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Prove It Probably the most extensive laboratory investigation of male multiple orgasms wa s made by sex researchers William Hartman

and Marilyn Fithian. They tested thirt y-three men who claimed to be multi-orgasmic ¨C that is, to be able to have two or more orgasms without losing their erection. THE MULTI-ORGASMIC MAN While these men had sex with their partners in the laboratory, Hartman and Fithi an monitored their heart rates, which the researchers had chosen as the clearest method of identifying orgasms. At rest, the average heart rate is around 70 bea ts per minute; during orgasm it almost doubles, rising to about 120. After orgas m, the heart returns to its resting rate (see figure 1). They also measured pelv ic contractions (most obvious in the involuntary squeezing of the anus), which c oincided with the peaking of heart rate at orgasm. What they found was pretty su rprising: the arousal charts for these men were identical to those of multi-orga smic women. Male and female sexuality may be more similar than is usually thought. Developme ntally, this similarity makes sense, since male and female genitals come from th e same fetal tissue. In their famous book The G Spot and Other Recent Discoverie s About Human Sexuality, Alice Ladas, Beverly Whipple, and John Perry argued tha t male and female sexuality were almost identical. In addition to their much-rep orted discovery of the female "G spot" (which we will discuss more in chapter 4) , they also suggested that men can experience multiple orgasms just like women. During Hartman and Fithian's research, the average number of orgasms a multi-org asmic man had was four. Some men had the minimum of two, and one had as many as sixteen! In a study by clarion Dunn and Jan Trost, most men reported having from two to nine orgasms per session. It is important to mention here that Taoist sexuality is not about numbers and k eeping score, it is about satisfaction and cultivation. You can feel satisfied w ith one orgasm, with three orgasms, or with sixteen orgasms. You cultivate your sexuality as you deepen your an awareness of your body's pleasure and increase y our ability for intimacy with your partner. Each person and each sexual experien ce will be different, and the "right" number of orgasms will depend on your and your partner¡Ås desires at the time. When you become multi-orgasmic, you will never have to worry about how long you can last or how many orgasms your partner has, because you will both be able to have all the orgasms you could ever want.