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I will leave our readers to ponder these issues by way of a reminder from history, the following excerpt from

Zionism versus Bolshevism, by none other than Winston S Churchill, a perspective which we neglect at our direst peril. “In violent opposition to all this sphere of [positive]Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race. Most, if not all, of them have forsaken the faith of their forefathers, and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. This movement among the Jews is not new . rom the days of !partacus"#eishaupt to those of $arl Marx, and down to Trotsky %&ussia', (ela $un %)ungary', &osa *uxem+ourg %,ermany', and -mma ,oldman %.nited !tates', this world"wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civili/ation and for the reconstitution of society on the +asis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossi+le e0uality , has +een steadily growing.”

It is now over two weeks into the Israeli war on the people of Gaza. More than 1300 Palestinian men, women and hildren, and no dou!t some leaders of the militant "roup #amas are dead, as ompared with a handful of Israelis, some dama"ed !uildin"s and disrupted lives in Israel. $oes the %& 'olumn ondone violent #amas atta ks on Israel ( definatel) not ( !ut a omparison to this Israeli atro it) would !e the British *+, !om!in" Belfast, !e ause of a terrorist atta k in Man hester . -hat Israel an murder on this s ale, with the !lind e)e of Britain and +meri a, is despi a!le. ony !lair has of course revealed himself to be the usual puppet of the new world order ban"ing elite, which is "een to sto"e up the Israeli action to help divert attention from the global ban"ing collapse.
While many are reticent about commenting, or being drawn into the debate about the “Israeli # $alestinian issue,” the bra%en, wanton, criminal atrocities that are being committed in this sic" business by the superpower of the region are simply too heinous to be ignored. It is not enough for Israel to hide behind their historic suffering, when their actions are so vicious and unacceptable today, &ewish politicians and their lobbyists in the West, must be made fully accountable. 'o doubt, the smir"ing (r !lair has failed to stand and be counted due to )S and home grown lobbying pressure. &ust where did 'ew *abour funds come from+ 'o doubt also, that the )' has also failed to ta"e action due to the powerful )S#Israeli lobby. What world press fails to report, and the !ritish press and media are no exception, is the concern of many &ews as to the character of their government and the lac" of democracy in Israel. Israel,s clamp down on reporting in the area, apart from a few obvious -locals”chosen by the government,

has seen to that. .n a deeper level, what is it about the Israeli national political character, the “siege mentality,” that violence and murder against civilian populations can be pursued with such inhumane and calculated precision+ /ow can a culture that produced &esus Christ be so immune to the cries of the dead, maimed and dying 0 in the prison camp they have created, of what remains of the country they annexed from the $alestinians, so long ago+ Well, one possible answer is to be found in the secret &ewish law#doctrine of the almud, which itself is every bit as racist and anti0human as anything written by their most recent nemesis and persecutor, 1dolph /itler. 2uite clearly, it is a small minority of &ews, both within the global extended diaspora, and within Israel itself, that subscribe to such ideas, or indeed support this current, self destructive madness. !ut what does it say of us, the formerly “free west” that we have permitted the infiltration, and in some cases the virtual ta"eover of our formerly “Christian” national political systems, by a minority of adherents of such racist and supremacist ideologies. /ave we become so blind that we cannot see the enemy in our midst+ !ut leaving aside such complex cultural, religious and historical factors for now to focus on the strategic picture, it is clear that on this occasion, the inherent instinct for self preservation against all opposition or rationality has forced the Israeli leadership into a disastrous course of action that will lead to incalculable conse3uences if peace is not restored in very short order. We hope that the ceasefire as of 45 &anuary 6778 holds. If it does not, we again ris" the spread of Israeli troops, described in earlier reports as “massing at the border”.1ny such expansion of the conflict beyond 9a%a can only be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to draw other regional powers into a growing and unstoppable conflagration. 1s such, the timing of these operations can no longer be considered to be accidental. With the change in government underway in the )nited States, forces are now in motion that are determined to force the hand of the incoming $resident .bama to guarantee that no alternative to a 477 years war between the “Western” powers and those of the “:ast”, vectored on a vicious and perpetual religious and sectarian conflict in the world,s ma;or oil patch, were ensured. If there were any serious doubt or s"epticism as to the truth of this statement, I refer you to the following blatant statement on the sub;ect by the *ondon :conomist, the leading mouthpiece for the City of *ondon financial oligarchy. “-here is a limit, however. -akin" #amas down a pe" is one thin". But even in the event of Israel .winnin"/ in Gaza, a hundred )ears of war su""est that the Palestinians annot !e silen ed !) !rute for e. #amas will survive, and with it that strain in +ra! thinkin" whi h sa)s that a 0ewish state does not !elon" in the Middle 1ast. -o ounter that view, Israel must show not onl) that it is too stron" to !e swept awa) !ut also that it is willin" to "ive up the land 2the 3est Bank, not 4ust Gaza2where

oldman %. the following excerpt from Zionism versus Bolshevism. should !e tellin" it this.” If (r Churchill.s observations and fears were correct then. $olice. has +een steadily growing. $ersonal >evelopment and >iversity training courses. hese are usually buried in so called *eadership. of them have forsaken the faith of their forefathers. referred to as Sectors. !ut an increasing number are willing participants having been socially -reframed. as the flames leap higher+ 1.=77 organisations have been split into groups. -Sensitivity” training and other behavioural modification programmes. (ost civil sevants are innocent victims of this C/1'9: programme 0 the so called -useful idiots.nited !tates'.s. in ludin" Bara k 6!ama. he same can be said for an escalation of hatred between all Christians. The adherents of this sinister confederacy are mostly men reared up among the unhappy populations of countries where Jews are persecuted on account of their race. and impossi+le e0uality . of envious malevolence. he ris" of a ma. &ews and (uslims. '>$!. &osa *uxem+ourg %. by neuro linguistic. etc. or -reprogrammed. $rimary Care rusts. at a minimum !) freezin" new settlement. Most.=77 organisations including >epartments.. rom the days of !partacus"#eishaupt to those of $arl Marx. and down to Trotsky %&ussia'.” I will leave our readers to ponder these issues by way of a reminder from history.ermany'. they are forming the “Stasi” or “9estapo” of post democratic !ritain. the Western World would do well to help ensure that they are not still correct today. +ll of Israel5s friends. “In violent opposition to all this sphere of [positive]Jewish effort rise the schemes of the International Jews.or middle east conflagaration is as great to the West as it is to the ordinary &ewish people themselves. the Israelis themselves.the promised Palestinian state must stand. *ocal 1uthorities. and -mma . This movement among the Jews is not new . ogether they employ circa @77. 9iven increasing powers of surveillance and even arrest. a perspective which we neglect at our direst peril. o coordinate the shared service discussion and facilitate the adoption of shared shares across 9overnment.777 people and they now impact on every area of our lives. but more importantly. this world"wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civili/ation and for the reconstitution of society on the +asis of arrested development. it is Palestine5s zealots who will flourish and its pea emakers who will fall !a k into silen e. by none other than Winston S Churchill. . if not all.300 Government Departments he )< $ublic Sector has been deliberately inflated to over 4. ?egional 1gencies. %nless it starts doin" that onvin in"l). 1re we. these 4. (ela $un %)ungary'. and divorced from their minds all spiritual hopes of the next world. so foolish as to forget the lessons of malevolent dictators in two world wars.

