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The Department of Counseling Psychology is primarily a graduate department with an instructional program offering the master's degree (M.S.) in counseling and the doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in counseling psychology. Although several CP courses are offered for undergraduate credit, it is not possible to acquire an undergraduate major or bachelor's degree in counseling or counseling psychology. The master's and doctoral programs are intended to provide a closely integrated, didactic and experiential curriculum for the preparation of counseling professionals. During Spring 2009, 52 students were enrolled in the Ph.D. program and 35 students were enrolled in the M.S. program in the Counseling Psychology Department with a total of 24 males, 63 females, 32% ethnic minorities. Students range in age from 22-55. Master's graduates are employed as School Counselors (30%), in Higher Education (20%), Community agencies (28%), noncounseling positions (19%), and a small number are pursuing advanced degrees (3%). Initial placements of Ph.D. graduates included private practice (38%), community agencies (7%), corrections (4%), college/university teachers/researchers (20%), educational/university administrators (4%), university counseling centers (7%), and hospitals (20%). Some graduates are also employed as public and private consultants. The master's degree strongly emphasizes service delivery, and its extensive practica/internship components reflect that emphasis. Reflecting the Department’s mission statement, multiculturalism, diversity, and social justice issues are integrated into teaching, research, and practice.

The Master’s Program in Counseling
The Master's program in Counseling is a terminal Master of Science degree which requires successful completion of a minimum 48 graduate credits (current students usually do two years of full-time study plus two summer semesters), a master's thesis, and competencies in the following areas: Case Conceptualization, Presentation Skills, Counseling Skills, Multi-Cultural Counseling Skills, Consultation Skills, Professional Behavior, and Alcohol and Other Drug Addiction. Specific course requirements are listed below in semester sequence as departmental courses are offered only one semester each year. This is a two-year, two summer plan that students are recommended to follow, although it does not account for any academic deficiencies (see below, Applicant Qualifications). In addition, students are permitted to complete the program part-time. FALL I 800 Theories 801 Assessment 805 Techniques 860 Multicultural SPRING I 791 Prosem 802 Groups 806 Practicum I 865 Careers SUMMER I 804 Research 850 Consultation 958 Psychopathology FALL II 807 Practicum II 825 Families Elective(s) SPRING II 808 Practicum III 990 Thesis Elective(s) SUMMER II 730 Ethics

M.S. Core Courses: 270-730 Professional and Ethical Issues in Counseling (3cr)—SUMMER II 270-791 Counseling in Community Settings (3cr)—SPRING I 270-800 Theories of Counseling (3cr)—FALL I 270-801 Assessment Techniques for Counselors (3cr)—FALL I 270-802 Theory and Practice of Group Work for Counselors (3cr)—SPRING I 270-804 Research in Guidance and Counseling (3cr)—SUMMER I 270-805 Techniques and Microskills for Counselors (3cr)—FALL I 270-806 Supervised Practicum in Counseling I (3cr)—SPRING I 270-807 Supervised Practicum in Counseling II (2-5cr)—FALL II 270-808 Supervised Practicum in Counseling III: Advanced (2-5cr)—SPRING II 270-825 Counseling Psychology Techniques with Families (3cr)—FALL II 270-850 Consultation Procedures for Counselors (3cr)—SUMMER I 270-860 Multicultural Counseling (3cr)—FALL I 270-865 Theory and Practice of Career Intervention (3cr)—SPRING I 270-958 Psychopathology: Diagnosis and Intervention in Counseling Psychology (3cr)—SUMMER I 270-990 Research or Thesis (1-12cr)—FALL II AND/OR SPRING II The three practica (806, 807 and 808) provide students the opportunity to develop their skills in group counseling, consultation, group instruction, individual counseling and program management. Practicum settings for 807 and 808 are arranged through the Department to maximize your learning experience and to insure proper on-site supervision. NOTE: ALL SEMESTER COURSE OFFERINGS MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE IN ANY GIVEN SEMESTER. NOTE: QUESTIONS ON LICENSURE IN WISCONSIN, SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO THE DEPARTMENT OF REGULATION AND LICENSING AT 608-267-7212.

