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Energize Your Resolutions
The New Year is, well, new. It’s fresh, clean, untainted and energizing. And with this new beginning comes a sense of hope that life can be different. It can! I want to help you create a healthier, happier, more satisfying life! You’ve heard me say many times, if you want life to be different you have to do things differently. Below is a tool to help you set your intentions for 2012 and create an action plan to follow. A written plan will energize your resolutions. To help you create real and lasting change, begin by choosing no more than three (3) areas on which to focus your energy. Many people try to make too many changes at once only to get frustrated or overwhelmed and abandon their resolutions. 2012 New Year, New Energized You Action Plan

What are your top three 2012 resolutions: 1. ___________________________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________________________

Next, answer all the questions below. Then go back and focus all your attention on creating a success plan for your top three areas. Remember when setting your intention or goal, be SMART S - specific, significant, stretching M - measurable, meaningful, motivational A - achievable, action-oriented, agreed upon R - realistic, results-oriented, relevant, reasonable, rewarding T - time-based (start/finish date), tangible



e. book.3!!6!!433/7880%029$:0&.! Physical Fitness level Physical health Strategies: • Intentional movement / exercise • Stretching • Focused breathing • Sleep • Healthy habits (i. stop smoking) • Pamper/love/appreciate your body • Stress reduction • Sexual intimacy ! • Meditation Other: What changes to your physical wellbeing are you going to focus on? What resources can best assist you? (Expert/trainer/coach.$<$%935&.) "!#$%&'!()*$+.'=+5>!! @! .-!.102-!. video./0. program.)3452-!45. audio.

'=+5>!! A! ./0.-!.! Nutritional Healthy foods Example: • Organic • Grass fed • Cage free • Locally grown • Reduce or eliminate dyes • GMO free • No boxed and or highly processed food Dietary supplements What 1 or 2 changes are you going to make to improve your diet? What resources can best assist you? (Nutritional expert.) "!#$%&'!()*$+.102-!. program. video.)3452-!45.3!!6!!433/7880%029$:0&.$<$%935&. audio. book.

program) "!#$%&'!()*$+.3!!6!!433/7880%029$:0&.)3452-!45.-!.'=+5>!! B! .$<$%935&. audio./0.! Emotional Feelings & thoughts Emotional/energy blocks Hot buttons Strategies: • Meditation • Emotional energy clearing • Journaling • Gratitude • EFT • Visualization How are you going to improve your emotional health? What resource can best assist you? (expert. book. video.102-!.

program) Spiritual Relationship with your higher power Your life purpose Morals and ethics Stewardship Local church or spiritual center affiliation Sacred relationships C! "!#$%&'!()*$+.)3452-!45.! Environmental Clean Organize Declutter Strategies: • Fung Shui • Decrease use of chemicals • Limit TV/video game time • Decrease noise pollution How are you going to improve the health your environment? What resource can best assist you? (expert.3!!6!!433/7880%029$:0&.$<$%935&. video. book.102-!./0. audio.'=+5>!! .-!.

program) Relational Self Family Friends Pets Community Significant other Intimacy/Sex What one relationship would you like to improve most? Why? "!#$%&'!()*$+.'=+5>!! D! ./0.3!!6!!433/7880%029$:0&.! What are you going to do to strengthen your spiritual health? What resource can best assist you? (expert.)3452-!45. video. audio. book.-!.$<$%935&.102-!.

/0. program) Work/Career Career planning Workplace relations Business skills & knowledge Entrepreneurship Authorship Management Leadership What change would you like to make in your career? "!#$%&'!()*$+.$<$%935&.'=+5>!! E! .-!.102-!.3!!6!!433/7880%029$:0&.! How will this change benefit you? How will it benefit the other person? What resource can best assist you? (expert. book. video. audio.)3452-!45.

/0. audio. program) "!#$%&'!()*$+. book.'=+5>!! F! .)3452-!45. video.102-!.-!.! Are you ready? What would it take to get ready? What is your passion? Can you monetize it? Do you want to monetize it? What resource can best assist you? (expert.3!!6!!433/7880%029$:0&.$<$%935&.

$<$%935&.)3452-!45.'=+5>!! G! .! Financial Clear negative beliefs about money Increase income Financial planning Strategies: • Pay off debt • Bill consolidation • Negotiate medical bills • Decrease expenses What unhealthy beliefs do you hold about money? When was this belief created? What change are you making in regard to your finances this year? Set your monetary intention: $ "!#$%&'!()*$+./0.102-!.3!!6!!433/7880%029$:0&.-!.

program.-!. book. book.102-!. audio. audio.$<$%935&.! What resource can best assist you? (Expert.) "!#$%&'!()*$+. video.)3452-!45.3!!6!!433/7880%029$:0&.) Recreational/Fun Arts & music Dancing Literature Rest & leisure Sports & hobbies Travel Vacationing Laugh/fun What are you going to do or do more of just for the fun of it? What resource can best assist you? (Expert.'=+5>!! ?H! . video. program./0. coach.

! To create a whole health lifestyle you have to honor both the left and right side of your brain. Intellectual Lifelong learning Reading Memory In what area are you going to increase your knowledge or proficiency? What resource can best assist you? (Classes. programs.102-!.$<$%935&./0.'=+5>!! ??! .)3452-!45.) "!#$%&'!()*$+. audios. videos. experts. books.-!.3!!6!!433/7880%029$:0&.

3!!6!!433/7880%029$:0&. classes.)3452-!45.$<$%935&.'=+5>!! ?@! .-!./0.! Creative Writing Art Music Invention Discovery / exploration Vision / big picture Intuition How are you going to nurture your creativity? What resource can best assist you? (Music. supplies.102-!.) Create a personal mission statement for 2012 "!#$%&'!()*$+. journal.