The Director General of police
Southern Range, Berhampur Orissa

Date-30th December 2013

Respected Sir, I met you on 2002 on the inaugural function of Home guard office on Ramalinga Tank Road with sri Ghanshyam Upadhyaya(IPS),Sanjay Mishra (IAS) and Manoranjan Panda (CI),Badabazar. That time I had cleared my OAS preliminary for 2nd time and unsuccessfully attempted IAS once and was waiting to appear OAS main exam. On two subsequent occasions I got the chance to meet you.Even I was blessed by Shri Vishwanath Hota ,the then DIG of police in one very rare occasion before old bus stand traffic post. I left for Mumbai as it was difficult for a poor man (Below poverty line –no income and no asset of my own.) to await the OAS result. I worked in small organizations and was paid very less as a meagre salary.During this 10 year period my excess maintenance expenses upto Rs.3-4 lacs,I had to forcibly ask my family members to provide me with. That was a great reason for my instability of mind and job working atmosphere and continuous expulsion or leaving on my own was a
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common thing as I found no rules around in private organizations for the benefit of employees for whom all of our rulers are claiming their authencity. Even through out I wondered why I cannot develop like all my colleagues and have written to the following through news paper media 1. Mrs Kiran vedi(IPS) 2. your highness 3. CBI Director and the purpose was a kind of support for a job salary in congruence with my qualification, ability and Govt payment rules there to. I always felt Govt underworld people are pulling my leg and in 1994 I had put a complaint to shri Amulya kumar pattanaik (IPS) in Shakarpur range Asst commissioner of police. I don’t have a home to live with;except that I live in my brother’s home in Hyderabad, don’t have money to feed my family and parents,not getting money for my entire livelihood. Currently I am putting up with my brother’s residence in Hyderabad who is a Midhini Asst finance Manager job holder.(Defence semi Govt.) In Berhampur temporarily when I come here I usually stay with my brother in law ASI of police Chhatrapur subdivision. You may question my purpose to meet you .It is because I thought your highness can be a great help at the time of distress. Even though my brother has promised to provide me Rs 2.00 lacs for a business opening, I am trying for better alternatives and want take the benefit of BPL provison and to stay with my family in Orissa and hence your blessings. Previosly I wrote to Legislative assembly,Orissa for yoga and computer people and was intimated positively and I am a qualified yoga instructor and a Reiki healer.

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Please find attached my resume which is manipulated a little for better presentation for your kind consideration and sympathetic action. With great expectations. Thanking you,sir. Your’s faithfully Kailash ch sabat Date-30.12.2013

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