In crafting the foundational documents for our republic, our Founders chose to follow the advice of John Locke. They constructed our government with the Nature of an in mind. !erhaps nothing better sums up the Founder"s perspective of the Nature of an than #ato Letters $%&'( )*+,(-./*+,0-.12 Men, h !"n# $een #"!en f%ee &"'', %e no( !"%()o)* $+ n ()%e n,, -.no&'e,#"n# (he"% "/0e%fe-("on*, -%e (e #o!e%n/en(* *o (h ( (he+ / + '"!e "n * fe(+ n, h %/on+ (o#e(he%1 -cting on this knowledge, our Founding Fathers built into our 3overnment and #onstitution, various checks and balances. -mongst these checks and balances were transparency and accountability. 4http255goo.gl56,7f89 : ;ntil this <ust past week it seemed that our Federal, =tate and Local governments had forgot about their obligations of transparency and accountability to >? T@? !?A!L?. In the past few days innesotans have been tantaliBed with the prospect of the return to a policy of checks, balances, transparency and accountability in our =tate and local governments in accordance with the #onstitution and the vision our Founders had for this #ountry. In rapid succession, our state and federal government, some local law enforcement and the federal <udiciary have agreed to the outsourcing of the investigation of complaints against inneapolis police officers ) !.1, financial disclosure by innesota =tate Judges and a Federal Judge has ruled the ma<ority of data mining by the N=- to be unconstitutional. These actions represent a move in the right direction by Federal and innesota =tate and Local 3overnance in providing peaceful resolution to redress grievances brought by a wide/ranging coalition of citiBens. This writer will begin by providing you links to various a<or edia reporting of these actions. Then this writer will offer his perspective and analysis of these Liberty eCpanding actions over

the course of 0 successive daily installments. This analysis to include pointing out ma<or mediaDs spin, which this writer believes accrues to the detriment of rank and file -mericans. In the end, this writer will ask the reader to use their own observations and reasoning to determine truth for themselves )pursuant to Natural Law1 using #ritical Thinking 4http255goo.gl56,7f89:. >ith a<or edia feeling obligated to run ads alleging they are more trustworthy than the internet, it will be interesting to hear whether you find ma<or media"s reporting or this writer"s reporting as better reflecting the truth you will determine for yourselfE 8ou can read the ma<or media"s spun versions of these eCpansions of Transparency and -ccountability of government here2 M"nne*o( BCA (o H n,'e H"#h2P%of"'e M"nne 0o'"* Po'"-e (MPD) In(e%n ' In!e*("# ("on* http255kstp.mn5+,nfc M"nne*o( 3o!e%no% D +(on Re4e-(* M"nne 0o'"* Po'"-e Ch"ef5* M"*-on,)-( In!e*("# ("on P' n http255cbsloc.al5*ft$eL$ 6),#e7 NSA 0hone *noo0"n# '".e'+ )n-on*("()("on ' h((0788-ne(1-o81he6f6, M"nne*o( 6),#e* f -e ne& f"n n-" ' ,"*-'o*)%e %e9)"%e/en(* http255strib.mn5*b=m(n+ Though one of these actions seems to be lacking in sincerity and scope, they represent concessions in a well documented struggle by groups this writer has led, leads or has otherwise been affiliated with to achieve peaceful resolution to some of our Natural Law 6ight !etitions for 6edress of 3rievances without fear of punishment and reprisal as reduced to writing in the *st -mendment. For those new readers who are unaware, this writer has been involved in what he now calls the >? T@? !?A!L? T-6 )Transparency, -ccountability and 6eform1 movement for more than ,( years. >hile this writer has been primarily engaged in demanding Judicial T-6 and 3overnment Fiscal T-6, he has been aligned with and affiliated with groups with diverse demands for redress of grievances from our government. =ince ,(($, hundreds of innesotans have sought and been denied a hearing to give evidence and testimony of systemic corruption in the innesota Judiciary before the innesota @ouse and =enate Judiciary #ommittees. 8our government, who misleads rank and file -mericans into believing it is benevolent, is anything but. 8our government actively, illegally and unconstitutionally, punishes and reprises against the voices of political dissent. -t least one individual has moved out of the country to escape the retaliation. Athers have moved out of state and assumed a low profile to escape retribution. Athers have lost <obs and5or had businesses destroyed. Athers have been estranged from their children by court order in happenstance divorces. )This writer has had his business, finances, health and reputation destroyed in punishment for being perceived as one of the leaders of these rank and file citiBens who simply wanted to eCercise their *st -mendment 6ights.1 It has been saddening and maddening to see your government ruthlessly punish average -mericans for simply pointing out the in<ustices in which our government and <udiciary has been engaged.

