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...And How They Are Quietly Carving Out Your Romantic Destiny

Numbers. Patterns. Purpose.

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you can easily discover things like: • How your birth date reveals complementary and competing Universal patterns in both of you that can make or break a partnership! • Why a “union of souls” truly IS possible and how you can create an unshakeable bond in your current. more often than not. you end up falling into headache and heartache a few months down the road.and heighten .your passion. when you know where to look. you’ll find all the information you need to create the love that’s right for you. .Your 3 Love Numbers Page 1 Would you like to know how to determine whether you are compatible with a love interest? How about some tips for adding more intimacy to your current relationship? Want to smooth a few rough patches in a partnership or make smarter choices when it comes to love? Well. you’re at risk of making some very hurtful mistakes. believe it or not. And the wonderful thing is. but this report also includes fun and easy tricks for comparing you and your lover’s charts. Your 3 Love Numbers are: 1) Life Path 2) Expression 3) Soul Urge In fact. especially your most intimate ones. sadly. In this revealing report. Numerologist. Numerology provides fascinating ways to understand . • Where to find the passion that will take your love life to an entirely new level! Not only do your Love Numbers reveal these intimate details of your relationship. Patterns. Purpose. All Rights Reserved. all of it can be found by reading the signals hidden within your 3 Love Numbers. Your Love Numbers Reveal It All Numerology can tell you a LOT about your relationships. The Pitfalls of Blind Attraction Without understanding why you feel attraction or desire toward someone. Numbers. as long as you know how to calculate these numbers for you and your lover. and love life. communication. or next romantic relationship. Numerology can help! In fact. This is because you’re in a state of ‘Blind Attraction’. Copyright © 2013. And while sometimes this can work out incredibly well.

com. Patterns. Purpose. The connection is instant and you feel what can only be described as Magnetic Attraction. All goes well for awhile.Your 3 Love Numbers Page 2 Here’s a great example: let’s say you’ve recently met someone at a party. . Copyright © 2013. and before you know it. until they start going horribly wrong! It could be that you start fighting like cats and dogs. or maybe you find it harder and harder to make time for one another between your extremely busy schedules. or family conflicts arise. It could be that your sex life suddenly ‘dries up’. anger rises. Sound familiar? Whatever it is. One thing leads to another. Numerologist. that special person you thought for sure was your Soul Mate ends up feeling like the lover from Hell! Why is this?? Numbers. the two of you are in a full-blown relationship or maybe even marriage. feelings are hurt. Resentment brews. suddenly. All Rights Reserved.

If there are other aspects of your charts that clash strongly. or wanting to rekindle one that has become a little less exciting.yay! And the role Numerology can play.and love! . but with whom you have nothing more in common... once you learn how to use it.Your 3 Love Numbers Page 3 Heaven-to-Hell Heartbreaks The main reasons for these kind of Heaven-to-Hell Heartbreaks has to do with Number Compatibility. Calculating Your Big 3 There are three core elements in every Numerology chart. Let’s have a look at how each of these can be calculated to reveal the truth about your love life! Numbers. All Rights Reserved. Purpose. As I mentioned above. Numerology actually makes it easier to find the right person – a person you may have otherwise overlooked! The best news is that working with Numerology to discover true compatibility . there’s one aspect in another person’s Numerology Chart that is extremely magnetic to you. doesn’t stop there! If you’re still searching for The problem is. the Expression and the Soul Urge. your chances of getting drawn into a toxic drama in your current or next relationship can easily drop to zero . These three make up the “big picture” of your life. and most everything else in Numerology is derived from them. Numerologist. And once you understand it. Copyright © 2013. neither of you will ever find lasting love. Numerology can help you make sense of this painful phenomenon. you’ve got a recipe for disaster! This can easily find you in a “moth to a flame” situation: you are passionately attracted to someone whose very energy is destructive to your own! Stop The Heartache BEFORE It Begins! The thing to keep in mind here is that when you are attracted to someone based on a superficial chart element. these “Big 3” are the Life Path. You see really easy. Patterns. . So if you’ve been seeking a more fulfilling relationship. it’s only one aspect. here’s what you need to do .

