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The Magic of Abrakadabra Continues Hangout (9/1/13) with Dr.

Pillai, Mohini, Rabbi Robert Teixeira, Schlomo Shoham ~~~ Transcript~~~ Mohini: Hello everyone and welcome back as “The Magic of Abrakadabra” continues. Another show in our Jewish and Yogic Power Sounds Series. In his last show Dr. Pillai shared the secret behind the Kabbalistic Mantra which is reminiscent of ABRAKADABRA. And this secret is the secret behind any mantra. You can create everything through Sound waves. Sound waves create consciousness, Light, and matter. It’s only a matter of understanding sound waves and knowing how to use them properly. And this is the basis behind Dr. Pillai’s theory of why the Yogic and Jewish communities are so exemplary. Because they are descendants of people who knew how to create through Sound waves. So in today’s show, Dr. Pillai will teach you how to practice the Mantra which is reminiscent of Abrakadabra so that you also can understand and experience the power to create. Before Dr. Pillai gives this teaching, our guests today will help prepare you for this experience. Rabbi Robert Teixeira, a Psychotherapist from Manhattan, will give you a brief introduction into the sacred text that Dr. Pillai will be sharing his insights from, the “Sefer Yetzirah”. And Scholomo Shoham, a retired judge in Israel who served as the first commissioner of Future Generations, will guide us through a powerful ceremony that can open us up to a mystical experience. And this ceremony is observed worldwide by the Jewish people on their New

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first let me tell you just a little bit about “Sefer Yetzirah”. And the Kabbalists are referring here to “Or Yeshar”. I’ll just stop there. So Rabbi Robert. So what are these 32 Mystical Paths of Wisdom? And the answer to that question is: The 32 refers to the 10 Sefirot or 10 Conduits and the 22 refers to the 22 Characters of the Hebrew alphabet. Thank-you. It’s all about Light. So this book is all about the Divine Personality. Pillai. who have been listening to Dr. Mohini: That’s beautiful. It’s the earliest book of the Jewish Mystical Tradition. And it appeared somewhere between the 3rd and 6th centuries of the common era. And it begins as many of you know. So how is it that this work is so important despite Biblical prohibitions against magic? ©Pillai Center . once again I wanted to say it’s a privilege to join you today and I’m very happy to be back. This is a very short work. interacted with creation and continues to interact with creation. Rabbi Robert: Well. So the “Sefer Yetzirah” has everything to do with magic. So first we’ll begin with Rabbi Robert. “Sefer Yetzirah” spells out how “The Divine Personality” manifested itself.Year Day coming up this week. Rabbi Robert. Mohini: Wonderful. a Light that is so brilliant it’s beyond our comprehension. it’s great to have you back on the show. often referred to or translated as the “Book of Creation” or the “Book of Formation”. That is the Divine created. why do you think the “Sefer Yetzirah” is such an important work in Judaism? Rabbi Robert: Well. known as Kabbalah. it begins with the words: With 32 Mystical Paths of Wisdom engraved Ya. approximately 1600 words in length.

can you tell us a little about the ceremony that is observed on the Jewish New Year Day and most importantly. The numerical value of the Hebrew word for heart is 32. Mohini: Thank-you Rabbi Robert. Schlomo: Yes. but they’re there. So magic. the truths that it contains would have made their way into the Torah as it exists today. continues to give humankind for the purpose of “freeing” of “The Divine” so it may fully manifest itself in the world. Schlomo. A gift that “The Divine” gave. That’s very helpful to give us just a glimpse into this magical text. yes! So Schlomo. please guide us through an experience. you have to look very closely to find them. At last we can see each other. We’ll move on next to Schlomo Shoham. Freeing the Light so that it shines more brightly. Magic by default falls under the umbrella of the Esoteric expression of the Tradition. Interestingly. Thank-you very much. One could say that “Sefer Yetzirah” comes from a very high place and perhaps in a different climate. if you will. I know it’s fast. is a gift. Rabbi Robert: There’s always been tension within Judaism between the Exoteric expression of the Tradition and the Esoteric expression of the Tradition.Rabbi Robert: Well. it’s wonderful to see you in person on this show. Mohini: Yes. ©Pillai Center . Mohini: Very beautifully expressed. Rabbi Robert: Just a glimpse! Mohini: Yes. Magic has everything to do with the heart. Thank-you. we are talking about the number 32 today. And some of those truths are indeed in the Torah.