traditional )< government structures 00 /er (a. print out on )< government and itCs hidden poilicy units.!$dwrd!#riffin!-!Fabian!%ocialis&!s&ained!"lass!window. Common $urpose DC$E F :) F )* [s ow!lo"o!from!#..xford )niversity Said !usiness School 1dam Smith Institute Iabian Society he !ow 9roup . www.esty the 2ueen 00 Change 1gentsA avistoc" Institute Houng Ioundation >emos ?oyal Institute of Intenational 1ffairs Common $urpose (edia Standards rust Id:1 *ocal 9overnment 1ssociation *eadership Centre for *ocal 9overnment Clore Ioundation &oseph ?owntree Ioundation Wor" Ioundation Institute for $ublic $olicy ?esearch !!C .' 00 Gthe third sector 0 the hidden fabian governmentG 00 World !an"ing Cartel 00 Sidelined and !rian 9erish 0 copy of the )< Column pages

ectives. G(en. and hidden from the general public. paid from the public purse and big business. (illiband has already tried to introduce a !ill to ma"e it lawful for Charities to be fully politically involved./I?> W1H. See “(utual 1ction. but that doesnCt "eep the ?othschild#Soros 0 tax exempt I>:S foundation from funding .pen :urope )n*td Convergence hin" an" . which promulgate and implement fabian socialist political ob. ta"ing !ritain from a democracy to a post democratic police state run by an unelected -elite.. clear of parliamentary scrutiny and debate. lin"ed in ever expanding -partnerships. 0 the so called . It includes political charities and “thin"0tan"s”. 0 the so called “ hird Sector “.ptimum $opulation rust he Iederal rust Ioundation for Information $olicy ?esearch )niversities and others. “&ust why would he want that+” K )S churches canCt tal" politics because of @74KcL= tax exempt status.Centre for :uropean ?eform Centre Iorum Ioreign $olicy Centre 'ew :conomics Ioundation 'ew *ocal 9overnment 'etwor" $olicy :xchange ?eform Social (ar"et Ioundation Council for Ioreign ?elations International Institute for Strategic Studies :""lesia Institute of :conomic 1ffairs *ondon School of :conomics . heir ob. and children to be re0engineered into a correct Iabian socialist societyG he hird Sector 0 the hidden Iabian 9overnment his is the “hidden” layer of )< governmentJ the motor 0 cancerous ma%e of unaccountable departments and organisations. women. ?eaders might li"e to as".ective is to deliver political and social “C/1'9:”. Common $urposeA :mpowering the hird Sector” Chaired by the ?t /on >avid !lun"ett ($ for an example of where political attention lies.

. anarchist groups li"e the 1pollo 9roup. collective purpose. neo0feudal serfdom. set of beliefs and values..ority of the money.. or -programming.” Common purpose. see" to change the existing beliefs and values of an individual into a new -politically and socially acceptable. . CHANGE AGENT TRAINING TECHNIQUES (ost -Change 1gents. literature.?'. which have embedded -re0framing.777 charties with a total budget of NOO billion... training visual media and courses . Iabian society. Courses and techni3ues includeA -*eadership.anti01merican. service to the state. S:I) .. material. Women and Children 0 to be re0engineered into the -correct. Courses >iversity Courses Common $urpose 1lpha Course Self Improvement Stress (anagement ?e0Iraming Sensitivity raining 'euro *inguistic $rogramming D'*$E and others. collectivism.. in any sense. We are regarded as -)seful Idiots. he top 47P of these charities consume the ma. 170. 1C.. hey normally do this through education. !ut charitable wor" has been replaced by political wor" by many who feed off public money..000 Charities here are in excess of 4M7. heir wor" is certainly not -charitable. by the new political :lite and their “Common $urpose. United Kingdom General Public Innocent (en...

