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The Origin, Ramifications and Rectification of White Supremacy

Racism = White Supremacy = Globalization

Table of Contents I Introduction and Definition of Terms Sociological Origins of White Supremacy(Racism) & ggression Page(s) 3-4 Page(s) -! II !istory of White Supremacy(Racism) as a "lobal System Page(s) "#-"" III Contemporary uses of White Supremacy(Racism) to maintain its self Page(s) "$-"3 #ffects of White Supremacy(Racism) On $on%humans Page(s)"4-" I% Remedies for White Supremacy(Racism) &ibliography Page(s) "&-"' Page(s) "'-"( .

uropean+-ryan+W hite) <eople 1ho li0e on the planet #arth( but separate themsel0es from the 0ast ma.on W hite) #0eryone on the planet #arth 1ho ha0e( in one 1ay or another suffered from racism(White Supremacy) for the past =---> years/ -ncient ) !uman !istory prior to the first attempts at globali)ation through the creation and e6pansion of the ryans into the !arrapan Indian 1orld( and subse?uently the !ellenistic e6pansion( initiated by le6ander the @acedon in the late first millennium &C#/ Geographic 1rea/ 1as2et) ncient Ci0ili)ations that re0ol0ed around old ri0ers( and subse?uently fed their people( and the people around them from said bas7et/ Some e6amples of "/&/&/ 1ere built around the Ri0er $iger( $ile Aalley( "anges( etc/// .ourneys thorough 1orld of intellectualism( I ha0e come across many definitions of the abo0e 1ords( and ideas/ I ha0e also come across 0arious .Introduction and Definition of Terms It's my position that the practice of White Supremacy( racism( and the reintroduction of globali)ation in the *+th .ority of the peoples on the planet/ *aucasian+.-th century are all ma.ustice to the reality in 1hich 1e li0e/ &ecause of this( for this paper( I subscribe to the 2Codified3 approach to the definition of the beha0ior of man( and the creation of his societies( creator by Dr/ $eely 4uller 5r/( in his te6tboo7( The 8nited Independent Compensatory Code9System9Concept a te6tboo791 or7boo7 for thought( speech and 9or action for 0ictims of racism(1 hite supremacy)/ To reli0e any confusion( disagreements or misconceptions( I'll define certain 1ords before I start the actual 1or7/ W hite Supremacy) The 1orld1ide po1er system( created and consciously or unconsciously maintained by humans 1ho separate themsel0es from the rest of the people of the 1orld 1ith titles such as Caucasian( #uropean( White( ryan and a many of others/ It has been used in many manifestations( This system is practiced 1ith the purpose of White genetic9cultural sur0i0al and to pre0ent annihilation on #arth( a planet on 1hich the o0er +-: of the inhabitants non White9 ryan9etc/.or problems causing great harm to the #arth and her people/ It's also my position that the abo0e three institutions are interrelated and beneficial to each other/ In my many . Racism) The conscious or unconscious 1orld1ide system of 1hite supremacy in its most refined state/ Created by peoples of Caucasian( #uropean or ryan ancestral decent and used to control and maintain control o0er the siatic9&lac79&ro1n people of the #arth/ Racism is practiced by almost all people of the #arth( depending on their social and physical location on the artificial hierarchical socio%racial ladder( 1ith the dar7est comple6ions all around the 1orld( at the bottom( and the lightest at the top/ Globalization) The attempt of people 1ho( generally classify themsel0es as 1hite( to dominate and sub.ugate the 0ast ma.ority of the population through a plethora of titles/ -siatic+.ustification and reasoning's behind them/ I'0e come to the conclusion that the modern definition of the terms don't do .egroi/+-0ricoi/+.ority of the #arth( thus perpetuating their o1n perceptions of supremacy/ lso protecting their culture and genetics from ine0itable destruction from the ma.