to pray and on his way to pray. it was in Russia. to Existence. Pillai. Shofar is a horn of a ram sheep. And I feel I want to begin with this just to connect to the sound of ©Pillai Center . to Dr. “What do you want?”. he was diving into a frozen river just to clean himself. Lev is Heart in Hebrew and the numerical number of Lev is as he said. And I wish to begin with these 3 questions. ”Where are you going?” So the Rabbi went out of the water and looked at his eyes and asked: “Tell me. Like the word in “Sefer Yetzirah”. “What do you want?”. and “Where are you going?””. which is 10 Sefirot and 22 Letters. “What do you want?”. and another policeman came and he saw a crazy guy at 4 o’clock in the morning. And it shakes everything there and by this we open our hearts to Almighty God. And one day they changed the police men of the city. is to blow a Shofar.“Who are you?”. In opening to the heart. to the Oneness of all of us. how much are they paying you for your new job?” The policeman said. is to really shake something inside which is beyond our mind. what Jewish people do in our New Years. So we take the horn and we blow the horn.Schlomo: I first want to begin with something I was talking to Baba. 10 Kopekos a day. it was in Russia. if you stop me every morning on my way to the prayer and ask me these 3 questions: “Who are you?”. Hebrew Letters. cleanse himself. in a frozen river and he rushed to him and he grabbed him and he asked him: “Who are you?”. which is beyond our understanding. The main intention of this blowing the horn. And I wish to begin with opening to the heart. and “Where are you going?” And then I want to go to something the Rabbi said before about Lev. 32. So the Rabbi said: “I’m ready to pay you 20 Kopekos a day. And the story was about a Rabbi that used to go every morning. now and I think this is a great story to begin with. We have to ask our self every morning .

on the New Year’s Eve. So by this sound. zecher. of being ©Pillai Center . I’ll give you more explanation of what it is and how it works….just a little explanation. and feel how the Shofar. We call it in Hebrew. we call it especially on Rosh Hashanah. it lets us go. It shakes our heart. And all the pains of suffering that we have in our bodies. the harmonious feeling of opening the sky. It’s one blow which is a reminder. 1--.2--. it shakes our self. just look at the Shofar and then please close your eyes and take a deep breath. So I’ll begin with this and then at the end. And if you wish. and on the planet and the cosmos. followed by deep breathing. And imagine all the worlds are melting now and the heart is going out like a free eagle flies into the sky and you can connect to this feeling of freedom. And this shaking sound. It opens all of your chakras and you can really connect easier to your Self and to the Existence. a shaking sound. all of the attachments that we have and we had in the last years. and comes into your all chakras. of emptiness. you can put your hands on your heart. It reminds us: “Who are we?” “What do we want?” “Where are we going?” And then there is another Sound. teshuvah. and actually opening each and every cell in ourselves. instead of looking at me. and eyes still closed. hands on heart. easy. and opening our hearts.the Shofar and to connect to the feeling.3---. So I’ll ask everybody now. silence)~ I would like you now to easy. We let go all of the old patterns and attachments that create a lot of suffering. We blow the horn at the beginning. ~(Schlomo blows the Shofar. this horn of a ram sheep comes into your heart. open your arms and just even with the closed eyes imagine you look up to the sky and with open hands and your closed eyes and you imagine your heart goes beyond all the worlds we created when we had suffering or pain in our lives. And take with me 3 deep breaths. It helps us to let go of all the old patterns. Schlomo. So just by speaking you can create. And Genesis says: “God said”. The book is translated as “The Book of Creation”. what we are basically doing is creating. That’s why I have this equation: S=I. Sound waves are the basis for creation. Pillai’s teaching for today.dimensional world. So basically we have got to understand Sound waves. Pillai: I was in Israel a few months ago. And it’s not easy to understand these Sound waves because it has layers.Silence. and language is Sound and that creates psychologically and it can also create in a 3. and layers of ©Pillai Center . So fundamentally. Dr. And God created everything through the Sound waves. Mohini: He spoke and the world was created. put your head down and open your eyes. (Schlomo has his hands in prayer formation) . They both agree that you create through Sound waves. So intelligence starts with Sounds. So it’s all about creating whatever you want to create. I picked up a book called “Sefer Yetzirah”. would you please teach us the Mantra that can give us the ultimate power of creation? Dr. Now I am speaking and you understand. Before thought. Now take a deep breath. before Sound. you have to understand the mystery behind sounds and how they create.Sound waves. And what does that mean –said? He spoke. And that is the perfect prelude to Dr. thought is just language. which means Sound = Intelligence. and that is itself a creation. Even through thought. And as I was reading through the book and I saw parallels between the creation as understood by the Jewish Tradition and the Yogic Tradition. one with the universe. He said “Let there be Light” and the Light was there. It was in November. And what does speaking involve? .

