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Sichuan Pharmaceutical Inc.

Long History 1958 年建成投产,具有 50 多年专业抗生素生产、研发、销售历史. Built and operated in 1958, with more than 50 years history of antibiotics production, research and sales. 公司前身四川制药厂是国家“一五规划” 期间的重点项目,是当时中国“ 四大抗生 素家族”之一,俗称“中国二抗”. The formerly name of company is Sichuan Pharmaceutical Factory, which is a national key projects during the “First Five -Year Plan”. At that time, it was one of China's four big family of antibiotics, and it was known as China’s second antibiotics company. 1996 年成功上市,是西南地区首家医药上市公司. In 1996, Sichuan Pharmaceutical Factory became the first listed company in southwest China. 2005 年成功改制,成为一家大型民营控股的医药企业,并为“川药” 未来的发展 建立了全新的理念. After reform successfully in 2005, we become a large –scale private holding company in pharmaceuticals, and shaped new concept for Sichuan Pharmaceutical Inc.’s future development. Advanced Operation Mechanism 目前的“川药”制定了适应现代医药发展且高效灵活德运行机制. At present, the Sichuan Pharmaceutical Inc. has formulated highly efficient and flexible operation mechanism, which is adapted to the development of modern medicines. 省市政府的高度重视和扶持为“川药”的发展奠定了基础,为企业走向规模化、品 牌化、科技化指明了方向. The great attention and support of the provincial and municipal governments laid a solid foundation for the development of Sichuan Pharmaceutical Inc., and pointed out the direction of going to large scale, branding and technicalization development.

Top Quality 具有 50 余年专业抗生素生产和研发历史,全国很多厂家都到“川药”来学习过发 酵和分装工艺. Many factories learned fermentation and repackaging technology in our company because of our antibiotics production and research history of more than 50 years. 有一支高水平的生产、质量管理队伍,具有极强的责任心和过硬的技术 . We also have a high level of production quality management team with strong sense of responsibility and good technology. 从分装机、空气压缩机到灭菌柜等专业设备均是全国一流的设备. Racking machine, air compressor, sterilization cabinet and other professional equipments are the first-class facilities in China. 使用国内外最好的原料药及辅料,精美的包装让人赏心悦目. We use the best raw material and auxiliary material at home and abroad, and exquisite packaging make people pleasing. 采用日本松下公司的全面质量管理理念,并参照美国 FDA 药品质量标准要求组 织生产. We adopt Panasonic’s quality management concept, and the production is based on the United States FDA drug quality standards. Rich Product Resources and Structures “川药”是四川省青霉素类粉针唯一通过国家 GMP 认证的企业. We are the only enterprise that has passed the national GMP certification of Penicillin kind of booster injection In Sichuan Province. “川药”是西南地区青霉素类粉针类,头孢类品种最多,规格最全,生产规模最大 的企业. We are the biggest enterprise with the most varieties, the most complete specifications and the largest scale production enterprises of injectable powder penicillins and cephacetrile in southwest China. 共有 130 余个抗生素品种批文和 60 余个在研,待批品种。剂型包括粉针剂,胶 囊剂, 片剂, 颗粒剂, 干混悬剂等多种剂型,其品规均被列入国家社保用药目录, 并且几乎全部覆盖了国家新农合抗生素品种目录. We have a total of more than 130 varieties of antibiotics approvals, and some other 60 are under research or awaiting approvals. Formulations include powder, capsules, tablets, granules, dry suspension and a large variety of dosage forms. They are listed in the national social security drug catalog and covered almost all antibiotics varieties

in the national new rural cooperative medical insurance system.

Product Catalogue
Mezlocillin Sodium for Injection Amoxicillin clavulanic acid potassium sodium for injection Cefoxitin Sodium for Injection Cefpirome Sulfate for injection Azlocillin Sodium for Injection Ceftazidime for Injection Shu batan sodium ampicillin sodium for injection Shu batan sodium cefoperazone sodium for injection Chlorine thiazole sodium ampicillin sodium for injection Cloxacillin Sodium for Injection Cefuroxime Sodium for Injection Cloxacillin Sodium for Injection Benzylpenicillin Sodium for Injection Cefazolin Sodium for Injection Cefotaxime Sodium for Injection Ceftriaxone Sodium for Injection Oxacillin Sodium for Injection Cefaclor Capsules Amoxicillin Capsules acetylspiramycin tablets Ampicillin Capsules Cefradine Capsules Amoxicillin Dispersible Tablets Oxacillin Capsules Cefalexin Capsules Azithromycin for Suspension Rifampicin Capsules Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate Tablets

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