years of cold is a ma.Sociological 3rigins o0 White Supremacy(racism) 4 -ggression What prompted these people from the north 1est corner of the Bold 1orldB to e6plode out of their territory( and terrori)e the #arth and her peopleC Why is it that they 1ere able to commit such atrocities( the li7es of 1hich 1ere ne0er seen/ What 1as it about their e0olution that allo1ed for such disdain for the li0es( and li0elihoods of peoples around themC The social construct of 1hite supremacy(racism) is a 0ery ne1 occurrence on the #arth/ If 1e 1ere to trace it all the 1ay bac7 to the ryan in0asion( and subse?uent occupation and destruction of the Indus 0alley(!arrapan) ci0ili)ation( it's only D+-.ority of humans that de0eloped around old ri0ers and tropical sa0annas/ The men and 1omen( Sapiens and $eanderthals that occupied #urope had the harshest de0elopment of all the peoples of the #arth/ They had to battle for life/ !undreds of thousands of years of barbarism had a 0ery interesting impact on the psyche of the ancient #uropean/ The lac7 of bountiful food( proper shelter and clothes bred a culture of thie0ery( murder( rape and pillage/ Only the absolute strongest could sur0i0e the conditions that the land of the $orth West made for the people/ *--(--.ugated or assimilated( and morphed from a self sufficient entity( to a poor inade?uate reflection of the 1estern 1orld/ Our chronology begins in the WFrm glaciation( or last Ice ge of #urope/ n age that e6isted from c/*--(---&C# to around c/G---&C#/ t this time( the coldest parts of the globe 1ere those closest to the poles/ The northern hemisphere 1as 0ery harshly affected by the WFrm glaciation/ The areas 1e 7no1 today as #urope( Canada and $orthern Russia 1ere co0ered in ice sheets thousands of feet deep/ &ecause of this( the people 1ho li0ed in these fro)en areas e0ol0ed( and de0eloped much differently than the 0ast ma.or cause of the present psychology of the #uropean man/ If the 1eather of #urope 1as the full( and indeed only reason for the ne1 1orld order( in 1hich 1e find oursel0es( this paper 1ould be ?uite empty/ The Weather is only responsible for the 1arli7e( tribal attitude still associated 1ith #uropeans/ Indeed( if 1eather 1as the only cause( the Inuit people of "reenland (Eaalit $uuat) and Canada 1ould be e?ually 1arli7e/ It's my hypothesis that $eanderthal genes are also part of the age old beha0ior that is Caucasian aggression/ That ho1e0er( is another full paper in on its o1n/ In terms of geographic determinism( there are no old( slo1 flo1ing ri0ers in #urope/ That being the case there lac7ed the opportunity for a '"eographic &read &as7et' to be created there/ The 0ast Irrigation ☥ Page 4 of 14 .years old/ !umans 1ere ali0e( and prospering for at least .of years prior to the barbarian onslaught/ It's my aim to chronicle the beginnings of racism( and trace them to the present 1orld in 1hich 1e li0e/ Due to sparse historical data( 1e ha0e to e6trapolate dates and times from 1hat's pro0ided/ What 1e currently 7no1 is that e0ery old ci0ili)ation on #arth( once encountered by the e6pansionist nature of the #uropean( they ceased to function in their respecti0e natural styles/ That goes for each ci0ili)ation on #arth/ 4rom the Eingdom of !a1ai'i( to the Iro?uois Confederation of #astern $orth merica( all the 1ay to the old Eingdom of China/ #0ery so0ereign nation 1ho the 1estern man touched( 1as annihilated( sub.--(--.

