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POLITICAL LAW COURSE SYLLABUS 1ST SEMESTER, SCHOOL YEAR 2011-2012 Cases, recitations and lecturers; 4 hours

a week - 4 units A survey and evaluation of asi! "rin!i"les dealin# $it% t%e stru!ture of t%e &%ili""ine 'overn(ent under t%e Constitution in!ludin# &%ili""ine !onstitutional %istory, t%e a(end(ent "ro!ess, )udi!ial revie$, t%e State, !iti*ens%i" and t%e various !onstitutional or#ans and offi!es+ I. POLITICAL LAW A+ -+ C+ ,efined -asis of &%ili""ine &oliti!al La$ .ature of t%e Constitution ,efinition/ Classifi!ation/ 0ualities and essential "arts of a #ood $ritten Constitution Constitutional Constru!tion Constitutional History &re-1123 Constitution 1123 Constitution 1142 Constitution 1156 Sna" &residential Ele!tion &eo"le &o$er Revolt 7reedo( Constitution 1154 Constitution 7+ II. Effe!tivity of t%e 1154 Constitution

?+ Constitutional :uestion (ust t%e very @lis (ota@ of t%e !ase 7+ '+ IV. ,o!trine of &ur"oseful Hesitation 7un!tions of 8udi!ial Revie$ Effe!ts of ,e!laration of An!onstitutionality a+ ,o!trine of O"erative 7a!t THE STATE AS A LEGAL CONCEPT A+ -+ 1+ &eo"le a+ Citi*ens%i" + ,istin#uis%ed fro( nationality !+ Modes of a!:uirin# !iti*ens%i" d+ Citi*ens of t%e &%ili""ines e+ Ele!tion of &%ili""ine Citi*ens%i" f+ <("lied Ele!tion #+ .atural- orn !iti*ens %+ ,ual !iti*ens%i" vs+ dual alle#ian!e i+ Res )udi!ata in !iti*ens%i" !ases )+ ,o!trine of <ndeli le Alle#ian!e %+ .aturali*ation i+ Loss of !iti*ens%i" )+ Rea!:uisition of !iti*ens%i", RA 5141 ,efinition of State vs+ .ation Ele(ents of State

,+ E+

"lus dual !iti*ens%i" a!t
B+ Retroa!tivity of Re"atriation 2+ Territory a+ .ational Territory + &%ili""ine Ar!%i"ela#o !+ Ar!%i"ela#o ,o!trine d+ A. Convention on t%e La$ of t%e Sea 2+ 'overn(ent a+ 7un!tions Constituent vs+ Ministrant Laisse*-faire vs+ Celfare State ,o!trine of &arens &atriae + Classifi!ation ,e 8ure and ,e 7a!to ?+ Soverei#nty Effe!ts of C%an#e in soverei#nty Effe!ts of -elli#erent O!!u"ation ,o!trine of 8us &ostli(iniu( ,o(iniu( vs+ <("eriu( ,ero#ation of &%ili""ine Soverei#nty T%e Disitin# 7or!es A#ree(ent C+ ,+ E+ 7+ '+ H+ V. A+ -+ C+ ,+ 'overn(ent vs+ Ad(inistration ,o(iniu( vs+ <("eriu( ,e 8ure vs+ ,e 7a!o 'overn(ent 'overn(ent Re!o#nition &arens "atriae A!ts of State PRINCIPLE OF STATE LIABILITY AND STATE IMMUNITY -asis .ature of state i((unity Li(itation of t%e rule A""li!ation of t%e rule <((unity of 7orei#n States E ,i"lo(ats &rin!i"le of "ar in "are( non %a et i("eriu( &ro!ess of Su##estion

AMENDMENT PROCESS A+ -+ A(end(ent vs+ Revision &ro!edure 1+ &ro"osal 2+ Ratifi!ation C+ ,+ 8udi!ial Revie$ of A(end(ents Ratifi!ation 9 &oliti!al vs+ 8usti!ia le 0uestion