when people will be able to create through proper understanding of these Sound waves. words. That’s why. and then how they are re-arranged. And periodically. Just speak. So it’s time that we are entering into a new era.meaning. And this “Sefer Yetzirah” is a text that is attributed to Abraham. how these Sound waves work. and then he can create the goat just by Sound waves and then the goat was sacrificed. and then you’ll be able to create.” Then the book says that when he has to sacrifice a goat. Hamlet says: “Words.B. T. the first Patriarch.U. So where do we have to go? You have to go into the syllables. And God said: “Don’t go and create through hard labor. tzrub in Hebrew which is the manipulation of Sound waves in the Jewish Tradition. You can go and re-organize the words. And he got it directly from God. words. The words are not powerful. And if you can understand how these words. in Hamlet. And the tradition was lost down the road. how language works. or thinking it one time. into the alphabets and meditate on it forever. words. the alphabets and then they can create different things through this permutation called tzrub. going beyond the Mind. Jewish Mystics have been trying to understand and then they have contributed a lot of how to use these Sound waves. which I call this The Golden Age.” Words are not going to help. And going also beyond the meaning category. So the True Torah is really understanding the Sound waves and also the Letters and Numbers. There is a word tzrub.ZR. in Shakespeare. words. So we have the same pattern here in Sanskrit also. Then you’ll be able to create. Now I’m using words. Sound waves on the one hand and how they are written in a text format. or meditating on it ©Pillai Center . It’s not just saying it one time.

then everything opens up. But stay with this for a few years. or alphabet. And if that opens up. Not only meaning. So you have to meditate on it. then they will open up and then they will reveal all these things to you. When he was persecuted by the Romans. and meditating. So what it means is there are 12 Angels who are responsible for opening up the meaning behind the Sound “AH” because it is a Sound of creation. and in Tamil called “AH” Sound. And what happens is . sentences. you can understand the mystery of creation. it has also the ability to create. And in this case Eliyahu came to him as a mentor and then taught him the secret behind these time. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai. And you have the same situation in the Sanskrit too. For instance. there is the Sound “AH” which is in every language. but just to stay with one simple syllable. It is the first primordial Sound. Pillai holds up an example of the Tamil letter for “AH” with the numbers 1 -12 placed on it. All you need to do is not to get attached to words. he was just working with the Torah and meditating on it over and over again. (Dr. You can see there are 12 numerical characters associated with it. So in Sanskrit it says: “Jnana Dushtanam Matrika”. The 1 is in the middle and then there are 12. the mind dies and then ©Pillai Center .) This is “Aleph” in Hebrew. And if you go on meditating. And what he did. and meaning. which is as old as Sanskrit. and meditating. who was the founder of the Kabbalah movement. it was spoken everywhere. And there is a meditation with the Sound “AH” and the Sound “AH” is written in my language Tamil. The syllable carries so much meaning. Where is intelligence? Intelligence is in the syllable. It is older than Sanskrit and at one time in the history of the world. he just sat in a cave for 12 years with his son.