)-nd writer chooses not to disclose their names so those who wish, can avoid further retribution from your government.1 The point of these previous 0 paragraphs being that these recent actions of government were paid for by some of your fellow citiBens that your government forced to endure retribution and hardship to restore what should have been simple right. "eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." -ndrew Jackson If you should run into any of your fellow citiBens who have paid the price, so that we all can secure their blessing, please make sure you thank them for their efforts and sacrifices. Fefore anymore is said, this writer appreciatively calls for Ghat"s offH, a hard handshake and full support of ;= Federal Judge 6ichard Leon and inneapolis !olice #hief JaneI @arteau. Judge 6ichard Leon ruled the N=- phone snooping unconstitutional and !olice #hief JaneI @arteau called for the outsourcing of complaints against inneapolis !olice Afficers. These two patriots refused to Ggo along to get alongH with the current corrupt status Juo and sided with >? T@? !?A!L?. This writer, knowing the retaliation these two patriots will be sub<ected to, calls upon rank and file -mericans to openly and vigorously support and defend Judge 6ichard Leon and !olice #hief JaneI @arteau as true champions of >? T@? !?A!L?. If >? T@? !?A!L? don"t support and defend our own champions, who willE ANALYSIS7 O)(*o)%-"n# M"nne 0o'"* Po'"-e (MPD) In(e%n ' In!e*("# ("on* This will likely be the shortest of this writer"s three analysis, as it appears so straight/forward. The inneapolis !olice .epartment has had a number of complaints against its officers in recent years. These complaints have resulted in big lawsuits for which the taCpayers have had to pay. 8et, most often the accused does not lose their <ob and often gets a mere slap on the wrist. .istrust of law enforcement in certain sub/communities has led to rising concerns of community unrest. =o great have the financial and community unrest concerns become that inneapolis is scheduled to eJuip each officer with video cameras. Mo%e 0%o* (h n -on* on 0o'"-e $o,+ - /* http255strib.mn5@@,iK* !erhaps some of the most outrageous miscarriages of in<ustice came via the etro 3ang =trike Force a few years back. Tasked with rooting out gang activity across the Twin #ities etro area, this law enforcement group apparently went rogue. Law enforcement officers in the Task Force beat up, robbed and abused innocent citiBens for years with little or no oversight. -gain, taCpayers got to foot the bill but this writer does not recall any officer being criminally charged or convicted or even losing their <ob. Me(%o 3 n# S(%".e Fo%-e #e(* off *-o( f%ee http255t.co58@A.!oC<90

In the face of this, inneapolis !olice #hief JaneI @arteau boldly and decisively acted in the best interests of rank and file innesotans. !olice #hief JaneI @arteau, in discussions with other government agencies, decided that she would outsource the investigation of certain internal investigations. In one decisive act, !olice #hief JaneI @arteau was going to protect the general public from the abuses the current status Juo tolerated and5or promoted while at the same time being fiscally responsible with the taCpayer"s pocket book. Fut how did !olice #hief JaneI @arteau come to this decisionE -nd this is where this writer"s long involvement in Judicial T-6 pays off. The folks comprising the Judicial T-6 movement have diverse concerns. >hile this writer was primarily concerned with Judicial #orruption, he often listened to and supported other citiBens who had issues with law enforcement. >hat follows is a summary of workings of the Gblue lineH. To begin with, while rank and file -mericans are taught a =tandard of orality of absolute right and wrong, our 3overnment officials and Judges have a different =tandard of orality. Their =tandard of orality is G!lausible .eniabilityH and G ight akes 6ightH. The =tandard of orality of !lausibly .eniability essentially means Gif you can"t prove they did something, they won"t admit to the allegationH. ost everything government officials and <udges do is geared to this mentality. This is why government officials and <udges prefer denying interviews, speaking off the record, get offended when secretly recorded and5or prefer verbal communications. GThe =poken word evaporatesH. -nd also why we all get offLpoint form letters in response to our persistent and5or written communications. ight makes 6ight essentially refers to the fact that every civil and5or criminal investigation comes down to a matter of resources. The average citiBen does not have the resources to take on the government. )8ou can"t fight #ity @all1. In its present state of opaJueness and unaccountability, your government can destroy virtually any rank and file citiBen )oppress, suppress, repress political dissent1. Further, their often eCists a Kuid !ro Kuo arrangement amongst government officials. In the common vernacular, Gthey have each other"s backH. Foasts by government officials that any innocent citiBen can be destroyed, even put in <ail are not mere idle threatsM they are truths. >ith regards to law enforcement, most -mericans have heard of the GFlue LineH. It is an unwritten code by which law enforcement protect each other. In #ourt and 3overnment Investigations they speak in terms of =tandards of ?vidence. )e.g. preponderance of the evidence, guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, etc1 >hat many people don"t recogniBe is that only evidence on the official record matters. It doesn"t matter how many time to told your family, told your attorney, posted it on the internet, or published it in the paperM if its not on the official record it is as though that evidence does not eCist. NeCt, comes that G ight akes 6ightH problem. In most current !olice .epartments, the reviews of complaints about officers are most often heard by other officers, former officers and5or by others with connections to the law enforcement community.