s our own have been shoc"ed to see the plan for )<.or organisations funding and facilitating the -C/1'9: 19:' S. Dpeople and organisations driving the increasing chaosE are International !an"s. Iew people are aware that the immensely powerful "ri (ateral $ommission plans to drive the world into a one world government. in order to allow them to charge vast sums of interest and accumulate obscene profits. :d !alls ($. is a second secretive and immensely powerful group. (any of the )< Column. Secretaries of State. 'ote the wor" of the “C/1'9: 19:' S”. vote for all this+ So why are our ($s wor"ing with this organisation+ (oney.t say. . greed. blac"mailed or power hungry. Paci+ic including $hina Dthe )S economy had to be bro"en to -balance. unseen and unaudited. 2ueens. What did he learn+ .t thin" that our ($s are wor"ing for you 0 they are controlled puppets. ?ussia and 1frica 0 are you surprised at recent announcements to relax controls on 1frican immigration+E. hey mix with ban"ers and meet on superyachts.ow do these shadow. the ban"ing cartel uses a small number of very powerful supranational fabian organisations to drive policy. his gives the detailed areas of our society to be targeted and destroyed. >espite this. )S1 and South 1merica forced into one economic nation 0 and this is already happening as )S border controls are dismantled. 1side from politicians. 6E *urope Dwhich includes Western :urope. 1ll meetings are by invitation only and no -outsiders. and follow our chart through the :uropean )nion and into the heart of the problem 0 the )<. =E Japan. and charged his travel to public expenses.ur notes are a lie 0 a promise to pay the bearer 0 but to pay what+ Hour N47 notes doesn.s destruction set out so clearly. to direct their puppets of policy. he ri0lats and !ilderbergers own the media. bribed. international ban"ers. hey hide their expenses from public ga%e.ect.osterbee" /olland in (ay 48@O. $rinces.nce you have completed page 8. readers will not be surprised that the ma. his is not for the feint harted. In fact. Wall Street investors. >on. he ri0lateral Commission was formed in 48M= by multi billionaire >avid ?oc"efeller and the marxist Qbigniew !r%e%ins"i.Just who is the ‘hidden hand behind the scenes! "he #upranational $orrupt %an&ing $artel' he present massive ban"ing collapse Dalso not accidentalE has exposed at least part of the vast criminal financial empire that has allowed ban"s to lend money they simply don. . 1mbassadors. much of which still remains secret. voter and !ritish sub.t have. When you have absorbed this devious political web. So secretive are the meetings that whole hotels are ta"en over and security guards are installed in the grounds. !ought. power or blac"mail perhaps+ Wor"ing with the ri0*ateral Commission.organisations control! $lease now turn bac" to page M. hese areA 4E "he )mericas DCanada. by entering numbers in computers. !ritish $rime (insters and (inisters have been attending the annual meetings. Since all things are driven by money. $rince !erhard of the 'etherlands. and the na%i origins. recently attended. the %ilderbergers. ?ead the table from left to right and tic" the right hand box if you feel the actions have been completed. so virtually nothing of their meetings reaches the press or television. news media executives. $residents. and a trans )S1 'orth South highway constructedE. by first forming three geographical power bloc"s in the world. both worldwide and in nation states. he first meeting too" place at the !ilderberg /otel in . he !ilderberg membership is made up of <ings. hey buy rent boys. $rime (inisters. here is no gold bac"ing for paper notes of real value. they operate under a massive cartel. then please read through the >emoralisation and >estruction table on page 8 opposite. Chancellors. In the diagram at the top of the opposite page we show the "ey ban"s 0 the #upranational %an&ing $artel 0 which meet and plot behind the scenes. the economies across the three power bloc"sE. and wealthy industrialists.s “ hird Sector”. return below to see -/ow to Iight bac"”. surprisingly created by ex na%is including &oseph / ?etinger and /is ?oyal /ighness. >id you the reader. hey create it. in the news media are allowed. .

he attac" has been planned and is being executed so that the ordinary person cannot see. clear of unlawful rates of interest from private ban"s.rder.people have alread.reported the treason o+ the *dward . It is their duty to investigate treason when reported.ow to +ight bac& against the ‘.ffice of your -?egion”.. “What on earth is happening to this country+ 0 something is wrong.i+th $olumn & ‘$. and demand immediate reforms for !ritain to issue its own currency again. he 9overnment . !ut people are now saying.more people do so' Contact the )< Column for a C> containing the evidence you need. or writing endless emails is not enough. $all +or a +ull and open investigation into the present +inancial collapse' >emand to "now where your taxes have been spent. 3an. O. and it is vital that man. Sitting and complaining. his is an opportunity.eath government to police stations throughout U K' 3ore people are planning to do so. We can now see that we are being attac"ed. he 3uangos include the “?egional” 1ssembly in your area.” If you wish to stop the destruction of )<. >o not be worried or intimidated by the police. nor understand what is happening. =' "a&e a +riend and visit -our (ocal $ouncillors' ell them what you "now about the :) dictatorship 0 give them a copy of this paper and demand that they stand up and warn the Council Cabinet what is happening in )<. It is designed to lead to our imprisonment in the !ush !rown so called “'ew World . @. 6. he “?egional” >evelopment 1gency. he attac" against this country is subversive and treasonous. What will you tell your children when they are forced to live in an :) dictatorship 0 I was too busy to do anything tough+ 4. telephone call and personal visits.letter. the wor& o+ the pro *U 5uangos in U K' ell them their pro :) wor" is aiding a foreign power and they personally ris" being charged with misprision of treason. 0* )1* %* 2/G )"")$ K * D 0 and that attac" is being carried out against all our institutions. and our culture and history. *4pose and challenge b. you need to act.)/G* ) G*/"# at wor& within Great %ritain. 6isit -our local school and 7 or -our children s .

hey have already set up the (edia Standards rust which will -monitor.ust as much in danger from the :) as you are. ell them what you "now. police.s policies in )< are divisive and antagonistic. o create trouble on the streets. to control society without the need for you or your democratically elected representative. /owever hard this may be. >o not believe this treaty is final. party allegience or faith In the prison camp. . '*$ can and does cause mental illness. Warn them of the dangers of C$. divide communities and pit one against the other. people to believe in a new utopian :) superstate. do remember that time is too short for petty s3uables due to race. Common $urpose is affecting adults and children. only the "ind person will be your friend. media content. Write to your *ocal Council. there will be no other distinction.elp to e4pose the use o+ /euro (inguistic Programming . Split Scotland and Wales from :ngland. Do not accept the (isbon "reat. Stop perverted sex education.8 rati+ied in the .elp to e4pose the wor& o+ the pro8*U political charit. M. We must encourage all people and communities already living in !rtain to wor" together. hey are now creating -future leaders. and therefore not binding on the people of 9reat !ritain.ouse o+ (ords or not' It is unlawful and illegal. the :). . and helping to -reframe. Common $urpose is already lin"ing )< graduates into a :uropean networ". hat is what the :) wants to happen in 9reat !ritain. 5. and encourage them to tell their friends that everyone in !ritain must team up to stop the :) dictatorship from controlling !ritain. 6isit new immigrants in -our area' hey are . B. 47.$ommon Purpose and other 9$hange )gents:' hese subversive organisations are wor"ing to undermine our traditional democracy.are teaching pro8*U material' 1s" that they stop this and replace the material with pro0!ritish educational matter. 8. ell this to your ($. teachers and schoolchildren in political and social propaganda' Write and as" your ($ # Councillor what they are doing to stop it./(P< . *ncourage -our political part. he :) wishes to divide and rule us. $olice force and ($ demanding that they cease paying public money for political leadership training. .members to wor& with other political parties to +ight against massive ban&ing +raud and the *U' 1gain time is too short for antagonistic party and as& i+ the.brainwashing< to train civil servants.