and creates a baby. That’s why we should have a revival of the spiritual intelligence. they have done regular things for our civilization but still we are in infancy. And then when it is taken to the crown chakra. not in a wrong way. then just by thinking you can create. or third eye chakra and then used in a certain way . not only for us to evolve. a level of Love beyond mind and that can unify us. you can create whatever you want to create. And this is how we are all going to evolve.(I’m not going to go into that because that’s not the purpose of this presentation here. and the people are still suffering. That’s why we have to revive the Ancient Traditions. And the Spiritual Tradition says that there is a level of intelligence. So what “AH” means is it is the creative Sound. our love towards others. or the “Aleph” which is the first primordial Sound with which God created the universe and also human consciousness. And this is the Sound I gave to Wayne Dyer and then Wayne Dyer was able to use it and take it to the world. There is of course science and technology. instead of procreation. By manipulating in a good way. this Sound “AH”. or “Aleph” in the Hebrew language. That intelligence is more important. We have not gone into the Spiritual intelligence which is embedded in the Letters and then which also will open up our soul. It’s the Sound that creates the seminal fluid or creative fluid at the lowest chakra. but for us to live in peace and grow. And then there were millions of people just working with the Sound “AH” get into the domain where in you understand “AH”.) When it goes into the third eye. So if you understand the Sound waves and then re-arrange the Sound waves. and still fighting because we have only manipulated the material intelligence. and also understand that you and I are one and the same. This is ©Pillai Center . the spiritual Tradition.

(Dr. which is the material creation. You have to pour your heart.not only common to the Jewish and Hindu Yogic Traditions. in the last presentations. Just go and concentrate on the syllable. Which is “RaBhA BaRA GaBhRA”. Every religion and every language can be analyzed in the same manner that I am doing between these 2 Traditions. And then the Sounds “RA” and BhA” are repeated and then the creation takes place with the Sound “Gha”. then you’ll be able to create. it was produced somewhere in Mumbai. The translator of the “Sefer Yetzirah” says it is a corruption of a creative phrase or Mantra which I’m going to show it to you. “RA” and “BhA” Sounds. They have a tremendous amount of power. and mind into it. Pillai holds up an example. This is called a tzrub. And these Angels will reveal it to you and the process of creation. and mind into it on this Sound. I talked about the Abrakadabra. which became a very common term used by kids and magicians. the Sounds are repeated. and then completely stay away from words. So if ©Pillai Center . So the Sound “AH” can create. That is how it should be understood. The same thing that I showed here. The magicians pull out from their hat a rabbit by saying Abrakadabra. You cannot just read the book like a novel and go on. the same sounds are repeated. And when I inquired that even in the United States. There are Angels governing these Sounds. soul. I never knew this until I read the book “Sefer Yetzirah” because the translator was mentioning that. You know. Only the first and second sounds. and then pour your heart. children use word Abrakadabra to do magic. Which is also the same in Sanskrit. So if you understand it. and soul.) So what it means is if you look at the linguistic aspect of it. in this (Tamil) “AH” Sound. And I found out there was also a movie called Abrakadabra in Hindi.

