Climate Change in The Philippines

The Philippines has experienced temperature spikes brought about by climate change. It has been observed that warming is experienced most in the northern and southern regions of the country, while Metro Manila has warmed less than most parts. In addition, the regions that have warmed the most (northern u!on, Mindanao" have also dried the most. argest precipitation trends are about #$ percent during the %$th century.

&ot days and hot nights have become more fre'uent. (xtreme weather events have also occurred more fre'uently since #)*$. These include deadly and damaging typhoons, floods, landslides, severe (l +i,o and a +i,a events, drought, and forest fires. -dversely affected sectors include agriculture, fresh water, coastal and marine resources and health.

3 4 REFLECTIONS Fr. There is one vital number !"# that is going to determine the future of every living creature on our planet. the . intense storms. They only have to ask the people of Bangkok why they are experiencing the worst floods in living memory. November 20. Many choose to deny the scientific evidence that climate change is underway and damaging our world. Shay Cullen THE greatest hope we have for saving our planet from catastrophe is the dedication of those environmentalists and scientists who love creation and work tirelessly to protect it from the irresponsible tycoons of industry and corrupt politicians who cause global warming. believe it or not.Climate change and Philippine deforestation Published : Sunday. and raging hurricanes. cyclones. $ike it or not. Millions of people around the world are suffering from severe deprivation. 2011 01:41 Article Views : 2. disease and death because of the extremes of climate change caused by prolonged droughts.

off of a huge slab of the /ntarctic glacier. (t is now at that dangerous level of !"# parts per million )ppm*. their reelection propaganda usually says that they will fight corruption. The number +. /cidification of the oceans will surely kill millions of fish and marine life and the melting of the arctic ice sheet will be irreversible and will bring on that destructive rise in sea levels. end impunity and give environmental protection top priority.# ppm for us to avert a global disaster. The human race needs to reali-e that there is an environmental and climatic disaster underway as the Earth heats up and global temperature edges upward to the two.concentration of %&' in our atmosphere is increasing daily. and tens of millions more will be displaced in the coming years.mining advocates were outraged recently when the chief of the Mines and 3eosciences Bureau )M3B*. $eo . !# million people were displaced last year due to floods. This heavy concentration is too much already and the planet is reaching a tipping point where there will be no way to reverse the trend. 0ith rising sea levels. 2ilipino environmentalists and anti. only nine percent of the original forest cover remains but this is being illegally logged and hacked to death by loggers who flout the law and act with impunity and protected by corrupt politicians who fund their reelection with the proceeds. it will reach one meter in the next ten to twenty years. a piece the si-e of Manhattan. They are forecasting catastrophic effects of climate change and the government is demanding compensation from the highest polluting countries. This is essential to prevent ourselves from reaching the point of no return.# ppm is our absolute limit. 0itness the recent break. (n Bangladesh. /ustralia has passed a law compelling polluting industries to pay for the pollution they cause. (n the 1hilippines. environmentalists and other knowledgeable people who have studied global warming say that concentration of %&' has to be reduced to !.percent centigrade rise. Hypocritically. The scientists.

The burning of cleared forests causes a huge release of %&' and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. ( am not sure if the '###. /ll of us can do something to stop deforestation and planting a tree is a good start to heal a wounded planet. two. loss for ancestral land rights.. resulting in a whopping 89 percent of all gasses released worldwide and e5ual to all the gasses released by almost every vehicle. E& &rder '! is the only bulwark that is holding back the waiting chain. To make matters worse.4asareno. That means large. shaycullen!in"o#comshaycullen!in"o#com Impacts of Climate Change to Philippines Marine Ecosystem .pit mining must be stopped. 7o exemptions ought to be given and large. announced during a mining conference that 1resident Benigno /5uino !rd had given mining corporations an exemption from the strict Executive &rder '! )E&'!* forbidding the cutting of trees in natural and residual forests. 2orest trees are the %&' sponges of the planet. /5uino only announced the names of the six companies that already had exemptions. They want to get their hands on the minerals under the forests.scale open. plane or ship in the world. provided that they would 6oin the 7ational 3reening program that aimed to plant 8. This is a troubling revelation. river and sea poisoning. and loss of farming land and natural water sources. the loss of the trees themselves will leave huge amounts of %&' unabsorbed. The &ffice of the 1resident has denied the report and said that Mr. million trees in the next six years. saw gangs of the loggers and insatiable desires of the mining corporations. dangerous dams holding back toxic mining sludge. grafted fruit tree saplings that ( plant annually through the 1reda 2air Trade will be of any help.meter tall. but it will offset the emissions ( create.scale deforestation and related environmental and human disasters like landslides.