asthan/ The massacres perpetuated by the ryans in India during the *--.years of the Aedic Dar7 ges are unparalleled in history( e6ceeding the !olocaust of the 5e1s by the $a)is (1hich 1as inspired by the Aedic ryans)( and the slaughter of the South merican nati0e populations by the in0ading Spaniards and <ortuguese/ lmost all of the H million inhabitants of the Indus Aalley perished( besides unnumbered others/ This barbaric bloodshed 1as unheard of in the high culture of the "anges Ri0er Aalley/ &ecause of this( they 1ere completely unable to repel the hordes/ s the professor indicated( the culture 1as plunged into a ma.DB <rofessor 8thaya $aidu 1rote The initial ryan onslaught began 1ith the 4irst ryan in0asion under Indra/ The barbaric Aedic ryan hordes s1ept do1n into the Indus Aalley ci0ili)ation( attac7ing the peace%lo0ing and tolerant Semito%$egroid ci0ili)ation/ 8naccustomed to such 0iolence and blood%shed( and unable to 1ithstand the sheer numbers of ferocious in0aders( the ci0ili)ation collapsed into massacres( mayhem and disorder/ 4ollo1ing this calamity( India 1as plunged into *--.latitude mar7er( and do1n to the e?uator all had a similar characteristic/ Their 1arm temperature( and good ri0ers( allo1ed them to irrigate 0ast lands( and support a high population/ The same conditions could not be implemented north of the @editerranean because the ri0ers 1ere either too strong or too 1ea7/ The lac7 of basic necessities caused a change in the humanity of #uropean peoples( caused tremendous star0ation( strife( and led to the creation of the in0asi0e cultures that e6ist ha0e e6isted from the da1n of history in #urope( to today/ !istorical record into of pre%Eemetic%"reco cultures is 0ery sparse/ The first 7no1n #uropean incursions from the Caucasus @ountains 1ere around *H-.years later( 7no1n no1 as BThe second ryan In0asionB/ This 1as the final sunset for the !arrapan peoples and their &read &as7et/ Of this in0asion( <rofessor $aidu 1rites &harata launched the second ryan in0asion from fghanistan( and con?uered much of the upper "anges 0alley/ The mayhem and murder continued throughout this period( by the end of 1hich no trace of the Indus Aalley ci0ili)ation 1as left and Sudroid &lac7s had been displaced from all of $orth1est India( the sur0i0ors retreating to the "anges 0alley and Ra.net1or7s of the ci0ili)ations that e6isted( around the D.or out1ard e6panse of #uropean9 ryan tribes 1as 1hat is presently 7no1n as Iranian( or <ersians/ These 1ere remnants of the first 7no1n ryans spo7en of abo0e/ lthough this 1as a particularly brutal in0asi0e culture( for the sa7e of space( 1e are going to pass o0er them( and mo0e to the "reco%Roman in0asions/ 4urthermore( they had( by no1 mi6ed 1ith the peoples they had con?uered( and thus should not longer be associated 1ith those 1hom this paper is about/ The original( abo0e mentioned in0asions of ryans are different from the ne6t set( for the abo0e 1ere running from a terrible geography (present day fghanistan)( in search of food( culture and technology/ $o1 1e are loo7ing from the hordes of ryans to #uropeans that found their origin in the present day countries of "reece( Rome( and Tur7ey/ fter untold millennia of technological( spiritual and philosophical progress( Eemet( 7no1n to "ree7s as egyptos ( nglici)ed #gypt) found herself in decline( 1hile the peoples north of the @editerranean 1ere ascending to 1orld po1er/ The <ersians 1ere suffering from internal strife( and this 0oid of po1er ga0e ☥ Page 5 of 14 .&C#/ This 1as an in0asion of the Indus Aalley ci0ili)ation that led to its decline( and its subse?uent collapse/ In his 1or7s( B&ible of ryan In0asions *H-&C % *--.years/ The ne6t ma.or dar7 age of around *--.years of dar7ness( a period referred to as the Aedic Dar7 ges/ Airtually the entire nati0e populations of $egroids( Semites and @ongoloids 1ere e6terminated/ The Indus irrigation system 1as shattered to permanently destroy agriculture in the region in the first recorded instance of ecological 1arfare/ This is 7no1n as the Rig Aedic ryan in0asion( and 1or7ed to soften the ci0ili)ation for the ne6t in0asion( launched *-.

