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Headmaster: Percy Weasley

Dear Miss Jackson, We apologise that this letter has arrived so long after your 11th birthday. At a recent meeting of the school governors, it was decided to backdate the Correspondence Course to all young witches and wizards between the ages of eleven and sixteen. As a result of this decision, this letter is being sent to you. You will be starting on the first grade course, no matter how old you are. In Week 5 of Term 1, you will also be put in contact with another Correspondence Course student, to enrich your learning. There will also be opportunities for study groups and tutoring. If you are having difficulty with the course work, please contact us and we will do our best to remedy the problem. As there is not a school for witchcraft and wizardry in the area of many budding wizards and witches, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has created a Correspondence Course to provide young students with a good grounding in the basics of magical theory. This course is currently operating on a provisionary basis. At the end of two years, the committee will meet to consider the results from the course, and whether it should continue. There are, however, some necessary changes that need to be made to the regular curriculum. The first is that, as there is a large possibility that you come from a Muggle family, uniform rules will not be introduced, so please ignore the section titled “Uniform” on the list of equipment and books, apart from the requirement for protective gloves. As to books, the section to be studied for each lesson will be sent to you along with the lesson. Please collect these, and form a book with them. However, due to copyright laws, the sections not studied will not be available. We hope that you understand. Also, some alterations must be made to the section titled “Other Equipment”. Due to the difficulties of accessing suitable equipment, it has been regretfully decided that practical magic will not be covered in this course, so no wand is necessary. The cauldron may be exchanged for a suitably sized bowl, preferably made of bronze. Small containers, preferably watertight, can replace the glass or crystal phials. Although a telescope is preferable, it is not necessary for the first two years. The brass scales can be replaced by other, more modern, scales, though they are necessary if you will be working in some environments, as magic can have detrimental effects on electricity. On pets, it is desirable that you do not allow any animals other than owls, cats and toads into your working space, and if you do allow these in, ensure that they are well trained. Please do NOT attempt to ride a broomstick without appropriate supervision from a certified teacher. Instruction received as part of this course does not qualify. On the courses, Flying is only available for the first year. The instructions that you will receive if you choose to take the course are intended as a supplement and guideline for the instruction from a certified teacher from your area. Please do not confirm that you will be taking this course if you do not have access to both a certified instructor and a suitable broomstick. All other courses will be available for at least two years.

Hilda Bartoff Correspondence Course Coordinator PAGE 2 .15pm on Friday. so it would be impractical to expect you to do two times the work. The final change is that no owl is necessary to accept this place. while they will be sent to you on a weekly basis. This procedure will be suitable for all contact with us. Yours sincerely. including whether you will be taking Flying (only do so if you have access to a certified instructor and a broomstick). may not include all the lessons for that week. as it is understood that you probably attend a Muggle school as well.The instalments of the lessons. Simply leave a letter of reply (in the envelope provided) in your postbox before 4.