Only official transcripts with institutional seals are acceptable. you must contact the Departmental Admissions Office at 608-262-4807 about this procedure. Submit your application fee to the Graduate School.0 scale on the last 60 semester hours/credits (or last two years of undergraduate work). TRANSCRIPTS: Official transcripts are required from each institution attended since high school. The Graduate School will provide a copy of your application to the Department.grad. Applicant Qualifications Master’s level applicants should generally fulfill the following admission requirements: A. Again. Master’s applications are accepted from October 1. 2013. Psychological Foundations: 3 credit hours of introductory psychology. diversity. Although the majority of students who are admitted hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. students who have majored in other fields are fully considered. and social justice issues. 1. 3 credit hours of 3 credit hours of abnormal psychology/ psychopathology. personality. 2. ALL MATERIALS must be received by either the Department of Counseling Psychology or the Graduate School (see below) by the Master’s Application Deadline: January 15. Previously enrolled students in the UW-Madison Graduate School must contact the Graduate School about the re-entry process: http://www. Procedure The applicant is responsible for please list courses you have taken in the following foundational areas: introduction to psychology.wisc.gradsch. sociology. The Department and the Graduate School will require a final transcript with your current degree posted. The typical beginning master's candidate's GPA is above 3. Exception: If your previous institution was University of Wisconsin—Madison. If transcripts are not in English. However. you must provide a copy translated into English.wisc. 2012 to January 15. Send one set of transcripts to the Counseling Psychology Department. 1000 Bascom Mall 2013. human development. It is strongly recommended that all materials are submitted at least two weeks before the deadline to allow for processing time. Specify your special interests within the field and indicate your background preparation. a deficiency in Abnormal Psychology must be satisfied prior to enrolling in 270-958 Psychopathology. Please inform us if transcripts will be in any other name than your current last name. a description of your work experiences (paid and voluntary). Write a statement (1-3 single spaced pages) about your reasons for graduate study that includes your purposes and goals. assembling and submitting all the pieces of the application by the deadline. NO EXCEPTIONS ARE MADE for the application deadlines. Describe your reasons for entering the graduate program in counseling.3. Those with a GPA under 3.0/4. You may wish to order transcripts after these grades are issued but early enough to get them here by the deadline. below are the prerequisite coursework at the undergraduate level: i. it is recommended that you submit your application to the Graduate School at least two weeks before the Department deadline to allow for processing time. B. Note: Transcripts should include your current Fall grades. if possible.0 may be admitted if the Department recommends admission and the Graduate School approves. or ethnic studies. Note: Choose the correct major code for the Master’s (239) on the Graduate School application. a student copy of your transcript is accepted.html. and your future professional goals.grad. . Statistics/Measurement: 3 credit hours in statistics or measurement/psychometrics/test construction. Also. or human development. If there are deficiencies in the above areas. REASONS FOR GRADUATE STUDY: Submit electronically with the Graduate School application. DEGREE: A bachelor's degree with a minimum GPA of 3. If you applied the previous year and wish to reapply to the Department.wisc. General Requirements and Instructions for Graduate School Application A. women's studies. However. HAVE YOUR TRANSCRIPTS SENT TO: Department of Counseling Psychology Master’s Admissions University of Wisconsin—Madison 335 Education Building. philosophy. ii. Those currently in UW-Madison Graduate School who wish to change majors may request a Change of Major form from the Graduate School: http://www. The Department cannot review an application if the Graduate School does not receive the application fee. WI 53706-1326 C. GRADUATE SCHOOL APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION: Apply online to the Graduate School at: https://www. interests and experiences in multiculturalism. Social and Cultural Foundations: 6 credit hours in the areas of social psychology. WORK/VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCES: Your experiences may or may not be related to the counseling field. although experiences related to mental health is highly desirable. iii. the applicant may fulfill these either prior to entering the program or during their program once admitted. B. Mention any relevant skills you have acquired.