or difference is that the !ellenistic "ree7s left their lands and encroached on peoples that had nothing to do 1ith them/ In their search for rich culture and resources( unli7e the abo0e( they aimed to con?uer the lands around them( as 1ell as the rest of the 1orld/ They aimed to amalgamate the cultures and people( and create a ne1 entity/ $o people before the #uropeans tried( and from the Romans to the mericans all of the #uro%centric empires after them did the same/ Today 1e are left 1ith failed amalgamated peoples and cultures that are legacies of old empires attempts at globali)ation/ In modern history( the first application of this system 1as in Spain( shortly after the e6pulsion of the @oors/ The #uropean Spaniards instituted an e6tremely 0ile system( today 7no1n as the in?uisition/ This 1as one of the first e0ents in human history( that people 1ere negati0ely singled out( and abused on the grounds of ethnicity and lifestyles/ It also 1or7ed to legitimi)e future ethnocentric based inhumanity/ This system lasted for around DH.years( and 1or7ed to rid Spain of fricans and rab @uslims/ It also 1or7ed to rid the Caribbean Islands( Central and South merica of its aboriginal inhabitants/ Directly( tens of thousands of men and 1omen died in Spain( and the 0ast ma.1ay for the rise of the !ellenistic 1orld/ The incursions into sia and frica 1ere no longer due to lac7 of food and culture/ The "ree7s 1ere centuries and indeed millennia remo0ed from the sa0age brutes that in0aded the !arappan ci0ili)ation so much earlier/ They 1ere no longer loo7ing for food and better geography/ They 1ere loo7ing to unite the old 1orld( 1ith 1hat they considered their ne1 1orld( they 1ere trying to combine the old peoples 1ith them( the ne1 people that 1ere rising/ This 1as the first organi)ed attempt at globali)ation/ le6ander II( son of <hillip of @acedon 1as the military leader of his land/ !e dreamed to unite the 1hole 1orld (as he 7ne1 it) under the !ellenistic("ree7) cultural blan7et/ !e and his people 1ere no longer running from their gi0en en0ironment( but loo7ing to e6pand and add to it/ nd indeed he did/ le6ander and his armies 1ent on to con?uer countless 7ingdoms( and built an empire( the li7es of 1hich( the 1orld hadn't seen before/ This empire spread from @acedon in the north( to the $ubian%#gyptian border in the south/ It 1ent as far east as the "anges Ri0er( India/ The only thing that stopped this e6pansion 1as the death of their belo0ed leader and general/ &y no1( one may as7 1hat the abo0e has to do 1ith racism( and 1hite supremacy/ !umans naturally are inclined to consolidate lands around them( 1ith the idea of creating strong central authorities/ It 1as done in <re%dynastic Eemet( Dynastic China( Sumeria( etc/ One may be tempted to say these 1ere e6amples of early attempts at the same thing !ellenists attempted/ The only ma.ority of the rest of the people 1ho 1ere not of the ne1 dominating culture 1ere e6pelled( and forced bac7 to frica/ 8nder the legality of the Catholic in?uisition( Spanish treasure and sla0e hunters arri0ed amidst a sea of 2disbelie0ers3/ Their admiral( and leader( Christopher Columbus 1rote to the 7ing e6pressing ho1 he had found infidels( and they 1eren't accepting Christianity( and suggested to the 7ing steps to ta7e to remedy the problem/ s chronicled in the boo7 2Documents of West Indian !istory3( Columbus 1rote 2@y lords( it appears to me that these Indians 1ill not listen to the theology of the re?uisition( and that you ha0e no one that can ma7e them understand it/ W ould your honor be pleased to 7eep it in order that he may learn it at his leisure and my bishop may e6plain it to him//// The attitude bet1een the Spanish and his fello1 humans 1as( to say the least( 0ery harsh/ They delegated these people to the le0el of animals( and treated them 1ith a le0el of barbarism and callousness( unheard of ☥ Page 6 of 14 .

--( from another 0illage( or perhaps they came of their o1n accord/ The Spaniards cut their faces from the nose and lips do1n to the chin and sent them in this lamentable condition( streaming 1ith blood( to carry the ne1s of the miraculous thingsbeing done by the Spaniards( ad0ocates of the holy faith of bapti)ed Catholics/ &rief ccount3 &artolomJ de las Casas told of some of the atrocities that 1ere being committed/ !e Kamentable indeed( the #uropeans 1ere no longer interested in cultural amalgamation/ So far remo0ed from their imperial origins in @acedon( they no1 1or7ed to1ard cultural annihilation/ One can only surmise that due to the lac7 of dar7 s7inned people in northern India( the !arrapans 1ho pre0iously li0ed there must ha0e suffered a similar genocide as the Caribbean Indigenous peoples/ The e0ents perpetrated 1ere refined( and duplicated by all the #uropean predecessors of Spain and <ortugal( ho1e0er 7eeping 1ithin the bounds of time and space( 1e'll lea0e the time of the Taino and ra1a7 people and mo0e for1ard to a more recent time/ ☥ Page of 14 .ects( for they spared no one/ Then there 1as times 1hen they summoned a great number of Indians( more than .pre0iously (sa0e for the ryan treatment of the !arrapan people)/ In the &oo7 2The De0astation of the IndiesI saidI In another 0illage 1here the people appeared to be more reser0ed and grudging( and 1ere so( because of 1hat they had heard of the horrible acts of the Spaniards( they put all of the people to the s1ord( men 1oman and children/ Chieftains and sub.

