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VALUES TO VIRUS - Existing and Persisting Through Time

By: Rachel Samson
Filipino Values System We are living in a mixed culture setting where a wide variety of values exists together. We accept the fact that Philippines is a geographically and culturally divided into regions however it didn!t o"struct the certainty that we do have a recogni#a"le and distinctive values. But the $uestion is what happened to Filipinos% &he pro"lem with us is that we over value and we used to "e with it. '"serve the following good values and how would it turn into a virus that lead us to a disease.

(ospitality a trait displayed "y every Filipino which ma)es us legendary in Southeast *sia. We welcome visitors even if we don!t have to offer. We do everything to ma)e them comforta"le in our house+ country. But we do really do it with all our heart% Sometimes some people some Filipinos did it ,ust to ma)e an impression -pa)itang tao. to others. We concealed "ad interest in good values ,ust to say we!re really good. /amayan -helping hand. it is proven and tested0 Remem"er how we saved each other during calamities whether "y typhoon landslide soil erosion or earth$ua)e. For our )apwa Pilipino we will find ways. But how would it turn into most horri"le scenario% When we let them "ecome a dependent to us for everything they needs and when the idea of utang na loo"-owed. get involved. 12 save your life when there was a calamity you owed something to me so you will do what 2 want you to do.1 3atiisin-patient. in a sense that we can wait for something that we can!t get in hurry. We eat rice with salt even as long as we are in our family. We wear slippers into schools ,ust to fill our mind with )nowledge and what is amusing to us we wal) "arefoot in times. *gain are we gonna stic) to it% /eal with it% 4ive with it% 5ot gonna aim to change it% /o something for it% *re we really matiisin -patient. or martyr% Family 'riented we can!t ta)e away this values to every Filipino. 2n our daily lives every hard wor) we do we do it for our family. Very closed family ties. &ry to loo) in our government a good example of Family orientation 6 what a great political dynasty. *re we really Family oriented or "etter yet called it as 5epotism and 7ronyism%%%
We Filipinos have the potential to "e great. 2 strongly "elieve on that. &he pro"lem is that we lie to our own motives and o"scure it to our own golden values. We "ecome confuse which is authentic in our values. We used each other and treat each other as an o",ect. When something is a"ove us we pull them down. We tend to lose our focus and genuine purpose "ecause of our own interest. We tend to forget that we are aiming for one 6 ma)e Philippines a "etter society "y our distinctive authentic values. /espite of everything 6 we Filipinos 6 the fruit of foreign occupation will still continue to add

good values to our incredi"le history remain its indisputa"le "y its own purpose. 8radually we can do it0 .

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