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Advent 2013

Outdoor altar of the Eucharistic Procession at Shrine of Christ the King, Chicago Honoring the Sacred Heart, St Gianna Oratory, Tucson, AZ

On the annual Feast of the Kingship of Christ, which occurs traditionally on the last Sunday of the month of October, Christ was honored as our King in the Liturgies offered in the apostolates of the Institute around the country. Solemn Masses and Eucharistic processions were held, as well as cultural events and social celebrations in the family spirit of the Institute. In accordance with the encyclical Quas Primas of Pope Pius XI, the priests of the Institute led the faithful in the consecration prayer to the Most Sacred Heart of Christ our King.

Eucharistic Procession at St. Margaret Mary, Oakland, CA

Most Rev. Teo-doro de Faria, Bishop Emeritus of Funchal & advocate for the cause of Bl. Karl of Austria.






Year with St. Benedict
2014 L I T U R G I C A L W A L L C A L E N D A R
Feasts of Liturgical Year according to 1962 Missal Spiritual quotes by our patron, St. Benedict Full color photos of the Institute in USA & worldwide

The Institute of Christ the King invites you for an

8 day “Viva Cristo Rey” pilgrimage
to the

Shrines of Our Lady of Guadalupe, of Blessed Miguel Pro,
and other holy and cultural sites of Mexico.

March 31–April 7, 2014
Daily Mass celebrated by chaplain, Rev. Canon Benoit Jayr
Base price $2,099 $399 per person from Chicago For info, please contact: Jo Ann Neumann St. Stanislaus Oratory 524 W Historic Mitchell Street Milwaukee, WI 53204 (414) 226-5490



U.S. Provincial Headquarters 6415 S. Woodlawn Ave Chicago, IL 60637-3817

Pontifical Mass at St. Anthony’s Oratory, West Orange, NJ

You are invited for an 8 day “Viva Cristo Rey” pilgrimage to Mexico March 31–April 7, 2014 See page 3 inside!

CHRIST THE KING Across America

Christus Regnat
Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest

Canons of the Institute gathered for the annual General Chapter at the Motherhouse in Gricigliano, Italy. The blue of the choir habit signifies the Marian consecration to Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

G r at i t u d e : S o u r c e o f J oy
Dear friends of the Institute of Christ the King, Gratias agamus Domino Deo nostro! We give thanks to the Lord our God. Each day the holy Liturgy of the Church bids us to offer thanksgiving to God for the abundance of His gifts of mercy and grace. Gratitude is the active awareness and acknowledgement of God’s love for us as the source of everything that is good in our lives. How much He must love us, since we can count so many blessings! Gratitude then becomes a source of joy for us – we are children of so loving a heavenly Father. Our Institute has much to be thankful for at the end of this year. This autumn we celebrated with heartfelt gratitude the 5th anniversary of the permanent status of Pontifical Right, which we received from Rome in 2008. In the decree Saeculorum Rex, signed on October 7, 2008, by the President of the Commission Ecclesia Dei in the name of the Roman Pontiff, the Holy See approved our Institute’s Constitutions, thereby giving its approbation to the specific identity of our life within the Church: community living focused on the daily Liturgy, pastoral mission for the sake of souls, and spirituality of our patron saints. The Constitutions define and regulate how these three principles are to be lived by our spiritual family of Canons, Oblates, Sisters, and lay members. We are profoundly grateful that this charisma and identity was approved by the highest ecclesiastical authority. The priests of the Institute are to model their daily life after the example of the secular Canons who, in various places and times in the history of the Church, formed communities of liturgical prayer while exercising an active apostolate such as parish work and teaching, for example. The solemn celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass forms the focus of the community life, as well as communal prayer of the Divine Office, which, in its recited or chanted form, regulates and sanctifies the daily work. Centered
Canons chanting the Divine Office in their house chapel.