5istory o0 W hite Supremacy(racism) as a Global System Often times I'm hit 1ith the argument that racism is not e?ual to White Supremacy( and that all people can practice and proliferate racism/ This ideology that 1e label as racism is much li7e any other 1ord 1ith the suffi6 of 'ism'/ The use of this suffi6 is there to denote a strict system of theories or doctrines that direct a people( society( class or group to a specific ob.ecti0e/ To understand ho1 racism is a global system( one 1ould ha0e to brea7 do1n its use( and 0ie1 its application through lenses as unbiased as possible/ t the 0ery least( lenses not corrupted by the need to maintain the social structure of 1hite supremacy(racism)/ Eeeping in line 1ith a long tradition of foreign cultural degradation( and oppression( in the late *G--'s the collecti0e go0ernmental and scholarly institutions of #urope decreed that all other peoples of the #arth 1ere subhuman( and 1ere destined to be controlled( and indeed dominated by #uropeans/ $o more 1ere there calls of infidelity( and barbarism/ The ne1 call 1as subhuman( sa0age and inade?uately e?uipped for self determination/ This ne1 manifestation of 1hite supremacy(racism) 1as aimed destroying( and rebuilding many nations of frica( and South #ast sia( and to solidify the 1estern stranglehold on $orth and South merica/ In 1hat's 7no1n as the scramble for frica( 4rance( &ritain( &elgium( Spain( Italy( "erms and <ortugal too7 maps of the continent of frica and di00ied it up amongst themsel0es/ Without the consent of one frican leader( the future of the continent 1as 1ritten/ It 1ent as far as to 'grant' #uropean nations control of any land they could con?uerL The scramble 1as officially 7no1n as the 2&erlin Conference3/ This meeting bet1een the most po1erful monarchs 1as held 1ith the aim of remo0ing t1o 1alls that bloc7ed the for1ard momentum of creating the global economical structure that the #uropeans so badly 1anted to create/ ccording to the te6t boo7 2!istory of frica3 by Ee0in Shillington( the first item on the agenda 1as legitimi)ing Eing Keopold's personal fiefdom of the Congo/ 2In return(3 as Shillington put it( 2the &elgian 7ing agreed to allo1 #uropean traders and missionaries free access to the area/3 The ne6t issue effecti0ely stated that any nation that could militarily dominate the land they claimed( 1ould be legally entitled to it/ Through this edict( #uropeans mo0ed to use frica as their battleground/ It functioned to house the battles that 1ould determine the 1orld's ne6t super po1er/ The end result of these conferences 1as an end to almost all the 7ingdoms(1ith the e6ception of #thiopia) and the creation of the HD states that compromise of the continent today/ $one of 1hich( e0er being able to completely re0ert to their respecti0e pre%colonial en0ironment The history of #uropean domination( and the road to globali)ation 1as an e6tremely long and rough one/ @uch of the non%#uropean 1orld is still suffering from it( and comparati0ely the entire #uropean 1orld had benefited from it/ 5ust imagine( the continent of #urope 1ent from sla0ery( through serfdom( to the economic po1er that it is today/ .