©Pillai Center . Change the position of the Sounds. It’s called name and form in Sanskrit. RAME. For instance. Or that speech is a Sound energy and the other is Material energy. Pillai chants: SRI RAMA RAMA. you cannot separate the two. Dr. And they will come and aide you in the creative process. even another human use this Sound. they are one and the same. They also change the position of the Sounds within the Hindu Yogic Tradition. And if you go on repeating this sound. then it will go deep into your unconscious and you will know what cannot be known by your mind. SAHASRA NAMA THATTULYAM. which is actually taking place with “RaBhA” and “BaRA” with a change. RAME. And where is the relationship? The relationship is mediated through these Sound waves and the Angels are behind this. “RaBhA” and “GaBhRA”. RAMETHI. I’ll give you the Hindu one first. You say the name. Within the Hindu Tradition. then you’ll be able to create. MANORAME. same Tradition within the Hindu Yogic Tradition as well. RAME. So we’re not here to go into the cloning business. With this Sound they were able to create. RAME. And I’ll explain to you and give you a meditation how to practice that. but we are here with these Sounds able to get into an intelligence that knows the relationship between speech and creation. RAMA NAMA. This expert on the book also talks about that. the most important Mantra word is “RAMA”. And that is also the same thing. And if you do a permutation combination of it which is tzrub. Then I’ll come to this “Sound of Creation”. MANORAME.

the “Ga” which is matter. Because “RA” is energy and “Ma” is matter. And which I will also start in the West. which is creation. RAME MANORAME. And also I have in mind some scientists that can go and see what happens in the brain when you say these Sounds. literally true. I plan to do it sometime later. It’s something very real and you’ll be able to create just through Sound waves. you can have it as another source also. A full course on this Sound and also the Sound “YAVE” and how it works and how it can create.SAHASRA NAMA THATTULYAM. RAMA NAMA. In the Hebrew Tradition there is Sound. It’s all significant. If you want that. SAHASRA NAMA THATTULYAM. Einstein’s equation is in these two words. So what I’m going to do is only give a preliminary understanding of it. As I said. and then reversing the Sounds into “RaBhA” and “BaRA”. It will take a long time for me. Just ©Pillai Center . Saying the Sounds. And do some functionality studies which I have already started in India. VARANANE RAME. Pillai holds up example of Hebrew Letters. The same thing can be said about these two Sounds here “RaBhA” and “BaRA” and then they manipulate it. And writing these Letters. there is a written part of these Sounds. which you have here (Dr. VARANANE It says if you say RAMA one time. RAME MANORAME. it is equivalent to calling God a thousand times. maybe in December. also there is the Letter writing. So that people will know that it is not just a superstition.). And if you go into the “Sefer Yetzirah” book. It’s true. And also adding a suffix like “GaBhRA”. itself will create a different consciousness. RAMA NAMA. or the Gimmel. RAME.

~ Now I’m going to clear the mind chatter and bring you to a proper place for deep meditation. and shooting into the L Brain. The L Eye becomes all Light. White Light piercing through your L Eye. the numerical value of this is 612. Not only that. ~ Another Light. ~ The R Nostril and the L Nostril . ~ Just visualize a deep Light. L Eardrum. ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ Meditation on the Sounds “RaBhA BaRA GaBhRA” So now I want to introduce you to a meditation on these Sounds. which is required for full creation. and goes into the Cerebellum. shooting into the R Brain ~ Now there is another Beam of Light going through the R Nostril. And the Light Shoots into the L Brain ~ Now visualize another Beam of Light.2 Beams of Light going into the Midbrain ~ And visualize another Beam of Light entering the Mouth.(It’s reversed) ©Pillai Center . rolls over the Tongue. so that is why it is one less. ~ Now you can close your eyes. the back of the brain ~ Now the Whole Brain is Luminous it’s ready to receive these Sounds ~ “RaBhA” (3 x’s) . ~ Now visualize another Bright White Light piercing through the R Eardrum. A Beam of White Light. going into the Brain. this is humans trying to creating. and then it shoots into the R Brain. Which is one number short of 613. the Midbrain. See the profound Wisdom behind this.drawing these characters. He says this way we are creating. a Beam of Light entering your R Eye.