and formed at our Motherhouse in Gricigliano. oblates. This program is not limited to our seven years in the Tuscan hills.Led by their chaplain. There is reminiscing. is a Canon of Gricigliano. as well as to appreciate Catholic culture expressed in the arts and in the charity of social life. WI “As a secular canon of the Institute of Christ the King. With gratitude to Christ our King on the 5th anniversary of the Pontifical Rite status. and sisters will join you in offering thanks to God for these specific gifts. I assure you of my best prayerful wishes for a very blessed and merry Christmas and an abundance of divine blessings throughout the New Year to come. brothers & sisters of tomorrow! For the love of Christ the Infant King. God has blessed our Institute with an abundance of generous men and women. In this way. and our priests. Of the over 80 seminarians currently enrolled in our International Seminary of St. Very often we take things for granted throughout our childhood: the family setting. both in its natural as well as in its supernatural dimensions. but it also provides an opportunity for the priests of the Institute. as inquiries and vocational visits for this particular way of life are on the rise. ­ the Canons of the Institute gather for the five day. C A N O N I C A L FA M I LY R E U N I O N The Annual General Chapter of the Institute’s Canons at the Motherhouse Every family needs a regular reunion! Such a reunion is essential for the specific character of the Institute. a home-cooked meal by mother. Gricigliano is will forever be home for a Canon. But if we remember the lessons we learned in seminary. Brothers in the Institute family. Christ the King is to reign in each aspect of human life. annual Chapter at the Motherhouse. who is born for us this Christmas. oblates. Each shrine. and lay members – to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. oratory. a priest in the world frequently has the temptation to set aside the Work of God (as St. or simply praying and playing with siblings. Thankfully. the family life of the Canons. Wherever a canon may find himself in the world. Italy. like so many refulgent moons. A Canon of the Institute Centered around the altar. To be sure.” This was the comforting reminder given to us by the superiors in the last General Chapter of the Institute. Not only is this week of conferences and meetings with the Institute’s Founder and Prior General. I invite you to write your thanksgiving intentions on the enclosed envelope. I remain. his Msgr. to “soak in” the atmosphere that must be brought back to our assignments. he knows he must come together with his confreres four times a day to sing God’s praises – the praises which God Himself has confided to us through the mouth of the Psalmist. Sext. Wausau. Chicago There’s no place like home. . This holds true in a profound sense for the Canons of the Institute of Christ the King. seminarians. Every Canon of the Institute. conversations with dad. The life of prayer in Gricigliano is already different from what you would find in a Benedictine monastery. or California. We belong to Gricigliano and we ­earnestly seek to have the spirit of Gricgliano animate the Apostolates. of which several also come from the US. where they all ­ received their seminary formation. each year during the final week of August. Rector of St. Oblates. which unites canons. Yours faithfully in Christ our Infant King. Once out of the house. or. It is the home not only of our seminarians. A special thank you to all the faithful and friends of the Institute family for their prayerful support! T h e r e ’s N o P l a c e Like Home By Canon Michael Stein. many good religious vocations are needed. we will be strong enough to resist the temptation to activism. an opportunity to discuss various affairs concerning the Institute‘s growing apostolic work. educated. priories. spiritual direction. but rather an inspiration to reproduce these moments in our lives and pass them on to those entrusted to our care. Our more recent foundation of American Seminarians at Thanksgiving Sisters Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus now numbers 25 sisters and postulants. Canons of the Institute are assigned to many houses throughout the world. Thus we earnestly need your generous assistance in order to maintain the widespread development and growth of our Institute across America. to renew our union with the Motherhouse. It is only through fidelity to the Holy Mass and Divine Office that our apostolate to the faithful will bear any lasting fruit. To fulfill this mission entrusted to us by the authority of Holy Church. the Institute’s members rely upon the prayers of those souls to whom they minister in order that they may be ever more closely united to the Royal Heart of Christ the King. Led by the Prior General. There Monsignor Wach solemnly renews the consecration of all the Institute – priests. Monsignor Gilles Wach. what we did in seminary. Midwest. The lessons learned are engraved on our souls. to join us in giving thanks to God. The bonds of fraternal charity forged during the years of formation leave us with a sense of duty to pray for one another though now separated by oceans. This is also why we go back to the Motherhouse every year. If the upbringing was solid. sisters. and to prefer nothing to the Work of God. or chapel of the Institute is to be a home for the many souls who come to receive the Sacraments. Italy Sacred Heart Consecration by Prior General Conference by Monsignor Wach The newly ordained at their 1st Chapter is always attached to his true home: Gricigliano. through their incardination in the Institute. you always have a place waiting for you in the choir of Gricigliano. the priests have a special link to the central Motherhouse and Seminary in Gricigliano. have been called to live the truth in charity. will you make a donation to help us? Make your tax-deductible Christmas gift a thanksgiving offering to God for His many benefits to you throughout this past year. and oratories. whether he be in the ­ Northeast. and Sisters is to be a source of grace and inspiration for the lay faithful in the apostolate. Scenes from this year’s General Chapter in Gricigliano. the canons and sisters walk in procession chanting hymns in honor of the Sacred Heart from the seminary down to the convent of the Sisters Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus. The paternal love of which we were recipients we seek now to communicate to others. Thanking you wholeheartedly for your prayers and financial support. There’s no place like home. to be able to come t in a spirit of fraternal charity which fosters a strong unity of mind and spiritual purpose. catechetical formation. the Canons are able to pray the Liturgy together several times each day. 1 in every 3 comes from the United States and Canada. young Adults of Sursum Corda pray at 40 Days of Life in Chicago In the Orbit of the Home Planet By Canon Aaron Huberfeld. dear friends. As secular canons. Thus. numerous clerical oblates are serving in the American and European apostolates. Gratitude to God means that we have the responsibility to make good use of His gifts even at the cost of our additional sacrifices. oblates and sisters with the superiors and Prior General. Vespers and Compline. more importantly. Mary’s Oratory. Michael Schmitz Vicar General and Provincial Superior Lunchtime prayer in the refectory Pontifical Mass by Bishop Giovannetti Fraternal conversation over dinner heart and soul has never left it. It is the liturgy of the Church which saves souls. it is not a stagnant thought of the past. who work in ­ ogether over sixty locations throughout the world. though the spirit is the same. R. we look back with fond memories. are always in the orbit of the home planet – our motherhouse in Gricigliano. Through the many photographs of this year’s Chapter one catches a glimpse of the family spirit of the Institute. There’s no place like home. Benedict fondly calls the liturgy) in the name of some pressing activity. We cherish the memory of seven years passed on those hallowed grounds. In fact. it is what our constitutions stipulate for every house of the Institute. We chant four of the canonical hours of prayer in common: Lauds. Most importantly. Vice-Rector of Shrine of Christ the King. Under the guidance of the Immaculate Conception and the other patron saints. as well as to provide our American vocations with all they need to be your priests. But these houses. while our preseminary program in the USA is preparing almost a dozen candidates for the next academic years. Philip. but of all those men who. we invite you. Each and every one of us was brought up.