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Vedic Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology is that branch of Astrology dealing with Health. The 12 Signs of the Zodiac are linked to the Twelve Li bs of the body. The Ascendant r!les the Head and the 12th Ho!se" the #eet. Medical Astrology" if incor$orated in Astrology Software" can be of i ense hel$ in relieving $atients% of their isery.

The Law of &orres$ondences of &lassical 'hiloso$hy has another ter ( The )octrine of Signat!res(. This doctrine states that ob*ects + ani ate and inani ate + are governed by $lanets and &lassical Astrology has taken this conce$t beyond ( The Law of &a!se and ,ffect ( and has defined it as Archety$al or 'sychological.

-eflections of the intrinsic .!alities of the $lanets can be seen in $eo$le" $lants" ani als / inerals. All that we see" to!ch" cons! e / harvest has a corres$ondence. 0y knowing o!r own $lanetary signat!re" we can cons! e those aterials which corres$ond to o!r $lanetary signat!re and th!s a healthy balance can be aintained. 1 2n y horosco$e" 3!$iter is $osited in &ancer and hence $owerf!l in $ositional as well as directional strength. 2f 2 a afflicted by any sort of disease" the esca$e ro!te is the 3!$iterian 4ay + vi5 cons! ing ore vegetables and fr!its" as he r!les fr!its and vegetables. 2f 2 do that" 2 will be i $le enting what the 6reat Seers said long ago ( 7at!ro$athic food is edicine and edicine is food ( 89


Since the Zodiacal Signs re$resent the #ive ents 1 ,ther " #ire" Air" ,arth / 4ater 8" the ancient

Many body constit!tions are defined in Ay!rveda.!alities + hot and dry" cold and dry" hot and h! id " cold and h! id.a$ha( and the S!n ('itta% 1 the three h! ors of Ay!rveda 8.a$ha Vata / . Medical Astrology here beco es Ay!rvedic Astrology" vanalysing the h! an body ade ofVata.a$ha 'itta Vata / .astrological savants assigned everything in the :niverse to a $lanetary r!ler" and considered all as the anifestation of the . Pitta and Kapha and the seven gross tiss!e ele ents" all r!led by the 7ine -evolving Heavens.a$ha8" the 0ilio!s 1 $re$onderance of 'itta 8 / the 4indy 1 $redo inance of Vata 8. These ele ents were !nderstood in a $hysical / eta$hysical sense" as $er the $rinci$le ( As Above" So 0elow (. 3!$iter r!les (.arothi )inakrith8 3!$iter S!n Moon Mars Merc!ry Ven!s . Ay!rvedic Thera$y The Seven 'lanets corres$ond to the Three h! in Ay!rveda o!rs 1 )oshas 8 2n the Ay!rvedic Model" the Seven -evolving Heavens are classified th!s 1 Vata 'ittay!tha . There are < ty$es of 0ody &onstit!tion in 4estern Holistic Medicine + Sang!ine" 'hleg atic" &holeric and Melancholic.a$ha 'itta 'itta" Vata / .le ental #ive and their res$ective . The 'hleg atic 1 $redo inance of .

a$ha Sat!rn Vata The seven $lanets corres$ond to the Seven 6ross Tiss!e+ ele ents 1 dhat!s8 th!s 3!$iter Sat!rn Mars S!n Moon Merc!ry Ven!s #at Veins 0one Marrow 0ones 0lood Skin Se inal .nergy 0y analysing the horosco$e" the astrologer can discern the badly $laced $lanet and the corres$onding )hat! or gross tiss!e ele ent which has ca!sed the $roble and can $rescribe Ay!rvedic re edial eas!res 1 ( Dushthithasyadi Dhatustho Rogeenam Roga Eeryatham ( 8 Medical Astrology%s $ers$ective abo!t the 12 Ho!ses of the Zodiac Ho!se 2st Ho!se 2nd Ho!se Third Ho!se #o!rth Ho!se #ifth Ho!se =rgan Head #ace Throat Heart 'lace beneath the heart ..

