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The mysterious 'Nadi Jyotisha' is a unique system of astrology developed by great sages, centuries and centuries back.

Even today, there are many valuable manuscripts collecting dust in Oriental libraries at Baroda, Pune, adras ysore, Trivandrum, !aranasi etc. The manuscripts of this system contain certain techniques, usable in predictive astrology "hich can be rarely found from other sources. Through the efforts of some modern intellectuals having deep interest in astrology, such as #handulal $. Patel, various %adi &ranthas and rare old books "ere transcribed into 'evanagari and English from their local languages. Their efforts brought to light many principles for the first time not kno"n to many so far. The research thereafter on these principles proved them true in application. One such principle told in 'Bhrigu(%andi %adi' is about prediction of transit results of a planet on an imaginary mid(point bet"een )ahu and the oon, "hich is kno"n as Bhrigu(bindu. *t is calculated after finding out ho" far the oon has progressed from )ahu, after the last con+unction in the natal chart. This point is very sensitive. ,hen any planet, benefic or malefic -including )ahu . /etu0 during transit aspects or con+uncts this mid(point, some favourable or unfavourable event takes place respectively. The effects of transit by '#on+unction' are more potent than those by '1spect'. $ometimes, "hen t"o or more benefic planets simultaneously transit over, or aspect to this Bhrigu(bindu, the magnitude of the favourable result increases to a very great e2tent. $ame "ay if t"o or more malefic planets transit or aspect to this point, the magnitude of unfavourable results increases. The principle is based on )ahu( oon a2is only, hence can also be used by those persons "ho kno" their accurate birth date but birth time is appro2imately kno"n. #on+unction or aspect by various planets to the Bhrigu(bindu may produce follo"ing results3 JUPITER: This slo" moving benefic planet may give favourable results such as progress in studies4 birth of brethern4 getting employment4 marriage4 birth of a child4 promotion in service4 profits in business4 e2pansion of industry4 pilgrimage4 recovery from long standing sickness4 fulfillment of long cherished desires etc. MERCURY & VENUS: These fast moving benefic planet may give favourable results such as meeting relations after long time4 small gains of "ealth4 short pilgrimages4 festivities and re+oicing "ith close relations etc.

on a very big scale and from une2pected sources4 bite by snake or poisonous insects4 mental sufferings4 enforcement raids by &ovt. RAHU & KETU: ay cause both favourable or unfavourable results. all of a sudden. SUN & MARS: These fast moving malefic planets may cause minor sickness or in+ury4 temporary seperation from nearer relatives4 loss of money4 quarrels or misunderstanding etc.4 theft of valuables4 harassment. degradation in or termination of service4 family dissensions4 misunderstandings "ith spouse .SATURN: This slo" moving malefic planet may cause long sickness4 disagreement "ith spouse4 her sickness or seperation4 sudden loss of "ealth4 death of near relations4 harm to native himself4 etc.