POWER OF JUDICIAL REVIEW A+ -+ C+ ,+ E+ 1+ 8udi!ial Revie$ ,efined 8udi!ial Su"re(a!y vs+ Constitutional Su"re(a!y &oliti!al vs+ 8usti!ia le 0uestion &resu("tion of Constitutionality Re:uisites of 8udi!ial Revie$; A!tual Case or Controversy a+ Ri"eness + Mootness

2+ &ro"er &arty a+ Conventional Standin# + Re"resentative Standin# 8us Tertii standin# Trans!endental i("ortan!e to t%e "u li! Standin# of (e( ers of Con#ress Standin# of <nte#rated -ar of t%e &%ili""ines Standin# of t%e 'overn(ent to :uestion its o$n la$s Ta="ayer>s Suits 2+ 0uestion (ust e raised at t%e earliest "ossi le o""ortunity

LEGISLATIVE DEPARTMENT Le#islative "o$er <nitiative. <((unity !annot e used to "er"etrate an in)usti!e on a !iti*en PRINCIPLES AND STATE POLICIES &rea( le Republic !i"# Manifestations 1+ .u!lear 7ree &%ili""ines 8ust and dyna(i! so!ial order S&ci l Ju"%ice Res"e!t for %u(an di#nity and %u(an ri#%ts 7unda(ental E:uality of (en and $o(en &ro(otion of %ealt% and e!olo#y &riority to edu!!ations and <n%i itions Effe!t of <("rison(ent Sessions/ Ad)ourn(ent/ Offi!ers 0uoru( Rules of &ro!eedin#s . THE THEORY OF SEPARATION OF POWERS a+ C%en State !o((en!es liti#ation + C%en State enters into a usiness !ontra!t '+ Sua ility not outri#%t lia ility Consent to e sued does not in!lude !onsent to e=e!ution Liens in state "ro"erty H+ VI. Sel')$eli !% !* i!*epe!*e!% ! %i&! l ec&!&#Co((uni!ation and infor(ation in nation.e Public D&# i! <nde"endent &eo"leFs or#ani*ations F #il.eter(ination of <((unity y t%e .is!i"line of (e( ers Sus"ension vs+ &reventive Sus"ension Enrolled -ill T%eory Le#islative 8ournal vs+ Enrolled -ill Elec%&$ l T$ibu! l" Co("osition 5+ Ele!tion t%rou#% "o"ular $ill Ac% &' S% %e <n!or"oration Clause Confli!t et$een (uni!i"al la$ and international la$ Civilian Su"re(a!y . s!ien!e and te!%nolo#y &rote!tion to la or Land Refor( Re+ li ! D&c%$i!e I! lie! ble L !*" &' %.e"art(ent of 7orei#n Affairs <((unity of <nternational Or#ani*ations and A#en!ies E+ Suits vs+ "u li! !or"orations and "u li! offi!ers <((unity of 'overn(ent A#en!ies <n!or"orated Muni!i"al Cor"orations Anin!or"orated <f "rin!i"al fun!tion is #overn(ental <f "ro"rietary sua le Suits a#ainst &u li! Offi!ers E+ 7+ Lia ility in tort Caiver of i((unity Consent to e sued 1+ + 2+ E="ress Consent a+ 'eneral La$ S"e!ial La$ <("lied Consent 'overn(ent to serve and "rote!t t%e "eo"le &eo"le to defend t%e State Se"aration of C%ur!% and State <nde"endent 7orei#n &oli!y .ele#ation &o$er of Su ordinate Le#islation &rin!i"le of Su dele#ation of &o$ers d+ .istri!t Re"resentatives/ &arty-list Re"resentativesH &arty-list Re"resentatives A""ortion(ent of Le#islative .atural.e$!#e!%" .e(o est su"ra le#es 2+ Rule of (a)ority 2+ A!!ounta ility of &u li! Offi!ials ?+ -ill of Ri#%ts 3+ Le#islature !annot "ass irre"eala le la$s 6+ Sep $ %i&! &' P&(e$" &rin!i"le of -lendin# of &o$ers &rin!i"le of C%e!Bs and -alan!es 4+ N&!)*ele+ %i&! &' p&(e$" a+ + !+ &er(issi le ..e!entrali*ation of Ad(inistration vs+ de!entrali*ation of &o$er Autono(ous Re#ion I!*i+e!&u" Cul%u$ l C&##u!i%ie" Honest "u li! servi!e and full "u li! dis!losure VII.!* Y&u%.o!trine of 0ualified &oliti!al A#en!y e+ Tests for valid dele#ation a+ Co("leteness Test + Suffi!ient Standard Test Le#islative standard need not e e="ressed A+ State(ent of t%e "rin!i"le -+ Criti!is( of t%e "rin!i"le C+ A""li!ation of t%e "rin!i"le .orn Ter( of offi!e &rivile#es 7reedo( fro( Arrest &arlia(entary <((unity .o!trine of E:ual Re"resentation 0ualifi!ations T%eory of le#al i("ossi ility .+ C%e!Bs and alan!es E+ Li(itations on t%e "rin!i"les VIII.uildin# Au%&!&#.&' L&c l G&.istri!ts 'erry(anderin# . referendu( and Re!all <ndire!t <nitiative Re!all -i!a(eralis( vs+ Ani!a(eralis( Senate GCo("osition/ 0ualifi!ations/ Ter( of offi!eH House of Re"resentatives Co("osition G.

