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Group 1 MDC 3

Concept Note Webzine - The Urban Window # 05 - Janki Dudani # 06 - Sadiyah Faruki # 08 - Priyal Kapuria # 10 - Kruti Naik # 11 - Aneri Nihalani # 15 - Mamta Rajput # 18 - Devina Sarwatay # 20 - Vidhi Sheth

An assignment for Paper 502, Communication Perspective 3
A group project for individual internal assessment of the subject for MDC 2012-14, Semester 3 students for 25 marks by Jayrav Jansari

promotion & circulation strategy Vidhi Sheth Roll no. which everyone was a part of.  The objective of the webzine is to talk about urban development issues. 20 Layout & Design Aneri Nihalani Roll no.  Our target group is the urban populace. 5 Priyal Kapuria Roll no. 2 . 18 The common issues were discussed in the Core Group.  We have to launch a fortnightly webzine. the theme of the webzine. etc. budget. The issues were the webzine’s & publishing house’s names. the colour scheme. 11 Content Janki Dudani Roll no. 8 Kruti Naik Roll no. 10 Sadiyah Faruki Roll no. 6 Mamta Rajput Roll no. Group 1: We decided to divide the work in the following manner: Webzine Work Distribution Sales.Webzine Concept Note The assignment: Group 1 MDC 3  We are an established publishing house and have been approached to make a webzine. 15 Devina Sarwatay Roll no.

we decided to keep the primary colour scheme as ‘shades of brown’ and decided to retain the colour spectrum wherever necessary. The distribution of this budget is as follows: Particulars Advertising. an important role is played by tea-coffee and the spaces where they are provided.000. promotion and circulation Website and content Administrative expenses Miscellaneous Contingency fund % share 50% 20% 20% 05% 05%  Webzine price: It has been decided to make the webzine available for free for at least the first six months from the date of launch. For e.  Colour Scheme: The urban arena is always moving.A Webzine on Urban Development Issues’ is INR 80.g. one issue of the month will look at inwards migration. To keep it active. 3 . effects and aspects and the second issue of the month will look at the same for outwards migration.  Budget: The total working capital for ‘The Urban Window . if migration is an urban development issue we are looking at. Hence.00.Webzine Concept Note Core details:  Name: The Urban Window  Publishing house: The Infinite Group Group 1 MDC 3  Theme: The theme of this webzine will be to look at the dual aspects of an urban development issue. its causes.

2 Promotion means – Sales Consideration Loyalty Awareness Advocacy 4 . Tool .Webzine Media . Target audience –Urban populace Subject .Urban development issues Product . Yahoo. Twitter. Matrimonial sites.1: Group 1 MDC 3 Market research is the first and foremost step of any activity for any brand.Internet (websites for social networking like Facebook. e-mail etc. promotion & circulation strategy: Step .Questionnaires via Google docs This research will answer questions like: Who is our audience? What is the current market scenario? What is the current number of people reading online magazines? What is the current number of people who are tech savvy? Step .Webzine Concept Note Sales.

chocolates etc. 5 .  We will buy ad space on the internet and in print and some other electronic media.  Developing various subscription schemes and advantages.Webzine Concept Note Strategies - Group 1 MDC 3  Our budget for promotion and circulation is 25% of the 50% allotted to us from the total. theatres. Step . we will spread awareness about the webzine. Abhiyan etc. we will start focusing on giving free articles via social media and emails.:        Flipcart Myntra Yahoo Google [ad words] E-papers Blogs website which talk about the issue Current affairs’ website such as FAS study centre. Step .4 We can also tie-up with websites for bartering promotions. E.3  Once the webzine is recognizable and has some recall value.g.  We will be approaching websites and portals which have a huge urban presence in Ahmedabad. hangouts and house calls.  Playing contests online and giving free movie tickets.  Using pamphlets and leaflets at traffic signals.

00. New-age workouts. These will be divided into 14 pages.50. Cost of living. Migration. The division is as follows: Cover page details: Title of the first issue: Physical health and fitness In this section: All you want to know about physical health and fitness. Our advertisement strategy is to approach web-based businesses first followed by big brands offline who have some online presence. etc. the price of which will vary according to readership. Doctors talk. 2nd page: Publisher's information and editor's letter introducing our webzine & the issue 3rd page: Cover Story . we will also have space to offer à la carte. Traffic.000 Besides this. We'll have three kinds of partnerships to offer: Partner Platinum Gold Silver Space Full page Half page Quarter page Frequency 2 issues. NGO file. 2 months 1 issue. events. The webzine will have sections like cover story. 3 months 2 issues..50. etc. Content: We discussed that issues will be discussed with its dual aspects in focus. will be in focus to show either two sides of the coin or the cause-effect relationship of the issue and its aspect.All you want to know about physical health and fitness (pg 1) 4th page: Advertisement 5th page: Cover Story contd (pg 2) 6 . expert speak. What you're doing wrong in everyday fitness. Health.Webzine Concept Note Group 1 MDC 3 Our advertising team will strive to make partners for the long term. NGOs working for health and fitness and more.000 INR 3. 2 months Price INR 5..000 INR 1.

.Webzine Concept Note 6th page: Cover Story contd (pg 3) + Ad 7th page: Advertisement 8th page: Expert Speak . readers' feedback + Ad 12th page: Article: What you're doing wrong in everyday fitness 13th page: Light entertainment. opinion poll. about government schemes + Ad 14th page: About the publishing team. In the next issue.New-age workouts 11th page: Event news. 7 ..Doctors talk Group 1 MDC 3 9th page: NGO file (Covering NGOs working on different issues in physical health and fitness) + Ad 10th page: Article .

Webzine Concept Note Layout & Design: The proposed cover page of the webzine: Group 1 MDC 3 8 .