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The Lagna and Planetary Lordships

5 Children Creativity Self-Expression Knowingness 4th Mother Confidence Independence 3rd Younger siblings Willfulness Skills Perseverance

4 Mother Psychology Changing emotions Sensuality 3rd Younger siblings Fears vs. Courage Fluctuating efforts changing homes 2nd Family Bonds Security issues Variable finances Changing moods

3 &6 Enemies/Competes Sibling problems Disrupted efforts Brashness/Anxiety 2nd & 5th Voice & writing Intelligence Groundedness
rd th

2 &7 Spouse Maraka Family Attractions 1st & 6th Health issues Fears & doubts Self-thwarting Works to please
nd th

1 &8 Vitality Longevity Ego Stamina 7th & 12th Passion Loss of spouse Separation Isolation
st th

9 & 12 Spirituality Travel Foreign residence Mentor issues 8th & 11th Probs w siblings Trouble w Friends Influence & Desire Fulfillment blocked
th th

10th & 11th Success & Fame Isolation Ambition 9th & 10th Yogakaraka Success Perseverance Strong Beliefs




1st & 4th 5th & 12th 6th & 11th 7th & 10th 8th & 9th Dual residences Creativity Illness of self, sibs Career obstacles Philosophical Psychology Issues w children Enemies & Friends Teacher or mentor Deep thought Changing feelings Romantic & Sexual Problems receiving Successful partners Growth thru crises Over-thinking Expenditures Spiritual tests 6th & 9th Hierarchy Father problems Blocks to Spirit Fears & doubts 7th & 8th Partnership issues Passion Chronic problems Maraka 6th & 7th Loss of partners Isolation Competition


2nd 1st 3rd & 12th 4th & 11th 5th & 10th Voice Changeable/moody Careful spending Mom & Cars Career success Monologues Varying confidence Unseen efforts Passion & pleasure Accomplishment Speak w/o listening Sensitivity Misunderstandings Interests at home Clouded Thoughts Possessions Impressionable Problems w sibling Friends Social life 1st Vitality Confidence Inspiration Health 12th Unseen efforts Lost energy Feeling invisible Hidden issues Sun 12th Sensitivity Fluctuating energy Need for solitude Impulsive spending 2nd & 11th Varying finances Money conscious Confident talking Friends & Family


3th & 10th 4th & 9th 5th & 8th Career efforts Both parents issues w Children Accomplishments Strident faith Strong passions Disciplined skills Luck with property Deep knowledge Creativity Ethics


11th 1st & 10th 2nd & 9th 3rd & 8th 4th & 7th 5th & 6th Changing fortunes Varying successes Thirst for learning Issues with siblings Morals vs. Passion Issues w children Fulfillment issues Expressive career Devotion to family Accidents surgery Mother Pressures Friendship bonds Popularity Monetary goals Longevity Giving to others Isolation Social sensitivities Endurance Hardworking Moon Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn

Positive Kendra

Negative Maraka 3rd lord Kendra-Adhipati Dhana

The Lagna and Planetary Lordships Sun th Moon th Mercury 9 & 12 Travel Father issues Spirituality Convictions th th Venus 1 &8 Excesses Sensuality + allure Evolving journey Ongoing issues st th Mars 2 &7 Maraka Wants partner Business person nd th Jupiter rd th Saturn Libra 11 10 Older siblings Changes in career Social desires Rapport w public Friends Influence Varying workload Desire for income 10th Ambition Achievements Fame & success 9th Father Valued mentors Strong beliefs Faith 8th Problems w Dad Longevity Attachments Challenges to ego 3 &6 4th & 5th Can’t accept advice Yogakaraka Self-centered goals Family important Efforts & obstacles Developed mind Problems w sibling Responsible 2nd & 5th Children Creativity Family matters Speaking talents 1st & 4th Well-being Peace of mind Faith in self Psychological 3rd & 12th Loss of siblings Expenditures Wasted efforts 3rd & 4th Controlled feelings Issues with mother Isolated as child 2nd & 3rd Systematic thinking Strong efforts Family issues 1st & 2nd Self-worth Self-expression Self-judgment Responsible diet Scorpio 9th 8th & 11th 7th & 12th 1st & 6th Issues with father Prob w friends/sibs Loss of partner Illness Varying faith Resolves problems Strong passions Health &Vitality Moves away Reputation Foreign adventures Assertion Idealistic Confrontations Enemies 8th 7th & 10th 6th & 11th 5th & 12th Problems w Mom Career changes Prob w siblings Intense passions Stormy emotions works w partner Health issues Spiritual interests Powerful passions Relationship probs Friends & enemies Sharp insights Intimacy issues Need for routines Aware of karma 7th Strong desires Partner changes Giving to others Sensitive to mate 6th & 9th Father problems Intellectual rigor Pragmatic ideals 5th & 10th Yogakaraka Creative works Bonded to children Status & Fame 4th & 9th Both parents Moving away Faith & loyalty Cars 4th & 11th Property Friends Fulfillment Pride Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius 7th 6th 5th & 8th Dominance issues Unsteady routines Issues w children Jealousy Fluctuating energy Sharp mind Attached to partner Sensitive emotions Deep studies Partner important Health changes Wisdom 3rd & 10th Independent Achieving Strong will Own path 2nd & 9th Strong Beliefs Territorial Loyal to family 2nd & 11th Older siblings Wealth + Income Fulfillment Friends 1st & 12th loss of self giving one’s all austere retreat Pisces 6th Cooperation issues Health & vitality Competitive Sun 5th 4th & 7th 3rd & 8th Problem w siblings Values children Mother Longevity Creativity Varied Partners Devotion Changing feelings Interrupted efforts Issues w Passions Spiritual Moon Mercury Venus 1st & 10th 11th & 12th Career important Problems w friends Popularity Gains & losses Success The masses Attachment tests Jupiter Saturn Mars Positive Kendra Negative Maraka 3rd lord Kendra-Adhipati Dhana .