: of the 1orld suffer from undernourishment( 1hile( according to the 1orld ban7( the spending priorities amongst the richest nations consist of lcoholic drin7s( Cigarettes( <erfumes( and Cosmetics/ #0en Ice cream( and pet%foods are of a higher priority than more globally needed ser0ices/ To be more specific( in *++G( #uropeans spent ** billion on ice cream( and *M billion on pet food/ It's been estimated that o0er * billion men 1omen and children( around *G: of the earth don't ha0e access to clean drin7ing 1ater/ @ost of 1hich are located in sia( frica( and South merica/ The distance bet1een people star0ing( and 1ealthy has ne0er been so 1ell defined/ Since the establishment of #uro%Centric global domination( any rising nations( 1hich e0en remotely threatened to shift the dynamics of the 1orld( bac7 to their pre%colonial positions ha0e been dealt 1ith s1iftly( and particularly harshly if the nations in action 1ere non 1hite/ The t1o 1orld 1ars sa1 "ermany( and #astern #urope destroyed and rebuilt by programs li7e the Truman and @arshal plans/ The plans 1or7ed to repair #urope after the 1ars( and set them up so 1ell economically( that they 1ould no longer ha0e to 1orry about re0olutions that could potentially aid in any global s1itch of po1er/ !elp( through these plans 1as offered to e0ery #uropean nation that suffered during the 1ar( including the 8SSR/ lthough many $orth frican( and sian countries 1ere se0erely damaged( no non%1hite nations 1ere offered help/ This helped to set the #uropean 1orld far ahead of any others( and ga0e them a head start in the race to the globali)ed 1orld( in 1hich 1e find oursel0es today/ #0en loo7ing past the 1orld 1ars( and subse?uent economic plans( history tells us that any rising non%1hite nation that 1as seen as a threat to the #uropean po1er structure 1as militarily dealt 1ith/ fe1 e6amples are Eorea( Aietnam( Cuba( $icaragua( "renada( and ngola/ The a0erage historian or sociologist 1ould say all of the abo0e 1ere pro6y 1ars aimed at containing the 8SSR(another 1hite entity 0ying for po1er) ho1e0er all of these nations 1ere non%1hite and suffered hundreds of thousands( to millions of casualties/ lso( 1hile the 1ar of 1ords 1aged on bet1een the West and the eastern So0iet bloc( many #uropean nations mo0ed to social democracy 1ithout a drop of bloodshed/ On the other hands( any countries that e0en attempted similar changes 1ere ?uic7ly stopped/ Those actions remain to this day/ Aene)uela( a country 1ithout the po1er to do much to anyone is at the end of merican threats on a regular basis/ The same goes for Cuba( 1hile e6tremely socialistic programs ta7e place in the 1orld capital White Supremacy N the 8nited States/ While Israel beefs up its military( and( according to the 4ederation of merican Scientists( hold possibly hundreds of nuclear de0ices( Ira?( Iran and $orth Eorea suffer sanctions for attempting the same/ #0en this month (fall 2009)( the 8nited States sees China strengthening its military( and are 1eighing its options and planning 1ays to pit the <RC's neighbors against her/ What could possibly the reason for this global hypocrisyC !istory sho1s us that it's the .*ontemporary uses o0 White Supremacy(racism) to maintain its sel0 Today( the global po1er hierarchy has shifted in such a 1ay( that the 0ast ma.ority of the #arth's population e6ists in po0erty and desolation( 1hile( according to 1orld ban7 statistics( .-: of humans account for MH: of the 1orlds monetary 1ealth/ The differences in global rich and poor ha0e become so big that( nearly *.

s?uare miles per year/ If current trends continue( 1e 1ill lose all of them in =.years/ Destruction li7e the abo0e 1ill undoubtedly result in a series of e0ents that 1ill lead to the e6tinction of humanity/ Without certain animals( 1e can't eat meat/ @any insects 1ill also die/ Without them( 1e can't gro1 many 0egetables/ Concurrently( 1ithout rainforest's( carbon dio6ide 1ill become the main gas in our atmosphere( thus ma7ing it impossible to breath/ 4or the sa7e of e0ery our 1hole future( this road that 1e are on needs to change/ Soon/ .to a lo1( in *+MD of at least DO-/ Today( they are on a list of endangered species( 1hich protects them from being hunted/ #0en still( due to pollution( illegal fishing( and massi0e trading ships these 1hales are 7illed at alarming rates/ Eno1ing that &lue 1hales ma7e at most PM offspring per lifetime( the original population 1ould ha0e ta7en se0eral thousands of years to reach the number they 1ere at/ It is 0ery possible that it 1ill ne0er return to those numbers/ In the early *++-'s( a Dr/ #d1ard Wilson estimated that in H. at this point) 1ould easily ma7e for a ne1 essay/ 4or that reason( 1e'll bring to light only a couple of the most 0isible species/ &lue 1hales( at one time 1ere the most abundant of the mammals in the sea/ ccording to @arine @ammal Science( &lue Whale population prior to the .maintenance of "lobal #uropean domination( for 1ithout it( possibly in the minds of #uropeans( the 1orld 1ould re0ert to its natural state( 1hich e6isted before #urope dominated/ $o other e6planation fits/ !ffects of White Supremacy"racism# This 1or7( so far has been focused on the effects of racism on non%1hite people's of the #arth/ lthough they(the non%1hites) are the most 0ocal group of 0ictims( there are other beings on this planet( 1ho ha0e suffered e?ually( or e0en much 1orse/ &ecause of the capitalistic( e6pansi0e( e6ploitati0e nature that( according to history e6ists in #uropean societies( countless animals( plants and insects ha0e been annihilated( some 1e'll ne0er 7no1 of/ To spea7 about all the species that ha0e suffered in the name of feeding the e0er e6panding #uropean ci0ili)ation(if it can be called that.-th century( at most 1as D**(--.years( due to o0er de0elopment( the #arth 1ould lose 2a ?uarter or more of all species3/ Eno1ing animals are dying on a daily basis( is a terrible thought( 1ithout specific beings( ecosystems 1ill undoubtedly collapse/ nimals ho1e0er( aren't the only non%human 0ictims of racism/ #arth's o6ygen factories(rain forests) are also under serious danger/ Today rainforests co0er only M: of the #arth's land surface/ Inside these forests( e6ists about H-: of all the species of animals and plants on #arth/ We are losing them( ho1e0er at a rate of =O(DD.

