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The American-Israel Lobby has the full court press on to get Pollard released with a Christmas pardon

. They feel that Obama is vulnerable heading into an election year. It s big s!uee"e time. The usual suspects signed up early as the Lobby pad has been !uite e#tensive over the years$ and they do call in favors. %e!uests for support are not really re!uests$ if you &now what I mean. The Intelligence community was already reeling from former CIA director 'ames (oolsey crossing over to being a recruiting poster for all current and future Israeli spies here in America. (hat do I mean$ you as&) *imple. +or morale purposes$ the American military claims ,we will leave no man on the field . -ost of the time$ this is true. The e#ception is whether Israel was involved$ as it was in the .** Liberty incident by Lyndon 'ohnson and the /avy 0rass who rolled over way to easily despite 12 &illed and 345 wounded. They remain$ to this day6abandoned on the the field. 0y getting (oolsey to sell out$ that 7ust advertisers to all the loyal Americans wor&ing in national security that the Israelis can and will always go over your head to get what they want. These very public displays are done to remind everybody how much 7uice they have. They don t give a damn about Pollard. They 7ust want to &eep their American traitor brigade feeling more secure and serving their adopted country6Israel. (hen is the last time you read any bad press about Israeli espionage in America) 8avid 8u&e gets more bad press than the Israelis do. Thin& about that. (hat &ind of structure has to be in place for it to roll out that way6and independent press) They view it as a smart way to &eep the American Intel they want flowing. And flow it does$ li&e a river our sources tell us$ and a lot of it from top officials6a national disgrace. 'ohnson was compromised through -ossad agent -athilde 9rim$ one of his mistresses whose husband built her a house near the L0' ranch. :e also had to worry about what Israeli Intel could do to him on the 9ennedy assassination. And lastly$ 'ohnson had to figure they were up to speed on the Te#as witnesses that were getting &noc&ed off so they could not testify in the ma7or corruption case$ that 0obby 9ennedy had been building against

(hat the inferred .Pollard=s . CIA :ead!uarters 9IA *tars .unfairly . I might even suggest to the President that if he were to release Pollard it would not surprise me if the classified Pollard files got released anyway$ by some very unhappy old Intel people who might figure some pay bac& was in order. (e recently had the new letter to the President by eighteen former senators$ another shoc&er that I am still digging into$ especially when I saw Alan *impson s name on it.+ree Pollard treason$ once and for all$ is to drop a dime on the CIA and have them release the Pollard files on what Israelis did with the information the Pollard gave them.the L0' mob s looting of . This +ree Pollard movement is stain on our entire national security structure$ and warrants some pushing bac& at that level. *o my advice to Obama as the best way to stop all this . It s a huge community and they have been silent for too long. There is one &ey thing that is giving all of these Israeli spy .ictims Are /ot Included 0ecause There is /ot >nough %oom 0ut the read deal is that Pollard s treason cost the loss of over a 3??? American Intel agents and assets$ and destroyed virtually a generation of national security e#penditures.helpers some cover$ and that is Pollard was convicted of giving Intel to an ally$ something that has not carried a heavy sentence before$ so the pitch is that he is being persecuted . Is this a threat to Obama$ or his family6or maybe 7ust a torpedoing of the critical year end legislation that he needs passed to set up a better state of the union address atmosphere.or else could be he does not say. 0ut for today we will here from Pollard s long time attorney who is wor&ing the /etanyahu flan& under the impression that all he has to do is call Obama and order the release in <5 hours or else. Then we can see if all the Pollard supporters$ including (oolsey$ the worst because he &nows$ will continue to support their country6Israel.ietnam (ar contracts. . Than& @od that at least my Association for Intelligence Officers AA+IOB has ta&e a public stand against releasing Pollard through *pi&e 0owman s great column in the Intelligencer$ *pring <??3$ The 8rumbeats for Clemency for 'onathan 'ay Pollard %everberate Again. The damage was so devastating that it is still classified to this day$ although our own @ordon 8uff has roughed it out for us in this article last year.