) 89.. In the Philippines.# 89 to 75. &igh . The advent of climate change =ust made the challenges to our mission more complex. The increase in temperature is already is causing irregular monsoon and extreme weather events in recent decades that devastate the fishery sectors. 20$0: how could we alleviate the im!acts of the climate change ? im thin%ing of the easiest way which everybody can contribute ?? .T" in 6olinao during the same period ranged between 75.eventy percent of Philippine communities are located in coastal areas thus The Philippines is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. the increased concentration of dissolved 9:% in seawater will lower its p&. high .. the case of the (l +ido reefs is instructive. . The sea surface temperature (.Ts also trigger algal blooms that cause red tides as well as fish kills. It has not recovered to date. the #))* coral bleaching event decreased live coral cover by as much as 5)3. +ationwide. 2009: The effects of climate change are really devastating. particularly in the inner seas of the <isayas will probably render whatever remains of our fisheries unfit for human consumption. 7 RESPONSES » 1# Jeselle on October 29th. which in turn will alter ocean carbonate chemistry resulting to decreased calcification in corals.. mollusks and other shell1forming organisms.o. These climate1related impacts will devastate Philippine fisheries and the mercury and lead emissions from coal1fired power plants. 2# jesselle on "!ril #th. /espite being one of the better managed reefs in the country.urther. what used to be a diverse reef with 0$12$3 coral cover is now down to 41#$3 after the devastating coral bleaching event during the #))21#))* (l +i. Is there any way wherein we could reduce the effects? limate change is but a natural earth !rocess over millions of years and i am sure we could co!e u! with it and ada!t. The warming of sea water often associated with (l +i. killing a large number of giant clams. Moreover.o episodes have caused coral bleaching on massive scales never seen before. depriving fish of vital nutrients necessary for survival and growth..Ts disturb upwelling.

human beings that caused most of the world. 20$0: It. reuse.s devastation. Peñaloza on &ay '$st.s us. 1e cannot easily alleviate this !roblem because we cause too much damage. as our advocacy at ()*". !lastic containers are segregated and consolidated. 4# Lanie on (ovember $/th. 2o. sometimes we can buy food !a for lunch out from the earnings. we must su!!ort those who recycle for us.:5 %# eltoro21 on (ovember 'rd.there are many things that we could do and we can start in our very homes. reuse. I sell it to !lastic collectors and use the !roceeds for fare and baon for my son. 0euse. It should start in our home. i told them to !ic% u! the !lastic containers in our house for them to sell it+ those sim!le ways if many of us will do the same. 1e must %now that all things here on earth have their limitations. &any of us cannot recycle because we are em!loyed. estrella Luz R. 20$$: 1e.s for our own now suffering from climate change. 20$0: limate change is indeed real. then the !lastic bags. saving water and electricity are measures that we can all do and it begins at home+ I !ractice reusing and recycling by segregating our wastes such that most of our garbage are all bio. $# keerinee on &arch $3th. "ll creatures in earth are affected due to this !henomenon. and many of the recyclable wastes we sell them raw.It. recycle are the things we have satrted doing. street children as% for food and anything. we can at least minimi-e the effects of climate change. 2olutions may ta%e more time. reduce and recycle.degradable. though how i wish we will not use !lastic bags anymore+ sometimes. ourselves. 1e should start rebuy recycled !roducts to su!!ort those who do it. it all starts in us. besides it. we can ada!t to it. 1e should %now how to control ourselves+ 4et us give attention to our mother )arth.s about time we consolidate our efforts. 20$$: ..3# Ma. I %ee! it and use it as garbage bags for our garbage bins.