=0 ".%ritish #ociet-' 9"ic& the right hand bo4 i+ -ou thin& the result has been achieved:' . 4O.an78full0Iin0Web . "a&e a +riend and visit -our 3 P' ell him that the :) is destroying this country and that he either does something about it. and that he ta"es steps to call other ($s to account. 4O. 1nd mean"column. 1oot out +raud and corruption in -our (ocal Police and $ouncil' >emand that your ($ cleans up his#her act. We fight evil. 6isit -our $hurch (eader' ell him # her what you "now about the :) and point out that the :) is anti0Christian and against 9od. 46.44. which shows the *U . or you will report him to the police for assisting treason. ell him that you will expect him #to be tried and punished for his crimes if he refuses to act. 4=. principalities and powers. We can fight because they did.2/' 1ead the table below. 1s" him # her to explain what he will do to campain against the :) dictatorship and the sexual depravity and loose morals pervading the established church and society at large.1= 3 0 2". and your parents fought. but 9od is with us.* *U1=P*)/ U/2=/ 2# )"")$ K 2/G )/D D*#"1=> 2/G G 1 * )" %1 2")2/ . Hour grandparents fought. $all +riends in 2reland and overseas' 9ive them support and encourage them to swap information and tactics in fighting the :) and the international ban"ing cartel.scribd.abian tactics being carried out to Demoralise and then Destro. $age 8 of $>IA httpA##www. he .ust penalty for treason is death. Pra. >o not accept lu"ewarm responses and lu"ewarm Christianity.with -our +riends and be brave' We must fight.

(istrust of -. >egradation of intelligence 3uality.. military power and recruitment pool. magic. Collectivism of military power and security.s interests. simony. double standards.. careerism and egoism.=0 ".ustice. /idden Common $urpose of Iabian Socialism. Substitution of false. cynicism. :mergence of the -common mind. )ninformed myopiaA opinions S facts ?eiteration of lies as fact.. 1lpha. speech. (anipulation of information R thought. sense of drift. -*uciferian fog. cheap heroes and role models for inspiration and morals. mumbo . #"1U$"U1* 3 * ". constant lying and e3uivocation. death wish. police. otal unawareness of strategy. events.#ic< 3 * ". sorcery. >iversionary claptrap. 1ddictive fads. 'ational disunity. emptiness and ignorance. false religion. -9roupthin". ignorance of the scripture. and comment. accords and bi0lateral treaties underpinning them. charisma. ?acism. military Dhomosexuality etcE Women in military. posturing by top . *egal cynicism in :) context.) 1*)# o+ #ociettargeted' . spiritual desert.ustice is whatever promotes the :). unwarranted bias in favour of offender.=D# * 3P(=>*D 2/"*/D*D 1*#U("# "ic& i+ complete 1eligion. religious sects. divination. 1ggressive. >efencelessness. scurrilous -happy clappy. non issues.oreign 1elations *egislated. Infrastructure decay.. . Qero historical "nowledge. Inability to act decisively and alone. poisonous party antagonisms. Concentration on fa"e. -ape. ?ights not obligations.* U K 2# %*2/G D*#"1=> *D %> ". which are accepted as such by the uninformed. Ignorance. failure to get to grips with issues. imposed. inconsistent. relativity (onopolisation of -news.* *U' #tage 1 D67 years of sustained D* 3 = 1) ( 2#)"2=/ 0 'early completeE ‘2D*)# . Idolatry of -cooperation. Constant criticism and discrediting of institutions. $ermissiveness. especialltrue $hristianit-' *ducation 3edia $ulture $oliticisation. $enetration and demoralisation of intelligence community. :rosion of individual responsibility. salacious and empty culture. :ntanglement in ever expanding net of multilateral treaties. >iplomats identify with foreign states rather than their own. victimisation of victim.umbo. commercialisation. -$olitical correctness.=D# * 3P (=>*D 2/"*/D*D 1*#U("# "ic& i+ complete (aw and =rder #ocial relations #ecurit2nternal Politics .

=. impotence :nfeebled !ritish masses. state provided conditional health care. !ig brother is the collective T he -!east. urbanisation. destruction of all past values and self esteem. :nveloping sense of DtheE oppressive. wrong priorities. !ig brother appears in the wings in the :) context. Common purpose of general alienation. and is not yet recognised as such. $sychological collapse. ?ed tape. (aximisation of indignation. Impotence on world stage. $ower. #U%6* 1#2=/ D*#")%2 ( 2#)"2=/ 7 D*#"1U$"2=/ =. sense of impending brea"down. drug abuse. drugs. mobocracy. vs.=D# * 3P (=>*D 2/"*/D*D 1*#U("# "ic& i+ complete . lac" of purpose.ealth 1ace Population (abour Ioster brea"down. obesity. arbitrary abuse of power by bureaucrats. Confusion at the top.. 9overnment by -spin doctorate. ?eaction. >estroy loyalty. destroy marriage. leaving state to claim it. !ig !rother gains credibility. vulnerability to mass epidemics. encirclement. I?1 terrorists S freedom fighters. D* 3 = $ 1) $> . &un" food. excessive taxation. irresponsible power struggle >estruction of legal substructure. environment debate. currency. societ. not international terroristsE. which has -emerged. >ouble standards De.g.* 3 * ". drug addiction. 1lcohol. victimisation. as the oppressor.appening /ow< "ic& i+ complete Power struggle *conom#ociet-.amil-. rade unions vs society. rioting. elevation of racism to /itlerian level. mass sports. exposures. law Position in the world $opulism. "able ta&en +rom the #oviet /ational revolutionar. #tage ? "12U 3P. street deaths.subversion process revealed b. -genetics. public sector chaos. demoralisation. brea"down of law and order.#ovet de+ector >uri%e@menov' [how to print f !! ta"!e # s$reenshot%%%& . bargaining process. promotion of diversity. ‘(2. industry. Substance subordinated to image. 1ll influence lost. (ixing of races. 9rass roots participation in everything.leadership. degradation of breeding. 1lienation from countryside. >estroyed as nation is consumed in multi0nation mechanisms..

we have trust. and w e do not condone violence.. Please com e. La wful Rebellion is not violent.‘than& -ou Isn. so another thank you for being patient. not following any contrived future vision presented as the way forward by the global elite. Dece mber w as a difficult time for m any and w e apologise that our end of year edition could not be printed. $eople whose only commitment is to ma"e the world a better place. $eople who willingly give support and strength to complete the circle of protection. $eople li"e these we are so luc"y to call our friends. good moral values.see the advert on page 2.. respect and safety for future generations are of paramount importance. $eople whose faith will not allow them to veer from the straight and narrow and who spend time in prayer for 9uidance. with common sense and selflessness. $eace and $rotection. to you. I t has been compiled to assist our British Constitution Group conference in Stoke on 2 4 January 2 0 0 9. I t has been your valued contribution that has kept us all going. Th ere are still some places left.‘Just to sa. $eople who appreciate the contributions madeJ made freely with no incentive of gain or reward because they see that something has to be done for the greater good. Irom all of us at the )< ColumnJ editorUu"column. The conference is about t a king a c tion. not %rian Gerish A "han& >ou''' Thank you to all our readers and supporters for their help. So may we ta"e this chance to say -than" you. The time has com e to a c t in ne w w ays to expose and remove those w ho are pulling . support and generosity in 2 0 0 8. &ustice.. If we have these things. ethics. truth.. to rebuild a ne w democracy w i thin Great Britain. The phone c alls told us you w er e keen.. our true friends and supporters. Action. and protest w i thin the law. without want of fame or favour.. who are. precious and valuable above any commodity.t life wonderful when there are J $eople without life0coaching or hypnotic training.s feet. La wfull Rebellion is about using the law.. When there areJ $eople who genuinely care for others. advice. in order to fight more effec tively for our freedom in this land. doing so much to put humanity bac" on it. a place where honesty. Without trust the future is invisible. This is of course a bumped up 2 0 page edition to start 2 0 0 9.

