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cannot open While 'theone safe. the opposite-end of the lever F is‘attached a hooker catch. SPRINGER. making. showing a plan yieW of my invention. so ~that byv displacing said' aforesaid. said -wheel . Lonrn'~ C. The Vend of said arm Gis suspended from a. so that a circuit is completed around said magnet 'Bg by bringing v the opposite poles of a battery. as shown. are similarly arranged with respect to the small apertures o. which are arranged at the. arranged substantially asin telegraphicinstramerite. :is hereinafter set forth. dit ¿initials nient ic it ‘ligen ï’ettut’âißrîeit zum principianti tip time . B C D represent a series of similar magnet spools. and thus secure the door. To . I 'Jvc-__ TO All) WHÜM iT MAY CONCERN: ` p » Be it known Athat i. respectively'. ï Will -proceed to describe the same 'with particularity. as shot-cnv in iigß.which securethe door of a safe. as hereihafter described. by open-ing. e f g ÍL. so that'wh‘en arranged in contact with points upon the adjacent Wheels. It will be observed that a portion of the circuit a. v l . which operates upon the toothed wheel» J. and unlock the safe Whenever'the block E* is withdrawn from between the adjacent ends of said bars. A lrepresents the‘doer of the safe hinge_d„'as shown.Q. attached. one or more ot' said wheels. is moveda‘certain distance. 60. The wires passing around the magnet B pass out through the door of the said thatcircuit.î and closings. @li 'ÜHÍ‘CÀG'Ü~~ lliilillil'Üiiìi. l My invention further vconsists in controlling` and movingl the said movable points inthe aforesaid circuit. disclosing the inode whereby the bolts of the lool. as aforesaid.’ d’ a'. and also by passing 'thev circuit by which said resn’lt vis accomplished through a. Any other suitable means may be employed to ~receive the ends of the bolts.Lûlllhl C. T.useful Electro-Magnetic Safe Loch. l A ‘ Figure 2.. . not familiar with the loclc n cannot. inrsovnnsnr ni nnenntic> more. which form part of this specification. marked M. l as showmso" that `circuits may be completed around the magnets by connecting the opposite poles of said battery therewith. S.A Letters . to hold it in vplace when Withdrawn from between the said'bolt's. as shown. clear. to the ivheels G H I. series ofmovable contiguousy points. attached at one end to a suitable crank device uponvsaid'rrlieel d and the other end to ablock. having a'corresponding series 'oi‘ leve1‘s. . terminate in said apertures. connect . 1. as hereinafter set forth.` adjust themselves when the door is closed. o d a.` reference in soy doing to the aforesaid draàwingauin which Figure l represents a front elevation of a safe haring mysaid inventiop attached.l but when one or more of'said wheels are moved from such` position. GH I. series of electro-'magnetic circuits arranged in connectionl therewith. To lock the safefthe block? is adjusted. back to allow the springs o to throwVr said catches. ' When the safe is to be locked. and the letters andïñgures marked thereon. between the bolts` R.Patent No. 'l Similar letters of reference in the several figures indicate the same parte of my invention.being .or upon thegsafe.properly insulated. or any one of them. or„rather. By observing how i‘nr cach or either . the circuit a is broken at said pointspor some of them. slightly ajar. ` by ' To enable those skilled in the art to understand how to construct and use my invention. reference being had to the accompanying drawings. the bolts andmay therefore be withdrawn. top and bottom. 'N representing a pawbto prevent the. R E represent two bolts.the bolts strike against the catches m. each operatingv upon a corresponding series of tòothed Wheels. 'have invented a'new and .aiihe‘hehind said bolts. and i do hereby declare and make `Known `that the following is a full. respectively. F'. thei outer ends oi'. and' exact description of the same. The wires passing around lthel I magnets G D E. the circuit is complete. upon or over which is A arranged a lever. which drawrsaid bolts back from theirbeds in . dated January 1. at the small apertures b’ 6'. in the county of Cools. which are connected by a spring. as aforesaid. lthe aforesaid circuit is broken. as shown in ñg. Y ` .. ‘ii‘i'contaet therewith.circuit. F. which> yield to the pressure until the bolts pass far enough . CT H i. and State of illinois.'passes through arms. by openingl ` and closing an electro-magnetic circuit. an interior elevation of the safe door. through or around the magnet E. instead of the one above described: E E representan ordinary spool magnet. ' O represents erlernt. marked.L. My invention consists in unlocking or withdrawing the bolts . and the door 'closed-g.. R'Which holds 'the bolts it in thesoclicts >or catches which secure -the door of the safe. `oi’ Chicago.-to the safe in the usual manner.953. . swinging l1uugei’.l from moving back when the hcol: hl' is released. so that one familiar with the lock can readily adjust said points to complete the firsta mentioned' probability. said part of the circuit lbeing properly insulated from said _Wheels and their‘supports and shafts. inthe sameV manner _that the leverh"> operated upon the Wheel d. and ‘ ` Figure 3 is a Vplan' or top View of the door.-p_roviddd -With an armature. so as to » break the said cizjhguit c_mvlien the door is closed and is locked automatically.