The !roblem would have been easily solved if the farmers refrained themselves from the !ractice of burning their agricultural waste. 0educing that by '0 to #0 !ercent is enough money from arbon redit Trading.ara .# gigatons of O2 anually.oliven /e ?u!man (The Philippine . %$#$ #%A$$ -M . )very %nowledgeable individual agrees that the main source of to7ic greenhouse gasses are the Trans!ort sector 84and.M-TT(> :.'# to . but we do not read s!ecific and concrete !rogram to! really address the !roblem. I a!!reciate the concern. . the beautiful !resentations and informations !ublished every now and then by the different agencies. a !lanet.1e read everyday from different sources the above %ind of observations and analysis as to the effects of 6lobal warming. One gigtaton of O2 is eAual to the weight of one cubic %ilometer of water and one !art !er million or !!m is eAual to /.tar" @pdated +ovember #4. This message comes from the author of @" T2 "(* @I6B0) I( 64O9"4 1"0&I(6 which can be accessed in 6oogle by sim!ly registering ?B"( 2B&9I44O. fired !ower !lants./ %g of O2 emitted !er liter. 9esides solving to7ic emission in our country. but again.'< !er tonne.$/$/ gigtatons. no more conducive to life>.-9T 6y . 9un%er fuel users and oal. 20$2: In recent years. Climate change its effects in the Philippines -. <. 0ice !lantation has been found to have seAuestered ' gigatons of O2 annually while corn seAuestered #. 2ea. 2im!le com!utation may suggest that of the 3 million vehicles !lying our streets consuming an average # liters each with 2. &# JUAN S.# gigatons of carbon dio7ide is de!osited and accumulated into the atomos!here annually. our country can even ma%e enough funds from arbon redit Trading which is now at . SUM !LLO on ?anuary $<th. "ir5. 9ut what is our government doing? 2ince we can not live without the above to7ic emitters. )very delay means =1e might be the first generation to !ass on to our heirs. 1hen rice stal%s gets burned the O2 that has been seAuestered is returned into the atmos!here. . we run into millions of O2 emitted into the air. I strongly suggest that the leadershi! must now invite all :hili!!ine inventors and wor% with them in coming out with the best invention that can really reduce to7ic emission and !ossibly even cure those already in the air. @rom 2/0 !!m in year $200 it is now /00 !!m. I see no s!ecific and concrete solution which should really address 6lobal warming.

?eothermal energy is renewable energy that can reduce dependence on fossil fuels. I was particularly interested in his discussion of our natural resources. #2 percent of the countryFs energy is generated from geothermal energy.antos Ph. a total of *2 contracts have been signed to #* companies. -nd as geothermal energy continues to grow in the next few years. De have several active volcanoes and the country is surrounded by both the Pacific :cean and some parts of the Indian :cean. . B(mbracing :ur 9ommon &umanityC last Dednesday at the Manila &otel. The government has set a goal to increase this figure by year %$%$ from % ?D to 5. a +i.ilipinos have done great all around the world. It was inspiring to hear encouraging words coming from a powerful man E that .isheries >esearch /ivision.. earth'uakes. droughts and forest fires. These include deadly and damaging typhoons. ThatFs why IFm predicting that in the next #$ years. severe (l +i. >eports say that extreme weather events have occurred more fre'uently since #)*$. . In the past three months.4 ?D from geothermal energy. landslides. It represents a total of % gigawatts (?D" of energy (base on government reports in %$$)". 6adly affected sectors include agriculture. about )2 percent of the worldFs climate scientists are saying that global warming and climate change are real. It spells out our significant advantage on geothermal energy.C 6y the way. The country is positioned in what many refer to as the Pacific >ing of . -nd that the whole economic model could crumble unless we figure ways to sustain the growth of wind and geothermal resources. G G G The Philippines has been experiencing temperature stings brought about by climate change. president 6ill 9linton in his talk. B6ased on personal experience.ire. -t present.o.I had the pleasure of listening to the former @. then perhaps we can say that 9lintonFs prediction may become a reality. . &e mentioned the great potential of our countryFs geothermal resource.a events. &e said. he stated that -frican and . the Philippines is currently ranked as the worldFs second largest developer of geothermal energy. If this measure works it will double our renewable energy usage. fresh water. floods.outheast -sian countries are most economically vulnerable to climate change impacts in fisheries resources.o you have to try and speed up power and keep it going. coastal and marine resources and health. &e said that we are smart enough to know what to do and that our huge population should be a positive factor that can lead us to where we want to go. :I9 of the Marine . The governmentFs strategy of providing tariff exemptions and tax holidays for renewable power pro=ects to attract investors is laudable. the Philippines will be flooded by people studying geothermal resources. De =ust need to know exactly what we want and the direction we want to take./. It has the ability to reduce harmful pollution from energy production and consumption and reduce emission of greenhouse gases. In a research done by Mud=ekeewis /. Most of these areas have abundant resources.