Mat t ers are serious and w e need immediat e a c tion. The collapse of the syste m is an opportunity for freedom. We. A minority of truth seekers today w ill become a m ajority of truth seekers tomorrow. w i th interest to feed a criminal banking c a rt el. Al w ays t ell the truth. Keep fighting .the battle has just start ed in e rnest. explains w ha t is really happening in Britain.. your generosity allo ws us to a c t) .not words..this country to pieces. or unbelievable it m ay see m. no ma t t er how dark the subject. Brown is desperat ely t rying to prop up the system for a little longer. Of mature years.8 and 9. and others. H appily there are younger people no w coming to the breach and w e hope to see them at Stoke on the 2 4 th. The ne w government w ill issue the currency it needs. Elizabeth’s c a mpaigning efforts put m any to shame. We have rec ently been informed that Elizabeth is in hospital and she is in our thoughts and prayers. We say w ell done . I t is a reflection of the pitiful stat e of this country that it takes m any from a generation that should be relaxed in their retirement to fight for their country once again. Finally ordinary people are w a king up and asking w h a t is happening. Elizabeth Becke t t. have to fight hard to explain to the U K general public that the only real solution is to w rit e off all debt (this will be an inconvenience to private bankers) and no one else.. As w e explain. and advises how to counter it.7. this is a tot al collapse of the world financial system.w e kne w you would. By pouring yet more £ billions into the bankers fraudulent hands. In ans wering their questions use informa tion and ma t erial from the U K Column. Finally. and re-instat e a ne w banking system directly serving people w i thout usury and the associat ed m assive debt. H e m ay t ry but fall it w ill. Our four page a r ticle on pages 6. The m ajor event at present is the collapse of the world financial system. and not the ‘Credit Crunch’ nonsense so loved by Bro wn and the BBC. Brian Gerrish & The N e w Battle of Britain Team (Please donate. the staff at the U K Column express their very best w ishes for the stal w a r t c a mpaigner for freedom and democracy.

ust propaganda films. 'ow+ Who would have thought this "ind of thing could happen in peacetime+ .ects to :) reaties or *egislation.SC:E. I loo" at 1rticle @ of the reaty of VelsenJ :urogendfor D:9IE may be placed at the disposal of the :uropean )nion D:)E and also of the )nited 'ations D)'E. or perhaps '.rganisation D'1 . Dbecause I> Cards and the heavy laws are from the :) plus the overriding of our own ConstitutionE /:H >:S:?V: 1** /1 /:H 9: .#%$B /ast-.S means the $arty on whose territory the permanent /2 is locatedE and the ?eceiving State D he $arty on whose territory :9I Iorces are stationed or in transitE. If you believe our police are heavy handed now. :urogendfor can basically do what it wants. perhaps more so than the Criminal because criminals "now the ris"s they are ta"ing when they set out to brea" the law. the !ritish ban". %rutish 1ats )nd Proud =+ 2t by . other weapon systems and explosives on the conditions that they are authorised to do so by their orders and that they do so in accordance with the laws of the /ost State D/.E and other international organisations or an ad hoc coalition. If you thin" the :urogendarmerie cannot operate here in the )<. carry and transport arms. we might all wish our premises too were inviolable. thin" again. too" out a full0page ad in he 'ew Hor" imes (aga%ine featuring a large.( so that no foreigner would have control over the people of this Country.rganisation for Security and Co0operation in :urope D. the 'orth 1tlantic reaty . wait until the :urogendarmerie are here on the Streets of this once 9reat Country that so many died fighting for. the . D1rt 48E. >ont you wish all of us had the right to do what we want+ If they come crashing into your house in the dead of night. buildings and archives D1rticle 64E. (y thoughts turn to my memories of how I watched newsreels of the 9estapo in action during world war two.r /ere in the )nited <ingdom of 9reat !ritain+ 1nnie $almerston .*etter re :urogendarmerie If anyone votes for 1'H ($ that wants to remain in the :uropean )nion. ammunitions. DIor now. they cannot do this in the )<E I believe even the innocent have much to fear. each with one of the . In other words. So basically :urogendfor may be put into use anywhere that may be deemed a crisis situation by the :). actually. perhaps a country that ob.ohn morton /S!C. especially if the *isbon reaty is ratified. Some tried to have us believe they were . It was for I?::>. ratified+ 1rticle 4B D6E :urogendfor $ersonal may possess. ugly rat00three pictures of the rat. :urogendfor has many $rivileges and Immunities. Individual $rivileges D1rt 67E and they also have Inviolability of the premises.