and. I will new specifywhet I Gleim. Meme. I olaiin 'unlocking u safe. '. when desired 'to enlookit-he safe. By 'completing seid circuit again. e similar operation ‘upon the ooifresponâing magnet wíll’reaêjuet lit.2 of said ivlieeis‘âs turneä from' the positioh >in which selicloirouit e is oompleizecl. and raises the` opposite end of suiâ lever. inñniteîyimprobabie. l _ y ‘ . one moy re?ólily know .also decreasing suoli probabilities . o'r. tlze‘spriegs withdraws the said lioltb and ~ imlocke `the safe. thecii‘ouit œ be made complete. ` 2. passing thi'ough ejseries oi’A movable or adjusteiole'points. and the number of teeth upon eeeli Wileel . » i . E.1_ ’. through e single oï‘iiioe. may be employed. G H11. instead of being ' arranged symmetrically.wheel in position.I _ ' ' ~ ‘ v ' - ' Y ` . . Ó. and the levee-is „thrown to itßvfoißmer position by means of va. If desired. poles oi' ‘the battery to the ende ofthe Wires passing around the megnet _which oorreeponds with the wheel >to bemovèd.. 'the Wheel is. and `the two features combined r'en?ieríng 4suoli> > i reedjustmepi. by oloei?gmid4 opening an electro-magnetic eirouit. ThisÁ revolution rof >'elle Wheel J'greävially wíth‘âli‘awsï the bloeit? fremito 'position between the belts By. 'es_afore'seid. 'reedju‘sted in the proper position. as àlíov'm. the mirious orifices may b'e meäein diíferen'ä parte of 'the door. by repeating ’the elosing and opening. eorrespondiiigseries of auxilieryeireuits. eo that by applying the poles of ‘the battery.rí‘his i‘eadjustment is effected by eppiying the » .`howe`ver. the Wheel is revolveri another „notch or space. which completes eeicl cirouimand the magnet drews ¿own the correeponíling lever L. and îiiu's. .. ï elaim operafsi?g _ïipon and edjusti?g the seid'n'xovoble _points in said eleetreámagnletîo cii‘cuit.` asïequirefi.. Witnesses: i _ W. the lever` E operates' upon the Wheel J in 4the I manner above deseribed. ¿she „ oii'euit is broken. ÖH v`more thaii'o'ne wheel lied been displaioecl. the ’nook M reïoivîng‘ the wheel one notoìLf By~removing one or both poles of the battei'y. or withdrawing lthe bolts thereof. ` ` _ Haviiig ¿escribeë lthe notizie and operation of my invention. eubstentielly as ami for thefpurposes set foïth. ` ' - y i SPEIÑGER. and âesî?e ïso ~secure by Letters Peten‘si ‘ ' ' ` ~ ‘ ` 1. the greater num'ber’hrendeirixig the probabilities oi' accidental afijuetiiient of' the circuit a proportionallyfless. . Athe wires~ of the several oirowiite meylaîl beïbrbught outside of the safe. the magnetic attraction ceases. substantially as Clelrxcx'íbeol. A* series of any 'number of wheels. holding ’chey . of said circuit. iliie pewl N. end when ¿aid block is wllolly'withdì' :zo readjuat the game in Èoid position. ‘spring which releases the hook M. by moans 'of a.