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Date: 24 May 2012 (Via Email: To: Mr. Dijan Supramono Faculty U.

of Indonesia Depok, Indonesia 6th Edition International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) Education Week 26-28 March 2013 • Beijing, China


Dear Mr. Supramono, The International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) is hosting an Education Week, in Beijing, China in March 2013, for the benefit of the best, 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students in science, geoscience and engineering from qualified institutions across the eastern hemisphere. It is anticipated that some 75-100 of the best students will be selected to participate in the IPTC Beijing Education Week. IPTC will cover travel and accommodation expenses for the selected students. The purpose of Education Week is to give the students a clear insight into the petroleum industry, to work together on a joint technical project and to provide opportunities for students to form new friendships and extend their network. At the same time, the students will be interacting with a number of major industry employers who are constantly looking to recruit the best talent from institutions across the region. Please nominate up to a maximum of four (4) students from your Institute, from within the top 20% of 3rd and 4th year undergraduate students from Earth Sciences, Geosciences, Petroleum Engineering or related Science or Engineering disciplines. Please encourage the participation of both male and female students. For each student nominated, one (1) completed application form must be submitted. This form is enclosed herewith. The application form includes an area for the students to complete, providing a personal statement including academic background, career objectives and reasons for wanting to attend Education Week. Please provide department class lists clearly showing that the nominated students are in the top 20% of their class. Send your nominations by email to Ms. Ivy Chan, IPTC Senior Event Coordinator, email: or fax to 60.3.2182.3030, by 1 August 2012 with the email subject “Beijing IPTC Education Week Nomination”. All students nominated must: 1. Be enrolled in full time, undergraduate education until spring/summer semester 2013. 2. Have excellent level of written and spoken English language. 3. Obtain permission to be away from their studies from 24 – 29 March 2013, including the travel days. 4. Must demonstrate in evidence that they are in the top 20 % of their class. 5. Have not participated at a previous IPTC, AAPG, EAGE, SEG or SPE Education Programme. Candidates will be selected by the Education Week Committee on the basis of information provided in the application form by the Student and their Institution. We encourage you to send us nominations based not only on academic excellence, but also on leadership and active
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The university will be notified by 16 November 2012 if any of your students are selected to participate. Thank you for your assistance in making this programme a valuable opportunity for the students. awards and recognition will be given for individual efforts for technical and business contributions to the industry. following the model of the very successful annual Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) produced each May in Houston. Datuk George Ling IPTC Education Week Co-Chairperson PETRONAS Carigali Sdn. The activities and format closely parallel that of the sponsoring societies’ Annual Technical Conferences and Exhibitions. the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). and stimulate further research of technical and business activities. Reception & Dinner (Evening) Education Week Opening/Activities Plan Non-technical discussions and team building activities organised by Young Professionals Form mixed groups of five (5) for a combination of activities with E&P sponsoring companies and Young Professionals. exchange expertise and experience. All selected students will participate in the group project assignment. sharing their experience and opportunities acquired while participating at the IPTC Beijing Education Week and conference. present state-of-the-art technology and innovation. CNPC ABOUT IPTC IPTC is a collaborative effort between the European Association of Geologists and Engineers (EAGE). Liu He IPTC Education Week Co-Chairperson RIPED.participating in community and extracurricular activities. SPE is the lead organisation in the management of the event. Group assignment work begins Students will attend the conference panel and technical sessions and the exhibition. industry leaders and governmental representatives will have an opportunity to share and discuss their views on timely industry topics and trends. The preliminary programme is as follows: Date 24 March 25 March Event Ice-Breaker. field trips. In addition. meaning that regional oil ministries. Bhd. The Group Project technical topics will be advised a month prior to the Education Week. Yours sincerely. The synergy of these four leading member driven international societies provides the most comprehensive opportunity to form multi-disciplinary committees and an outstanding technical programme. the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG). and will continue work on group assignments Student Group Presentations and Awards Presentations held 26 – 28 March International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) 28 March Education Week Closing All participants are expected to deliver their final presentations to their respective institutions. L:\KL\SPEASIA01_FILES\APPS\MEETING\IPTC\IPTC 2012\Education Week\Invitation to Institution . Institutions must support their students to meet this undertaking.

