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SUN , SURYA General Description & Nature - The Sun is only seen during the day and, therefore, represents

our outer, public activity in the world. It represents the male, yang, active, externalizing, conscious principle. The Sun is the giver and source of life in our solar system and, therefore, represents the life force, vitality, and strength in our physical bodies. The Sun is also the source of light and, therefore, represents our inner light, radiance and how we shine in the world. It is luminous orange, yellow & red and represents fire, especially steady fires that are warm and peaceful as in a sacred fire. The Sun creates and sustains life and, therefore, represents our creative self-expression. Since all life is dependent on the Sun and all the planets shine with its reflected light, the Sun represents authority and political power. orship of the Sun is the earliest form of religious worship, and represents the one light of !od. "n the personal level the Sun represents our #atman# or soul and it$s position in the chart shows where we shine, li%e to express ourselves creatively, ta%e leadership, command authority and fulfill our purpose. Main Indications - Soul &atman', one$s identity, purpose, aspirations, overall health, vitality, body, appearance, self-confidence, charisma, fire, will power, creative self-expression, intelligence, conscious mind, career status, occupation, father, males, authorities, political power, organizational ability, organizations, governments, leadership Significator for - (st house &body', )th house &father', (*th house &career' Relates to - +eo and the ,th house Planetary a!inet - -ing Relations"People - .ather, males, authorities/superiors Positi#e"Strong psyc$ological traits - self-confident, noble, %ind hearted, sunny disposition, humble, loyal, dignified, integrity, genuine, individuality, independent, leadership abilities, strong willed, playful, creative, self-expressive, courageous, mental clarity Negati#e"%ea& psyc$ological traits - lac% of self-confidence, low self-esteem, proud, pompous attitude, egotistic, arrogant, self-centered, domineering, power see%ing, power tripping, vain, lazy Actions - 0ublic outer actions, authoritative and decisive actions, ta%ing charge, dynamic and expressive actions, drama, using conscious will, following one$s vision, organizing, planning the future '!(ects"Su!stances - .ire &especially sacred fire', gold, medicines, trees in general, wood, wool, stones, copper red ob1ects, hot ob1ects Professions - governmental or administrative positions &politicians, diplomats, ambassadors etc.' managers, ban%ing industry &ban%ers, financiers', wor%ing in an institution/organization, teachers, physicists, medical field &doctors, physicians, optometrists, pharmacists, chiropractors' body trainers, physical therapists, athletes, performers &actors/actresses, entertainers etc', goldsmiths Parts of t$e )ody !eneral health & vitality, heart, head, bones, stomach, sight & eyes esp. right eye Ayur#edic onstitution - 0itta &.ire' Places - Temples &places of worship', governmental institutions &palaces', mountainous regions, forests, hot sunny open places &deserts, beaches etc.' olor - 2ar% copper red Ge*s - 3uby, garnet Gender - 4ale Day of t$e %ee& - Sunday Rate of +ransit - "ne sign per month Aspects - (st and 5th houses from itself Strongest sign place*ents, 6 7xalted - (* degrees 8ries 6 4oolatri%ona - *-9* degrees +eo 6 "wn sign - 9*-:* degrees +eo %ea&est sign place*ents, 6 2ebilitated - (* degrees +ibra Strongest $ouse place*ents, 6 2i% ;ala or directional strength - (*th house 6 <pachaya houses= :, >, (*, ((th houses %ea&est $ouse place*ents, 6 2usthana houses= ?, (9th houses