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Novolastic™ Subsea Thermal Insulation

00039 m2/hr) Application considerations  Water Absorption Specific Gravity 0.Novolastic™ Subsea Thermal Insulation Novolastic™ is a thermal insulation and protective coating applied to components subjected to deep-water immersion. • Effect of pressurized water on thermal conductivity. Mechanical Property Hardness Compressive Strength Tensile Strength Tensile Elongation 200 % Modulus Bulk Modulus Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Poisson’s Ratio [2] Crystallization Temperature Value 50 ± 5 units. Simulated Service Test: Full-scale pipe section coated in Novolastic™ insulation with hot oil/air inside pipe and cold water at elevated external pressure. • Sea water on samples bonded to steel. jumpers and similar components on any remote site worldwide.95 ± 0.500 psi (300 bar)) 0.4 MPa) @ 50% compression 435 psi (3 MPa) ± 20% 285 % ± 20% 340 psi (2.096 BTU/(ft-hr-°F) Testing method 0. Easily applied at the worksite (shop. PLEM’s.167 W/(m-K) 1.  Away from direct sunlight. Available in 2 colors (non-glare white and yellow).40 °F (. Rated to 10. Superior tensile elongation properties (250-300%) as compared to standard syntactic foam (0. it can readily be applied to subsea trees. Material provides stable thermal performance over time and has a successful field track record for applications up to 300 °F (149 °C).6 wt.095 BTU/(ft-hr-°F) 0. Qualification Program:  Exxon  Total  BP Thermo-Physical Property Thermal Conductivity (dry) Thermal Conductivity (wet) Heat Capacity Thermal Diffusivity (dry) Material properties Value 0.4 wt.048 m) water depth.000 ft (3.45 J/(g-K) at 100 °C ASTM C518 ASTM C518 ASTM E1269 DSC ASTM D570 ASTM D792 0.400 MPa) 117 x 10-6/°F (211. Low water absorption permits the material to maintain its thermal conductivity properties over time.) Cures at room temperature. PLET’s. Superior field performance track record.0042 ft2/hr (0. Shore A: ASTM D2240 Aging tests: • Water absorption in pressurized water.5%) to allow thermal or mechanical expansion/movement of piping (such as flowline U-jumpers) without cracking or breaking. Novolastic superior thermal properties helps delay the onset of hydrate formation and wax deposition.165 W/(m-K) 0. Enabled by its easy cast-inplace application method.  Average daily temperature during first year shall be between 32 ºF (0 ºC) and 95 ºF (35 ºC). Material is easy to apply (cast-in-place with molds). Does not require pre-heating of substrate or molds and does not provide any risk of exothermic cracking.000 psi (1.3 MPa) ± 20% 203. Easy to repair in case of late requirement changes. manifolds.% (49 days at ambient) 0.2 x 10-6/°C) 0. Silicone-based insulation which is compounded with hollow glass microspheres to reduce the density and thermal conductivity of the material.346 BTU/(lb-°F) at 212 °F 0.40 °C) Testing method ASTM D2240 ASTM D575 ASTM D412 ASTM D412 ASTM D412 ASTM D575 ASTM E831 ASTM E132 DMA .% (100 hours at 250 °F (120 °C) and 4.  Product qualification status Novolastic™ has been rigorously qualified through the following series of tests to verify its performance for a range of deepwater service conditions at the design conditions stated:        Key features and benefits             Excellent solution as a thermal insulation material for subsea production and separation equipments. Minimal volumetric thermal expansion. etc. Extends cool down periods through low thermal conductivity.05     Short application durations provide significant time savings during manufacturing and fabrication phases and protects critical project schedules. fabrication yard. Non-exothermic reaction during the curing process results in a quicker and more reliable application. Storage requirements In the sealed containers in which the material was delivered. Thermal conductivity: ASTM C518 Density: ASTM D792 Heat capacity: ASTM E1269 Tensile strength: ASTM D412 Tensile Elongation: ASTM D412 Hardness. Cast-in-place application accommodates for very complex geometries.49 . Shore A 640 psi (4.

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