corals become more fragile. we have the highest number of marine organisms.C 9limate change is real. .ea surface temperatures pro=ected to reach #17 degrees centigrade by the end of the century will cause fishes to move to cooler areas reducing fish supplies for people in the 9oral Triangle region including the Philippines. It should strengthen planning and policy formation for the conservation and rehabilitation of habitatsH enhance information and education campaigns on conserving.C &e poignantly said. ThereFs no doubt in my mind about that.eventy percent of our protein diet also comes from fish. De must not waste timeI we should act nowJ . 9linton noted that we should develop an attitude of hope and aspiration. It is obviously happening in the Philippines. I would worry about the kind of basic ideas that would be driven home to get where you want to go because you can do that. restoring and maintaining biodiversityH encourage the institutionali!ation of good practice and mechanism of co1management in local fisheries communitiesH recogni!e and empower the youth and women in generating income from fisheries1related activities and access to non1fishing livelihoodH set up weather warning system accessible to fishermenH improve vessel stability and safety communicationsH mandatory training of fishermen on safety of life at seaH and rehabilitate coastal fisheries so as to reduce the need to fish offshore. BI wouldnFt worry about why you havenFt gotten there.The Philippines is the *th top fish producing country in the world with 2$ percent of the communities located in coastal areasH #$th in a'uaculture production and 7rd in a'uatic plants production. This study further recommends that government should adapt measures to lessen the impact of climate change on our a'uatic ecosystem and fisheries. big and small industries should get a common act together. 9limate change has brought about a dismal picture of these resources. population displacement and landward growth movement of mangroves. -s the center of marine biodiversity in the world. health care and the environment if we want to live fully in the %#st centuryIDe are at the dawn of a whole new age of our history. De know its effects on our environment.ingapore succeeded in a short time because they are a smaller country. BDe have to make a united and conscious effort to move forward and focus on education. Dith the doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide. G G G In his speech. will cause the flooding of low islands and low lying areas will result in land erosion. . 9hina got into high gear in development sooner because they are a much more authoritarian nation. The pro=ected rise of 7$10$ cm by %#$$ in sea level with ice melting 510 meters by %#$$. accelerate erosion of our beautiful beaches and prevent normal harvest of marine species including fish species used as food. sea water intrusion in coastal land areas. ?overnment. . The increase in the fre'uency of tropical cyclones in our country will weaken the skeletal framework of corals. &e said.

>est now. >esurrection 9hapel. I got a call saying my @ncle <ic (youngest brother of my dad.treet"... +ovember %# at * in the morning".ta. . until the funeral mass on .oliven. (<ictorio <illaflor . &e was a strong catalyst (in the late seventies and early eighties" who brought about the age of real estate development in the country into full swing. . he constructed the <..oliven" passed away. the gates of heaven have opened for you. Popularly known as <. I am sure grandpa 6enito and grandma Pelagia together with your brothers and sisters who have gone before you have already welcomed you into ?odFs kingdom. Katipunan.(corner -nnapolis . L.trada.arewell @ncle <ic.9.G G G ast . Maximo <.<. &e was one of the pioneers of real1estate business in the country.aturday.People Power revolution.olivenFs body will lie in state at . Maria /ella .unday. . .oliven tower in (/. which has become a landmark of the (/. . My @ncle <ic for all his eccentricities was a visionary and a dreamer.<.

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