The date of the exam must be within the past two years to be acceptable. Be sure your name is on each page of this statement. Your letters from references should give a complete review as possible of your capabilities. There are no set cut-off scores used by the Department and some applicants are admitted with scores that fall below this score based on other or 608-262-1355 (phone). E. and leadership experiences. abnormal psychology. Letters should address your qualifications to successfully pursue graduate studies. You will receive an email from the Graduate School’s Office of Admissions containing a unique URL and campus ID number to track the progress of your application. Currently. Scores are considered in conjunction with all other materials submitted. The date of the exam must be within the past five years to be acceptable. students offered a Program. TEST OF ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE (TOEFL): Applicants whose native language and/or official language of instruction at the undergraduate level is not English are required to submit an official TOEFL test score prior to admission. Lower scores and undergraduate GPA do not automatically disqualify you as the admissions committee reviews the entire application. Scores of admitted students usually are above 153 (or 500 in the old scale) on each portion of the exam. Residing within the state of Wisconsin with NON-student status for one year may qualify out-of-state individuals for instate tuition. It is recommended the exam be taken no later than mid-November for Master’s applicants as it takes approximately 4 weeks for the university to receive the exam scores. applications each year and admits approximately 12 to 14 Master's students per year. or personality. The Selection Process The Department receives approximately 210 M. B.S. Please insert “N/A” if not taken. Please be as comprehensive as possible. Both the GRE and TOEFL are administered by Education Testing Service (ETS). your interpersonal skills. GRE scores. receipt of fee and test scores. 4. C. Additional University Information 1. and analytical) is required. Please contact the Office of the Registrar’s Residence Counselors for further information on gaining in-state residence rate at res4tuition@em. In addition. LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATIONS: Recommenders must submit letters electronically with the Graduate School application. Supplemental Section of the Graduate School Application A.wisc. social/cultural foundations). please have at least one of your references address your special need for financial assistance. GRADUATE RECORD EXAMINATION REPORT (GRE): The general GRE examination (verbal. quantitative. Note: If you are eligible for nomination for any fellowships. RESUME OR CV: Please upload as instructed. areas of strength and areas for growth. The Subject test in Psychology is optional. NOTE: There is NO Spring or Summer admission in the Department of Counseling Psychology. Letters should be from academic personnel and work supervisors. and demographic information. F. Applicants with degrees from an accredited American college/university or who have successfully completed two full-time semesters of graduate work in a U. you may need to register for a recommended English as a Second Language (ESL) course(s) in the first semester you are enrolled.learning. Students are admitted once a year for Fall semester beginning enrollment of the same year. COUNSELING-RELATED EXPERIENCES AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Please see the supplemental application for a detailed list of requested information. The Institutional Code for the University of Wisconsin—Madison Department of Counseling Psychology is 1846. or Teaching Assistantship (does not have to be in the department in which you major) are eligible for a tuition waiver during the time of their appointment if the appointment is a minimum of 33 1/3% time. All Master’s applicants will be emailed a decision letter by early April. Minimum of 3 letters. Grade Received and Name of Institution attended. UNDERGRADUATE COURSEWORK: Include Course Title. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that all letters of recommendation are submitted and received prior to the deadline. If all of the above materials are reviewed favorably. Research. and your professional competence. teaching. All required materials are considered by the faculty in determining compatibility with program goals. 3. Year Taken. your research. Depending on your score. The minimum TOEFL score is 92 for the Internet exam. undergraduate and graduate grade point averages are considered in conjunction with other information in the decision process. college/university within the last seven years are exempt. The GRE and TOEFL scores are to be sent directly from ETS to the Graduate School Electronically.566. D.56 (Resident) and $12.S. A Fellowship award through the University would also provide a tuition waiver provided the percentage is minimum of 33 1/3% rate. Tuition 2011-2012 full-time Graduate tuition rates per semester were $5687. please address any special needs for financial assistance. . statistics and/or measurement. an additional phone interview may be required.68 (Non-resident) and may increase between 5% and 10% each year.