your Life Path will show you your dominant relationship patterns – especially your romantic it is a clear representation of the most likely path you will take .. your Life Path acts as a guide to your life. found that certain genes in fruit flies . challenges. It all depends on what you want and how you manage yourself. All Rights Reserved. It’s also the Numerologist’s yardstick for forecasting – in all aspects of life. . It’s the main indicator of your life circumstances. and some insight into how they will behave under stressful circumstances. Numerologist. Did you know? Mainstream science is only beginning to understand the impact a person’s DNA has on their relationships. While compatible Life Paths are helpful. for instance. what you’ll find is that you’ll often be attracted to people whose Life Path is a good fit for your Expression. But it only goes part way to indicating how compatible you are. A 2011 study by Texas A&M scientists. it’s important to remember that while your Life Path Number can be manipulated. This has to do with a similarity of their way of being.Your 3 Love Numbers Page 4 The Life Path Your Life Path number has been called your Numerological DNA. Purpose.. You have the ultimate freedom to play with your Life Path characteristics. But. Copyright © 2013. But Life Path matching doesn’t even scratch the surface of what Numerology can reveal about your intimate relationships. and can do as you please. Patterns.and it’s a priceless tool for anticipating all the opportunities. Plus. Numbers. and lessons you’ll learn in your relationships (and life as a whole). too . and how you respond to them.were only activated when they began interacting with members of the opposite sex. how is your ‘relationship DNA’ affecting your love life? Your Life Path in Love In relationships. But it also reveals the circumstances in which your intimate relationship can thrive.and by extension humans. (and vice-versa). It’s really important to understand that some Life Paths get along much better with others. The question is. Knowing about the Life Path of another will surely give you a key to understanding their habits and moods. and here’s why.

1990. Now you add up those digits: 2+0+1+1 = 4 4. First: you add the month and day. 1990 = 1+9 = 10+9 = 19+0 = 19: 1+9 = 10 = 1. getting the Life Path Number of you and your lover is well worth the effort. Patterns. you can see it as the totality of your personal evolution. you get the same result: 10 = 1+0 =1. and then we’ll move on to look at the Expression in more detail . 11=1+1 = 2. And if you believe in reincarnation. 1990. so let me show you how to calculate that.. Finally.Your 3 Love Numbers Page 5 Still. 1. The Expression number shows how you present yourself to the world. Copyright © 2013. their Life Path Number is the Number 4. The Life Path Number is found by adding your day and month of birth to your birth year. abilities and shortcomings that were with you when you entered your human body. Numbers. It’s the sum of all the numeric values of the letters that make up your full name. Numerologist. experiences and wisdom over many lifetimes. you can cross-check as follows: if you reduce the three numbers first. which is also called the achievement let’s say you were born on November 10th. 1+2+1 = 4 So for someone born on November 10th. For example. Purpose. to the year.. and since November is the 11th month. you get: 11+10 = 21 2. Then you add this number. . and also how you see yourself. It also gives you fascinating insight into the talents. All Rights Reserved. like this: 21+1990 = 2011 3. The Expression The Expression relates to your name.

like having a family with 3 kids. Some Numerologists refer to it as the Destiny. They’re then asked to share these with their partners. it is the vehicle through which you mold your personality. Numerology gives you a much easier and economical way to get the same or even better results! Your Expression in Love Your Expression Number is all about your physical and mental constitution. All Rights Reserved. The Expression is the sum of your Soul Urge and your Personality Number. and the orientation or goal of your love life. Numerologist. using the following scheme: 1 A J S 2 B K T 3 C L U 4 D M V 5 E N W 6 F O X 7 G P Y 8 H Q Z 9 I R All you have to do is write out the so they can support each other in achieving them.. Patterns. The Expression is found by converting the letters of your name to their numerical equivalents. and the consonants on the bottom. because it represents your lifelong target . Because of this.Your 3 Love Numbers Page 6 Did you know? Many relationship counselors devise elaborate (and expensive) training processes to encourage their clients to first define their personal goals and aspirations. and write the values of the vowels on top. It’s also your personal “Love Boat” so to speak because it shows the way you connect with others on a very deep level.. Copyright © 2013. shall we? Here’s how to determine George Clooney’s Expression Number: Numbers. Let’s use a Hollywood heartthrob as an example. or to simply be in a committed long-term relationship. . Purpose.