G 6%afi >itan$ Pollard s Israeli handler. DIf I had been at the EIsraeliF >mbassy when Pollard came to see& asylum$ I would have put a bullet through his head and there would have been no . If Pollard is released with hardly a whimper from them publicly during this big push$ the Intel community will be effectively be 7oining hands in dishonoring the the victims of Israel s and Pollard s treachery. Larry 8ub and his incredible analogy here that the Pollard case should be handle li&e the *halit case.G 3?-<J33 Israelis Love their American *pies . Cou 7ust can t ma&e this stuff up. 8uring a conversation with Arut" *heva$ 8ub said that Israelis should start a campaign to free Pollard similar to the one that resulted in the release of @ilad *halit for 3$?<4 Palestinian Authority Arab terrorists. DThey had people tal&ing about it with the 9nesset members day and . If I had the power to do so$ I would have the bastard shot.0ut (hy 8o *o -any Americans$ Also) Attorney Larry 8ub$ who has represented 'onathan Pollard for over twenty years$ said on Thursday that pressure must be placed on Prime -inister 0inyamin /etanyahu to get Pollard released from prison. 8ear %eadersH (e sometimes run a goof piece 7ust to have a little fun and brea& up the routine from the the blood and guts stuff we have to cover. (ith friends li&e this$ who needs enemies. As we so often say around here6GCou 7ust can t ma&e this stuff upIG 6 'im 8ean Pollard s LawyerH Pressure *hould be Placed on /etanyahu Attorney Larry 8ub$ who has represented Pollard for over twenty yearsH DThe only way to get him released is by pressuring /etanyahu. DIt wasn t the protest tent set up by *halit s parents that brought about his release$ but rather the fact that the *halit family hired the services of a media consultant$G he said. The entire American Intelligence community is also going to be 7udged on what happens here. -aybe they really are chosen people after all. That s right. :e s comparing this unfortunate mentally disabled soldier s being held by :amas$ as a similar situation as our .Pollard affair .holding Pollard. The following piece is right out of an Israeli online newspaper and there is a hot lin& to prove it. 0ut this is no 7o&e.0ut now on to Pollard s attorney -r.

*..nited *tates on behalf of Israel and sentenced to life in President 8an Muayle$ .*. If it were up to me$ he would stay in 7ail for life. -any observers believe Pollard is being singled out for harsh and cruel treatment because he is a 'ew who spied for Israel.(e want Pollard$ case closed$ and we ll get him bac& within <5 hours.night. *ome well-&nown individuals have publicly called for Pollard s release such. 江江江江 . >arlier this month$ . :ow come /etanyahu hasn t demanded a reply until now)G In 3LJK$ 'onathan Pollard was found guilty of spying on the . 'ust as the prime minister made a 1K? degree change regarding the release of murderers for *halit after he was pressured to do so$ he can now be pressured to pic& up the telephone to Obama.G DPollard can be released from prison with 7ust one phone call$G 8ub added. . That s e#actly what needs to be done now. These include former .*.ice President 'oe 0iden revealed that President Obama was set to release Pollard but that 0iden thwarted the move and saidH DOver my dead body are we going to let him out before his time. *ending Obama a letter and waiting for an answer is not seriously negotiating.G 0iden$ who made the comments during a meeting with a group of rabbis in +lorida$ later agreed to meet with a Dsmall groupG of American 'ewish leaders about the case. authorities have refused to release Pollard. DIt ll be enough if the prime minister pic&s up the phone and tells 0arac& Obama$ .. -iddle >ast negotiator 8ennis %oss$ former CIA director 'ames (oolsey$ former *ecretary of *tate @eorge *hult"$ and even *enator 'ohn -cCain Awho was once vehemently opposed to the ideaB.. *imilar cases of spying for a friendly nation usually yield sentences of less than five years$ but .