Suite 2104. 2012 to be fully considered. WILLIAM T. HOYT. and multicultural and diversity concerns. Accommodations Students with different ability statuses may obtain information about learning aids. and library services from the McBurney Disability Resource Center. Other departments on campus do offer assistantships at the Master's level and occasionally to students from outside their individual department. interests in the biopsychological bases for sexual development. and education. Assistant Professor Ph. University of Iowa. Licensed Psychologist. research methods. Master's students are encouraged to seek other forms of financial assistance.D. ASSISTANTSHIPS: The Department of Counseling Psychology has a limited number of Project and Teaching Assistantships. 608-262-2522 (phone). interests in training and supervision. 702 W. research interests in social perception processes. University of Notre Dame. Racial/ethnic minority students are encouraged to apply for the American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship Program. ADVANCED OPPORTUNITY FELLOWSHIP (AOF): All applicants from underrepresented groups should access the Office of Fellowships and Funding Resources Advanced Opportunity/Graduate Research Scholars (GRS) Funding page at http://uwoffr. 608-225-7956 (text). research methods. and gender identity. Licensed Psychologist. loans. building access. D.D. Professor & Director of Training. communication training (particularly in noncounseling fields). STEPHEN M. constructive development. Professor Ph. The Department selects qualified students/applicants in early February.housing. Financial Support Although master’s students occasionally receive Assistantships in the Department. 3.wisc. International applicants are encouraged to seek other forms of financial assistance as international students are not eligible for loans and scholarships. University of Wisconsin—Madison.mcburney. Clinical Associate Professor Ph. QUINTANA. scholarships. 608262-3060. Virginia Commonwealth to see if you may be eligible for the Fellowship. Program Ph. counselor training.wordpress. LOTTA.2. Room 9701. Arizona State. issues related to sexuality and gender. parking. FINANCIAL AID: Information and application materials for financial aid. Faculty Associate Ph. interests in psychosociocultural processes of racial and ethnic minorities in higher education.D. http://www. 2012-2013 Counseling Psychology Department Faculty 1. Madison. inquiries should be made directly to Division of University Housing. 625 Babcock Drive. interests in gifted & talented/creativity. interpersonal determinants of psychological well-being. For House Fellows.aspx. housing.wordpress. at-risk youth. WI 53706. you may inquire to other departments directly. http://www. TAKUYA MINAMI. Information is available at http://www. interests in treatment evaluation. Associate Professor & Director of Training. Information is available from the Office of Fellowships and Funding Resources at http://uwoffr.finaid.D. FRANCISCO J. Arizona State University.apa. B.D.D. Licensed Psychologist. Ph. and citation/productivity metrics. WI 53706. Madison. Assistantships within the Department are primarily awarded to doctoral students. philosophy of science. and student employment may be obtained by contacting the Office of Student Financial Aid at 333 East Campus Mall. FELLOWSHIPS: A limited number of fellowships are available from the Graduate School. CORISSA C. Johnson the Department nominates entering students on the basis of their credentials included in the program application.D.wisc.D. Master’s Program Ph. applied psychology training of racial and ethnic minority graduate students. Madison WI 53715 www. sex differences. Professor & Department Chair Current Faculty ALBERTA M. . interests in ethnic issues in development. All eligible applicants interested in being nominated for the AOF should submit their application before December 31. PAUL. C. gay men and gender roles. PARRISH L. 608-263-2741 (phone). GLORIA. and ethnic perspectivetaking ability in children. Pennsylvania There are no specific application forms for most University Fellowships. SÁNCHEZ. human sexuality. counseling. academic persistence and educational wellness of and diversity/women’s issues.

Professor Emeritus PATRICIA L.wisc. MARITAL STATUS. Assistant Professor Ph. OR VETERAN'S STATUS WITH REGARD TO TREATMENT OF STUDENTS IN EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS OR ACTIVITIES WHICH IT OPERATES. THOMPSON. American Board of Professional Psychology. social class and social status identity. and child coping.D. interests in the effectiveness of mental health services. Emeriti (1990 and After) JOSIAH S. WAMPOLD.D. HANDICAP. University of Akron. Professor Emeritus PHILIP A.. Licensed Psychologist. interests in depression. University of Texas at Austin.. BRUCE E. CARMEN R. Professor Emeritus CHARLES J. PULVINO.. Professor Emeritus RANDOLPH S. Ph. Ph. SEXUAL ORIENTATION. VALDEZ. community-based interventions with underserved families. poverty and psychotherapy. THRUSH.D. Licensed Psychologist. 2. Ph. INQUIRIES CONCERNING THIS POLICY MAY BE DIRECTED TO THE APPROPRIATE CAMPUS ADMITTING OR EMPLOYING UNIT OR TO THE OFFICE OF AFFIRMATIVE ACTION AND COMPLIANCE. Licensed Psychologist. PERRONE. Professor Ph. Fellow of the American Psychological Association and diplomate. Ph. COLOR. and models of healing.D. SEX.D.. 175 BASCOM HALL. RELIGION. common factors in psychotherapy. Professor Emerita Note: The Graduate School Catalog is available on line at: http://www.D. UW-MADISON DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE ON THE BASIS OF AGE.D. University of California at Santa Barbara. interests in vocational development for individuals from diverse groups.. 608-263-2378 .D. NATIONAL ORIGIN OR ANCESTRY. RACE.MINDI N. POTENTIAL AFFILIATION. family functioning. DILLEY. Assistant Professor Ph. ARREST OR CONVICTION RECORD. Ph. IN CONFORMANCE WITH APPLICABLE FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS AND WITH UNIVERSITY POLICY.