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The New York Edison Company *)') Duane Street


They are partic- ularly well adapted to the electric which may be used on the dining room table and connected to the electric lamp chafing dish or stove socket. of electric heating and the to care for best way On found a the following pages will be few simple and economical recipes which have been selected with great care. ^TT^HE -*- devices shown in this little book will be of interest to every ) i housekeeper and will add greatly to the comforts of home. There are also some helpful suggestions as to how to get the best results articles from the various them.\K V. .

bv The New York Cop>Tight 1911 Edison Company ^ 'CU"^6b4 7 5 .

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slices or four small slices at one time and will brown nicely on both sides in about one minute. . . about one-half inch thick trim off the The toaster will hold two large crust.The Electric Toaster Turn the current on the toaster ahout two minutes before you are ready to use Have the bread cut in even slices it.

Cost for o{' current tliis is 2 cents preparing dish .^. Just as soon to fry turn the current to as they begin medium heat and allow the oysters to cook until nicely browned on all sides. Use only the blazer that fits on the six-inch electric stove.^.X 22^^'. Serve with plain lettuce or watercress salad. Turn the current in the oysters on and when very hot put and bacon..-.Fried Oysters with Bacon 24 24 large oysters thin slices of bacon Dry fully roll the oysters on a napkin and careup each oyster in a slice of ba- con and fasten the ends with a wooden toothpick.:^?'"' [6] .

flour. Cost of current is 3 '^^ cents for preparing this dish [7] . of honeycomb tripe i8 small oysters i tablespoontul of butter cup of milk tablespoonful of flour dissolved in cold water Use the saucepan which fits on the small electric stove. and minutes. Wash the tripe and cut it into small pieces. or until the oysters are plump. Turn the current on to full heat and allow the tripe to boil for about twenty Drain all the water off.Tripe and Oysters I I I lb. then place it in the saucepan and cover with cold water. and Allow the season with pepper and salt. add the oysters. mixture to come to a boil and add the Turn the current to low heat and let the preparation simmer a few minutes. butter and milk.

salt season add the butter. minutes.Creamed Oysters 24 medium I sized oysters i ^ cup of cream cup of milk tablespoonful of flour I tablespoonful of butter the current on to full heat in the electric chafing dish and have the water boiling in the lower part. then add the oysters. Put the cream in the blazer and when at boiling point add the flour mixed in the milk. and stir When sufficiently thick very carefully with pepper. turn the current on to medium heat and allow the contents of the dish to simmer for ten Serve on hot slices of toast. Cost of current for is ! ^ cents preparing this dish i [8] . Turn and paprika. put the cover on the chafing dish.

pick the fish to pieces and take out the bones and skin.Finnan Haddie I tablespoonfiil of butter i I I small finnan haddie tcaspoonfiil of cup of milk cup of flour I lemon juice Put the finnan haddie in the blazer which fits on the electric stove and cover Turn the current on it with cold water. add the lemon juice. and thicken with the flour. Turn the current on to low heat and allow the mixture to simmer for a few minutes. and drain oflT all the water. to full heat and allow the fish to boil for Take it from the stove ten minutes. Just before you are ready to serve it. Put the fish back into the blazer and pour over it the milk and butter. Cost of current is 2 cents for preparing this dish .

Lobster y'. Season with salt and paprika. Mix the sherry with the cream and the yolks of the eggs. Cost of current 2 cents for preparing this dish [10] . and stir gently until the butter is all melted and the lobster thoroughly heated. turn the current on to full heat. Put the lobster with the butter in the blazer. Pour the glass of Sauterne over the whole and serve very hot. pour over the lobster in the chafing dish and allow the ingredients to come to the boiling point. 1 a la Newburg 2 cups of boiled lobster cut in large dice I pint of cream l cup of sherry Yolks of 2 eggs of Sauterne tablespoonful of butter glass Have the water boiling in the lower part of the electric chafing dish.