i"lo(ati! &o$er Treaties vs+ E=e!utive A#ree(ents &o$er to <("ound /.Certiorari to t%e Su"re(e Court Se$.e!isions of t%e Court &o$er to !ontrol e=e!ution of de!ision Tenure of 8usti!es98ud#es Re(oval and .atural.e Pu$"e <("lied li(itations on a""ro"riation (easure Constitutional li(itations and rules Riders Su rosa a""ro"riation &ro%i ition a#ainst transfer of a""ro"riation &o$er of Ta=ation &o$er of Le#islative <nvesti#ation &o$er to &unis% !onte("t &o$er to de!lare e=isten!e of state of $ar I/. INDEPENDENT CONSTITUTIONAL COMMISSION Safe#uards to insure t%e inde"enden!e of t%e Co((issions &ro%i ition on a""oint(ent in an a!tin# !a"a!ity . E/ECUTIVE DEPARTMENT &resident and Di!e-&resident 0ualifi!ations .ational &oli!y &rose!ution of Cri(es App&i!%i!+ P&(e$ .isa ility Re(oval of t%e &resident P&(e$" Le#islative &o$ers Residual &o$ers &o$er to .ice C&##i""i&! S!o"e of t%e Civil Servi!e A""roval of a""oint(ents .e!isions . JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT 8udi!ial &o$er E="anded )urisdi!tion Effe!t on t%e "oliti!al :uestion do!trine 8urisdi!tion Constitutional Safe#uards to insure inde"enden!e of t%e 8udi!iary 8usti!es9)ud#es (ay not e desi#nated to any a#en!y "erfor(in# non-)udi!ial fun!tions 7is!al Autono(y &o$er of 8udi!ial Revie$ A""oint(ent to t%e 8udi!iary &ro!edure for A""oint(ent 8udi!ial and -ar Coun!il Sup$e#e C&u$% Co("osition En -an! E .eter(ine .e!laration of (artial la$ Sus"ension of t%e "rivile#e of $rit of %a eas !or"us P $*&!i!+ P&(e$ &ardon vs+ A(nesty .P&(e$" Co((ander-in-!%ief !lause Callin# Out t%e Ar(ed 7or!es .o!trine .is!i"line Salaries /I.ivision !ases P&(e$" Su"ervision over t%e 8udi!iary Rule-(aBin# "o$ers Mandatory Revie$ of .e P$&ce"" A""roval of -ills &residential veto &o!Bet veto <te( veto Le#islative veto/ One-House Deto P&(e$ &' %.orn Citi*en Ele!tion Con#ress as !anvassin# oard Su"re(e Court as Ele!toral Tri unal Ter( of offi!e &rivile#es Offi!ial residen!e Salary P$e"i*e!%i l I##u!i%&ro%i itions and in%i itions Rules on Su!!ession Da!an!y at e#innin# of ter( Da!an!y durin# t%e ter( Te("orary . Ci.e!laration of State of Re ellion . one su )e!t Suffi!ien!y of Title -ills t%at (ust ori#inate e=!lusively fro( t%e HR T%ree readin#s on se"arate days -i!a(eral Conferen!e Co((ittee Le+i"l %i.&o$ers 8urisdi!tion over &ro!la(ation Controversy C&##i""i&! &! App&i!%#e!%" Co("osition &o$ers P&(e$" &' C&!+$e"" 'eneral Le#islative &o$er Li(itations Su stantive Li(itations &ro!edural Li(itations One!ations and <n%i itions .is!retionary "o$er Classes of A""oint(ent A""oint(ents su )e!t to !onfir(ation of Co((ission on A""oint(ents Li(itations on t%e A""oint(ent &o$er &o$er of Re(oval P&(e$ &' C&!%$&l Control vs+ Su"ervision Alter-e#o &rin!i"le or .o!trine of 0ualified &oliti!al A#en!y Mili% $.eat% &enalty Cases Crit of A("aro E:ui"oise .

