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Date Like A Guy By: Drew Beaty 2 .

Senior year. I spent several late nights talking about this year with my friends. Now we walked to cheerleading tryouts in the gym. Now that I know all guys follow “The Rules”. and it’s true we broke up after I found out most of our relationship was a lie.Chapter 1 Rule #24: The truth is the same thing as bending lies. blonde that came down to her waist. Bennet Larson. Kate and Emma were also on the squad as my right hand ladies. It’s true we dated for most of freshman year. Our cheerleading squad wouldn’t take just anyone with blonde hair and 3 . Emma had long. Now we walked through the hallways. I don’t need another heartbreak. Maybe I am a man-hater. This is a free country and I have an opinion. Many people in my high school would be quick to blame one person in particular for my slightly biased opinion. I just need to get through high school. mousey brown hair and gray eyes. The year every high schooler dreams of. curly. I dreamed of senior year. He taught me most of the rules about how guys date. but I’m not the biggest fan of high school boys either. The only thing that attracted boys to me was my position as the captain of the varsity cheerleading squad. Kate had curly. I had short. straight. Now three years later I don’t need a boyfriend. Maybe my opinion make people think I hate men. Maybe I’m not. I don’t. She had pale skin and green eyes. mohogany hair and blue eyes that created a stark constrast from her tanned skin. Kate and Emma. There was nothing special about me. the highest of the high.

What about 59. 31.” “Well as captain of this squad. twirling. I also think 47. balancing. You two only chose nine. said. I would only take the perkiest. who was looking over the names and numbers. Can you believe it?” The smile on Emma’s face was too big to ignore. I have to remind you we need fifteen more people to make our quota.” “Oh shut up Elsie. We walked into the gymnasium to the sight of at least fifty girls spread out on the floor strecthing. The only seniors were Kate. Just because it’s not the beginning of the year doesn’t mean we can’t be excited. and juniors. and work their asses off for us.14 5. Emma. socially. We walked to the table at the front of the room and set our stuff down. and 62?” 4 .and 56.”I can believe it because I have been a senior for five weeks now. and cheering. 55. and emotionally demanding. The tryouts were three hours long and physically. 20. grinning from ear to ear. most social.”Well I liked 32. flipping. 64. We and watched the them sweat. Emma. and most talented freshmen. Everybody left until it was just the three of us. At the end we told them to take a fifteen minute break while we decide who made the squad. and I just looked at each other.” I agree. “Ohmigod! We’re eyes. sophmores. Kate. and 24.” Emma looked over her notes and said. Kate gave every person a number to pin on the front of their shirt and the three hours of judging began. scream.” Kate. 7. and I. 33.” “Whatever let’s just figure out who our new squad is going to be.

Then. 20. but couldn’t talk so Emma took over saying.“I guess they have potential. 31. 33. all hell broke loose. 30. A screech to my right. 64. hugging. 47. I took a few deep breaths and said. If your number is called then you’re on the squad. After everybody left. How many does that give us?” I counted in my head and announced. 62. I told Kate and Emma to leave before it gets too dark.” Kate’s face showed a different oppinion than her words. I had to organize some papers.”Well. I got the names of our new cheer sqaud and locked up the gym. People running to eachother. 24.” Emma stood up and walked to the door.” That gives us fifteen new cheerleaders to train!” Kate and Emma bursted out laughing.” Only you would be happy on training fifteen wannabe Barbies to flip and tuck for hours every week. 5. After I announced the last number the people who didn’t make it slowly picked themselves up and walked out of the gym. Welcome to the squad!” A scream to my left. “I guess. screaming some more. I didn’t want them to stay out too late because they were waiting for me. 55. Seconds later sixtyeight cheerleaders walked into the room ready to join the squad. 32. 7. there’s 30. Kate opened her mouth. I stood up from my seat and walked in front of the desk. jumping.” Emma’s face looked confused. I walked out the side door 5 .” “Whatever. Just call them in so I can announce the numbers. 56. 14. We appreciate your effort and you are all very talented.” Thank you everyone for your hard work and time. However there are only fifteen spots available. 59.

