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GATE 2014
A219G59 Chairperson GATE Indian Institute of Technology Madras Chennai 600036

From Shashank Kumar
NEW HOUSING BOARD COLONY HOUSE NO 6LH54 BHAGALPUR BHAGALPUR Bihar 812003 95439 90067 (Mobile Number) Cut Here


Instructions to the Applicant (GATE 2014)
1. This print out should contain the following pages. (a) Page 1 : This page contains Instructions and Address Slip (cut and paste the Address Slip on A4 size envelope). (b) Page 2 : Application form that you have filled online. 2. Bank challan in Triplicate is available as a separate pdf file to be downloaded. This is available only if you have opted for Offline Payment. 3. On the GATE 2014 Application Form, paste a 3.5cm x 4.5cm color photograph with plain background (this should be the same that you have uploaded during application filling). The photograph should be taken in a studio. (a) Write your Enrolment ID. and Name on the reverse side of the photo. (b) Use good quality glue to ensure that the photograph does not separate from the application. (c) Do not pin, staple, sign or attest the photograph. 4. Read the declaration and put your full signature in the box next to it. Please note that signature should not be in capital letters. 5. If you are in the final year or you have a backlog after appearing for the final year examination, you must get your Principal’s or HOD’s Signature and Seal in the Certificate from Principal that is provided at the last portion of the application form. Submit the whole form to the Principal’s office without cutting it. 6. If you have opted for challan payment, wait for 48 hours after your online submission to visit the bank’s branch. You can visit any branch of the bank printed on your challan. 7. The bank teller will verify the details printed on the challan with the data available in their system and then accept the payment. The bank will retain one copy and give you the remaining two copies: one of which is the GATE Copy that you have to send along with the printed application form and the other is the Candidate Copy for your reference. 8. Keep a photo copy of the completed application form for your reference. 9. Mailing Documents to GATE office. (a) Cut the Address Slip and paste it onto an A4 size envelope (Do not fill address by hand or tamper the address slip). (b) Collect the supporting documents shown under Enclosure Checklist in the application form. Mark the enclosures in the checklist boxes. (c) Do NOT FOLD the application form and Do NOT STAPLE or pin the documents to the form. (d) Send the packet by Speed Post (preferably) or by Registered Post to the address mentioned in the address slip. The application packet should REACH the respective zonal GATE office on or before Thursday, 10 October 2013.

Note: Enrolment ID - A219G59. You should preserve this number for further correspondence.

TN (Exam City 3) Zonal GATE Office Contact Chairperson GATE Indian Institute of Technology Madras Chennai 600036 Payment Details Enclosure Checklist Eligibility Certificate copy SC/ST Category Certificate copy Stamped Bank Challan: GATE copy Challan Rs... Further./....) shashank7514@gmail. Electrical Engg.. if any suppression or distortion of facts is found after appearing in the exam. Applicant’s signature inside the box in black ink This space is intentionally left blank Coimbatore. Digital Fingerprint: 4664a92aa0d1375d4eafb5144f3bd02d Date: .. The responsibility of following the GATE 2014 website and meeting various deadlines lies with me... In the event of suppression or distortion of any fact in my application form... I understand that I will be denied the opportunity to appear in GATE 2014....Zone/Scrutiny GATE 2014 Applicant's recent photograph 7CD A219G59 (Enrolment ID) A219G59 A219G59 3..5 cm x 4.00 State Bank of India I hereby declare that all the particulars stated in this application form are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.E.5 cm Shashank Kumar (Full Name of the Applicant) A219G59 15 Mar 1990 (D. TN (Exam City 2) Qualification Details B. 750./Electrical and Electronics Engg.. Year of Graduation: 2012 ANNAMALAI UNIVERSITY CHIDAMBARAM Tamil Nadu 608002 Chennai. Graduated: Yes..B) Male (Gender) SC (Category) No (PD Status) Do not Attest Do not sign on photo Do not staple photo Indian National 9939400771 (Parent's Mobile Number) Tilakdhari Choudhary (Name of the Parent) Communication Address NEW HOUSING BOARD COLONY HOUSE NO 6LH54 BHAGALPUR BHAGALPUR Bihar 812003 GATE Exam Details GATE Paper Code EE Tiruchirapalli.. TN (Exam City 1) 95439 90067 (Mobile No. I have read the Information Brochure and I shall abide by the terms and conditions therein./. any admission/degree/benefit acquired on the basis of GATE 2014 score/marks is liable to be cancelled.