atural Resour!es Lands of "u li! do(ain An!estral Lands.%" &o$ers and 7un!tions of t%e Co((ission 7is!al Autono(y P$e"i*e!%i l C&##i""i&! &! G&&* G&.O8 &o$er to investi#ate !ases of ill-#otten $ealt% Speci l P$&"ecu%&$ C&##i""i&! &! Hu# ! Ri+.evelo"(ent.e$!#e!% Se3ue"%$ %i&! <("res!ri"ti ility of Ri#%t of State to Re!over <ll-#otten Cealt% I<<<+ A+ -+ C+ . CALTARE A.AL ECO. .Y 'oals of t%e national e!ono(y <ndustriali*ation and full e("loy(ent &rote!tion of 7ili"ino enter"rise Re#alian .. C&##i""i&! &! Au*i% /II. &rivate Lands .#e!% <("ea!%a le Offi!ers 'rounds for <("ea!%(ent &ro!edure <("ea!%(ent and Cri(inal &rose!ution S !*i+ !b .ERAL &ROD<S<O. ACCOUNTABILITY OF PUBLIC OFFICERS I#pe c. or#ani*ation and re#ulation of !or"orations S"e!ial e!ono(i! "o$ers of #overn(ent. R<'HTS Co((ission on Hu(an Ri#%ts Co("osition/ :ualifi!ations and "o$ers La or.ational Lan#ua#e 'E. ARTS.TS A. Mono"olies SOC<AL 8AST<CE A.ME.. SC<E.S Sy( ols of nationality State i((unity Ar(ed for!es of t%e &%ili""ines AME. RED<S<O.S TRA...ational E!ono(y <nvest(ents and &atri(ony.o(iniu( Alienation. Atili*ation and "rote!tion of .AT<O. A#rarian Refor( . S&ORTS A+ -+ C+ ID<+ A+ -+ C+ ID<+ ID<<+ 'oals of t%e state Ri#%t to edu!ation and a!ade(i! freedo( Lan#ua#e. TECH. C&##i""i&! &! Elec%i&!" En -an! and .ivision !ases &o$ers and 7un!tions E=!lusive Ori#inal 8urisdi!tion and A""ellate 8urisdi!tion 2. HAMA.+ .ACAT<O. ID+ E. &ATR<MO..OLO'Y.OMY A.o!trine <("eriu( vs+ . .! 8urisdi!tion O#bu*"# ! Su"ervision and !ontrol &rose!utorial &o$ers &o$er to issue su "oena/ 7or( of !o("laint &o$er to <nvesti#ate Ad(inistrative C%ar#es Con!urrent $it% t%e Offi!e of t%e &resident Con!urrent $it% t%e .CE.S<TORY &ROD<S<O.1. &rote!tion of <ndi#eneous Cultural Co((unities.S 7+ '+ H+ <+ 8+ J+ I<D+ A+ -+ 7ran!%ises for "u li! utilities 7or(ation.. E="loration.