Then add paprika and serve on very thin slices Green pepper may be used of toast. having the water boiling Put the butter and in the lower part. add the chicken.Chicken with Mushrooms of cold chicken cut in dice cup of mushrooms cut in small pieces cup of cream i tablespoonful of flour tablespoonful of butter cup of milk I Season with salt and paprika 2 cups 1 I I the current on full in the elecchafing dish. instead of the mushrooms. Stir carefully and cook until smooth and thick. mushrooms and salt. flour in the blazer and when melted and thoroughly mixed. Turn the current on low heat and allow ingredients to simmer for about twelve minutes. Cost of current in 2^ cents for preparing this dish [11] . add the milk and the tric Turn cream.

Turn the current on to medium heat if the chafing dish gets too hot. put in the butter. it is well thoroughly be cooked. Turn the current on to full heat. it Turn often and over it when browned all will Cost of current is zy^ cents for preparing this dish '<y . Make the gravy by pouring the cream into the chafing dish after taking out the chicken. and when the blazer is very hot. Use only the blazer part of the electric chafing dish. and a! lowing it to come to a boil.Spring Chicken 1 small spring chicken 2 tablespoonsful of butter ^ cup of cream Have the chiclcen cut apart down the back. Then pour the gravy over the chicken. When the butter is beginning to brown put in the chicken. wash carefully and dry thoroughly.

turn current on to low heat. season with pepper and salt. put all the vegetables in. the butter begins to brown.» [13] . add the soup stock and tomatoes.Lamb Chops 3 lean with Vegetables inches thick 3 lamb chops ! J/^ 3 very small onions 1 medium i sized potatoes I cup of green peas cup of stewed tomatoes teaspoonfiil of butter 6 large mushrooms cup of soup stock I Use only blazer part of the chafing dish. and let the blazer When the ingredients tables are soft. Allow the mixture to boil for a few minutes. fifteen simmer which until the vege- will require about minutes. Turn current on to full heat. put the cover on. Serve very hot. is Cost of cunent 2 i^ cents for preparing this dish . and when is very hot put in the butter. and when browned nicely on both sides. put the chops in.

current on to low heat. very thin slices of nicely browned toast. and allow mixture Serve on to simmer ten minutes longer. then add sweetbreads Turn and season with pepper and salt. cook until thick. and butter in saucepan and when near boilStir and ing point add flour and milk. cup of cream in cold water for sweetbreads and let them lie about an hour. Have saucepan which fits on electric stove Drop about half full of boiling water. off water and when the sweetbreads are cool enough to handle pick them Put cream to pieces and cut very small. sweetbreads into the water and let them Drain boil for about fifteen minutes.Sweetbread I tablespoonful of flour dissolved in a tablespoonful of butter I little cold milk I pair of sweetbreads y. Cost of current is Wash the 3 cents for preparing ihio dish [14] .

serve on a Cost of current is i them from the bottom. roll the edges of the omelet over until hot plate. turn the current on at full heat. Use a thin knife to loosen but do not stir. When done carefully 3^^ cents for preparing this omelet [15] .Plain Omelet 4 eggs 4 tablespoonsf'ul of milk I teaspoonful of butter Break the eggs in a them thoroughly. bowl and whip Put the butter in the blazer of the electric chafing dish. it is all rolled up. and when the dish is very hot put in the eggs. allowing them to cook until thick.

When hot through. add the cheese. it Make This is delicious when served with water cress salad. roll up and serve on a hot plate.4 eggs 4 tablespoonsful of milk I teaspoonful of butter i>^ cup grated American cheese just as the same as plain omelet and begins to thicken. Be careful to keep the cheese in the center of the omelet as it will spread when it melts. Cost of current is 2 cents for preparing this omelet [16] .

Cost of current \% zy^ cents for preparing this Spanish omelet [17] . Make a plain omelet.Spanish Omelet cup of stewed tomatoes pepper chopped fine y^ cup of mushrooms 1 I large green cut in small pieces 1 tablespoonful of butter salt Season with and pepper Put the tomatoes in a saucepan on the electric stove. and when it begins to thicken. Add mushrooms. roll up and serve on a hot plate. turn the current on full and the boil hard for a few minutes. add the prepared mixture. butter and seasoning. turn on to low heat. and allow the ingredients to simmer until quite thick.

boil a pint of water in a few minutes at Try boiling your a very small cost." Cost of current is J 2 cent one cup of water for boiling .Boiled Eggs The electric water cup is an indisIt will pensable article in any home. eggs on the dining room table in the electric water cup and have them "just right.

