black Pepper /el Monte ( can %--. grams' %well drained' Crushed Pineapple

Cooking Procedure:
(. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mi0 well. Chill. "erve as sandwich filling. Makes (1 servings Lusog Notes: Get an immunity boost ith the !itamin C in this sprea

-.cans %(89 grams each' ( stalk .elish Cheese %grated' /el Monte <uick 5n $asy +talian Pizza "auce Cooking Tools Needed: Ingredients . Pack in sealed container and store in the ref.Tuna Pi""a #illing 2our kids will love this yummy tuna filling in their sandwiches. Combine all ingredients with = teaspoon iodized fine salt and >?@ teaspoon pepper. Cooking Skills Needed: • • • • • • • • • How to "aut4 How to Chop and Mince Bowl Covered Container "patula Chef5s nife Chopping Board Measuring Cups Measuring "poons 6nion %chopped and saut4ed' Mayonnaise :una Chunks in Brine %drained' Celery %chopped' Pimiento %chopped' Pickle .tbsp . Mi0 well. Makes -A servings Lusog Notes: This snack is rich in thiamine$ %or healthy brain and ner!e %unction& .tbsp 7 cup . Use as sandwich spread. "erve on whole wheat bread3 pandesal3 or spread on a cracker.tsp # tbsp ( pouch %((1 grams' Cooking Procedure: (.

Cooking Skills Needed: • • • • How to Boil and "immer How to "aut4 How to Chop and Mince How to "lice Begetables and .ruits Cooking Tools Needed: • • • • • • Pot "teamer :ong !ooden "poon Chef5s nife Chopping Board .'egetable Lumpia in (are-(are Sauce Prepare a healthy merienda with this steamed vegetable lumpia3 drizzled with a zesty kare&kare sauce.

#. "immer with continuous stirring until thick. "aut4 onion and pork for # minutes. Edd sitaw3 banana heart and patis.tablespoons sauce' Lusog Notes: #ight the common cold ith this dish$ hich is rich in !itamin C& Pi)a *istek Bistek gets a fancy upgrade with pineapple tidbits. Edd cabbage. Creat for everyday meals or special occasions.tbsps of /$D M6F:$ <uick n $asy are&kare Mi0.oll and steam for ( minute. Pour sauce Hust before serving. 2. Cook for 1 minutes with occasional stirring. .minutes. Makes 1 servings %# pcs per serving with . . "tir for . Combine >?G cup water3 sauce ingredients and remaining kare kare powder. "et aside. "tir to dissolve.• • Measuring Cups Measuring "poons Ingredients ( pc %small' (1A grams (1A grams (1A grams (= tsp (1A grams (1 pc = tbsp 9 cloves -= tbsp 6nion %sliced' Cround Pork "itaw %cut into rings' Banana Heart %trimmed and sliced' Patis Cabbage %sliced' Dumpia !rappers %medium round ' "oy "auce %for sauce' Carlic %minced %for sauce'' Brown "ugar %for sauce' /el Monte ( pack %1A grams' <uick 5n $asy are& are Mi0 Cooking Procedure: 1. !rap every . Edd . "et aside.tablespoons of vegetable mi0ture in lumpia wrapper. Cook for 1 minutes.

ry Cooking Tools Needed: • • • • • • Bowl Pan !ooden "poon Chef5s nife Chopping Board Measuring "poons Ingredients I kg ( pc %large' 8 cloves # tbsp (= tbsp Beef "irloin 6nion Carlic "oy "auce Calamansi Juice %sliced tapa style' %sliced into rings' %crushed3 for marinade' %for marinade' %for marinade' .Cooking Skills Needed: • • • How to Boil and "immer How to "aut4 How to .

Edd fried beef and /$D M6F:$ Pineapple :idbits. Edd marinade. . /rain and reserve marinade. +n the same pan3 saut4 onion until almost tender. grams' Pineapple :idbits Cooking Procedure: 1. Marinate beef for ( hour. Makes #&9 servings Lusog Notes: Good source o% iron. "immer once.ry beef in I cup oil until light brown. "immer for . -. "erve this on special occasions3 this sweet twist to beef will surely delight your guests.I tsp Black Pepper %for marinade' Pineapple "yrup %for marinade' /el Monte ( can %--.etain . #.tablespoons oil in pan.%or healthy red blood cells& +a aiian Steak :he perfect mi0 of sweet and savory in every bite.minutes. Cooking Skills Needed: . . "et aside.