Samuel or Samantha). very little can go wrong! Here’s some more good news… if these numbers aren’t in you can understand and adjust how you react to different situations. his Soul Urge and Personality Number are also revealed – all at one time! Nifty.. Copyright © 2013. because the Expression. Numerologist. Because when these two vibrations are “in synch”. and very often. . because it raises the vibrations of your entire chart to its highest expression. Patterns.. Sam vs. Tuning-in to your Soul Urge will help you in every aspect of your relationship. huh? Now. the most important element in your Love chart. All Rights Reserved. Your Heart’s Desire is the inner you. Raw ambition. a desire for comfort or security. you can change the vibration of your Expression.. Purpose. or even a shorter or longer version of your name (i.Your 3 Love Numbers Page 7 5 6 7 9 7 5 2 9 4 6 2 8 7 3 3 6 6 5 5 7 62/8 Soul Urge Expression Personality G E O R G E T I M O T H Y C L O O N E Y 112/4 50/5 As you can That’s why it’s always important to consider your lover’s Life Path Number in relation to your Expression (and vice-versa). it’s one of the easiest vibrations to fix. the drive to make a difference in other people’s lives. people are happier and more successful after the change of name has been made. when you use this simple method.. the Life Path and the Expression are closely related. The Heart's Desire also describes your “style” of relating to others. all these are examples of elements you’ll find in you and your partner’s Heart’s Desire. not only do you get George’s Expression number. (your Full Name). can be changed! Sometimes committed relationships change them by default through marriage.e. or Heart’s Desire Your Soul Urge is. as far as relationships are concerned. This doesn’t even have to be a “legal” change. It gives you an invaluable ‘x-ray vision’ into the underlying urges and intentions behind many of your actions in your relationships . The Soul Urge. It’s also known as the Heart's Desire for a very good reason. per se. by far. Numbers. But by simply identifying with a new name.

as in the above table. Even if the numbers harmonize and aren’t the same. if you don’t pay heed to this soul Life Path or Expression match our Soul Urge numbers. you have a potential “soulmate” situation. Once you have found it and learn more about it. attracting the love and support you desire. Numbers. you can live a creative. So if you follow the promptings of your soul. All Rights Reserved. .Your 3 Love Numbers Page 8 Did you know? The ancients believed that every human soul has a mission or a wish for their human life. It’s the role that will bring to you the destiny you desire. Purpose. Numerologist. The Soul Urge is found by summing the vowels of your full name. or you can practice expressing it like an actor learning a role. intuitive and happy life. When two people meet with the same Soul Urge. but seldom a case of fatal attraction. it is often a case of love at first sight. you may want to begin with some form of heart or compassion based meditation. as long as the Soul Urge is being lived to its fullest. you’ll know right away if you are living it fully. a good Soul Urge connection has the ability to overcome minor flaws between two people. Patterns. But. Your Soul Urge In Love Whenever you meet someone who has a major chart element that is the same as your Soul Urge Number. your life will be filled with drudgery and misery. If you think you aren’t. Copyright © 2013. We tend to be attracted instantly to those whose Personality Number.

Until soon many blessings. and help nurture dormant talents. All I’ll say is this: keep your eyes on your inbox. Purpose. but I promised them to keep my lips Team Numbers. because you’re about to receive a very special Valentine’s Day gift from us here at Numerologist. When it comes to love and your numbers. Now the choice is yours. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2013. And that’s why I’m officially putting you on “Love Alert” :) My team and I are cooking up something wonderful for you! I’m bursting at the seams to tell you. Patterns. Why? Because we love ya!! It’s a reading designed especially for you. You’ve seen a key to how Numerology can help your love life. . and all I can say is that it’ll be a real eye-opener. With this knowledge you’ll find it far easier to manifest the love relationship of your dreams! Your Love Alert Please keep in mind that this report is just the tip of the you can see yourself and your lover for who you each truly are.Your 3 Love Numbers Page 9 Understand this Dawn & the Numerologist. so if you want to get closer to your lover – or find the right one – be sure to get started calculating your Love Numbers right away! With the tools of Numerology. there’s a whole lot more. achieve unspoken aspirations and solve hidden problems. Numerologist. and you and your partner will be able to connect with each other on an infinitely deeper level..