Tobasco and Worcestershire sauces. the boiling in the lower part. well Serve on nicely browned slices beaten. Keep on stirring until the mixture perfectly smooth. begins to melt.Welsh Rarebit 2 !bs. 1 American cheese I teaspoonful of butter teaspoonful of English mustard tablespoonful of Worcestershire sauce few drops of Tobasco sauce I A The yolk of one egg Yz glass of ale the current on to full heat in the Have the water electric chafing dish. and when add the cheese and stir until the cheese Turn Add the mustard. and then add the yolk of the egg. of toast. is Cost of current for is l making a rarebit Y^ of cents this size [19] . or on toasted crackers. then put melted butter in the blazer. and stir in the ale.

thin with milk. Cost of current paring this is I amount of J^ cents for presalad dressing [20] .Boiled Salad Dressing 4 eggs well beaten 5 tablespoonsful I of vinegar tablespoonful of mixed English mustard Season with salt and cayenne pepper Mix til of the ingredients together in the double boiler on the electric stove and cook until as thick as cream. Then add one tablespoonful of butter. as the heat regulation is perfect. if too thick. cool. When You will find the double boiler very useful for boiling rice or cereals of any kind.

Add the almonds and cook to a delicate brown. then sprinkle with fine Cost of current paring this is i salt. cent for pre- amount of almonds tan .^2 I lb. and when very hot put the butter or oil in the blazer which fits on it. Drain the almonds and dry on soft paper. almonds oil tablespoonfuU of butter or olive salt Shell. turn the current on the electric six-inch stove at full heat. Shake the dish constantly and stir often to keep from burning. blanch and dry the almonds.

[22] . baking powder and salt together. Then add Turn the current on the melted butter. This griddle is also very useful for making toast or for use as a small stove. at and can be operated for half an hour a cost of 2 ^iy cents. beat up the egg in the milk and Continue to stir until stir in the flour. the electric griddle and when very hot grease with a piece of bacon or salt pork.Griddle Cakes 2 cups of flour 1 I teaspoonful of baking powder egg pint of milk I tablespoonful of melted butter salt I }^ teaspoonful of the flour. The griddle Sift will hold two cakes at a time. the batter is perfectly smooth. One large spoonful of batter will make a good sized griddle cake.

The waffle iron can be operated for half an hour at a cost of 3 'Z cents [23] . minutes the waffle will be thoroughly baked. ful of the batter on each section of the In about three wafiie iron and close it.Waffles 2 cups of flour I tablespoonfii! of butter salt 2 eggs I 1 I tablespoonful of sugar cup of milk teaspoonflil y^ teaspoontlil of of baking powder the flour. and stir in the flour. Continue to stir until the batter is perfectly smooth. well beaten. baking powder and salt Cream the butter and sugar. Sift together. then the milk. grease with a Put a large tablespoonlittle olive oil. and when very hot. Serve with powdered sugar or syrup. add the eggs. Turn the current on the electric wafiie iron.

When well mixed this Stir in the flour. When they are light brown on all sides take them out and lay on brown paper and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Turn current on to full heat and when the lard is very hot drop in the crullers.Crullers I cup of milk cup of sugar 3 eggs y^ a nutmeg. Cost of current ing the above is 6 cents for prepar- amount of crullers [24] . Roll out on a should be a stiflF dough. have it about half full of lard. grated quart of flour i 2 teaspoonsful of baking powder tablespoonful of butter I y^ teaspoonful of salt 1 Sift flour with baking powder and salt. The fat should be hot enough so that when the crullers are dropped in they will immediately come to the top. well floured board and cut with a small round cutter. cream the butter and sugar and add eggs well beaten and the milk and nutmeg. Use electric frying kettle for baking crullers.

and sugar. bring the milk to Add the chocolate the boiling point. the and the well beaten eggs on the set and glass cups Put in small sweetwith Serve cold. ened whipped Cost of current is 2 cents for preparing the above amount of chocolate blanc mange [25] . smooth and well vanilla. and when these are thorough) y Stir until dissolved add the cornstarch.Chocolate Blanc i Mange z eggs of cornstarch dissolved in a little cold milk 2 squares of baker's chocolate grated and mixed to a paste with a few tablespoonspint of milk 2 tablespoonsful fiil of boiling water 2 tablespoonsful ot sugar I tcaspoonful of vanilla Use the double boiler which fits on the six-inch electric stove. ice until very cream. then add and cooked.