• • • • • How to Boil and "immer How to "tir&.ry How to Chop and Mince How to "lice Begetables and . .eserve marinade.ruits Cooking Tools Needed: • • • • • • Bowl Pan . Heat . "tir once.tablespoons of butter with ( tbsp oil. Edd marinade and remaining butter. Marinate beef overnight in the refrigerator. Pour over steak .pouches %((1 g each' %drained3 reserve syrup' Pineapple :idbits /el Monte I cup %marinade' 6riginal Blend etchup Cooking Procedure: 1.tbsp (= tsp Beef . "et aside.ryer :ong !ooden "poon Measuring Cups "trainer Ingredients = kg ( stalk ( pc %medium' I cup ( tbsp 8 cloves . /rain.ed Bell Pepper %cut into rings' Butter %or margarine' "ugar %marinade' Carlic %marinade3 crushed and minced' 2ellow Mustard %marinade' DiLuid "easoning %marinade' Pineapple "yrup %marinade' /el Monte . "immer once then add /$D M6F:$ Pineapple :idbits and leeks.ry bell peppers. . 3. . +n the same pan3 stir&.ry How to .ry beef on both sides until Hust cooked.ib $ye %sliced IK thick' Deeks %sliced' . 2.

Makes 1&M servings Lusog Notes: .ryer :ong Chef5s nife Chopping Board Measuring Cups .ich in Iron hich helps pre!ent anemia& Chicken #inger Surprise Emaze your kids when you prepare this flaky and crispy chicken fingers with soft and pillowy marshmallows as their snack.ry Cooking Tools Needed: • • • • • • Bowl /eep . Cooking Skills Needed: • How to /eep&.

-. . Makes 8 servings Lusog Notes: This chicken dish contains niacin$ an essential nutrient %or good digesti!e %unction and healthy skin& *ee% Teriyaki Both kids and adults will enHoy this sweet and zesty beef dish. Cut marshmallow the same size as chicken. /eep&fry until golden brown. Mi0 chicken3 egg and half of /$D M6F:$ Cheese Magic "auce.Ingredients ( kg ( pc ( cup = cup ( pack Chicken Breast . /redge each piece of chicken in breadcrumbs. Place on bowl and serve with remaining cheese sauce and sour cream on the side.illet %cut into fingers3 strips' $gg %beaten' Japanese Breadcrumbs "our Cream Marshmallow /el Monte ( pouch %-AA grams' Cheese Magic "auce Cooking Procedure: 1.

+n the same pan3 "aut4 carrot and sayote for # minutes.ed Bell Pepper %cut into strips' Cabbage %shredded' "esame "eeds %toasted' /el Monte ( pack %-AA ml' <uick 5n $asy BB< Marinade Cooking Procedure: (. Edd togue3 bell pepper and cabbage. #. "erve with beef. "aut4 for few minutes.ruits Cooking Tools Needed: • • • • • Bowl Pan !ooden "poon Chef5s nife Chopping Board Ingredients ( kg ( tbsp (AA grams (AA grams (AA grams ( pc %small' (AA grams ( tbsp Beef "irloin %sliced thinly and cut into strips' Cinger %strips' Carrots %sliced thinly' "ayote %sliced' :ogue . Makes (A servings Lusog Notes: *ee% is rich in !itamin *-$ hich promotes healthy digestion and skin& .ry How to "aut4 How to "lice Begetables and . "tir fry in batches until Hust cooked.Cooking Skills Needed: • • • How to "tir&. "prinkle with sesame seeds. 2. Marinate beef in /$D M6F:$ <uick n $asy BB< Marinade for #A minutes. "eason with toyo and pepper to taste3 and remaining marinade if any. "et aside.

ruits Cooking Tools Needed: • • • • • • • Pan Pot :ong !ooden "poon Chef5s nife Chopping Board Measuring "poons Ingredients .ry How to "lice Begetables and .Sea%ood (are-(are Devel up your kare&kare skills with this healthier seafood version3 enhanced with coconut cream. Cooking Skills Needed: • • • How to Boil and "immer How to .

. "immer for .tbsp (AA grams "Luid %ink sac removed' Calamansi Juice :ahong "itaw %sliced' Cinger %strips' Banana Heart %sliced' "hrimps :aba ng :alangka %optional' Pechay :agalog /el Monte ( pack %1A grams' <uick 5n $asy are& are Mi0 /el Monte ./$ hich protects you and your %amily %rom anemia& Pasta Carbonara /id someone order comfort foodN :his creamy pasta dish will do the trick. .= kg %medium' ( tsp = kg %large' (AA grams ( tbsp (AA grams I kg %medium' . Makes M servings Lusog Notes: This kare-kare !ariant is a good source o% !itamin *.minutes. Edd shrimps3 taba ng talangka and tahong.cups water until shells are open3 remove half shell and reserve stock. /issolve /$D M6F:$ <uick 5n $asy are& are Mi0 in = cup tahong broth. "immer for 1 minutes. 3.tbsp <uick 5n $asy Cata Mi0 Cooking Procedure: (. Edd sitaw3 ginger and banana heart. 5. 2. "eason sLuid with calamansi Huice and I teaspoon iodized fine salt. "tir and "immer until cooked. Boil tahong in . "immer for 1 minutes. 4. Edd pechay3 sLuid and /$D M6F:$ <uick 5n $asy Cata Mi0.ry until Hust cooked3 set aside.