~ “RA” (extended AH Sound) “BhA”. which is called “Brahma” in Sanskrit. “BhRA”. just quit the rational mind. and become vulnerable. “Bha” is again the Light of Creation. Fire – the heat and the Light. on the social plane. enabling you to create. It will give you the creative ability . “RA” is a very powerful Sound.on the material plane.~ “BaRA” (3 x’s) ~ “RaBhA” “BaRA” (4 x’s) ~ As you speak the Sounds. It’s called Agni in Sanskrit. ~ “RaBhA” “BaRA” “GaBhRA” (3 x’s) ~ Just become vulnerable. “Ga” “BhRA” The sound becomes ©Pillai Center . Allow the Sound to penetrate every cell in the body. it will help you experience this Sound. “Ga”. Without Light there is no creation. break away and to create. “Ga” is matter. ~ “RaBhA” “BaRA” (1 x’s) ~ Now the creation. ~ “RaBhA” “BaRA” “GaBhRA” (1 x) ~ “RA” (extended) (2x’s). on the spiritual plane. ~ (Gimmel) “GaBhRA” (4 x’s) ~ The birth takes place. Create on all levels. The English word birth or Abraham the “Creator God”. ~ ”BhA” (extended AH Sound)(2 x’s) ~ “RA” “BhA”. “RA”. ~ The number 612 will become active. ~ “GaBhRA” (3 x’s) ~ “RaBhA” “BaRA” “GaBhRA” (3 x’s) ~ If you move the head up and down. or hear the Sounds. “BhRA” is to create. the Angels behind these Sounds are responding and they are around you. “BhRA” is creation. or think the Sounds.

more material when it comes to “GaBhRA. then they will not fight for things because they themselves. at the back of the brain. unconceivable manifestations: “RaBhA” “BaRA” “GaBhRA” ~ From there it shoots into the Pituitary Gland. ©Pillai Center . ~ “GaBhRA” ( 4 x’s) ~ “RaBhA” “BaRA” “GaBhRA” (2x’s) ~ “GaBhRA” (3x’s) ~ Embrace the Sound waves. And pray to them that they give the ability to create whatever you want to create on the material plane as well as on the spiritual plane. ~ “RaBhA” “BaRA” “GaBhRA” (1 x’s) ~ Now put these Sounds in your R Eye: “RaBhA” “BaRA” GaBhRA” ~ In your L Eye: “RaBhA” “BaRA” “GaBhRA” ~ In you R Eardrum: “RaBhA” “BaRA” “GaBhRA” ~ In you L Eardrum: “RaBhA” “BaRA” “GaBhRA” ~ In both Nostrils: “RaBhA” “BaRA” “GaBhRA” ~ Now in the Mouth. let the Sound penetrate every DNA. ~ “GaBhRA” (1 x’s) ~Embrace the Sound. Embrace the Sounds. roll it over the tongue: “RaBhA” “BaRA” “GaBhRA” ~ From the tongue it moves into the Cerebellum. Let everyone be able to do the creation. in between the 2 eyebrows: “RaBhA” “BaRA” “GaBhRA” ~ The Whole Brain now reverberates with the Sounds: “RaBhA” “BaRA” “GaBhRA” . And this way we can create a New World Order. When everybody is able to create. This is what creates the 3Dimensional world.(Silence) ~ Now we pay our Gratitude to the Angels who are guarding the Sounds. know how to create. which is a very powerful place to conceive.