26 (Please enclose a copy of the official transcript of scores) A. held by student council of chemical engineering university of Indonesia (2011). held by student council faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia (2010). Green Community University of held by Ministry of National Education (2011). held by Society of Indonesian Petroleum Engineers (2012) .STUDENT APPLICATION FORM A. held by ESQ way 165 (2010). C++ program training. ESQ training. Journalistic Training. Society of Biological Engineering TRAINING: Engineering Leadership Training. either return. Chem-E-Car Club university of Indonesia. TO BE COMPLETED BY THE DEPARTMENT CONTACT PERSON IN DEPARTMENT: Sutrasno Kartohardjono DEPARTMENT TELEPHONE NUMBER: +6221 7863516 DEPARTMENT FAX NUMBER: +6221 7863515 DEPARTMENT EMAIL ID: srijono@che. TO BE COMPLETED BY THE STUDENT STUDENT FIRST NAME(S): Luthfi Rais STUDENT FAMILY NAME: BACHELOR DEGREE COURSE TITLE: Chemical Engineer EXPECTED DATE OF GRADUATION: 2014 STUDENT RESIDENCE TELEPHONE NUMBER: +6221 87743904 STUDENT MOBILE/CELL NUMBER: +6285716899337 STUDENT FAX NUMBER: STUDENT EMAIL ID: Luthfi NOMINATED STUDENT’S GPA / CLASS SCORE: 3. B. TO BE COMPLETED BY THE STUDENT STUDENT NAME: Luthfi Rais Please provide us with details of the following: AFFILIATIONS TO / ACTIVITIES IN CLUBS & SOCIETIES: Society of Petroleum Engineers. Interview All travelers to China must be in possession of passports valid for at least six (6) months with proof of onward passage. or through tickets.ui.

3rd place Charity Explorer in OGTEC. Jakarta (2009). 3rd place in Student Scientific Olympiad. Cultural Exchange to Turkey (2011). L:\KL\SPEASIA01_FILES\APPS\MEETING\IPTC\IPTC 2012\Education Week\Invitation to Institution . Engineering. & Environment Project Olympiad. Texas (2009). Malaysia (2011). Faculty of Engineering University of Indonesia (2012). Silver Medal in International Sustainable World Energy. Semifinalist of Smart Competition in Oil & Gas Intellectual Parade. Jogjakarta (2012).PRIZES / AWARDS ACHIEVED: Gold Medal in Indonesian Science Project Olympiad.

I started to feel more interested In Petroleum Industry than Chemical Industry. I also can get the challenge as I described You will be notified by 16 November 2012 .3030 Email: ichan@iptcnet. I study at University of Indonesia major of Chemical Engineering. Currently. The reason is because I think in petroleum industry. I want to be that because beside I am interested in production of hydrocarbon. after this event I have more extensive network & get a clear insight into petroleum industry Please return the complete Application Form by 1 August 2012 to: Ivy Chan Senior Event Coordinator IPTC Education Week SPE Asia Pacific (Kuala Lumpur) Tel: 60.3000 Fax: 60. Hopefully.Please provide details of your academic background. I really want to join IPTC because I want to know more about the petroleum industry and also want to form new friendships with student from other countries and discuss about the issues of petroleum industry in their country. In future. Hopefully. I really hope to join IPTC. but after several month studied in that major. I chose that major because I was Interested in Chemical Industry.2182. Please highlight your strengths and use only the space provided below. in future I can solve that problem. there is a problem to provide fuels for people in the condition of limitation of petroleum. I want to be an Engineer in Exploration & Production Company. So. It is a challenge for me in the future.3.2182. future career aspirations and reasons why you wish to participate in Education Week.

L:\KL\SPEASIA01_FILES\APPS\MEETING\IPTC\IPTC 2012\Education Week\Invitation to Institution .