ust Whites/ To that argument( I respond( ob0iously fricans are hunting their animals( cutting do1n their forests( eastern sians are doing the same( as 1ell as polluting their en0ironment/ In fact( it could easily be argued that today as a 1hole( #uropeans do much less of the abo0e than any other people/ Of course( per capita( in terms of polluting( they blo1 the rest of the 1orld out of the pro0erbial 1aterL I 1ould some1hat agree 1ith all that/ !o1e0er( one 1ould ha0e to forget about( and forgi0e hundreds of years of unadulterated terrestrial abuse committed by men and 1omen 1ho today classify themsel0es as 1hite/ Their economies 1ere changed o0er those years from the poorest in the 1orld to the richest/ In order to li0e( and compete( the dar7er peoples to the south and east ha0e to do similar things( for if not( these nations 1ill be left in the bac71ard state they are in today/ With this possibly ine0itable disastrous future that in0ol0es the destruction of the 1orld( and the human race( I'm reminded of the mo0ie 2The @atri63 in 1hich one of the characters ingeniously spo7e about the sad state of !umanity/ !e saidI I'd li7e to share a re0elation that I'0e had during my time here/ It came to me 1hen I tried to classify your species/ I reali)ed that you're not actually mammals/ #0ery mammal on this planet instincti0ely de0elops a natural e?uilibrium 1ith the surrounding en0ironment( but you humans do not/ Qou mo0e to an area( and you multiply( and multiply( until e0ery natural resource is consumed/ The only 1ay you can sur0i0e is to spread to another area/ There is another organism on this planet that follo1s the same pattern/ a plague/////// 0irus/ !uman beings are a disease( a cancer of this planet( you are This cycle in 1hich 1e li0e( has to be bro7en no1( and humanity has to stop competing 1ith one another in the attempt of catching up( economically 1ith #urope( and 1or7 together for the benefit of the collecti0e/ There are only t1o 1ays that can happen/ */ The conscious end of Racist practices of White people/ 4or that to happen( they 1ould first ha0e to admit that 1hat they are doing is detrimental to the #arth and her people/ $ot only admit it to the rest of the 1orld( but to themsel0es/ <eople that are able to say that the problems of #arth 1ere caused by humanity as a 1hole( are in complete and disastrous denial/ White humans need to reali)e 1hat they ha0e done( and use their 0ast 1ealth to remedy it/ They need to stop spending billions on ice cream and cigarettes( along 1ith trillions on 1ar machines and direct that capitol at bringing the rest of humanity to their collecti0e le0el of li0ing standard/ Completely e?ual/ *om pletely e6ual7 It 1ill mean gi0ing up most lu6uries and many of the e6tremely 1ealthy 1ill lose 0ast amounts of capital/ The 1orld ho1e0er( 1ill be better off and 1ill be a better place to li0e/ @uch li7e it 1as before the e6plosion of the ryans/ .Reme/ies 0or W hite Supremacy(racism) Often times( people tell me that the pre0iously mentioned problems are part of humanity( and not .

m any civilizations and m any other manifestations of W hite Supremacy projected on non w hites. I had to skip over many events.. ./ The only other option is a global 1ar bet1een the White and $on%1hite peoples of the planet #arth/ This 1ould undoubtedly result in the death of billions( and ?uite possible the end of humanity/ If ho1e0er( the non%1hites 1in( still billions 1ill die( but e0entually the 1orld 1ould be balanced( for racism 1ould be forcefully ended/ #ither 1ay( White Supremacy(racism) and the DH-.year old hunger for globali)ation has to be stopped/ The 1ay it happens is to be decided by the ne6t fe1 generations of humans/ Time is running out/ In writing this. to get past the 4 millennium of recorded racism.

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