Mix with enough milk to make a soft dough. apples are especially good. then turn the current to low heat for about fifteen minutes.Berry Pudding I tablespoonful of butter quart of huckleberries A I I I I teaspoonful of baking powder pinch of salt cup of flour cup of sugar Mix salt and baking powder with flour and rub in the butter. Set the pan on small electric stove and cover tightly with another pan about same size. Turn current on to full heat until pudding begins to boil. Any kind of berries or fruit can be used. Serve this pudding hot with either whipped cream or hard sauce. Cost of current is for preparing this zj4 cents pudding [26] . Put berries in a pudding dish with the sugar and a half cup of water. Roll out the dough to about the same size as the top of pudding dish and lay on top of the berries.

Add the sugar. and when boiling add the tapioca. and cook about two minutes longer. Put on the ice and serve very cold with plain cream. This pudding may be poured over sliced peaches or any kind of berries.Tapioca and Fruit Pudding 2 tablespoonsful of tapioca soaked in half a cup of cold milk for half an hour 2 tablespoonsful of sugar 1 pint of milk 2 eggs well beaten I teaspoonful of vanilla Put the milk in the double boiler which fits on the six-inch electric stove. Cost of current is 2 i^ cents for preparing this pudding [27] . Stir carefully and cook for about ten minutes. vanilla and well beaten eggs.

Stir continually and let it boil until the mixture forms a rather hard ball when a little of it is dropped into ice water. and when it sets stirring carefully. and when it begins to add the butter and chocolate.Fudge 2 cups of granulated sugar 2 squares of Baker's chocolate. Pour on buttered tins. Remove from the stove and stir in the vanilla. boil cut in squares. Cost of current for preparing is 2 cents fudge [28] . put the sugar and milk into the saucepan that fits on the stove. shaved I tablespoonful of butter Yi cup of milk I teaspoonflil of vanilla Turn the current on to full heat on the electric stove.

good plan to pour the first cupful back over the grounds although that is not necessary. To make 4 cups of coffee the electric per- colator will use 2 cents' worth of current [29] . and one extra spoonful of coffee. and 5^ large tablespoonsful of ground coffee in percolator. soon as the water about ten minutes. For example.Coffee To make delicious coffee in the electric one heaping tablespoonof ground coffee to each cup of water. if you wish to make four breakfast cups of coffee put 4^ cups of cold water in the electric percolator. Turn It will the current on to begin to percolate as boils. full heat. use ful the glass bowl. to It is a which requires Allow it to continue percolate for about eight minutes.


Any cooking to fit. applies to griddles current but shortens the life of the heater. rust. put on the stove and allow to boil hard for a few minutes. Rub it vaseline over the top of the stove while is warm then clean off with a dry cloth. Never leave the current turned on when the This is not only wasting apparatus is not in use. put all parts of the percolator together as though you wee making coffee. electric heating aplast for paratus will many years. Then rinse with cold water. When not in use. the with cold water . To a little .Use and Care of Appliances li a few rules are observed. then a add about one tablespoonful of baking soda. in perfect condition. apparatus having a heater attached should in never be immersed it is water — that is why for regular best to have separate stoves with utensils utensils can then The be treated as ordinary cooking utensils. dis- connect it by pulling out the attachment plug before you turn off the current. It is a simple thing to cook with electricity and surprisingly small. If the article is not provided with a switch. keep the apparatus in a dry place. The after it electric coffee percolator can be kept sweet ir. and clean by always using cold water has been used. always use the switch on the stove to regulate the heat or to turn the current on or off. rinsing About once percolator should be filled week. This will keep the stove This also and waffle irons. clean keep the top of the stove clean and free from it about once a week with vaseline. the cost is [31] . If the devices used are connected to an electric lamp socket.

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