Where everyone can create from their own soul. and I may add one little thing to this. Pillai. the word “GaBhRA” or we say in Hebrew “GaVRA”. It’s a very. And the “Yin” power of the world is the power of creation. very profound and Mystical way. very. And we are so grateful for the profound experience that you gave to us today. And if I bring it up to the mind. RaBhA is also a name of one of the great sages of the Jewish religion. This is the basic teaching within the “Sefer Yetzirah” and also in the Yogic texts. It’s called GaVRA”. As Rabbi Teixeira said it. But also RaBhA is a name of Almighty God. And hope that you can use it in your life and then create everything that you want. very powerful words. And the word “RaBhA”. the word “RaBhA BaRA GaVRA”. it has a double meaning there. it’s the the potent power. So the “GaVRA” is more the “Yang” power of the world. And it’s written there that the Mystics in Judaism. more than thoughts. it’s a deep. RaBhA is The Almighty God. So what I feel is ©Pillai Center . ~ Now you can Relax. if they want. deep feeling. ~ You can come back to yourself now! ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ I’m Thankful for the Divine for this opportunity to share this Wisdom with you. slowly. they are able to create the world with these words. Thank-you! Mohini: Thank-you Dr. but stop the meditation and come back slowly. which is the word “BaRA”. A man that has the “GaVRA” can create life with a woman. So it’s really. it’s mentioned in the Gemarah in the Talmud Sedarim. Schlomo do you have any thoughts you would like to share about Dr.Pillai’s teachings today? Schlomo: It’s much.The Golden Age. Don’t open your eyes. It’s a feeling.

and not from the Mind Tree. To go beyond the judgments. The “Creator God” is called Brahma. we are Endless. kuh. pros and cons are disappearing. All of these contain the power to create on the material plane. “BhRA” is a Brahmin is the “Creator God”. And “BhRA” is the Sound that creates from the energy . I think listening to you was very enlightening about these Sounds because I’m trying to study Hebrew now. Dr. The “Ka” Sound is as “Kah” Kuh” “Gah” in Sanskrit so it’s called a Kakadah. it goes beyond. Pillai for your teaching today. which means the Tree of Good and Evil. This understanding that there is a power of creation on one hand. beyond the mind stuff. the “Etz Ha Da At tov Vera”.the matter. It’s not good and bad. beyond the thinking. What he does is create from the Unity. And by unifying these and by combining these within this harmony. And ©Pillai Center . we can really be part of the creation. But what amazes me is the commonality between these two Traditions.that these three words are combining and unifying everything. Mohini: Thank-you Schlomo. Brahma is the “Creator God”. So this Yin/Yang theme is really pictured itself in these three words. guh. gah. When we connect to the Oneness. and Thank-you Dr. we really connect to the Oneness. the Duality. This is a great feeling. or the Interconnectedness on the other hand that are connecting these Yin and Yang parts. So the “Ka” Sound in its variations is like kah. and we are created at the same time. And when the heart is open. Pillai: Well. You know. And actually each and every cell of ourselves is part of creation and all the time we are creating. and the power of the Oneness. It’s like in the Garden of Eden we have the privilege to go back to the Tree of Life. the real thinking.

what are you doing ? Why don’t you do these Sounds? If you do these Sounds over and over is also very interesting that the first Patriarch is called Abraham. We’ll let you know about our upcoming show. And it’s interesting. Pillai gave us today. So that’s what I want to say at this point. Sara. So this must have originated from a common Tradition. and until next time “May you be transformed by the Universal Power of Sound. And his wife is called Saraswati. Mohini: Thank-you Dr. So we will explore more in future sessions. in the Hindu Tradition has a wife. And Abraham’s wife is also Sara. And Thank-you to our guests. Brahma and Abraham they go together. Pillai. the “Creator God”. We’ll be sending you a PDF that outlines the profound technique that Dr. Brahma. But anyway it was very enlightening to explore together the creative principles. So the bottom line is everybody should be able to create with these Sounds instead of just wasting time like.” ©Pillai Center . So you can begin practicing immediately and experience the benefits of the power to create. or maybe connected through the Sound Waves. And Thankyou to all of you who participated in our show today. you will have the ability to create what you really want to create because the intelligence will be a different intelligence.