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and there may be three or moreof them. in most cases. but as it is the intention to run it at great speed. p Ido not claim the devices ol‘tWilliam Mont Storm. bywhich I bring the power very near to the work. particularly when used’to run heavy revolving machinery at high speeds. to which I have been referred by the Patent Oiîice. and valve-rods. HAMILTON RUDDICK. WM. Cms. in fact. Hatfield. and all carefully finished piston-rods. B B'. crank.6. and I do hereby'vdeclare that the following is a. requiring. TO ALL WHOM I'l‘ MAY CONCERN: Be it known that Í. while in the old form of engine there were many otherv elaborate sliding parts. July 3. 1865. with all stuffing-boxes. only the cylinder. have invented a new and useful Improvement in Direct-Acting Steam Engines. D. and it is believed the engine will be very useful in the mining districts from its simplicity of construction and its speed of stroke.Patent No. vand dispense Awith much cumbrous machinery“ in the shape of cross-heads. full.ence being had to the accompanying drawing. gives motion to crank E on shaft F. and exact description of the construction >and operatiori of the same. and -State of Massachusetts. nor of R. PARKER . with relation to each otherand the cylinder. enablingus to dispense with cross-heads and their slides. Letters . either of such devices.'uitrit I tetes 'stent titte HAMILTON RUDDICK._be as well to use a constant point of cut of?. but what I cla'im as my invention. connected ¿with eachother by rods 6. forming a part of this specification. ' A` is a cylinder. having 'its centre slightly enlarged. rods b b. piston~rods. B'. to have a large bore and short stroke to the cylinder. is cheap. ~ A' connecting-rod. slides. 1866. as at a. F. ' . A'. " v My improvements consist in a new arrangement ofpiston. which Works the valves by eccentrics or cranks. >OF BOSTON.943.IN STEAM ENG-INES. from piston head B. dated January l.refer. connecting-rod D. ‘die ârteìmhe stemt tu it time Entert ästmt mit vwetting gmt nf tige am. valve gear. stuíiîng-boxes. may lbe readily put together. It will be seen that this construction is very simple and compact. of Boston. and desire to secure by Letters Patent. substantially as described. CLARKE. patented July 11. MASSACHUSETTS. relatively to each other and the cylinder A. D. Witnesses: Taos.v and requires but little careful' labor in construction and fitting of parts. and connecting-rod. and carries a belt-pulley or small ily-Wheel. This highvelocity 'will also render a ñy-wheelof less importance. it will. IMPROVEMENT . in the county of Suffolk. The rods b b may be made straight. Valves O O’ admit steam at either end and yserve also as exhaust valves if desired. 'This engine may also have a variable cut-01T. HAMILTON RUDDIGK. and containing at each en_d a piston head. 60. clear. and ‘crank E. F. or. is_ 4 The arrangement of‘piston heads B. and crank-pin to berñnely finished. 1867.