willing myself to make it to my car before he had a chance to say something else. Then again. How’s the new cheerleaders?” I froze.” I turned around again and headed towards my car. that would be impossible. I found my car keys and unlocked my car. Bennet Larson was the last person I wanted to see this late at night. “Ignoring and avoiding me isn’t going to work forever. “What do you want?” “You haven’t answered my question. You are the captain of the squad. It is your job to tell me who the new cheerleaders are and it’s my job to find out.” I spun on my heel to confront him. I walked casually to my car. I just got my key in when I heard. I turned in the direction of my car.”Hey Elle. I opened the driver’s seat door only to have it closed by one Bennet Larson. “So you’re just going to ignore me?” I walked faster.” “I guess you’re fired.” 6 . luckily the opposite direction of Bennet. it’s worked good enough so far and I only need it to work for the rest of this year.” “She speaks! I was beginning to think you were a mute. as if he wasn’t following me.”Well.and turned to lock the door. I avoided him for most of my high school years. How are the new cheerleaders?” “Why should I tell you?” “I am the varsity quaterback. You have too much damned opinion to be a mute.

“I don’t know how the other quaterback got info from you last year.”I have to go.” Bye Elle. but none of the guys ever believed me.” 7 .” “So that’s it? You’re going to give me the cold shoulder after all we’ve been through?” “What we’ve been through qualifies as hell.” I climbed in my car just as Bennet called out.” “Easy. He wasn’t you.” As I pulled away I found myself muttering to myself.”I hope you die in your nightmares.” I gave up him and his “guys” a long time ago. Sweet dreams.” “I always knew you were fiesty.

but still have a lot of work. Harem. Yesterday was the official cheerleading tryouts. You were out late last night. My dad was in the kitchen making breakfest. so I’m going to be coming home late pretty often. Mr. I made breakfest. An hour later I emerged from a steamy bathroom with a towel wrapped around my torso. When I had made it through Bennet I would have to stay after school to train a lot of newbies. I dragged myself out of my bed and took a shower.” “How did they go?” “I think we have some potential. It’s your senior year. I was in for a long day. to talk to him about our new cheeleading squad. I quickly got dressed and walked out of my room down the stairs of my house.” “Yeah.” “I see and unfortunatley I only have time to take the toast and run.”Good morning.” 8 . Have fun at school. I had to get to school early for a meeting with our principle.Chapter 2 Rule #39: A girl is only as good as she looks. Harsh morning light greeted me the next morning. Then I had to get through school and a most likely unavoidable run in with Bennet. Make sure you don’t take on too much. Anyway.” “That’s a bummer. Elsie.” “Okay.

but it’s the same high school and the same people as the last four years.” “Just try to enjoy it. Is it all you hoped for and more?” “Well. By the time I got to school The sun had just started to make its way high into the sky. I checked my watch and found I was right on time by the time I knocked on his door. “Come in Elsie. Live it while it’s here. but tone it down. Harem. Mr. I grabbed the rest of my school books and ran out of the door. Senior year doesn’t last forever and once it’s gone you’ll see a hundred moments you wished you had done differently. is the official list of cheerleaders in the 2013 varsity squad. how is being a senior. Harem’s offfice.” His laughter filled the room. I will make sure each one of their teachers gets this list. and a hundred more things that you wished you would’ve done. I haven’t really stopped to think about it.” I gave him the list and when it was in his hand he laughed again.”Elsie.” “I will.My dad has said ‘have fun at school’ every morning since fourth grade. I always knew you were serious. The lights in the hallways were dim. I’m the captain of the cheer squad aren’t I?” 9 . I walked to Mr. “This. I fished for my keys and walked into the building.” I walked in and sat down in one of the two chairs facing his desk. Elsie. I need every one of their teachers to have this list so they know who to excuse midday on game days. Don’t just sit on the side lines. being on top and all that. “Now Elsie. I guess it’s different. I pulled out the list of the new cheerleaders.

I knew he was following me. A warm. It felt as if he had been following me ever since freshman year. I looked up to find Bennet staring at me with a broad grin on his face. breathing wall.” “Okay. 10 . I was near my locker. I left the office and put up lists of the varsity cheer squad on every corner. I turned and walked quickly. I just worry about you sometimes. I was almost done with the lists. I turned around and ran right into a solid wall.“That you are. solid. evading his arm reaching out to me. Make sure you tell your mom and dad I said hello. He had to be.” I said knowing that I was only going to tell my dad. I will. If my mom was there then I still wouldn’t tell her. I was in the last wing of the school and I was putting up my last list.

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