/S!C /oldings plc is the holding company which arose from the /ong <ong and Shanghai !an". he printing press has to be turned on. 1s the financial crisis spins out of control.. It is fast becoming a crisis of li3uidation. than"s to the extraordinary profits it has reaped from the opium trade. and instead demands that the central ban"s ta"e charge and print as much money as necessary to cover the derivatives claims. as it was "nown.. >escribing the primary problem facing the global financial system as “a shortage of money.words Gfree0speechG. /S!C has also recently called for Central !an"s o !ail . $anic ta"es over. and then weCre going to destroy you. which is centered in the multi03uadrillion0dollar derivatives mar"et.” <ing insists.G and now /S!C is issuing a warning of its own. “ he printing press has to be turned on. <ing views the matter from the parasite.s Weimar ?epublic discovered in the .” <ing says. we suspect they are both bragging and issuing a threat. 1ny cash they. the imperial rats are being unleashed to spread chaos around the globe. they hang on to. sharp0toothed rat in the /S!C ad reflects the oligarchsC intent in the coming got. we rats of the empire are going to destroy your free speech. aggressive. the notorious flagship ban" of the !ritish :ast India CompanyCs opium trade.” /e admits that such a policy could cause “hyperinflation. so we can only presume that the ugly. became perhaps the most powerful ban" in the world.. camaraderie and clout+ Well. WeCre not sure exactly what message /S!C is trying to convey here. the !an" of :nglandCs (ervyn <ing warned that Gthe nice decade is behind us. GcamaraderieG and GcloutG superimposed. Whereas the obvious solution is to shut the derivatives mar"ets down. sayingA the problem in our newly deflationary world is a shortage of money. households and investors fear a shortage of cash.” /S!C managing director of economics Stephen <ing then asserts that the solution “has to be moneti%ation. Spreading misery for profit is the primary business of the !rutish !an"ing :mpire. your camaraderie and your clout. we. red0eyed. !ac" in (ay. he /ong Shang.s perspective. “K Whe financial crisis is mutating. adding that “the overall volume of lending is inevitably coming down” and that “companies. 1ny cash they need..” <ing ma"es these assertions in his column in today. as 9ermany.. Hou want free speech. he problem facing the derivatives speculators is that there is nowhere near enough money in the world for them to cash out their fictitious winnings. but given the nasty nature of the ban".re edging toward a world of deflation.ut he >erivatives (ar"et. they raise via the sale of other assets which can be swapped into money.” hat is a fair description of the reverse0leverage blowout now under way.s *ondon Independent.

6778 $ostedA 4A@4 am &anuary 47.. (anhattan >istrict 1ttorney ?obert (orgenthau said. the future will be even worse.s central ban"ers. 6778 he !ritish ban" *loyds has admitted it systematically coo"ed its boo"s to let billions of dollars from Iran flow undetected through 'ew Hor" ban"s between 6774 and 677O in violation of )S sanctions 0 and now must pay a X=@7 million fine and help the feds trac" the money. officials announced yesterday. We also want the public to understand the extent of the Iranian efforts to ma"e purchases overseas. from the world. are exceptional times.” In effect.almar Schacht. though.. to implement their plan. his is a prescription for both a global ban"ers. none of the *loyds money has been lin"ed to terrorism. environmental .. he governments of 8 :) states have signed a declaration that demanded stronger -social.. a vital component of long0range missiles. (oney passing through one of these ban"s has been traced to a massive purchase of tungsten.” it “should not come from finance ministers but. from page 46A “. 'o wonder /S!C is calling for a new /.” <ing further states that.4867s and Qimbabwe has discovered today.G (orgenthau said. leaving it for the nations and their peoples to pic" up the ultimate tab. “to ma"e the policy credible. 1 nd for these :) states. )nder its agreement with state and federal officials.. instead.? I?1' *. some larger than *loyds.” but dismisses that danger by claiming that “ hese. 1re gramscian fascists in need a new -furher. G his investigation is important for two reasons. crushing austerity upon the population of the world. So far. !ut (orgenthau said his office and federal officials were probing the 'ew Hor" activities of nine other :uropean ban"s.. 1rticle from 2ew 3ork 4ost concerning *loyds (ank !?I !1'< X*1$$:> I.G Y. <ing is demanding that the central ban"s save the speculators by printing as much money as is necessary to save their funny money. (orgenthau said. *ast updatedA 6A67 am &anuary 47. GWe hope itCs a deterrent for other ban"s considering this "ind of stripping operation. *loyds admitted it routinely GstrippedG the identifying information from wire transfers of money of Iranian origin passing in and out of 'ew Hor". dictatorship and savage. *1)'>:?I'9 new yor" post !y *1)?1 I 1*I1'.

social . he courses are run by the little "nown 'ational School of government. 1mong those sent on courses have been police officers. via the anvil and hammer Din. !a"e and 9rill restaurant. collectivist0man. Why should the !ritish people be sub. sent 67 . Its successor. Included in the N4. Ksame in )S1. *S:E social re0engineering of man"ing. it was revealed yesterday. a small rural force.ust li"e the Soviet )nion. council tax inspectors and members of financial watchdog 1udit Scotland. the courts. When 9orbachev too" the <remlin over. Wiltshire $olice. as well as national and local press R media. which collapsed . for civil servants CIVI* servants are being sent to a luxury hotel for -diversity.M@@ cost of the -(anaging >iversity. ?ussia. Common $urpose training involves -mind bending. flatscreen Vs and complimentary wi0fi internet connection. :ach bedroom has en0suite facilities. Sessions involve -role play with actors. an arm of the cabinet office at the Sunningdale par" venue near 1scot.. 0 which will only ma"e their economies less competitive and reduce economic growth. methods of behavioural modification and experiencial learning 0 perhaps we should be very worried. tennis courts.ust B years later. it was too late to reform the )SS?. we should be worried about the rise of a corrupt secret state 0 the so called hird Sector now promoting -C/1'9:.. is still a poor state. which are served in the Steam. !er"shire. courses costing nearly N6777 a head. he seminars are held over five days at the venue. a cro3uet lawn and a gymnasium. and -awareness wor"shops.ection and in. hey will he :) is . course are meals.and wor" protections...ects of another socialist megastate+ Common $urpose is also at wor" in law firms. which stands in B@0acre grounds and boasts a pool.” *uxury *essons In >iversity T from pg 4O *uxury lessons in -diversity..unctionE into the “new politically correct. Its successive appointed dictators Dexcept 9orbachevE were dogmatic socialists who failed to reform the )SS?.. for our society.usticeW Social &ustice S common purpose S fabian socialist D?oc"efeller funded )niv Chicago.