Cooking Tools Needed: • • • • • • • • Bowl Pan Crater !ooden "poon Chef5s nife Chopping Board Measuring Cups Measuring "poons *est paired ith: Ingredients .

. "eason with salt and pepper to taste.1 grams' %cooked3 reserved (O9 cup pasta broth' "paghetti Merienda Pack /el Monte ( pouch %-AA grams' Carbonara "auce Cooking Procedure: (. Edd butter3 reserved pasta broth and /$D M6F:$ Carbonara "auce. "coop a portion of sauce into the egg yolk and mi0.tbsp I cup ( tbsp ( sprig ( pc Bacon %fried until crisp then crumbled3 reserve drippings' Butter Canned sliced Mushroom Crated Cheese Parsley %snipped3 optional' $gg 2olk /el Monte ( pack %(. "et aside bacon.eturn to sauce3 stir and turn off the heat. Makes 9 servings. +n the same pan3 saut4 mushrooms for . Heat bacon for (A minutes3 or until brown and crunchy.minutes. Continue stirring until well blended. #. -. . 9.stips %1A' grams . Edd cooked pasta3 bacon3 cheese and parsley. Lusog Notes: This dish is rich in iodine$ hich is important in the pre!ention o% goiter& +a aiian Pi""a Pasta "weet and savory3 creamy and tangy3 this pasta dish will soon be a favorite among your kids. :oss to blend.. Cover and simmer over low heat for 8 minutes3 stirring continuously.

Cooking Skills Needed: • • • • How to Boil and "immer How to "aut4 How to Cube and /ice How to Chop and Mince Cooking Tools Needed: • • • • • • • • • • Baking Pan Bowl Pan Pot 6ven Crater !ooden "poon Chef5s nife Chopping Board Measuring Cups .

3.ed Bell Pepper %diced3 reserve some for topping' Creen Bell Pepper %diced3 reserve some pieces for topping' Cround Beef Ell&Purpose Cream Cheese %grated' !hite Pepper /el Monte -AA grams %cooked or shell macaroni' $lbow Macaroni /el Monte . "immer for (A minutes. . Edd /$D M6F:$ Carbonara "auce3 /$D M6F:$ :omato "auce and /$D M6F:$ Pineapple :idbits with syrup. Cover and "immer for #A minutes3 stirring occasionally. Edd bell peppers and saute for - minutes.cups of the mi0ture. . Edd cream3 half of cheese and pepper to taste.pouches %((1 grams each' %reserve some pieces for topping' Pineapple :idbits /el Monte ( pouch %-AA grams' Carbonara "auce /el Monte ( pouch %-AA grams' 6riginal "tyle :omato "auce Cooking Procedure: 1. Cook for another -A minutes3 stirring occasionally.emove from heat. 2.• Measuring "poons *est paired ith: Ingredients = tbsp 1 cloves ( pc %medium' ( pc %small' ( pc %small' = kg ( pack %-1A grams' (7 cups * tsp Butter Carlic %minced' 6nion %minced' . Edd beef.eserve . 9. "aut4 garlic and onion in ( teaspoon oil and butter. .

oven for (1 minutes or until top is slightly brown. Makes (.servings Lusog Notes: This is a good source o% !itamin *-$ hich is essential %or healthy skin and eyes& 0ema #rosted Cake /ress up ordinary store&bought chiffon cake with sweet and fruity frosting. Bake in #1AQ. Combine cooked pasta with the remaining sauce. Errange in (#K0PK baking dishOpan. :op with remaining cheese3 sauce3 pineapple and bell pepper.5. Cooking Skills Needed: • How to Boil and "immer Cooking Tools Needed: • • • • Bowl "auce Pan "patula !hisk .

Bring the water to a boil and simmer for about # hours3 adding more if needed.• • • • Chef5s nife Chopping Board Measuring Cups Measuring "poons Ingredients ( pc ( can %#AA ml' (= cups # tbsp ( tsp .servings . Beat in the cream3 e0tract3 confectioner5s sugar3 and the yema frosting. :o make the 2ema . Makes (.emove can from the pan. Ellow to cool before opening. Beat until smooth. .ruit Cocktail. . .rost the cake.ill the pan with enough water to cover the can. :op with remaining fruits. .iesta . -.ruit Cocktail Cooking Procedure: (.rostingR Place unopened can of condensed milk in a heavy saucepan.iesta . 3.old in half of the /$D M6F:$ .cups ( can %9#-g' Chiffon Cake %store brought %8G or PG'' Condensed Milk %sweetened' Butter %or margarine' Ell&Purpose Cream Demon $0tract %or orange e0tract' Confectioner5s "ugar /el Monte %drained and chopped' . Beat the butter for about # minutes.