Further, the testimony of Law enforcement officers are generally given greater credibility than that of the accuser)who often stands accused of a crime1. =o essentially the accuser faces ' insurmountable hurtles. *. -ccusers most often are not practiced at the law and testifying whereas police usually areM ,. Aften the -ccuser is the only witness to the transgressionM 0. -ccusers don"t know the 6ules of ?vidence, can"t afford an attorney and5or must choose between feeding their family or purchasing <usticeM 9. Ather police officers will most often not corroborate the accusers accusations, regardless of the validity of the accusationsM $. The accused and others involved in the process subscribe to the =tandard of known as G!lausible .eniablityHM orality

'. In the current status Juo, the person)s1 hearing the matter have a loyalty and relationship with law enforcement and are predisposed to believe the accused rather than the accuser. -nd so it is, that inneapolis !olice #hief JaneI @arteau sought to peacefully address and resolve the concerns of inneapolis taCpayers and citiBens. -nd then innesota 3overnor ark .ayton weighed in, in opposition. -fter meeting with the police union, 3overnor ark .ayton -nnounced the =tate will not cooperate with #hief JaneI @arteau, despite the agreement having been hammered out at lower levels of innesota 3overnment. This writer"s assesses this situation as follows2 There is a battle currently going on between the corrupt, status Juo and those 3overnment Afficials who seek to uphold their oaths of offices which reJuire them to represent the best interests of >? T@? !?A!L?. !erhaps this Juote best suggests how this standoff should be viewed by >? T@? !?A!L?. “I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.” John Locke >hile I respect and commend almost all individuals who are engaged in law enforcement, the etro 3ang Task Force and other recent incidents demand a departure from the status Juo. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." artin Luther 7ing, Jr. -gain, this writer asks his readers to call or write 3overnor ark .ayton"s office to challenge his position. -nd as, or more importantly, also call #hief JaneI @arteau and offer her thanks and support.

The champions of >? T@? !?A!L? must never be abandoned to face retribution alone. Those were my thoughts. !art , of 0 will consist of2 ANALYSIS7 6),#e R"-h %, Leon f"n,* NSA 0hone *noo0"n# '".e'+ )n-on*("()("on ' To read part , of 0, please click here http255t.co5g<ALKNp mF In #losing2 Thank you, my fellow citiBens, for taking your valuable time to read and reflect upon what is written here. If what is written here rings true to you, perhaps you should contact your local elected officials and let them know. If you are afraid of repercussions, snail mail it anonymously and ask them to respond in the local paper or their own monthly5Juarterly internet newsletter. ?ven if this article refers to something outside you geographic area, it still likely applies to your location. 6emember all those taCpayer training <unkets we taCpayers send the bureaucrats onE They all learn the same Glivestock managementH techniJues to use on >? T@? !?A!L?. -nd that leaves >? T@? !?A!L? with this conundrum2 >hile our N3overnment works full time with compensation and funded with our money for the cause of NTyrannyM >? T@? !?A!L? are forced to work part time without compensation for the cause of Nliberty with what is left over of our time, money and energy. Finally, this article is written with the same intentions as Thomas !aine http255ushistory.org5paine. I seek no leadership role. I seek only to help the -merican !eople find their own way using their own G#ommon =enseH http255amBn.to5kb6uar 7eep Fighting the 3ood FightO In Liberty, .on ashak The #ynical !atriot http255twitter.com5dmashak http255Facebook5.on. ashak .on ashak 3oogle !lus http255goo.gl5*-;r? >? T@? !?A!L? T-6 N>?T@?!?A!L?T-6 http255>?T@?!?A!L?T-6.blogspot.com http255facebook.com5>?T@?!?A!L?T-6 http255twitter.com5>?T@?!?A!L?T-6 ?nd the Fed)eral 6eserve Fank =ystem1 N?TF National http255bit.ly5ta06<u inneapolis http255bit.ly5t<PJ7F

Fring @ome the !oliticians NF@T! http255Fring@omethe!oliticians.com Lawless -merica NLawless-merica http255Lawless-merica.com Term Limits NTermLimit http255TermLimits.org Justice in innesota NJI http255Justicein N.com #ritical Thinking Notice / This author advises you as no politician would dare. ?Cercise #ritical Thinking )http255bit.ly5ubI've1 in determining the truthfulness of anything you read or hear. .o not passively accept nor believe anything anyone tells you, including this author... unless and until you verify it yourself with sources you trust and could actively defend your perspective to anyone who might debate you to the contrary of your perspective.

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