but a cost0effective training facility.oy an active outdoor life”. 1nd (ar" Wallace of the ax $ayers. Wiltshire $olice force 3uality officer 1drian Williamson saidA -It has been a . /owever. DSource text not )< Column T un"nownE . heads are being stuffed with politically0correct gobbledygoo".ourney of greater understanding of diversity..obs.arming and .co. fluoridated water.. (I@ decided to advertise in gyms because “experience has shown that effective surveillance officers are generally physically fit. 1ccording to Whitehall sources. 1 9overnment source last night insisted the Sunningdale cpmplex was -not a luxury hotel. hormones .s. It is the first time (I@ has used a poster campaign to recruit its spies. do ministers really thin" sending civil servants on diversity courses at a luxury hotel is prudent+.. pg 4@ 3 2C has resorted to a poster campaign in private (ondon g-ms to recruit more women +rom the ethnic minorities' Security service chiefs say they want cunning and intelligent women who have an excellent memory. a blac" spy wor"ing for 1merica.ust0the0spy0(I@0 is0loo"ing0for.0blac". while remaining composed enough to trac" a potential suicide bomber. he campaign comes as (I@ is undergoing one of the biggest transformations in its history. 1pplicants must also have the s"ills to blend into a variety of cultural bac"grounds. the organisation will increase the si%e of its staff from 6.. he campaign echoes the last &ames !ond film 0 >ie 1nother >ay 0 in which /alle !erry played 9iacinta -. !y 6775.s 'ational Security 1gency. httpA##www.ood 8 "he plan to stop %ritain +eeding its people' $age 4@ T ++++ not a real strong case vis a vis T 9(.&inx. Shadow cabinet office minister 'ic" /urd saidA -1t a time when millions face losing their . underta"e plenty of exercise and en. Vax attac"s etc. !$1 synthetic estrogen. and the advertisements will also feature in leisure and specialist trade maga%ines. will establish separate offices in cities outside *ondon.telegraph. testimonials suggest the courses are of benefit.577 to =. in an attempt to combat the threat of home0grown Islamist terrorists lin"ed to al02aeda.employees on one course alone.html . 1lliance saidA -'o wonder public services are struggling if civil servants. &ohnson.@77 and.0female0Hou0could0be0.u"#news#u"news#4@6O7=5# Houng.

or are they creating a -sta%i.+ :d *U in control o+ UK militar. however I contend that the Sustainable Communities 1ct is a cunning piece of legislation having as its intention the micro0management . are said to have discussed the plan earlier this -ear. increasinglcontrolled b.lash: )s the *U ‘loc&s %ritain into its web o+ control. It is supported by disparate bodies. the Campaign for ?eal 1le. and the Women. his might be thought amusing. Gordon gives awa. +abian socialist 9collectivism: to the local level under the cloa& o+ the 9Green )genda: ieB 9sustainable development': (ocal communites''' and 9sustainable development: .A pg 1D 9. and C1(?1.rench President' Gordon %rown and 3r #ar&o@-. police.rench proposal would see a %ritish aircra+t carrier placed at the heart o+ a new *U naval group' "he plan +or an *U naval +orce is being put +orward b/icholas #ar&o@..*U penetration into the +orces $ommand E $ontrol and De+ence Development #ectors' Pg 1F G the ne4t phase is to bring post8democratic. some of which might be thought to be conservative in outloo".rench o++icials have described the tal&s between (ondon and Paris as 9well advanced': 0hat /* (#=/ +aught +or. trade unions.. It would appear (I@ prefers to focus on creative thin"ing connected with ladies changing rooms. with common purpose. not to mention 9C/2. and . %ritish ships are pawned out +or *uropean directed operations against ‘pirates ''''' %ehind the scenes a .(I@ is able to recruit more “cunning and intelligent ladies” but is unable to explain the use of '*$ by political charities within the heart of our political.U/ )genda ?1<'''' "he #ustainable $ommunities )ct he Sustainable Communities 1ct is drafted in such a way that local councils have to vote to adopt its re3uirements in their own area..lash .lash .behind the bac&s o+ a politicall.s Institute. defence sectors. such as the Countryside 1lliance. It is also supported by such bodies as he !lac" :nvironment 1gency..emasculated )dmiralt-.

he 1ct purports to faciltate action to improve local communities and the environment and has -teeth. Specifically it refers to an initiative of the )' called Sustainable >evelopment 1genda 64. Women. if you will. Sustainable >evelopment 1genda 64 is a comprehensive statement of political ideology that is being progressively infused into every level of government throught the world. -.ust go through the charade of -consultations. he Sustainable Communities 1ct was promoted by a cross0party group of ($. *ocal Wor"s informs us that the 1ct will do much more than . Consult the *ocal Wor"s website to learn more about it. It became concretised by a statement found in the !runtland ?eport. It discusses taxation of supermar"et out of town par"ing spaces. please notice -Sustainable >evelopment.of our lives in the name of the environment. he Sustainable Communities !ill promises action on things such as the retention of post offices and of local shops.DCambrudge )niversity $ressE released during the 485M )nited 'ations World Commission on :nvironment and >evelopmentA he term -sustainable.ectives of the 1ct found on *ocal Wor"s website.ur Common Iuture. rather than an ob.s.ectively sustainable form of development. owards the bottom of the list of the ob. .. collectivism by another name which is being achieved on the bac" of envoronmental concerns.. It is. has become a bu%% word that refers to a political agenda. hese promises may have attracted such organisations as the Countryside 1lliance.s Institute and C1(?1.. Who other than fuddy duddy reactionaries could oppose development that promises to improve our communities and environment in a sustainable way+ )nfortunately the political concept of Sustainable >evelopment is not very well understood. on matters of local environmental interest.

he idea for such front organisations was adapted from the Soviet '<V> Dforerunner of the <9!E..he :uropean )nion is fully signed up to the )' Sustainable >evelopment 1genda.ust how many people are now wor"ing for the :). especially to local councillors. or a voice''' $ost H I aircra+t carriers. .radioliberty.without a vote.pen :urope analyst 'ic" Cosgrove was 3uoted by the elegraph. ?obert heobald pg 1F 1*B UK loss o+ sovereignt. as opposed to the =6.s 4M7.via the (isbon "reat. In !ritain the *ocal Wor"s organisation wor"s out of B Cynthia Street. *insay &en"ins informs us that $:$. 1 clear explanation of Sustainable >evelopment 1genda 64 may be found at www. hey .777 people are needed to run the :).pen :urope has found that 4M7. agenda or before too long they will be so hedged about that conservatism ceases to be possible.freedomadvocates. now called the $olicy Studies Institute was the first Iabian front outfit.ther Iabian fronts include the Iederal rust. www. of ?adio *iberty has prepared his Sustain able >evelopment Syllabus which can be supplied on C> on re3uest. $olitical and :conomic $lanning. * $lease forward this message widely. . B Cynthia Street has been reported as being associated with (arxists or -former (arxists. org >r Stan (onteith. or 1J regional hospitals''' he :). a Iabian Society front organisation.777 that the :) Commission claims. (ail and >e elegraaf as saying. In her boo" ->eath of !ritain. “ he Commission desperately tries to play down . Conservatives and conservatives must be aware of the -sustainable development. at which address is also to be found Charter 55.7770strong army of bureaucrats 1 new report from .