leventh Ho!se Twelfth Ho!se Sto ach 6enerative =rgan :$$er Thigh Thigh . 2f the 12 H is afflicted by alefic $lanets" there can be affliction to the feet. The sa e holds good for the ? H 1 'a$a Shashtagatha Tadodarar!*a 8. Affliction either to the @th ho!se eans disorders of the digestive tract" hy$eracidity and gas tro!ble 1 'a$a Sa$ta agah Tadodara -!*a 8. Anything less than @ is dangero!s. The body%s 'H val!e sho!ld be ke$t at @. The ABC alkaline nat!re of the body sho!ld be ke$t !$ / acidity sho!ld not be above 2BC. 2f the ? H or the @ H is afflicted" one sho!ld be very caref!l abo!t the body%s acidity level.nee &alf #eet 2f in the Astrology &hart" the ? Ho!se is afflicted" there can be digestive tract disorders. =ne sho!ld beware of hidden ene ies as well 9 . 7at!ral foods are alkaline and non+veg basically acidic. 7at!ral alefics in the ? H ay create hy$eracidity and gas tro!ble. The best foods to be taken are Vedic #oods" which are low acidity" low cholesterol diet. That ratio can be aintained if yo! cons! e 1BB gra s fr!its and DBB gra s vegetables daily and avoid non+nat!ral food.Si>th Ho!se Seventh Ho!se . 4e have seen any a $atient s!ffering fro 12 H affliction and which anifests as $roble s on the feet. #ro e>$erience" it can be discerned that not only alefic $lanets bring in $roble s fro ene ies" b!t also $roble s to the sto ach 1 Pape Shashtopagathe Vrina Bhayaschora Satru Peeda Cha ).The Acidity+ Alkalinity ratio sho!ld be ke$t at ABC +2BC.ighth Ho!se 7inth Ho!se Tenth Ho!se .

2n y father%s horosco$e" he had a s$ecific yoga for Arthritis with 3!$iter in Libra Asc and Sat!rn in Aries.ala$!r!sha 1 &os ic Man 8" he $redicts sto ach $roble s for the native.Si ilarly" < H affliction eans tro!ble to the Heart. My other has Sat!rn in the 12 HE she has a $roble in the leg. He had a heart s!rgery. My co+brother has Mars in the 12 HE he is s!ffering fro . Affliction to any ho!se indicates affliction to the corres$onding $art of the body. The 7orth 7ode in the Heart region in the horosco$e had effect!ated this $roble . 1 Kalanarasya Avayavath Purushanam Kalpayeth 8. 2 knew one $atient with heart $roble who had the 7orth 7ode in the #o!rth. 7orth 7ode + or any other alefic + in the Si>th is indicative of sto ach tro!ble / !lceration. There are so e astrologers who take this fro the Horosco$e of the &os ic Man" that is fro His Ascendant Aries. =r if a alefic is $osited in Ta!r!s" he $redicts wo!nds on the face for the native. #o!rth ho!se affliction eans that the heart is afflicted and first ho!se affliction eans that the head is afflicted. 1 Pape agnagathe Para!aya Bhaya Siroru!a 8 The $lanets corres$ond to the different syste Sun Moon Mars Venus Jupiter Saturn The Bone System The Circulatory System The Muscular System The Reproductive System The Digestive System The Excretory System s of Man th!s Mercury The Veins #ro e>$erience" Vedic Medical Astrology is fo!nd to be very acc!rate. This ethod also yields res!lts b!t fro o!r e>$erience" we follow the dict! of 7atal Astrology that it is the Ascendant of the native which is the head and the )escendant the sto ach region. 2 know any an astrologer who follow this fro Aries Asc / if a alefic is $osited in Virgo" in the ? H of the .

ye" La$is La5!li 'earl A ethyst 0l!e Sa$$hire 0l!e Sa$$hire" -!by 0l!e Sa$$hire To$a5 &oral 4hite &oral" )ia ond" . erald Hessonite &atFs . erald" To$a5 s &oral &oral" . erald . 2 $ersonally have the 7orth 7ode in the ? H and 2 have hy$eracidity and gas tro!ble 1'a$a Shashtagatha Tadodarar!*a 8 9 2t is ti e Astrology Vedic $rogra s incor$orated Medical Astrology 9 Three sorts of for !lae are given in the An!shtana 'addhati" dealing with Medical Astrology. To$a5 erald" 'aralysis 7ervo!s -he! atis Arthritis 2 $otence )iabetes Liver $roble 3a!ndice Hy$eracidity 6astric :lcer #lat!lence )ys$e$sia )ysentry Hessonite 0l!e Sa$$hire 3ade" La$is La5!li 3ade .so e nerve $roble on the feet. -oga S!tra is the for !la for disease" Mrity! S!tra is the for !la for )eath and 3eeva S!tra for esca$ing fro disease 9 Vedic astrologers who st!dy vedic horosco$es sho!ld incor$orate the 'rasna An!shtana 'addhati by '!liyoor to hone !$ their astro skills 9 Ay!rvedic 6e Thera$y The following stones are $rescribed in Ay!rveda for s$ecific disorders &ancer Allergy Skin )iseases 2nso nia .

nowledge and only if they co e together can h! anity be served.&olic &holera Abdo inal &o $laints Heart Tro!bles 'en! onia &atFs . .ye &atFs . erald" -!by 'al$itation T!berc!losis &hest 'ain Astrology and Medicine are two great branches of . erald )ia ond" 'earl" -!by" La$is La5!li )ia ond To$a5 0l!e Sa$$hire .ye" To$a5 . The tr!e astrologer can find o!t the disease fro the birth chart vedic and can give re edial eas!res to redee the $atient.