*)1 %u.. under !rown..are extremely secretive about the number of people who are wor"ing to churn out regulations”. with the assistance from the state funded *uropean 3ovement Dposing as a grass roots pressure groupE.. he lies.pen :urope study. he .* ( 2 *# )/D P1=P1=P)G)/D) =. 1lter0:) is concerned with the over0representation of business interests in a number of groups and is “deeply concerned about the lac" of progress so far” in ad. . helped b. pg 1I'''' G (=%)( 0)1 3 2/G 8 ".pen :urope report puts the figure for people involved in these committees at @6.1 "elB 00 JJ .” his huge figure K4M7...@@7. . wor"ed in 48M6 to prevent the public having a referendum and exercising their will over the 3uestion as to who was to govern them.0<1FC? 31?FJ3 >o the media and the press really understand what they are doing when reporting . containing the real documents showing . P-mouth. Cameron and Clegg.this uni5ue $D. and cannot be held accountable by ordinary citi%ens.s :) membership today. Start by reading and understanding how we were “Shoe0horned into the :) $olice State. $ount.eath and man..others.. deceit and treachery still go on. /e addedA “ hese people are not elected. 1? #usse4 #treet. Irom a 'ew .ouse. but also puts a powerful spotlight on the illegitimacy of !ritain.. It is time for this nation to wa"e up and punish the guilty.” 9et your copy from the )< Column for K3'00 plus K1'00 postage and pac&ing' 0rite toB "he U K $=(U 3/. P(1 ?.... raises vital 3uestions not only concerning treason already committed Dand still being committed by those in powerE.pen and read for yourself the deceit perpetrated by the ruling elite at the time. his educational C>. you will find a wealth of official recently released archival documents from the period 48M7 0 M6 on this C>.the *uropean 3ovement' (eticulously researched by (r >ave !arnby.usting this imbalance. raitor ed /eath. committing treason.777W is commensurate with the huge influence that !russels now has over everything in our daily lives”.. including the %%$.

hey had *ord urner and 9eorge (onbiot on air together. it seems that is exactly what he has done 0 hoo". Christopher !oo"er who writes in the Sunday elegraph. he !!C "nows no bounds in bias on this sub.6 is a colourless.75P of total world emissions 0 most of it coming from . We are told that the science is “settled” and that we humans are somehow affecting the climate in a catastrophic wayJ that we are reaching a “tipping point” of no return. Indeed there would be no life on earth as we "now it without the stuff. Well.ust 7. would be good for !ritish . we should all be taxed for exhaling the stuff+Z Het C.s natural and we are being conned”. :xtra C.ob to scrutini%e and 3uestion what is being stated or do they blindly repeat what they are told+ Shouldn. line and sin"er. as" anybody in the street.t they be doing a bit of research+ In the elegraph recently. 1lso in the elegraph. all the rports tamely go along with the “accepted science”. and the answer is that “climate has always changed 0 it. So what is the agenda of the press and the media+ Isn. to discuss the Climate Change !ill blithely discussing the need for this tiny little country to reduce carbon emissions by up to 57PZ 'ever mind that it wouldn. Het. his was illustrated on Countryfile D!!CE when reporting on greenhouse production in Iceland.6 is often pumped into greenhouse to enhance crop growth.ect. 'igel Iarndale 3uoted the term “global warming deniers” and these people Dme being one of themE consider him to be gullible in swallowing the manmade global warming theory. odourless.t it their . non0toxic gas which is beneficial to plant life. Irwin Stei%er thin"s that -green taxes. /e goes along with the idea that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and should be treated as such.t ma"e a blind bit of difference because we produce .obs. tasteless. Iollowing this logic.on climate change+ 1part from one main exception.

that there would still be leaves on trees. or indeed the vast costs to the !ritish public of what will go down in history as the longest economic suicide note in history. not to mention some common senseA0 1 sample of dry air consists of M5P nitrogen and 64P oxygen. Why weren. ermites are believed to produce more than the whole of industrial )S1Z .natural processes.6 fraction Dalthough admittedly risingE and we must not forget the evil methane at 7.7774M@P. he remaining 4P consists mainly of argonJ 7.ther significant factors affecting the climate include cosmic rays.t Christopher !oo"er or Viscount (onc"ton invited to comment+ !ac" in the early autumn. aside from very short term forecasts in local geographical areas. to name but a few. volcanic activity.7=5Pis the C. We are told that these are “powerful” greenhouse gases. sunspot cycles. was predicting a green Christmas. . assertions. one spo"esman. here was no attempt whatsoever to challenge their predicitions.s activities. Climate is the most complex. /ow can we possibly believe their predictions on the climate for 47. o claim that any unusual weather event may have been caused by manmade global warming is fraud. changes in land use Dland clearance. @7 or even 477 years time. he certainly got that wrong.s orbit around the sun. Well. possibly from the (et . i.ffice.6 comes from natural sources 0 the remaining OP fro man. non0linear. changes in the earth. by definition cannot be predicted. solar magnetic cycles. Het the largest “greenhouse” gas is water vapour at 8MP of all these gasesZ 8BP of C. >o you plan a bar0b03ue three wee"s ahead based on !!C weather forecasts+ o ignore chaos is fraud. I have followed the global warming debate for nigh on ten years having been directed to a website which set a few simple facts. chaotic system "nown to man and.e.

Colchester elA7577 78=MB45 Kcomment on the pseudo0intelligentsia who never had an original thought and drin" daily from the firehouse of mandatory mental illness T ieA culturalal marxism.. / * (enc"en his surely sums up the hysteria being created by politicians who are in thrall to be the over0powerful environmental lobby.B degC. soon to have their taxes raised. bodies polluted via /uxleyCs call for indoctrination via in. food poisoned. social approval#disapproval [a"a political correctness.?ising temperatures historically precede increases in C. health care rationed. It has been flatlining or even falling since then. hey thin" theyCre avante gard T when in reality theyCre nothing more than disposable useful idiots. Why then the media lies and $ropaganda+ Simply $olitics of Iear. and union wor"ers now being laid off and losing their . 9lobal warming or climate change are therefore not the things we need to fear but the idiotic an ruinous policies that ar being put into place which will lead us into penury and slavery. he world. he (edieval Warm period or the *ittle Ice 1ge.6 did not cause the ?oman Warm $eriod..unction.6 not vice versa.W www'cpe4posed'com .s average temperature in the last century apparently increased by .. government employees. ?owland $antling $art0time ?esearcher..ust 7. Changes in the amount of C. all of them imaginary”.ieA the tens of thousands of teachers. useful idiots is an understatement..obs.ection and in. he rate of change in sea levels has not changes in at least the last hundred years. “ he whole aim of practical politics is to "eep the populace alarmed 0 and hence clamorous to be led to safety 0 by menacing it with a whole series of hobgoblins..